The Emperor of Lies In February the Nazis established what would become the second largest Jewish ghetto in the Polish city of L dz The leader they appointed was Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski a sixty three year old J

  • Title: The Emperor of Lies
  • Author: Steve Sem-Sandberg Sarah Death
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  • Page: 372
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  • In February 1940, the Nazis established what would become the second largest Jewish ghetto, in the Polish city of L dz The leader they appointed was Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski, a sixty three year old Jewish businessman and orphanage director and the elusive, authoritarian power sustaining the ghetto s very existence.A haunting, profoundly challenging novel, The Emperor ofIn February 1940, the Nazis established what would become the second largest Jewish ghetto, in the Polish city of L dz The leader they appointed was Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski, a sixty three year old Jewish businessman and orphanage director and the elusive, authoritarian power sustaining the ghetto s very existence.A haunting, profoundly challenging novel, The Emperor of Lies chronicles the tale of Rumkowski s monarchical rule over a quarter million Jews for the next four and a half years Driven by a titanic ambition, he sought to transform the ghetto into a productive industrial complex and strove to make it and himself indispensable to the Nazi regime These compromises would have extraordinary consequences not only for Rumkowski but for everyone living in the ghetto Drawing on the detailed records of life in L dz, Steve Sem Sandberg, in a masterful feat of literary imagination and empathy, captures the full panorama of human resilience and probes deeply into the nature of evil Through the dramatic narrative, he asks the most difficult questions Was Rumkowski a ruthless opportunist, an accessory to the Nazi regime motivated by a lust for power Or was he a pragmatist who managed to save Jewish lives through his collaboration policies How did the inhabitants of the ghetto survive in such extreme circumstances A critically acclaimed breakout bestseller in Sweden, The Emperor of Lies introduces a writer of great significance to American readers The archives detail daily life in the Lodz ghetto, under the reign of Rumkowki, but it takes a writer with Sem Sandberg s singular talent to help us understand the truth of this chilling history.

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      372 Steve Sem-Sandberg Sarah Death
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    1. Rating: I really do not know. Say three stars just to put a value here.The Book Report: "There's no business like Shoah business." It's cynical, it's infuriating, and it's inevitable that this huge, horrific, and richly dramatic story should be exploited in a million different ways. This novel manages, seventy years after the fact, to find a new and interesting, if completely depressing, angle on the oft-told tale: The life and times of Chaim Rumkowski, the Eldest Jew as the Germans called him, [...]

    2. Ένα πραγματικά πολύ δύσκολο βιβλίο. Όχι τόσο γιατί νοηματικά έκρυβε κάποια τεχνική δυσκολία αλλά ήταν ένα αρκετά βαρύ και περίπλοκο βιβλίο και αρκετές φορές φλέρταρα με την ιδέα να το εγκαταλείψω. Το ξεκίνησα με πολύ όρεξη και ενδιαφέρον δεδομένης της θεματικής του που γε [...]

    3. The Emperor is Naked Some books puzzle me, the lavish praise they attract puzzles, verbal excesses that seem to set the world on one side and me on the other. I feel like the little girl who wants to cry out please, look; the emperor is naked! It was a mood that came across me when I read The Kindly Ones, Jonathan Littell’s tome-like novel set in the Second World War. One hysterical commendation placed on the dust jacket by the publisher (naturally) compared it to War and Peace. It’s complet [...]

    4. Does the world really need another Holocaust novel? Not according to historian Simon Schama, who said, in a scathing review in the Financial Times, that 'The Emperor Of Lies' is 'all fugged up with the kind of "fine writing" that succeeds only in drawing attention to the emotional and moral void at its centre.'The literary world is, of course (as Schama readily accepts) hardly placed to issue any kind of moratorium on Holocaust literature, and for all those who could not begin to contemplate wad [...]

    5. I really need to think about this. It's a good but really depressing book. The writing is brillant.I might come back and add more latter, but right now that's all I've got.

    6. Wenn ein Buch, daß sich aus der Perspektive eines Nachgeborenen, der persönlich nicht vom Geschehen betroffen war, in die Köpfe von Opfern des fürchterlichsten Menschheitsverbechens hineinzudenken versucht und darin auch auf ebenso fürchterliche Gedanken trifft, wie sie in jedem Menschen wohl irgendwann irgendwie gären, Opfer also als Täter zeigt, wenn ein solches Buch allerseits Zsutimmung erfährt und Lob wegen des Mutes, den der Autor zeige, dann ist es vielleicht doch wichtig, noch an [...]

    7. The only way to demonstrate the soul of Chaim Rumkowski is through a novel, explains Swedish author Steve Sem-Sandberg. In Emperor of Lies (Farrar, Straus & Giroux) Sem-Sandberg gives a gripping and grim account of the Lodz Ghetto and its boss Chaim Rumkowski.Months after conquering Poland and parts of the Soviet Union, the Nazis ordered the Jews into ghettos, usually fenced in and sealed, and located in the poorest parts of a city. The Nazis held the Jews in ghettos until they could be depo [...]

    8. The Emperor of Lies by Steve Sem-Sandberg is an award win­ning his­tor­i­cal fic­tion book. The book was trans­lated from Swedish and tells about real life, as well as fic­tional characters.The ghetto at Łódź, Poland has existed for two years. Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski, the Nazi nom­i­nated “elder of Jews” is asked to sup­ply 20,000 Jews for depor­ta­tion. The lies and shad­ows of this com­plex man cover many pages of this book.Adam Rzepin lives with his father and men­tall [...]

    9. a masterpiece of literature destined to go through time as a benchmark and meditation of nazis in poland, ghettos of 1940 on, collaborators and resisters, and holocaust writings. swedish author sem-sandberg based much of this novel on the "ghetto encyclopedia" of lodz which has recently, and finally been printed, cataloged and made available and that he mined. so, was Mordechai chaim rumkowski a megalomaniacal monster bent on sexually molesting his many orphans and ripping off as many jews of th [...]

    10. Low and behold it’s another non-detective novel from Sweden. That’s my second in a couple weeks. Could this be a publishing trend? Or is it that this novel The Emperor of Lies and The Long Ships are the only two Swedish novels that do not involve Perps.Back in the land of Heidi and gruesome murder mysteries, The Emperor of Lies was big bestseller. It is a prize winning novel about the Lodzghetto by Steve Sem-Sandberg. Thanks to Sarah Death it has been translated into English.The novel is bas [...]

    11. Ik heb heel lang na moeten denken over wat ik nou écht van dit boek vond. Door de enorme lof die de schrijver en het boek op de kaft toegezwaaid krijgen, heb ik namelijk het gevoel dat ik iets gemist heb. De indruk die bij mij overheerst is dat dit boek een verhaal vertelt dat het waard is om gehoord te worden, een goede aanvulling op de lange rijen Holocaust-vertellingen die alleen al opgemerkt dienen te worden ter nagedachtenis van en uit eerbied voor de slachtoffers. De geschiedenis van éé [...]

    12. I know I offered to review this for Stu’s Shadow Independent Foreign Fiction Prize team, but having plodded through the first 51 pages of 664, it’s quite clear to me that I don’t like it at all, and so I’m not going to read the rest of it.Simon Schama at The Financial Times says it so much better than I ever could: whatever is the point? If you are disposed to try to understand the unfathomable Holocaust, this tawdry novel is not going to help you, and if it is the only book about the Ho [...]

    13. Possibly a masterpiecewe've had the Holocaust done in so many ways and think we know it allbut this uses fact in a new way, looking at how manipulative people are in survival mode.The detail is extraordinnary as is the standard of writing. unusually high standard these daysd althogh it is unrelentingly grim, that gets you to read on.You'll be staggered at how people behave when you know it is factually based.The one issue is: you don't engage with anyone as nobody is really sympathetic - and som [...]

    14. 3,5 * Un po' troppo lungo IMO, qualche taglio non avrebbe guastato. Serve leggerlo con molta attenzione, tornare indietro a volte per tirare le fila di parecchi personaggi abbandonati qui e là nella storia che rispuntano molte pagine dopo e non ci si ricorda dove erano stati lasciati. Di altri ci si chiede, a libro terminato, il destino anche se non è difficie da immaginare: "Dei 204.000 ebrei che passarono attraverso il ghetto di Łódź, solo 10.000 sopravvissero alla guerra." () A tratti la [...]

    15. This chilling historical novel chronicles the tyrannical rule of Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski, the autocratic, ruthless, Nazi-appointed Jewish rule of the Łódź Ghetto.

    16. Mér finnst lífið of stutt til að klára bækur sem ég næ ekki sambandi við. En stundum verða þær bækur furðulega margar – í fyrra var hlutfallið skuggalega hátt. Svo ég ákvað að drösla mér í gegnum Öreigana í Łodz jafnvel þótt hún væri búin að missa á mér takið, ég búinn að missa á henni takið, þótt hún væri tæpar 600 blaðsíður.Ég veit ekki hvað það er við helfararbókmenntir sem gerir þær svona óþolandi. Mér þótti það áður en ég [...]

    17. I'm giving this 4 stars even though it was difficult to read. The subject was difficult - the story of the ghetto established by the Nazis in Lodz, Poland in 1940; more specifically, some of the inhabitants of that ghetto, mainly the Eldest Jew (leader of the Jewish community), Mordecai Chaim Rumkowski. He rules over a quarter million Jews for 4 1/2 years, striving to make himself and the ghetto indispensable to the Nazis, basically by doing what they told him to do. Was he a ruthless accessory [...]

    18. Tositapahtumiin perustuva romaani puolalaisesta getosta toisen maailmansodan aikaan. Pääosassa on geton juutalainen puhemies, joka oli ehkä sankari, ehkä vain vallanhimoinen pelkuri. Geton elämää ja vaiheita kuvaillaan yksityiskohtaisesti.Kirja on raaka, synkkä ja valoton, mutta myös hyvin vaikuttava ja ajatuksia herättävä. Tiivistäminen ja tyylillinen selkeyttäminen olisivat olleet joissain kohdin paikallaan. Loppua kohden teos vain paranee ja ryhdistyy. Yleensä olen nopea lukija [...]

    19. Translated from the Swedish, this is a harrowing depiction of Chaim Rumkowski and his control of the Lodz ghetto and attempt to turn it into a Jewish 'state' of words such as 'harrowing', 'cruel', 'evil' and times them by 10.e characters are almost Dickensian in their portrayal and the story leaves you bereft.Rumkowski the monstrous dictator, and yet, if the war has ended a few months / a year later would he have been perceived then?

    20. {Advertised NYRB 9-29-2011: "In February 1940, the Nazis established a Jewish ghetto in the Polish city of Lodz. The leader they appointed was Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski, a sixty-three-year-old Jewish businessman and orphanage director. The Emperor of Lies--a sensation throughout Europe--is the tale of Rumkowski's monarchical rule over a quarter-million Jews for four and a half years."Farrar Straus Giroux

    21. This is a well-written, interesting book, but the lenght, and impending sense of doom, made it hard to finish.More than usual with Holocaust books, the story is overshadowed by what most people know to be the outcome, so everything feels entirely futile, and misguided. Definitely worth pushing through, but this is not a book you can just finish in a day.

    22. One of the most vivid and disturbing Holocaust novels I've ever read, and yet I really didn't want this to end. A dark but utterly compelling tale of life in a Jewish ghetto.

    23. The book The emperor of Lies by Steve Sem-Sandberg is said to have “achieved something monumental, but with a strange and necessary lightness of touch”-Sebastian Barry. I could have not agreed more of how the story made me be a part of the historical events instead of just reading about them. The historical fiction starts in the 1940s and revolves around an elderly chairman named Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski which is known as the DE ÄLTESTEN DER JUDEN in the ghetto of Łódź during the Nazi i [...]

    24. The Boston Museum of Fine Arts now has a collection of photographs taken from the Lodz Ghetto, and I hope to see them soon, which is why I'm reading this right now.This was a difficult read. Not because of a lack of interest or empathy, but the length and density of the book was a real challenge. I kept reminding myself that it was a novel, but the history and research behind it was astonishing, and I'm sure it was as accurate a portrayal of life within the Lodz Ghetto as possible. Most of the i [...]

    25. I had great hopes for this book that unfortunately never materialized. There were parts of the book that I did like - especially the last 10 pages - but the book is over 600 pages so there definitely weren't enough. I was confused by all the German and Jewish words - not realizing there was a vocabulary list that defined at least some of them in the back of the book. I think the thing that most keeps me from giving this book a higher rating is that there was virtually no dialogue and for a book [...]

    26. Bearing profound witnessKnown as the "Chairman," Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski led the Jewish Council, the governing body of the Lodz Ghetto in German occupied Poland. He was a person of immense ambition with a vision that industrialization would make the ghetto community indispensible to the Germans. The Chairman's dream was that the Lodz Ghetto would become a place where "here the lamp of industry would be kept burning, here there was production as had never been seen before. And everyone had some [...]

    27. In 1939 as the Nazis furthered their reign of terror on Poland and quarantined a large number of Jews into the Lodz ghetto, Chaim Rumkowski presented himself as a representative of his people. The understanding was that he would help control his people by making them useful to the government and turning them into a massive workforce. The Nazis, glad to further exploit this population agree to Rumkowski's offer and allow him almost unfettered power over the ghetto. Through this agreement, a few t [...]

    28. The Emperor of Lies: A Novel, by Steve Sem-Sandberg is quite the ambitious undertaking, and filled with exceptional, emotional and horrific captures of history. The book has left me for weeks unable to totally formulate a review due to the unimaginable content.The novel revolves around Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski and his dynamics within the Lodz Ghetto in Poland during World War II. His actions have been debated, applauded and also detested throughout the decades. His motivations have been questio [...]

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