Laurel The latest historical romance in the bestselling series about the Randolph brothers and the women who tame their hearts Hen Randolph is the perfect choice for sheriff but he s no one s idea of a mode

  • Title: Laurel
  • Author: Leigh Greenwood
  • ISBN: 9780843937442
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Paperback
  • The latest historical romance in the bestselling series about the Randolph brothers and the women who tame their hearts Hen Randolph is the perfect choice for sheriff, but he s no one s idea of a model husband Then a beauty with a tarnished reputation catches his eye, and the thought of taking a wife suddenly appeals to him as never before.

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    One thought on “Laurel”

    1. ++Spoilers++3.5 starsI really enjoyed this book. The writing started out a little rough and the introduction of the main characters could have been smoother, but it was not long before I was dragged into the story and the characters began to pop off the page.This story is perfect for those who don't like the love at first sight deals. Here the love develops ever so slowly and sweetly with solid reasons for the H & h's attraction physically and emotionally to each other.The pace was steady, a [...]

    2. Laurel is my favorite in this series. As a matter of fact, ever since reading Iris for the first over 10 years ago, I knew I would just love Hen's story—and I was right. I was in love with him after the first chapterwhich was truly amazing since I never feel that strongly about the hero in a story. Even the heroine, Laurel, was not too bad. She was strong and had some definite issues but she wasn't too pushy about them. Her child was charming but a little tortured himself, which didn't detract [...]

    3. For some reason, I found this one to be a bit dry and hard to finish. I was excited that Hen was a virgin hero, and I liked him and Laurel and her son, Cody. But it just wasn't that enthralling to me. I didn't feel that much chemistry between Hen and Laurel to be honest. Even though Iris and Monty drove me crazy, I thought their book was more interesting, although they aren't anywhere near as nice as Hen and Laurel were.

    4. I love reading books about damaged abused heroines who come out on top and LG has a plethora of them but for the life of me, i can not like any one of them. Too stubborn(all in series so far), too set in their ways(Iris) too prejudicial even. Rose so far has been the best and I couldn’t give that book more than. 3.5 stars. And i still don’t get why the brothers are so dead set against George. In every book they treat him like he’s as bad as their dad and i didn’t read any of that at all. [...]

    5. 2.5 starsI thought that this book was okay and it wasn't horrible.But I thought that the start of the book was kind of choppy and rough. Hen meets Laurel in a tough situation where her dead husband's side of the family is trying to take away his and Laurel's son, Adam. What didn't make sense to me was that Blackthorn family was trying after six years?? Like if they really wanted to steal him away, why after all this time? I don't know it just seemed like they had a super weak motive.Anyways, I f [...]

    6. Meh I couldn't really stand Ren. He acted like his opinion was gold and kept telling Laurel what she believed was stupid. The only thing I liked about him was that he was a virgin and he grew to understand himself. I usually just felt bad for Laurel, and I felt offended for her. Usually I have to be in the mood to read a book with young kids, but once I start they are adorable and add to the story. This is one story where I couldn't stand the kid. Her six year old just got on my nerves and was t [...]

    7. De los siete hermanos, Monty y Hen son los que más me llamaban la atención por ser gemelos y tener personalidades bastantes diferentes. El primero es bastante energético, no piensa las cosas antes de hacerlas por no decir que es muy inmaduro y cabezota. El segundo mostraba ser alguien que se piensa las cosas dos veces, no le gusta hablar pero no tiene poblemas con decir lo que no le parece, taciturno, frío y es tachado por pistoleo (Zac, la primera vez que conoció a Rose le dijo que Hen le [...]

    8. Este libro de la serie lo esperaba con ganas porque Hen me parecía un personaje profundo y del que sabíamos poco. Meditabundo, taciturno y pistolero, este personaje siente que no se conoce a sí mismo, no sabe qué hacer con su vida o a dónde pertenece hasta que se enamora de Laurel.Ella es una viuda que debe cuidar de su hijo pequeño en un pueblo donde la tratan mal, hasta que la familia de su marido muerto, los Blackthorne quieren llevarse al pequeño Adam. Sin embargo, el nuevo comisario [...]

    9. I enjoyed this book to no end! I was propelled forward through every page needing to know if the hero and heroine could make it through each and every hoop and overcome their differences and their own reservations and end up together. I'm so glad that I picked this book up and read it even after realizing that it was the fourth in a series that I hadn't started. I'd love to read the rest of them now. I like the Randolph family and have begun to guess and hope which girls may end up with which br [...]

    10. This was a very, very entertaining, emotional, and at times a very funny book. I enjoyed it a lot. Laurel was just the right person for Hen. He was just the right person for him. I liked him because he was not afraid to show her his emotions.

    11. My favorite in this series thus far. Held my attention better than the previous books. Enjoyed Hen's metamorphosis throughout the progression of the book.

    12. Liked this one from start to end, Laurel is a real woman with moxie and guts. Hen is a man's man that still manages to break the mold and their unconventional family makes for a unique read.

    13. Omg.lolI seriously love the stories of the twins. Never laughed so hard in my life while reading a book.

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