Lily Zac Randolph owns and runs the Little Corner of Heaven Saloon in San Francisco s notorious Barbary Coast He s a gambler by trade and by nature He takes care of the girls who work for him but no woman

  • Title: Lily
  • Author: Leigh Greenwood
  • ISBN: 9780843944419
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • Zac Randolph owns and runs the Little Corner of Heaven Saloon in San Francisco s notorious Barbary Coast He s a gambler by trade and by nature He takes care of the girls who work for him, but no woman is as exciting as gambling, no woman means as much to him as his saloon His life is perfect until a distant cousin, Lily Sterling, arrives from Virginia and upsets everythZac Randolph owns and runs the Little Corner of Heaven Saloon in San Francisco s notorious Barbary Coast He s a gambler by trade and by nature He takes care of the girls who work for him, but no woman is as exciting as gambling, no woman means as much to him as his saloon His life is perfect until a distant cousin, Lily Sterling, arrives from Virginia and upsets everything.Taking Zac up on a casually extended invitation, this fresh faced beauty has fled her father and a prospective husband She insists she doesn t want Zac to take care of her, but Zac is as good hearted as he is selfish He knows Lily is too innocent for San Francisco When he can t convince her to go back to Virginia, he tries to find her a safe job But Lily s good heartedness continually gets her into trouble from which Zac has to rescue her When she is caught in his bed, compromised, an immediate wedding was the only solution.Lily was than happy to believe Zac loves her, but Zac is determined to stay away from Lily so he can leave her with a clean conscience Lily sees only the good in Zac and believes she s been sent to San Francisco to save him from himself, but Zac is determined to get Lily away from the saloon and out of his system He should have known by now that where there s a flower woman , there s a Randolph about to lose his heart.

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    One thought on “Lily”

    1. Zac was a handful as a little boy and things don't change. This is the final entry in the Seven Brides series about the Randolph brothers and their loves, and it's the most lightheart. That Zac grew up to be a scoundrel, and I was not surprised. He will make you laugh, but it turns out, he can handle himself just as well as the rest of the Randolph. He's not a man to be crossed.Poor Lily. She didn't know what she was in store for with Zac. But she manages to charm and tame this bad boy. I really [...]

    2. A pesar de ser un libro con el que iba con expectativas bastante bajas, o precisamente por eso, me ha sorprendido bastante. La historia está muy bien ambientada. Zac ha dado la talla como protagonista y el autor ha sabido reflejar bastante bien los demonios internos que llevaba dentro a lo largo de todos los libros anteriores y Lily me ha parecido una protagonista totalmente hecha a su medida. Donde él es sarcástico, egoísta y con muy mala opinión de sí mismo, ella es inocente, agradecida, [...]

    3. Entre las peores caratulas de novelas horrorosas parecen novelas de los '80-'90 jejeje Una serie entretenida. Cada uno de los hermanos tenia su encanto, aunque aun mas impresionantes sus esposas. Me dejo atonita que esta serie de novela romantica - historica ,fue escrita por un hombre de mediana edad. :-) No es una serie impresionante, pero si muy entretenida y es PG:-D (review update si , es novela de los '90!! jajaja!! mori con esto.)

    4. I have to say this book was rather a letdown after all the spectacular stories that came before. Lily was irritatingly innocent, almost brainlessly innocent. I had trouble liking her. Zac was so selfish it was laughable. You'd think, at 26, he'd have grown up at least a little from the spoiled 6-year-old he'd been in Rose. Still, there was something about this story that I actually liked. It's hard to explain. I think it had everything to do with the "stupid humor" quality that resulted from the [...]

    5. Good endingThis was a good ending to the seven brothers stories! Of course, when I saw the girl's name was a flower, I knew it was all over but the shouting. What all happened to Lily kept the story moving. The ending of the book was perfect!

    6. No cabe duda que este libro ha sido mi favorito de toda la saga, me cuesta creer que es el último y que no queda otra historia de otro hermano Randolph que leer. Bueno, aún no he leído la historia de Jeff, tal vez lo haga ahora, pero es que ese hermano es el que menos me gusta.Han pasado los años y ahora Zac ya tiene 26 años, en todos los libros vemos a Zac un poco y como ha ido creciendo. Me da nostalgia recordar en Rose (el primer libro) al niño que se azomó por la puerta con tan sólo [...]

    7. The book started out strong. I found it to be humorous at times. I enjoyed Lily's stubborness and strong-will, and Dodie's mischieviousness. And of course, I liked Zac, but then again I came to love the Randolph's from the beginning in "Rose." However, about 3/4 of the way through the book, it started to lose my interestwell, not so much lose interest, but it had lost something. Like it had lost emotion if that makes sense. I couldn't really find much humor, or I couldn't feel the hurt, pain, de [...]

    8. Todos deben comprender que este tipo de libros son mi placer culposo, por lo que ya no debe resultar raro que encuentren estos en mi lista de libros leídos año con año.Otro tiempo libre me llevó a esto.Este es el último tomo de una saga (que no intento leer completa) en donde 7 hermanos se casan con 7 mujeres que tienen nombre de flor.Fué divertido, en especial por la inocencia de la chica que encuentra bondad en todo y todos, incluso en la cantina donde vá a encontrar a su novio.Así que [...]

    9. Zac was such a cute kid but he didn't make a great hero. He lacked charm. I liked Lily, she was a bubbly character. And there's Dodie, the club manager who was down to earth.But what I appreciated the most was the reunion between the brothers at the end of the book. That's the end of every great series!

    10. Maybe it's because I waited too long to read the last book, but it was a little bit of a letdown. The characters just seemed sort of bland and boring. The plot picked up around half way but to get there it's like the most forceful reading ever. By seeing the whole family together at the end was nice.

    11. I loved this series! Western Romance is my favorite! I thought Daisy was was my favorite and probably is. I love the whole Randolph Family! Leigh Greenwood outdid himself! He is my favorite WR author behind Diana Palmer.

    12. I hate to write a review on this book because the other 6 books were so wonderful that I was simply disappointed in this one. I love Zach but that woman Lily was driving me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY, she seemed to be more of a little girl than a woman of marrying age, she was WACKY!!!!

    13. Me parece una historia anticuada para todas las que hay ahora, que pese a estar situadas en el pasado son más modernas.

    14. Wonderful end to a great series. I have loved reading these books over and over since I read them for the first time.

    15. This book it my favorite out of the series. I like how Lily is so up front with speaking, always quoting her papa. She just amazed me.

    16. Flower WomanThis is the 7th book in this series. It was cute story about the youngest Randolph. He tried to avoid women who's name was a flower.

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