Taste Test If you can grill it smoke it or fry it Nora Henderson knows all about it Her father owns one of North Carolina s most successful barbeque joints and she s been shredding pork and basting baby back

  • Title: Taste Test
  • Author: Kelly Fiore Stultz
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  • Page: 388
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  • If you can grill it, smoke it, or fry it, Nora Henderson knows all about it Her father owns one of North Carolina s most successful barbeque joints and she s been shredding pork and basting baby back ribs since she could reach the counter When Taste Test, a reality cooking show for teens, accepts her for their fifth season, it s a chance for Nora to get out of her humbleIf you can grill it, smoke it, or fry it, Nora Henderson knows all about it Her father owns one of North Carolina s most successful barbeque joints and she s been shredding pork and basting baby back ribs since she could reach the counter When Taste Test, a reality cooking show for teens, accepts her for their fifth season, it s a chance for Nora to get out of her humble hometown and break into the big leagues of the culinary world When she shows up on set at the North American Culinary Academy, however, it s not just the New England weather that s ice cold Fights with her high society roommate and run ins with the son of a famous chef force Nora to work even harder to prove she s a force to be reckoned with But, despite winning challenges and falling for a fellow contestant, Nora can t ignore the mysterious accidents that are plaguing the kitchen arena It seems like someone is conducting eliminations of their own and Nora s determined to get to the bottom of the mystery before she, or anyone else, is 86ed for good.

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    One thought on “Taste Test”

    1. Actual Rating: 1.5 stars -- This review contains minor spoilers for Taste Test. (If you want, skip to the end for a TL;DR version of my review, because yes, I realize it's insanely long. I have a lot to rant about.) It's funny how some things work out, don't you think? The first of the two days in which I read Taste Test, I had already begun turning over in my head all of the points and clever food puns I would make in my eventual glowing review, and I was practically unable to stop gushing abou [...]

    2. This and other reviews can be found on The Psychotic Nerd ACTUAL RATING: 3.5 StarsMY THOUGHTSThis was kind of an impulse read for me. I just recently found out about it and thought it looked like a fun read, so I picked it up! And it was a fun read! It was cute, shippable, with a little bit of mystery.Nora knows how to cook. She's been helping her father out with his barbecue joint all her life, so when her favorite cooking reality show starts looking for new contestants, she signs up. She gets [...]

    3. Taste Test was a delicious (I'm sorry, I just couldn't help it.) read that I enjoyed (and almost died laughing over.)The number one thing that hit me was definitely the writing style. Or, rather, the other things included. We got "interviews" with all our characters that I definitely enjoyed and giggled over. It let us see what front some of them were putting up and how they felt about what was going on! It was both hilarious and sort of sad sometimes. In the way that I want to be "LET ME LOVE Y [...]

    4. Read more of my reviews at Nick's Book Blog.MasterChef is one my favorite shows on TV at the moment and when I learned that Taste Test was actually based on the show, I knew I had to read it. I've come to the conclusion that I should just stick to watching MasterChef on TV and not seek it in books.Taste Test's main character is Nora. Nora lived with her widowed father and helped him run his barbeque joint. Food has always been her passion and when the chance to participate in a cooking contest f [...]

    5. Last summer I read something exactly like this book and I think it was titled Pizza, Love, and Other Things That Make Me Famous by Kathryn Williams. This book was almost exactly like that book and I think I'm destined to read contemporary novels about reality food teen TV shows every summer or something, ha ha. But the positive aspect of this experience is that I enjoyed Taste Test significantly more. We have a small-town girl from the South who has an opportunity to make it big on a famous cook [...]

    6. Don't write this book off as just a cute, fun read. Well, it was, but it was surprisingly really good.Now I will be the first to admit that I'm not much of a cook, but Fiore's writing in her descriptions of the food and the emotions that consumed the chefs was so beautifully vivid that even I felt much appreciation for the dishes and the care that went into their preparation. And it has more of the "take the time to smell the roses" feel than the "omg why am I being bogged down with overwritten [...]

    7. The plot twists, though interesting, seemed a little forced. Same with the romance. Also a bit too much profanity.On the other hand, the cooking aspects were cool!

    8. There's something fascinating about cooking shows. Unlike a lot of scripted television, there's true talent involved. But unlike something like So You Think You Can Dance, there's little way for the viewer at home to judge the talent. There's no way to participate in the best part: eating the food. Still, it's strangely fun to watch.Nora isn't a watcher, but a competitor in the teen cooking show Taste Test. She's worked in her father's barbeque restaurant all her life, and this is her chance to [...]

    9. I will be completely honest: When I picked up this book, I wasn't expecting much. I got an ARC without even a cover to go off of. The plot seemed interesting, but also like it could be written very half-assed and cheaply.Fiore knows quality writing. Fiore HAS a quality writing style. Nora Henderson is a real person with real goals and real problems. There are strengths and weaknesses to Fiore's characters. Nora, to me, is written in a way that I can imagine interacting with her. I can easily see [...]

    10. This is a Young Adult book, about a girl who is competing in a reality show cooking contest for her last semester of high school. Winning premise right there! Add to it the fact that the writing is so clean and readable and it has great conflict and characters, and add to that the fact that it is SO FUN to read, and you get a book that I completely loved. I read this as an ARC, and can't wait for it to be released!

    11. Cute, but very weak in other aspects. To see full review click on one of the following links:My BlogBookLikes

    12. 2.5 stars. It was really good, but I feel like the twist at the end of the story came a little too late. They started hinting at the twist with maybe 2 chapters left and it kind of got slightly confusing. Personally, I think it wrapped up too fast without going into detail and then the book just sort of ended.

    13. This review was originally posted on aliceinreaderland: Since this book is about a reality-television competition, I’ll be reviewing this book TV announcer/host style. Because, why not?Over in this corner for the Pro-Taste Test Team, we have the recipes! The recipes, ladies and gentlemen, the recipes! The back of this book includes recipes that the characters cooked in the story, including Coffee-Cocoa-Cayenne Dry Rub and Three-Chili Macaronic and Cheese, Red Peper Pasta, and Spicy Fajita Cass [...]

    14. *Book received for review via Netgalley*I absolutely adored this book. I'm sure that had something to do with the fact that I haven't read a cute, fun read in a while (lots of angsty NA). This was in fact the ultimate cute, fun read. Just the concept of the story, shown via the blurb, was enough to make me want to grab this book up and gobble it down, much like with the recipes outlined during the cooking scenes in the book. Fiore managed to make the story whole, which could have been difficult [...]

    15. My Thoughts:I was looking forward to reading Taste Test, I knew that it was going to be exactly what I thought it would be an easy, fun read. It definitely was, I didn't love this one but, I did enjoy it. The plot didn't blow me away and there wasn't much that surprised me or any huge twist but, it was a great and light read and I had fun reading it. Nora Henderson loves to cook for as long as she can remember, her Dad runs one of the most popular barbeque restaurants in their town and Nora has [...]

    16. * * * 1/2Hello. My name is Nat and I am a Food Network addict. A recovering addict that is “recovering” only because I no longer have cable. I am not ashamed to say that I have fallen off the wagon. Without ever having to turn on a television. Nora Henderson is a small town girl from South Carolina that has grown up in her father’s BBQ joint, Smoke Signals. She loves cooking and can’t imagine doing anything else. And now she has the chance to make cooking her life. Nora has been accepted [...]

    17. I was presently surprised by this book! I was pretty excited to read it, but was a little apprehensive, because it wasn't the kind of book I generally read. But, I really enjoyed!I absolutely loved the narrator. Nora seemed really shy, and unconfident at first, but through out the book she became really quick witted, and sarcastic, which was a really fun POV to read! I felt like she was a character who was easy to relate to, without her having some crazy dramatic backstory. She was just a girl, [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this fun, sweet novel and look forward to whatever Kelly Fiore does next. I wasn't sure about the mystery subplot (weird things are happening and people are getting hurt in freak accidents that may not be accidents at all) but it didn't really detract from what was going on. It wasn't horrible but it also didn't make the book any better or more interesting. Ultimately, I wish it hadn't been part of the book but again, it didn't make the book unreadable. (I was much more interest [...]

    19. Actual Rating1.5DNF.This book has been on my currently reading list for a while. Ive read a few HEA books that have, chef heroine on it and I realized I quite like that concept. I was so excited to read Taste Test hoping I would really like it and I guess the beautiful cover has also a major contribution on it. Taste Test have a promising plot. I love the whole you'll be in a cooking contest, you'll live in this mansion with the other contestant concept. The only think I couldn't get into are th [...]

    20. Surprisingly good it had enough romance in it and it also had a lightness that I like to find in books also had a splash of comedy but barely there but still made me laugh I liked how the characters kinda each was on the show to win but I think that they did win in the end they found amazing friendships and I think they really grew so all in all I'm giving it five stars I have to say this was a good light hearted book

    21. Totally delicious read that just about derailed my diet with all of it's irrestible food talk. It combined all the best ingredients of any good reality TV show-backstabbing participants, twisted eliminations,and combustible romances. A sweet escape!

    22. Humorous, and captivating. There were some plot twists, but toward the end especially the culprit was fairly clear. Still a great read!

    23. I really liked this book. Liked it so much in fact, I read this book from dusk til dawn literally because I couldn't bear to put it down. I was intrigued and compelled to read more about the cooking competition, the mysterious person behind the Taste Test sabotages and, of course, the love-hate pull of Nora and Christian. I only marked this book at 3 stars because I wish their was more growth in Nora and Christian's relationship. I feel like the momentum of their relationship stalled a bit in se [...]

    24. I am obsessed with this book! It is so amazing and the romance that's in the book just makes me melt.

    25. So, every now and then I go through this phase where I watch the food channel and start thinking that I could learn some great stuff to cook (except for the fact that I am not a good cook in the least, nor would I be willing to put forth that much effort into something I'm just going to eat and forget about.) I also binge watch the competition shows, and give my opinion on who should win and who should be chopped (you see what I did there?) despite the fact that I don't know what half the dishes [...]

    26. I actually really liked this book. More for high schoolers. It is about a reality cooking show contest for teenagers and I love those shows So it was fun to read.

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