Drugs Without the Hot Air Minimizing the Harms of Legal and Illegal Drugs Winner of Transmission Prize for the Communication of Ideas Highly Commended Popular Medicine British Medical Association awards From health to family to society this informative exploration ta

  • Title: Drugs Without the Hot Air: Minimizing the Harms of Legal and Illegal Drugs
  • Author: David J. Nutt
  • ISBN: 9781906860165
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
  • Winner of Transmission Prize for the Communication of Ideas 2014Highly Commended, Popular Medicine, British Medical Association awards From health to family to society, this informative exploration takes an evidence based view of all the factors involved in drug use Applying the same objective criteria to legal and illegal substances, an argument is made that legality isWinner of Transmission Prize for the Communication of Ideas 2014Highly Commended, Popular Medicine, British Medical Association awards From health to family to society, this informative exploration takes an evidence based view of all the factors involved in drug use Applying the same objective criteria to legal and illegal substances, an argument is made that legality is not a clear measure for harm Tackling a variety of questions, such as Which is harmful Ecstasy or alcohol Can addiction be cured and Does the War on Drugs have serious unintended effects that can hurt children , this analysis equips readers with the ability to make educated decisions regarding drugs both personally and in their communities Broadening the scope of the discussion, a framework is explored for formulating national drug policies that will minimize a myriad of harms social, medical, criminal, financial, and environmental.

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    One thought on “Drugs Without the Hot Air: Minimizing the Harms of Legal and Illegal Drugs”

    1. David Nutt became somewhat famous in the UK when he was chairman of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs [ACMD], the statutory body which is responsible for advising the government on drug policy, and specifically on the appropriate legal classification of different drugs.He was criticised and eventually fired for being rather too vocal about the fact that the government consistently ignored the advice of the ACMD and allowed political considerations to trump the evidence, and for pointin [...]

    2. Having enjoyed a Hay-Festival talk involving David Nutt among others, which discussed the current attitude towards drugs, and whether the "War on Drugs" had failed, I immediately bought and read this book. In that one hour's discussion, I'd found that my attitude towards drug laws had changed significantly from supporting the current emphasis of strong prosecution and imprisonment, to the recognition that if drug abuse was thought of as purely a health issue, the world could be a much better pla [...]

    3. Last week I was on a train with two guys sitting just behind me steadily getting drunk on beer and talking loudly. For the most part I blocked them out with headphones as I was reading, but what I caught of their chat was pretty entertaining. In an entirely serious tone, one guy explained that Nikola Tesla invented a machine to control the weather, which the US government stole and NASA now has. (Presumably NASA lost the manual, hence climate change.) Then they got onto the subject of cannabis a [...]

    4. Several months ago I gave this book 4 stars. Since then, I've thought about it so many times and recommended it to so many people that I decided it must merit 5 stars.The guy expatiates on all my favorite hobbyhorses--but, obviously, in a much more intelligent and insightful way than I ever do when I'm the one riding them. Since I'm not a biochemist, medical professional, or social worker, I can't really analyze his arguments, but they all seem intellectually responsible and on point. My only co [...]

    5. Learned about the book through this review: boingboing/2012/06/20/drugNutt 'count(s) a call he had with then-Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, who was furious that he'd compared horseback riding harms to the harms from taking MDMA. Smith says that "you can't compare harms from a legal activity with an illegal activity." When Nutt asks why not, she says, "because one is illegal." When he asks why it is illegal, she says, "Because it is harmful." So he asks, "Don't we need to compare harms to determine [...]

    6. Completely rethought my view on drugs reading this book. Every claim is backed up by research, every point is well made, and the book flows like a dream. If you value truth in what you know, then this book is a massive step in the right direction, but be warned, your assumptions about drugs will be challenged.

    7. An insightful and accessible glimpse into the world of drugs; including two of the most common, tobacco and alcohol. As a drug user myself, most of the information in this book was common knowledge, but it's still an important read if you or anybody you know lives a lifestyle which includes taking drugs. All of his findings are backed by mountains of evidence, and covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from addiction and safety measures to common misconceptions of drugs and their diverse histo [...]

    8. Interesting and extremely important book. This should be the textbook for drug education. Nutt clearly cuts through the propaganda and gets to the facts about the real dangers and benefits of various different drugs from an unbiased scientific perspective (oh and that includes alcohol, tobacco and nicotine too!) When read from cover to cover it probably isn't a particularly enjoyable read-especially for someone who's familiar with a lot of the info in here-but when read section by section (each [...]

    9. Pretty much what the title says. An actual expert scientific investigation of alcohol/drugs and drug policy without a bunch of misleading morality-based bullshit. This is from the guy whose thoughtful and fairly comprehensive analysis produced a list of the top 20 harmful drugs:

    10. A great introduction to the history, make up and effects of the various most popular drugs on the black market (and of course alcohol and tobacco). This book contains the kind of knowledge any adult citizen should have, especially those with children, and I'd recommend anyone with an opinion on drug use, public health or medicine to read it.

    11. If you want a scientific and unbiased opinion on drugs and drug policy read this book. Actually since drugs impact all our lives in one way or the other I'd highly recommend reading this book. David Nutt breaks down the hypocrisy, the science, the actual health consequences and the political mess that surrounds drug policy in the UK, and wider world. I have a degree in public health so have decent knowledge on drug policy and learned loads from this book. To be fair it is written a bit like a te [...]

    12. Amazing book, ram-jammed full of facts, stats and logic. A book to be ignored by those in power for the foreseeable future I do not doubt. We live in hope that one day our archaic drug legislation may be based on science, harm-reduction, and research, rather than emotional political whims. A must read for anyone vaguely interested in the subject - or the ludicrous laws that surround it.

    13. Excellent. Clear, mature, informative, but without the hyperbole- highly recommended to anyone who is curious, bewildered, or prejudiced about drugs. If only our Government was rational and adult enough to deal with this subject in the right way.

    14. Ο David Nutt ήταν σύμβουλος της Βρετανικής κυβέρνησης μέχρι που δημοσίευσε ένα άρθρο σε επιστημονική δημοσίευση που -ω, βλασφήμια!- σύγκρινε ελαφρώς χιουμοριστικά τους κινδύνους της λήψης MDMA, γνωστού και ως Ecstasy, με αυτούς της ιππασίας. Όπως ήταν αναμενόμενο, έχασε την θέση του -- [...]

    15. There are always newspaper stories about drugs in the UK and many of them carry a judgemental tone. David Nutt has written a factual book about recreational drugs based on evidence rather than sentimentality. The book discusses what drugs are, how they work, different types of drugs, the nature of addiction and the most controversial part is the evidence on the relative harm that they do. It is interesting look at how far science should dictate public policy.Nutt was sacked from the government a [...]

    16. Many of us in the UK have a strong but vague sense that there's something wrong with current drug policy as practised throughout most of the world. Here, David Nutt, one of the world's top experts on drugs and their harms, gives us the information we need to support that suspicion.Nutt clearly sets out several important strands that, together, demonstrate the imperative to change the current status quo. Specifically:-Current drug policy is not evidence-based. In the UK, the agenda is set to a la [...]

    17. There is a lot of good, thought provoking information here, but the supporting evidence (at least in the main text) could be better. Providing annotations via end notes does make reading easier, but it also weakens the strength of the argument.I was also disappointed by the lack of follow up on some important issues like why marijuana is so pervasive in our culture and its role throughout human history. This topic is alluded to, but never developed.The fundamental premise, however, seems both so [...]

    18. Seriously good book. If you think illegal drugs are the most dangerous, think again. David Nutt opens our eyes to the other factors that make drugs dangerous - looking beyond social conditioning of what is and isn't considered acceptable.Many of us enjoy a glass of wine and feel completely respectable in doing so. But in fact, as David Nutt argues, alcohol is far higher on the social harm scale than LSD - an illegal drug. It is the only drug that can kill you when you detox, it is responsible fo [...]

    19. Nutt made headlines a few years ago when his scientific approach to the question of relative harm of legal and illegal drugs put him into conflict with officials in the UK government. Sacked from his advisory post, Professor Nutt continued to pursue scientific truth over political comfort. Here's a book that sums up in easy-to-read prose the latest insights about the real impact of dangerous substances. Alcohol comes in for a hard look, Nutt also shares an amusing history of cannabis use. My fav [...]

    20. I had high hopes for this book, after all it was written by the guy who started a revolt in the government's advisory council on drugs misuse and has qualifications coming out of his ears on the subject. It seems to be one of the benefits of a misspent youth that conclusions for drug policy that seem so revolutionary to government and have taken a lifetime of work on his part are rather obvious. I don't doubt that he is eminently qualified to write this book, but it didn't tell me anything I did [...]

    21. One of the best books on drugs - if not the best of all. Most of them come from two camps; either from therapists or addicts who were in contact with the worst of the worst, or from some experimenting enthusiasts who are biased in a whole other way. But this one is different, it is written by a guy who is a medical doctor doing serious research on top of all of the ground clinical work. His views are by far most balanced and sound and I really think this is the book that should be read in school [...]

    22. Drugs are a big problem in the current world. David Nutt highlights how far the drug cartels reach and how many billions in the global economy they control.Solution to these problem are within reach. The only reason they are not being introduced is due to the societies' stigma. I found this read fascinating and important for the current generation, because it is up to them to change it. The author multiple times mentions the idea that politicians sometimes do what the society wants - because tha [...]

    23. Important stuff. A sobering and rational look at drugs and drug policy of all kinds. Most significantly, Professor Nutt urges the reader to think about drugs in terms of observable harm, rather than in terms of morality. A key area of address is how as a society we don't look at Tobacco and Alcohol through the same lens as we look at drugs, despite alcohol and tobacco being far more harmful than all other illicit drugs combined. Alcohol in particular is now marketed using the same strategies tha [...]

    24. yo. yo. Read this book. force your children to read this shit. if you see a politician at a restaurant, powder this book and invite them to snort this shit.I thought I would not learn anything from this, but as well as some lay descriptions of drugs and their risks, there is some tight shit about how messed up drug laws are. i mean, yo. this book made me ANGRY, you get me? basically this is a must read for anyone who ever wants to talk about drugs, or take them, ever. I got pissed off though bec [...]

    25. An great book giving evidence based information on the most commonly used recreational drugs, the science behind them, the harm they cause directly and indirectly and the attempted ways drug use/abuse is handled by the authorities.I was lucky enough to hear David Nutt give a talk on related topics and he is an excellent and entertaining speaker, I'd urge anyone to read this book and if you get the chance attend one of his talks. After reading the book I do kind of wish LSD was available at the l [...]

    26. A fantastic read, does what it says on the cover, revealing the truth about drugs and how ludicrous UK drug policy is, given the evidence that science presents.David Nutt's down to earth writing style is a pleasure to read. The fact that the book is split up into lots of relatively small chapters and each chapter into smaller sections makes the book very easy reading.The best pop science book I have ever read.

    27. This is one rare book, written by a proven expert in his field, that is both informative and enjoyable at the same time.What is fascinating about this book is not only that it explores in pretty good detail the social and pharmacological areas of drug taking, but that it confidently exposes the political dimension as well.Every factual claim made is backed up by evidence as you would expect from a scientist.

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