All She Wants There are some things in life you can always rely on Living in the shadow of your perfect brother Joey getting the flu over Christmas and your Mother showing you up in the supermarket Then there are

  • Title: All She Wants
  • Author: Jonathan Harvey
  • ISBN: 9780330544276
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback
  • There are some things in life you can always rely on Living in the shadow of your perfect brother Joey, getting the flu over Christmas, and your Mother showing you up in the supermarket Then there are some things you really don t count on happening a good dose of fame, getting completely trashed at an awards ceremony, and catching your fella doing something unmentionaThere are some things in life you can always rely on Living in the shadow of your perfect brother Joey, getting the flu over Christmas, and your Mother showing you up in the supermarket Then there are some things you really don t count on happening a good dose of fame, getting completely trashed at an awards ceremony, and catching your fella doing something unmentionable on your wedding day This is my story, it s dead tragic You have been warnedJodie Xx

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    One thought on “All She Wants”

    1. “All She Wants” has the most fabulous bright pink cover. Yes, I’m a bit of a magpie, and my eye is taken by pretty things. Yes, I bought the book because I couldn’t resist the cover (note to publishers out there, covers do matter!). I’m more than happy to say that the writing contained within is absolutely top notch and so much fun to read. This is the story of Jodie McGee, a Scouser come good, her dream of one day acting in “Acacia Avenue” (the TV show which she grew up watching) [...]

    2. I'm a big fan of Jonathan Harvey's previous work, so I knew that this book would hit the spot for me! The story revolves around Jodie McGee, her family life and relationships and how they affect her eventual rise to her dream; of being an actress in Acacia Avenue, her favourite soap. There are many twists and turns in Jodie's life story and despite her constant bad decisions, you really feel want her to succeed in life. All ends well, although not as you'd expect, giving the reader a satisfactor [...]

    3. A feel-good, fabulously funny read that is totally addictive, outrageous and utterly brilliant! I thoroughly enjoyed this entertaining, light read which had me laughing hysterically throughout as I immersed myself within classic chick-lit. Sharply written by an accomplished author whose acute perception and portrayal of life is spot-on hence this really is an outstanding, noteworthy debut. Standing out on the bookshelf with its striking pink cover and singularity, this comedic witty tale is just [...]

    4. Read this as I loved Beautiful Thing, and wasn't disappointed. This could have been bland and run-of-the-mill but was sparkly and fun, and deeper than it might have been. Loved the characters, loved the plot, really enjoyed it.

    5. Jonathan Harvey is the writer of Beautiful People (the campest, and one of the best TV shows to hit British screens). And Beautiful Thing (the campest and one of the best films- and now theatre shows). Everything he touches turns to gold, but can he do the same with his new novel?I started reading this as I wanted something light and funny to read on my recent holiday. It seemed quite a lengthy novel for what by the write up on the back seemed like a cheesy, fun little story. But what I found wa [...]

    6. Essentially a story about an average girl from Liverpool, with average looks, average background and so on, getting nice breaks and devastating road blocks interspersed with each other. Probably something most female readers can identify with. But it was great how the book's narrator/heroine is so totally angsty, honest (with herself at least), clumsy, charming, and imperfect, that I realised I was rooting for her since halfway through the book.I think it's rare that male authors totally rock ch [...]

    7. This book is so funny, it makes me laugh and giggled like sometimes I can’t get it how silly Jody is. First, when she messed up her speech and when she thought Greg was going to proposed. When she swallowed the ring. When he mistaken Stuart’s mom as Stuart ‘girl’ haha those are just hilarious. But Jody also got serious problems in her life, Her ups and down career, about following her dream or not, a husband that actually gay and cheated with her brother on their wedding night. She actua [...]

    8. Stumbled across this book by accident, and I am SO glad I did.You will instantaneously fall in love with Jodie, and you will stay in love with her throughout her story. He high moments made me smile and her low moment made me well up, and I cried like a baby in the epilogue.This story is flawlessly told, flitting forward and backwards with smooth transitions. Every single character was lively, colourful and real.I was absolutely gutted when I got to the end, having devoured this book in a few da [...]

    9. It's hilariously funny and down to earth real! Would have given it a five star had the story line, especially Greg's sexual orientation and the outcome of J and G's wedding, not so predictably anticipated. The characters were real and the 'happenings' were realistically believable.If we wore other people's love on our faces in smiles, we wore their hatred in bruises. - Pg. 428We are fragile beasts with an infinite capacity for pain, great and small. - Pg. 477

    10. I struggled throughout this book. I was inspired to buy it by two authors I like endorsing it. I must stop believing what I read on a cover. I didn't enjoy the story, or the characters. I didn't find it amusing. In fact one story line connected to the wedding I found very distressing. It just wasn't for me.

    11. Relaxed readEnjoyed this book- captured a lot of Liverpool humour and was a relaxing read. Could see it as a TV play.

    12. I really enjoyed this book and very much liked the main character, Jodie. The book starts out with Jodie getting drunk and embarrassing herself at a Soap Awards (she is a soapstar) and I initially thought that I wouldn't like her as she obviously wasn't grateful for her fame and money. However, the story then goes back into Jodie's earlier life. Jodie fell in love with Greg at school and they stayed together for several years. Jodie was over the moon when Greg proposed and they had their life pl [...]

    13. Jodie sin da piccola aveva desiderato poter recitare nella soap opera AcaciaAvenue e delle volte i desideri diventano realtà:interpretando suor Agathaha raggiunto la fama e ha vinto un premio prestigioso. Cosa si può volere di piùdalla sorte? Ma non è tutto oro quello che luccica e la nostra protagonistaci riporterà indietro nel tempo alla sua adolescenza per raccontarci come lasua vita le abbia riservato non poche sorprese. Un romanzo rosa che valetto durante un fine settimana rilassante p [...]

    14. I am a huge Gimme Gimme Gimme fan and that was the main reason I bought this novel, because of the author. Despite writing for Corrie now (which I do not like) Harvey is still one of my top screenwriters (sadly he'd already written about 10 plays by the time he was my age and me nothing so far) anyway bitterness aside.Really enjoyable page-turner of a story and I suspect a more than realistic glimpse into the world of soap loved all that as well as hints of Crossroads and Acorn Antiques in the r [...]

    15. Jonathan Harvey does it again. Whilst I preferred his other two books , I absolutely adored Jodie McGee. Her rise , her sad fall from grace and her redemption in the south of France. Harvey's books and characters are written with such enormous wit and warmth. He can break your heart and make you cry with laughter within paragraphs. It's a fun , ballsy , hilarious and at times moving read. About love, fanily, chasing and losing your dreams. And bouncing back when life sees you pissed as a fart on [...]

    16. I must admit, I wasn't looking forward to reading this as it seemed to be the kind of vacuous chick-lit that I normally give a wide berth to. However, it was recommended by a friend for inclusion in a reading challenge so I gave it a go. I'm really glad I did. Yes it was chick-lit but it was entertaining and it did actually make me laugh (something of a rarity I find when the cover reviews proclaim a book to be 'laugh out loud funny').It hasn't converted me to chick-lit and I'm not going to be i [...]

    17. Jonathan Harvey is one of the better Coronation Street writers and has also written plays. This is a foray into chicklit and is quite a fun read. It's about a woman from Liverpool who is a soap opera actor who has just broken up with her boyfriend and is on the edge of a bit of a breakdown. She makes a drunken fool of herself at an awards show and we are then taken back to her childhood and hear her story, including her relationships with her friends and her brother, her first love. There's hear [...]

    18. You can tell this author writes for a soap opera. At the same time it's a bit of an homage AND a bit of a satire on the world of the soaps - especially towards the end where the plotline gets increasingly histrionic. Maybe he should have decided to go all out for the former OR the latter. Some of the early stuff about drama school training is pretty amusing. An easy undemanding read with shades of Harvey's TV comedies as well as a certain famous street in Manchester

    19. One of the funniest, most dramatic (in a drama queen way) books ever. Coming from a Liverpool-born family, I had the advantage of understanding the Scouse sociolect Harvey used, and in turn it felt really intimate and sensitive. Jodie is so loveable and as the story goes on you feel more and more sympathy towards her and you want nothing but good news after everything she goes through. Amazing book, I'd love it to be made into a film.

    20. I wanted something lighthearted and funny after the seriousness of 'The Care and Management of Lies' and, as I expected, Jonathan Harvey delivered! This is the second story of his I have read, the first he wrote and it was great. A realistic depiction of sudden fame on a working class girl. I look forward to reading more from this clever, amusing author.

    21. Impossible to review without spoilers. The childhood memories and family relationships are spot on - if you grew up in the late 70s / 80s it will remind you of things long forgotten.Funny, entertaining, thought provoking and serious - all in one novel. The cover may hint of chick-lit but it far removed from that genre.Read it.

    22. I'm so relieved I finished it and I don't have to pick it up again. Worst book I've read in a while. It's funny cause reviews on the cover say "Laugh out loud" when I've done all the opposite. At certain points I actually felt really sad about happenings that were probably supposed to be funny? It was more grotesque than funny honestly.

    23. A bit longer than it needed to be and predictable in parts; this book is undemanding and lighthearted. Not sure I laughed out loud but an entertaining poolside paperback. Style was very familiar and then I realised I'd read Jonathan Harvey's other book on hols last year. Must be the cover that jumps out at you at the airport!

    24. What a book!I usually read more books in parallel, usually one or more on my Kindle and some paperbacks, too. This one I bought online from Book Depository's bargain shopd it was money well spent. I like when guys write chic lit with good results, ad I have to admit, this one was great. Hilarious and bar crazy and oh, so realistic, too. And so bloody English.Loved it.

    25. All she wants Loved this book, I had heard all good things about it, i wasn't disappointed. The plot flows along very easily, had me gripped to know what was going to happen to Jodie next!! With some very funny moments & one liners. Brilliant!

    26. To quote Antony Cotton on the cover, #amazeballs.No really, brilliant from start to finish, witty, touching, believable.Jonathan Harvey has such a talent for creating characters you care about it's no wonder Corrie snapped him up.

    27. I don't usually read comedy style books, however loved this book, fell in love with Jodie and imagined going down the pub with her and having a drink and a laugh with her . Looking forward to the next book by this author

    28. Been awhile since I've read a chic-lit and this wasa good one to start with. Hilarious and entertaining all the way through. Made me laugh out loud a few times. Not sure I'll run out to buy another Harvey book but it was well written and the plot wasn't half bad.

    29. First time I've read this authoreat read. The story flowed well and the characters were all easy to like and remember. Good story with lots of sadness and laughter. If being a telly star is really that bad, I think I'll pass!

    30. The way the author forms sentences makes me believe that he is an extremely creative person in one way or another. I believe this book deserves 5 stars as I genuinely had no idea how it would end at any point. Sometimes it was sad, sometimes it was entertaining. It is definitely worth reading!

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