Reckoning JET IV Reckoning pits Jet against the deadliest threat yet an enemy with endless resources who will stop at nothing to destroy her From the mountains of Indonesia to the streets of Washington Jet dis

  • Title: Reckoning
  • Author: Russell Blake
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • JET IV Reckoning pits Jet against the deadliest threat yet an enemy with endless resources who will stop at nothing to destroy her From the mountains of Indonesia to the streets of Washington, Jet discovers in a breakneck paced roller coaster of action that danger lurks in the unlikeliest of places and nothing is as it seems.

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    One thought on “Reckoning”

    1. In Reckoning, Jet tries to tie up the loose ends so that she and Hannah can finally live in safety. She is helped by Alan and then by Matt, who she thought had died. Jet has lived most of her life as an assassin, but now with a daughter she wanted out but her enemies keep finding her for seek revenge.Jet finally thinks that it is over. but I believe - hope that there is a book 5.

    2. This is the fourth book in the Jet Series about a young woman code named “Jet”, a former Mossad operative. At the end of the last book, we had Hannah in the care of a nanny in Uruguay. Alan, the brother of Jet’s husband is on the way to Uruguay. He is also a Mossad operative. Jet is fly to Uruguay after killing a Russian mobster that was trying to kill her and Hannah. This book opens with Alan flying into Buenos Aires, Argentina and rushing to catch the ferry he had reserved a seat on when [...]

    3. Jet finally kills the last bad guy left who was trying to kill her. She's reunited with her daughter. She's free! But wait! More bad guys track her down! It turns out that there's one more bad guy. And she has to go after him to finally leave her assasin's life behind. He's really hard to kill, but no worries, because Jet's the best and makes it look easier than it should. And she can always get help from a past flame who she definitely thought was dead.I did really enjoy this book. I could go 3 [...]

    4. Russell Blake delivers another taut, compelling thriller - a masterful job of moving the story along and keeping the reader guessing. Lots of action, lots of dead bad guys, and lots to like about Jet.

    5. Poor Jet, nothing is ever easy for her anymore. She is finally settled with Hannah when all of sudden there are new goons after her and then it does't stop.

    6. Fast and furious, plot-driven. Female James Bond.First paragraphsChapter 1 Alan watched from his window seat as the jumbo jet lumbered through the rough air on final approach to the international airport in Buenos Aires. He rubbed a hand across the two-day growth on his face and stretched his arms overhead, trying to compensate for ten hours wedged into an economy seat on the red-eye flight from Mexico City. Sleep had been impossible, and he reconciled himself to another long day of travel; whil [...]

    7. There were so many blasts from the past in this one. Some of them were good, some of them were bad, but the best was the one that totally threw Jet. I loved watching Jet be so uncertain, it was unusual as she normally has a set path to follow and can out do the bad guys. I hated how the situation resolved and wonder if the plan had been followed things might have turned out better.I keep hoping that one day Jet will be safe. It looked like it might happen with this one, but right at the endwell, [...]

    8. Better past half way. Maybe the best in the series. Russell is improving. I do adore how prolific he is so I grade him on a curve. This would be a poor David Morrell novel but he releases a book every two years. Overall this is a good fun read and the books keep coming. Keep it up!

    9. ok, so I nearly gave up on the series. but sick with it. the previous 2 books were so so. but this one had me. had to say, Alan - saw that coming. and jet finishing his 'errand' knew it was a very bad idea. but it makes for more story! much more action and a much better pulling story line than book 3. on to book 5 Jet & Matt action here we come!

    10. A formidably fourth installment of the JET series! This book is action-packed with thrills, heartache, redemption and vengeance! The world is trying to take down a mother and child?! It's on! Don't mess with Jet, she brings down a reckoning! Awesome, awesome read. If you haven't started the series yet What are you waiting for?!

    11. As with all of the books in this series, it takes off at a gallop and the suspense doesn't let up. But it's more than just action, the characters and layered and flawed and utterly mesmerising. I especially love the heroine, Jet, who is trying to outrun a past on speed. The action is well crafted and the settings vivid.Definitely read this book.

    12. getting a little stale. The appearance of Matt very predictable. Jet ease in switching lovers adds nothing to her character. The ending also very predictable. This was my fourth in a row and I will step back for a while.

    13. Jet series One of the best series I've ever read, a lot of twists and turns that are not expected and action, I want to know when the film adaptation will come into effect, would love to see this series as movies

    14. Another great read from Russell Blake. Full of plenty of edge of your seat action and some exciting plot twists. Although, there was a bit more romance than the other Jet books, which I felt caused a few slow spots. I'm not a romance fan, hence the 4 stars instead of 5.

    15. The past comes back to haunt poor Jet as she's trying to settle down and live a normal life. While dealing with the drama, she manages to get herself into a bit of a love triangle as well. Never a dull moment in her life.

    16. Like all the Russell Blake novels I've read, this book is exciting from start to finish. It's the kind of book you can't put down. I found myself reading far into the night and waking up the next day groggy! Lol! A great read!

    17. Great fun!This is a great episode in Jet's life. I continue to enjoy Blake's plots, twists, drama, action, etc. Jet's abilities might stretch the imagination at times, but what good novel doesn't?

    18. Theses are good quick reads. The only recurring problem is that any man who gets close to Jet emotionally is a goner. Dead by the end of the book. So no fun on that front.

    19. I feel like the first half was very slow, the first 3/4 really mauve a few spikes of action. Still a great series

    20. Another good novel by this author and I think that another in this series will be written, and when it is published, I will read it also.

    21. 4th book in the series and it delivered non stop action. It sets the story up for a fith book that i cant wait to be done.

    22. Really enjoyed this story of Jet's life. A lot of things happen in this book, and of course there is a set up for the next one. I will eagerly read it when I obtain it.

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