I sette impiccati Racconto scritto nel dopo l esecuzione in massa dei terroristi rivoluzionari pur nella sua concisione tra le opere pi significative dello scrittore russo Narra la breve detenzione di cinque ter

  • Title: I sette impiccati
  • Author: Leonid Andreyev
  • ISBN: 9788870332490
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Racconto scritto nel 1908, dopo l esecuzione in massa dei terroristi rivoluzionari pur nella sua concisione, tra le opere pi significative dello scrittore russo Narra la breve detenzione di cinque terroristi che, insieme a due criminali colpevoli di crimini comuni, attendono di essere impiccati Nell attesa della morte i cinque traggono il bilancio della loro vita RRacconto scritto nel 1908, dopo l esecuzione in massa dei terroristi rivoluzionari pur nella sua concisione, tra le opere pi significative dello scrittore russo Narra la breve detenzione di cinque terroristi che, insieme a due criminali colpevoli di crimini comuni, attendono di essere impiccati Nell attesa della morte i cinque traggono il bilancio della loro vita Racconto duro, asciutto, di grande rilievo psicologico, pieno di cupo pessimismo, lascia tuttavia intravedere, nella solidariet che si crea tra i detenuti, una luce di speranza in un mondo migliore.

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    One thought on “I sette impiccati”

    1. A professional criminal, a simmering psychopath turned spontaneous, disorganized murderer/attempted rapist, and five accused terrorists are sentenced to the gallows in early 20th century Russia, the latter group for a foiled assassination attempt on a government officer. The previous sentence contains the sum-total of action-based plot-line of Andreyev's Social Realist novel, a multifarious meditation on that which most humans fear to even catch glimpse the shadow of: inevitable death. Much like [...]

    2. The Seven Who Were Hanged is barely more than a novella, and I read it in two afternoons, about three weeks apart. It's sparse on plot: seven people are going to be hanged (surprise), five for attempted political assassination, two for various quite violent murders. We meet each of them, we hear about their circumstances, a little, and their trials. Most of the book, however, is about the hours of freefall between sentence and execution, the end of life and the beginning of death. The reason I l [...]

    3. Το βιβλίο το πέτυχα μισοτιμής στην Πολιτεία και είπα να το αγοράσω, μιας και είναι από τα κλασικότερα έργα της Ρώσικης λογοτεχνίας. Στην ιστορία γνωρίζουμε επτά ανθρώπους -πέντε τρομοκράτες και δυο δολοφόνους/ληστές-, οι οποίοι καταδικάστηκαν σε θάνατο δια απαγχονισμού κα [...]

    4. "it also became a mechanical process and only for that reason something to be dreaded. Fetch and grab, take away, hang, pull down on the legs. Cut rope, haul down, cart away and bury.A man has gone from the world."

    5. A very sorrowful tale. I read this book with a lot of glum written all over my face. This is a tale of the last moments in the lives of seven prisoners who are about to be executed. All seven have been tried and and sentenced to death. Most of them have committed serious offences. The question that I kept asking myself is whether their cri es justifies tge death penalty. When I read the book, I realized that they were stil human beings who are capable of experiences which other 'normal' people e [...]

    6. Perfect craft in this story on the cruelty of execution. I don't know a better story in the world. Follows on from Dostoyevsky's passages on capital punishment in The Idiot and the short work important to him in his turn, Victor Hugo's The Last Day of a Condemned Man. I think, though, they'd each be proud to have written this. It not only has the seven perspectives -- terrorists and common murderers -- but the effects on guards; and begins in theme with the political victim who gets away, but no [...]

    7. "Les sept pendus" fait partie d'un genre russe qui raconte l'histoire d'un groupe de jeunes qui complotent d'assassiner quelqu'un et qui en font un gâchis. "Les Possédés" de Dostoïevski, "Les Terre Vierges" de Tourgeniev, et "Pétersbourg" d'Andrei Biely sont des examples qui viennent à l'esprit. À la limite on peut ajouter à la liste "Under Western Eyes" de Joseph Conrad qui était citoyen russe dans sa jeunesse . Volià, j'en étais déjà blasé quand j'ai "Les sept pendus" et j'ai ét [...]

    8. هوالحق.اول).مترجم مولف به مترجمی میگویند که علاوه بر جذب مخاطبان خود، به آنها خط دهد و با هر اثری که ترجمه کند کتابی را به سیر مطالعاتی آنها بیافزاید، متاسفانه از این نوع مترجمها خیلی کم پیدا میشود.یکی از جوانترین آنها آقای #حمیدرضا_آتش_بر_آب عزیز است. مترجمی که با جدیت به ترجمه [...]

    9. Leonid Andreyev belonged to that unhappy generation of Russians fortunate enough to see the Tsar fall and unfortunate enough to see the rise of the Bolsheviks. His eventual exile into poverty in Finland ended his career. His oeuvre is small, a few plays and a wide-ranging prose. I have great affection for “He Who Gets Slapped” made into a remarkable silent movie by Lon Chaney, Sr. Of the stories in the volume, “The Seven Who Were Hanged” is the best-known and is a triumph: few writers ca [...]

    10. Set at the time of the first Russian revolution in 1905, the book opens with a plot to kill an important official, a plot which has been foiled by Russian police. Later, the authorities arrest three young men and two young women who are accused of terrorism and condemned to death by hanging. There are two other prisoners who will join them on the day of their execution, one a servant who murders his master and tries to rape his master's wife and the other a bandit and a murderer.We know from the [...]

    11. L'oblio ingiustificato di un grande autoreAndreev è un autore del primo novecento russo oggi piuttosto dimenticato e di difficile reperibilità, ad ennesima riprova di una editoria italiana che si è fatta sempre più pavida e conformista. Eppure questo I sette impiccati è un racconto di grande forza emotiva, che scava profondamente negli abissi dell'animo umano, oltre a mostrare la disumanità della società prerivoluzionaria russa.Cinque terroristi, tre uomini e due donne, vengono condannati [...]

    12. Priča o sitnicama koje to nisu. Čitajući ovu priču, čovjek biva svjestan kako je svaki komadić ljudskog tijela, psihe, duše - čudnovat i jedinstven. Ruke, prsti, svjetlo u tami, dašak proljeća, jutarnji snijeg i zora, sve je vrijedno, neprocjenjivo - kada znaš da ćeš umrijeti. Ljepota smrti je u neznanju, neizvjesnosti. Kada je to točno određeni trenutak u vremenu, smrt postaje užas. Pišući ovaj osvrt, svjestan sam koliko me je Andrejev potakao na razmišljanje. Šteta što u l [...]

    13. Covers the crimes, trials, and last days of the titular Seven Who Were Hanged. Interesting to compare and contrast with the last chapter of The Stranger by Camus; French vs. Russian, existentialist vs. the varied and passionate feelings by these prisoners. Quite dragging at some parts, and repetitive in its portrayals of the prisoners' thoughts-- understandably thorough of the dark subject matter, but the work itself probably would have been stronger as a short story rather than a novella; still [...]

    14. Brutal, pessimistic and powerful. A story about the last moments of seven people, written against capital punishment, Leonid Andreyev's astonishing skill is beyond description!

    15. İdam gecesini ve öncesini anlatan "Gülün Solduğu Akşam" dan sonra benzer bir anlatımı sevebileceğimi düşünmemiştim doğrusu. Ancak Leonid Andreyev'in kalemi bu düşüncemi değiştirdi. Çar döneminde beşi siyasi ikisi kader suçundan idam hükmü verilen yedi insanın mahkeme ve sonrasında hücrelerinde geçirdikleri zaman ile idamlarını bekleyişlerini anlatıyor bu roman. Siyasi suçtan asılanlar yaşanmış bir olaydan alınma. Günümüzde idam cezasını geri getirmek i [...]

    16. Leonid Andreyev wrote an introduction to the English translation of The Seven Who Were Hanged in which he says, "Literature, which I have the honor to serve, is dear to me just because the noblest task it sets before itself is that of wiping out boundaries and distances." Reading this a century after it appeared, I would add time to Andreyev's list of boundaries that literature transcends. Andreyev's message is equally important in every language and in every time.This is a tough book; it deals [...]

    17. Otra cosa que me pasa seguido es que abro y me encuentro con que alguna bestia le ha dado tres estrellas (o menos) a libros hermosos. Me pasó con Aurelia de Nerval (curiosamente las críticas más feas son de gente que parla el francés) y ahora me pasa con Andreyev. ¿Soy yo? no, mi sensibilidad está sana, lo sé porque éste libro en realidad no lo leí, lo escuché. Así es, este fue mi primer experimento con audiolibros ¿porqué? ¿acaso no amo el olor de los libros y todas esas payasada [...]

    18. One of the most famous of the Russian writer’s stories, in which he describes the execution of a group of Terrorists, analyzing their sensations in their separate cells, and on their journey together to the foot of the gallows. -- BartlebyProject Gutenberg - gutenberg/ebooks/6722BBC Book Features article - bbc/programmes/artic6 AUG 2016 - a terrific read. It is said this book inspired the revolutionaries to assassinate Archduke Ferdinand and thus ignite the spark of WWI.

    19. Andreyev'den okuduğum ilk kitap Lazarus'tu ve beni gerek anlatımı gerek atmosferi ile fazlasıyle etkilemişti. Dolayısıyla ikinci bir Andreyev kitabı için sabırsızlanıyordum. Maalesef bu kitap beklediğimden çok daha zayıf çıktı. Karakterlerle özdeşleşmek (ki bu idam mahkumu öykülerinde çok zor değildir) mümkün olmadığı gibi, anlatım da kuru ve yapay kalmıştı. Bunun iki nedeni olduğunu düşündüm. Birincisi, politik nedenlerle yazılan çoğu eserin bahsettiği [...]

    20. Amazing reading! Read it with the group. This is about seven people condemned to death, five for an attempt of a political assassination and two for common murders. The story shows how they face their ordeal, with reactions varying. All are well seven is well differentiated with psychological insight (male characters were far well written than the female) They are each treated with this amazing insight and with an understanding that is never maudlin.

    21. "Thus did men greet the rising sun."Loving how this book ends and how the characters evolve during the plot. It asks questions such as what is life and how we face death.

    22. Following the arrest and the thoughts of the people who know that life is over in advance of their subsequent hanging.While it is a tad grim the writing is excellent, close to being philosophical without quite getting there. Certainly one for the shelves of the discerning reader.

    23. Por supuesto que ‘Los siete ahorcados’ de Leonid Andreiev es una obra contra la pena de muerte, pero es mucho más. Los cinco ahorcados del título son cinco terroristas que intentaron cometer un atentado, un hombre bruto e inculto que en un momento de enajenación mató a su amo sin saber muy bien lo que estaba haciendo, y finalmente un bandido profesional que lleva toda una vida de crímenes sin arrepentirse nunca de ninguno. Lo que es magnífico de esta obra es la capacidad de Andreiev de [...]

    24. 'My task was to point out the horror and the iniquity of capital punishment under any circumstances.' - AndreyevA scintillating psychological exploration on death and war. Tried in secret with a sentence of death by hanging 5 terrorists and 2 peasants actions, and thoughts are shared during trial and while in their cells as they await their fatal fate. With an appeal not being an option, these seven are rendered helpless, their hanging inevitable. Defendants are introduced with the focus on the [...]

    25. 3,5This is a very short book but it is thought-provoking.First of all, Andreyev is against death penalty and he writes about it through seven characters. There are seven convicts who are sentenced to death because of different crimes they had committed (two were murders, five of them had organized a political terrorist attack which failed). How do you face death if you know the exact moment when you will die? All the characters face it in a different way, they react in different ways and there a [...]

    26. First published in 1909 The Seven Who Were Hanged by Leonid Nikolasvich Andreyev is the story of the last few days of seven condemned prisoners. Two of the seven were charged with murder and the other five (three men and two women) were found guilty of terrorism. Like One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn the shadow of depression hangs over the work. As I was reading it, the picture it painted was in black and a multitude of shades of gray. Although this book was writt [...]

    27. Once regarded as one of the most gifted writers of Russia's "silver age," Leonid Nikolaevich Andreyev's reputation has waned considerably, and he is now almost unknown outside of his native Russia. This is unfortunate,because The Seven Who Were Hanged is a masterpiece, elegant and understated in its treatment of the last days of five convicted terrorists and two murderers. Andreyev was an outspoken opponent of capital punishment; and his depiction of the condemned is sensitive yet honest at the [...]

    28. The Hanged Men is an ironic title, as Andreyev never actually describes the real hanging, but it is a magically curious novella about the human condition, faced with death and life at once. Language gets reduced to nothing, there are but agony and coping mechanisms in the face of certain death. At the end, all one sees is the endless beauty of the sea as opposed to the corpses with swollen tongues and bulking eyes. Russian writers in near-revolutionary Russia made death look so easy and life atr [...]

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