Doctor Who Prisoners of Time Volume November A day that changed the world forever That day saw the broadcast debut of Doctor Who which was to become the longest running science fiction series on television And now years la

  • Title: Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time, Volume 1
  • Author: Scott Tipton David Tipton Simon Fraser Lee Sullivan
  • ISBN: 9781613776537
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
  • November 23, 1963 A day that changed the world forever That day saw the broadcast debut of Doctor Who, which was to become the longest running science fiction series on television And now, 50 years later, we pay tribute to one of the greatest pop culture heroes of all time with this special series, Prisoners of Time, which tells an epic adventure featuring all eleven inNovember 23, 1963 A day that changed the world forever That day saw the broadcast debut of Doctor Who, which was to become the longest running science fiction series on television And now, 50 years later, we pay tribute to one of the greatest pop culture heroes of all time with this special series, Prisoners of Time, which tells an epic adventure featuring all eleven incarnations of the intrepid traveller through time and space known simply ase Doctor.

    Doctor Who review The Perfect Prisoners Part Fourth The Fourth Doctor finds out a lot about the Syndicate in the first part of the finale, Doctor Who The Perfect Prisoners But are there greater dangers closer to home The opening of Doctor Doctor Who Prisoners of Time Issue Read Doctor Who Read Doctor Who Prisoners of Time Issue comic online free and high quality Unique reading type All pages just need to scroll to read next page. Doctor Who Archives Prisoners of Time Omnibus Scott Doctor Who Prisoners of Time is a worthy addition to any Whovian s library, and as worthy a celebration of the th anniversary as the telefilm The Day of the Doctor Doctor Who review The Perfect Prisoners Part is an Doctor Who review The Perfect Prisoners Part is an excellent finale to The Syndicate Master Plan Doctor Who Prisoners of Time comic Read Doctor Who November , A day that changed the world forever That day saw the broadcast debut of Doctor Who, which was to become the longest running science fiction series on television. Doctor Who Prisoners of Time CBR Doctor Who Prisoners of Time should be a fun celebration of the show s years, but instead it seems to have no connection to the era it s supposed to be representing. Prisoners of Time Tardis FANDOM powered by Wikia Prisoners of Time was a issue comic book miniseries produced by IDW to celebrate Doctor Who s th anniversary Released monthly throughout , each of the first eleven parts featured a different Doctor, which led up to the final, multi Doctor issue in December. Doctor Who Prisoners of Conciergerie TV Episode Sep , Directed by Henric Hirsch, Timothy Combe With William Hartnell, William Russell, Jacqueline Hill, Carole Ann Ford Ian finally delivers his message to James Stirling but in order to secure Susan s release he and Barbara are forced into a dangerous spying mission. Doctor Who Prisoners of Time Comic Book TV Tropes Comic Book Doctor Who Prisoners of Time The premise is that a mysterious figure is travelling through time kidnapping the companions of every Doctor Features appearances from Doctors not counting the War Doctor The identity of the villain, kept secret for the first eight chapters, is a massive spoiler, so you have been warned Can be read here. Doctor Prisoner Doctor Prisoner Hangul RR Dagteo Peulijeuneo is a South Korean television series starring Namkoong Min, Kwon Nara and Kim Byung chul It premiered on March , and airs on KBS s Wednesdays and Thursdays at .

    • [PDF] Download ☆ Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time, Volume 1 | by ✓ Scott Tipton David Tipton Simon Fraser Lee Sullivan
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    One thought on “Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time, Volume 1”

    1. As an old-school Doctor Who fan who grew up with Tom Baker, I've been thoroughly enjoying the excitement leading up to the 50th anniversary. We got something similar a long time ago in The Five Doctors (celebrating 20 years), but with some recasting and stock footage necessary to bring it about. It was 'neat' but certainly nothing like what we're seeing now.Anyway, that brings us to Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time Volume 1 by Scott and David Tipton. It's tough to review the basic storyline, since [...]

    2. 5 starsEnjoyed seeing the different Doctors and their companions. Who is the person abducting the companions? Hope the Doctor will be able to find whoever is abducting them. Can't wait to read Prisoners of Time: Volume 2!!!!!

    3. I found this a little hard to rate; overall, I enjoyed it, but since it's the first volume of one-shot comics, there's no answers. And I did find each one-shot a tad anticlimactic.But I really enjoyed it! It reminds me a bit of the classic story The Five Doctors, and I'm not extremely familiar with classic doctors so I liked reading this and seeing their different personalities. in the end, this gets a solid 4 stars.

    4. So basically all my friends are whovians, and my boyfriend and best friend are "classic" whovians at that. I, unfortunately, never quite got into that fandom, but damn, have my friends tried! I think I have seen at least 50 hours of Doctor Who, but ah it would have been over 100 if I had been able to stay awake. That said, I love the comic book format. I find that I am able to take so much more whimsy, cleverness, and just plain old adventuring if it's drawn sequentially as opposed to acted out [...]

    5. Travel through time with each of the first three doctors. Now I haven't watched more than the BBC's 50th anniversary remembrances of these doctors, and one episode each, so I'm no kind of expert. But I really thought the stories managed to capture the visual style, the acting style, and the script style for each one. And the companions. Fun stuff.[As an aside, the library had a stack of some new Superman comic books from Free Comic Book Day. Both Tash and I picked one up. As I child I was big in [...]

    6. Whether you're a new fan or the Doctor or an old timer, it is a good time to be a fan. The 50th anniversary means lots of things like this book are being released. For people like my husband, who introduced me to the show, the old school doctors appearing bring back fond memories of watching the show years ago. For people like me, who only know the recent doctors, well hello older doctors, nice to meet you! Thing is, even people like me have often at least seen clips of the older Doctors, so muc [...]

    7. 50 years of Dr. Who. I am ready for this anniversary and all the memorable moments being rehashed. This is the first of a collection of comics, five in all I think. They will each focus on a different Dr. and his companions. For any collector or fan of Dr. Who this is a great kick in the pants start to the series.There is a bad out there that wants to get The Dr. he plans on doing this through the Dr's companions, all of them. He wants the Dr. alone. He can track the Dr. thought time and take ea [...]

    8. As a big Doctor Who fan, I was thrilled to see this title come up on NetGalley, and on the whole it was an enjoyable read. This first volume centres on the first three doctors, providing a short story for each and ending on a cliff-hanger, which will no doubt be picked up in volume two.The look of the book is great, but I had difficulty reading it as the DRM didn't allow me to open the file with Acrobat Reader and I therefore couldn't zoom in to easily read the text, meaning I had to squint to m [...]

    9. An enjoyable read and all of the first 3 doctors portrayed as they were in their heyday. I read a pre-publication of Volume 1 thanks to Net Galley. Each of the three stories had some interest but the great mystery makes the comic much more fascinating. This is a treat for any Doctor Who fan out there. It helps to have some background in the first 3 doctors to grasp some of the story. I know that I look forward to volume 2. This will be published by Diamond Book in June of 2013. Make sure you pic [...]

    10. We found this book in the beach house where we're staying, and of course I couldn't resist. I'm impressed that the writers found such an elegant way of tying the Doctors together, while still allowing them to exist independently.

    11. Thanks to the recent Humble Bundle deal, I was finally able to read the Prisoners of Time series by IDW. When it originally came out, I was tempted to buy each comic. Not sure why I did not. Enough back story, onto the review.Volume 1 of the series cover the 1st to the 3rd Doctors. As a concept the main story arc may seem familiar, but is a nice setup. Some unknown enemy wants to get back at the Doctor. He does so, by planning to capture his companions. From here each Doctor's story covers a dif [...]

    12. This collection of IDW's 50th anniversary Doctor Who comic collects the stories featuring the first four Doctors. Not providing an overall rating because these four interconnected stories are very different and it is hard to decide on something between them. Each story, from one issue of the monthly comic, has a different artists, but the writing team is the same throughout.Issue 1 of this is definitely the worst story in the volume. The art is occasionally charming but usually too stylized to t [...]

    13. Original Link to the review at my blog Le' Grande Codex - hereThe longest running television show approaching its 50th anniversary and to make the journey more interesting we are being treated to some pretty cool stuffs on the way. Presenting Doctor Who Vol 1: Prisoner of Time by David Tipton, Simon Fraser (Artist), Scott Tipton, Lee Sullivan (Artist).Here is the summary of the book:November 23, 1963: A day that changed the world forever. That day saw the broadcast debut of Doctor Who, which was [...]

    14. Graphic novels and comic books of movie or television properties are challenging to do well. The first problem they face is a comparison of the visuals to the established look of the characters. Then they have to find a story that justifies its telling without getting in the way of the core story lines of the show/movie. It's difficult to do well and there are a lot of examples of it being done very, very badly.Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time Volume 1 is the first part of what is intended to be a [...]

    15. This book collects the first four Issues of the 50th Anniversary Prisoners of Time story in which the Doctor's companions disappear, kidnapped by a mysterious foe, at the end of each adventure:1) Unnatural Selection: The First Doctor travels back in time and meets Thomas Huxley and goes underground to fight the creatures from the Web Planet along with the Ian, Barbara, and Vickie. The story isn't all that engaging. Not bad either: C-2) Bazaar Adventures: The Second Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe land th [...]

    16. This is an excellent comic about Doctor Who in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary this year, which the current season on TV is somehow failing to get into. Hopefully this will change in the second half of the season, as we approach closer to the month and date of the anniversary. The comic I had a chance to read is divided into three chapters of 22 pages each, one chapter for each of the very first three doctors, portrayed on TV by William Hartnell (died 1975), Patrick Troughton (died 1987) [...]

    17. Is everyone ready for the 50th anniversary? I am! And I love all the cool stuff coming out to celebrate Doctor Who's birthday. This collection of comics is one such thing, and while I love anything Doctor Who related, I wish this could have been better.Prisoners of Time, Vol. 1 is a collection of 5 comic book stories featuring the first five incarnations of the Doctor getting into a scrap, getting out of it, and then having his companions disappear. Because I received this as an ARC, I've only r [...]

    18. **Originally posted on frommybookshelf** 2013 marked the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, a television show that has quickly captured my imagination in recent years. There was a plethora of anniversary celebrations, including the actual 50th Anniversary episode, several Big Finish audio productions, a collection of novel reprints (1 for each Doctor), a collection of new eBook shorts written by some of the biggest names in YA (again, 1 for each Doctor), and also a comic series from IDW Publishing, [...]

    19. Bright colour pages with line details. A mysterious, hooded, figure fingers portraits on a wall,"He is the Doctor"(fingering another portrait) "He is the Doctor""He is the Doctor"There is enough of a resemblance that old fans of the television series can recognise the thumbnail-sized portraits.The narrative goes on to describe the Doctor (Doctor Who) an extraordinary individual who has many different appearances.The TARDIS is described, and depicted, but not clearly labelled.The narrative jumps [...]

    20. *Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book on Netgalley from the publisher in return for an honest review*ReviewI do not watch Dr. Who. I had heard about the serie in the past and obviously when it returned I heard a lot of people being so happy. I am not a real Science Fiction person or time travel or scary aliens. Still all the hype surrounding Dr Who made me curious and when I found this comic on Netgally I decided to give it a try and see what it was all about, especially after someone [...]

    21. I would love to say that I enjoyed this one, but while the story was captivating my review copy only had the first three chapters. Ordinarily, this wouldn't bug me if each story was a standalone story. Unfortunately, this was more like starting to read a good book and just when it starts getting good? It's over. The artwork straddles the line between standard comic book art and the realistic style that seems so popular now. You can easily recognize each of the doctors and their companions, but i [...]

    22. Doctor Who is celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year, and this is one of many projects that are celebrating that. It's a television show that has cleverly survived by building in a feature for it's main character to turn into different actors over the years and yet remain the same character. Like a few of the other nostalgic tributes, it's a trip back in time (pun somewhat intended) to visit previous doctors, companions, etc. This means it isn't a very good starting place as a new fan to th [...]

    23. With the impending 50th anniversary of Doctor Who we are being treated to a variety of special treats celebrating the long history of the Doctor in his various regenerations. This limited series is part of that celebratory overview.Its premise is intriguing, if rather bold. Each incarnation of the Doctor will have an adventure. Each adventure will be connected, forming an overall story arc.This first volume contains the first three issues of the series, featuring each of the first three doctors. [...]

    24. The story starts out well. The mysterious bad guy is looking at photos of different Doctors and companions – “The Doctor is never alone. I’m gonna have to change that.” It’s the best part of the story. Everything goes downhill from there.There are three chapters, each one featuring a different Doctor. What happens is: there’s a mystery, the Doctor solves it, the companions disappear. The stories don’t have anything to do with each other, which would be okay if they were interesting [...]

    25. Electronic ARC provided by NetGalley.This appears to be the first three issues of a much longer story that is going to eventually involved all of the Doctor's incarnations and a variety of companions. This first volume included short stories for each of the first three doctors. It is hard to judge these issues without knowing how the rest of the story will play out. In fact, these issues are really more of a teaser for a larger story then anything else. Having said that, each of these stories wa [...]

    26. There's a lot to like in this collection. Generally, it's a nice homage to 50 years of the Doctor. The tones of the adventures are fun references to the periods, so we get an educational 1st Doctor adventure, a whacked-out 2nd Doctor adventure, a base-under-siege 3rd Doctor adventure, and a space morality 4th Doctor adventure. The artwork is likewise appropriate for the periods, with the 3rd Doctor's being great with its use of zippotone and psychedelic patterns.On the downside, none of the stor [...]

    27. OK, I have to start by saying I am a huge Dr. Who fan. As in my 2 year old daughter plays with a sonic screwdriver flashlight and knows the names of all the recent companions. So I accept that I am a little biased but I loved this book.The art was very pretty and defiantly added to the story. I kept wishing I had it on a larger screen because I was reading it on my smart phone and I had to keep zooming in to see all of the details. Then. The story itself was very intriguing. It basically begins [...]

    28. Wishing I could give this a two and a half star rating. An underwhelming start to the Prisoners Of Time miniseries. All of the stories seemed rushed and tried to cram too much into too short a space. The weakest part by far was the opening first Doctor story which, as well as being an unnecessary sequel to a TV story, featured poor characterizations and some low quality artwork. The second and third Doctors were an improvement (though they too suffered the aforementioned fault of cramming too mu [...]

    29. Every series must begin in such way that the reader is hooked by the story and thus willing to read the next book. The first volume of the series "Doctor Who- Prisoners of Time" is therefore a good beginning, for the unexplainable disappereances of Doctor's companions catch the reader's attention and make him wonder how this mystery will be solved.But even though the main mystery is really intriquing, the adventures in which we witness The Doctor and his companions get inolved are a bit dissapoi [...]

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