Taken in Hand Chad is a detective in a college town plagued by a serial killer who is targeting gay couples in BDSM relationships His chief asks the handsome young officer to pose as the submissive partner in one s

  • Title: Taken in Hand
  • Author: Shannon West L.L. Brooks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Chad is a detective in a college town plagued by a serial killer who is targeting gay couples in BDSM relationships His chief asks the handsome young officer to pose as the submissive partner in one such relationship to attract the killer The Dom, a gorgeous college professor agrees to the charade, but warns Chad he will have to strictly obey him when they play in the clChad is a detective in a college town plagued by a serial killer who is targeting gay couples in BDSM relationships His chief asks the handsome young officer to pose as the submissive partner in one such relationship to attract the killer The Dom, a gorgeous college professor agrees to the charade, but warns Chad he will have to strictly obey him when they play in the clubs, or when they interact with his friends at his home His friends know him to be a strong, experienced Dom and won t be fooled easily In order to pull it off, Chad will have to be trained properly, and this will challenge all he knows about himself As his barriers break down and he finds out what it means to be submissive, he learns to love his place at his Dom s feet, not realizing he s attracting the notice of a savage killer.

    Taken in Hand conversations Circle of Moms Taken in Hand This forum is for moms who are willingly and lovingly in male led relationships We denounce misandric feminism and choose to honor what we feel is a natural order, i.e our men wear the pants in the family We build our men up and let them be men because it makes us happier, healthier and satisfied as women and mothers. taken in hand Lovedandspankedwife s Blog Posted in discipline, Home, Relationship, tagged CDD, Christian domestic discipline, DD, loving domestic discipline, spanking, taken in hand, TIH on June , Comments I love being married I know that should be given that if you are married then you love but that snot always the case. Best Taken in Hand images House rules, Organizers A Domestic Discipline Society ADDS Domestic Discipline Confession Confessing a misdeed is one area many TiHs find very difficult Especially for a newer Taken in Hand style submissive A true DD relationship includes the TiH being completely honest in the agreed upon Power Exchange even when the HOH is not around. Taken in hand Wikibin Taken in hand Taken in Hand sometimes abbreviated as TiH is a neologism that refers to a style of monogamous, heterosexual relationship which is male led The female submits to her male partner s decisions in matters of everyday life. Unconventional Woman Taken In Hand And The Alpha Male Taken In Hand And The Alpha Male It s the same with tih, if the dominant partner acts selfishly or consistently ignores the needs of the submissive partner that is the end of that relationship The other safe guard is held by the submissive partner A willingly submissive partner does not submit to anyone. New Beginnings Fantasy Friday Liz Taken in Hand Mar , Fantasy Friday Liz Taken in Hand The project meeting was scheduled to wrap up around pm and he should be home around pm He wanted Liz to go home when she got off work and write a paragraph about her behavior these last few days She should focus on disrespect and her attitude in the paragraph. Taken In Hand A Guide to Domestic Discipline, Power Dec , Taken In Hand A Guide to Domestic Discipline, Power Exchange Relationships and Related BDSM Topics Jolynn Raymond, Rachel Scott on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Taken in Hand has been nominated for best non fiction BDSM book of the year. Taken in Hand Boot Camp Wattpad Taken in Hand by daddydomdk Taken in Hand Table of contents Taken Surrender A Day in the Life Worshipping Him Boot Camp Aspects of being property New Reading List Vote YOU ARE READING Taken in Hand Romance About a girl becoming happy and fulfilled as she is taken in hand Taken in Hand Talk About Marriage Aug , Re Taken in Hand In the mild sense, that is the kind of relationship that my H and I have In that, we follow of a biblical or traditional head of household concept The H is the moral and spiritual leader, and he leads by example by being a man of character and integrity and one who you can therefore respect. cddtakeninhandstories Join CDD Taken in Hand CDD Stories Friends Cafe Mom CDD LDD Groups Guide Me Gently Spanking Bloger Network A Domestic Discipline Society ADDS cddtakeninhandstories All accounts must be activated by the site owner An email will be

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    One thought on “Taken in Hand”

    1. TL;DR = an incredibly ordinary book.Buckle up, friends: this is a long one (blame the quotes).Confession: I cheated on my Abstinance April. Three times in one night. I'm a book slut. But boy, was I punished for my misdeeds.This book is not good."mewling" count = 1"baby" count = 57Now, let's play a party game. I'll give you some scenarios and you name the m/m book they are from;1) Oh noes! A twisted serial killer is targeting BDSM practitioners! For our cop MC, closeted and in denial, his need to [...]

    2. So this was an impulse buy for me something about the cover just hits all my buttons just yummy thankfully it was a reasonably good book too there was the murder mystery plot devise that kept me guessing till the end the whole 'undercover cop being forces to be gay & uncover his hidden desires' plot line was a smidge cliché but enjoyable despite that I did find the D/s element a bit iffy but was happy to relax into the story despite my misgivings there was some hot smex & kinky [...]

    3. 4 starsOverall I really liked this. It was fast paced and I got sucked in quickly. I wish it could have been longer so things could have been more developed. It also needs an editor since there were several spelling mistakes.

    4. This story follows straightundercover cop Chad and college professor Dom Adam as the two work together in order to catch a psychopath who kills BDSM couples. There is nothing I love more than gay for you and was not disappointed with this. The sex was incredibly hot! But the characters were also well developed and very believable. Their relationship didn't progress too quickly and had the right amount of angst and miscommunication to make a good story. The one negative was the editing! The name [...]

    5. DNF because I was bored to death and beginning to get rather exasperated with the misrepresented BDSM.

    6. Re-read 1/1/18. Yep, still love it. still stand by my original review. Lovveeed that Adam called Chad 'sweet baby' and 'baby boy' even though, technically, this isn't Daddy kink. On to Book 2!----------------------So the murder mystery is kind of ummmkk, and the BDSM is at times kind of iffy, but I really loved Chad and Adam, especially Chad! LOL I could so relate to him. Not a flawless book by any means but the overall result was one that made me smile, awww and laugh out loud. And I LOVED how [...]

    7. The story was good, I enjoyed it.It was a little predictableI guessed the bad guy, and the reason, right off. (I grew up on soaps it wasn't a big surprise.) The BDSM was a little iffy. I didn't like the why of it. BDSM isn't a cure all.Wow, okay all of that sounds negative, but really it was an enjoyable book. I don't understand why, with all of the above, that the story still worked for mebut it did. I guess they were easy things to dismiss, without letting it take away from the rest of the sto [...]

    8. This one had several things I'm not fond of but overall I still enjoyed it. Primarily because of Clay. There was something about him that I really enjoyed - perhaps it was the always fighting with himself stuff. The mystery was o.k. though I guessed by about mid way through what was happening. I like some of West's other books - though they are kind of a strange guilty pleasure - esp. since I'm not fond of bratty subs. This wasn't original but it hit the spot as I'm in the middle of reading some [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book. Yes, the premise is not completely believable and the murderer, when he or she is finally revealed, is not a huge surprise. But come on folks; it's a romance, not a serious murder mystery, so deal with it. The author does a great job of pacing, taking the time to develop the characters and plot and building tension. The characters' emotions and motivations are believable and realistic; and even the minor characters were developed to some extent. The sex (both kinky an [...]

    10. This had many problem areas for me, not the least of which were the extremely common theme, easy to figure out mystery, and overuse of terms of endearment (baby boy, being my least fave). Chad goes undercover posing as Adam's sub to catch the killer. I realize he didn't have much time to prepare, but Adam gave him books, and you'd think he would have put a little effort into his research besides glancing at 50 Shades of Gray (which totally cracked me up). Yes, this is the typical seemingly strai [...]

    11. 3.5 starsI had to let this one set for a while before I rated it There were some good aspects, but there were some other aspects that distracted me. First of all I figured out the mystery from very very early on. There were numerous editing and proofreading errors, including using the wrong character name on a number of occasions. Also the premise wore a little thin in places. All that said, I didn't want to put this book down and (view spoiler)[ I want to see how Chad and Adam's relationship gr [...]

    12. Okay. Set aside common sense, realism and/or believability and you will probably enjoy this book as much as I did.The murder mystery aspect was superfluous. You really just read this book for the "inexperienced at BDSM" cop discovering his submissive side under the tutelage of the experienced Dom/college professor.It was absolutely yummy.

    13. Very hot and kinky story, although the killer part of the plot was rather thin this was a romance - an exploration of the developing relationship between Chad and the Dom. Other than a few editorial errors, I really thoroughly enjoyed this story.

    14. Aw man, I wish I could rate this book any higher than two stars. I went in really wanting to like it, because the general plot is incredibly entertaining, the murder mystery pretty deftly handled, and boy oh boy the sex scenes in the book are simply phenomenalwhatever else may be wrong with the book, never let it be said that it wasn't hot.But the fact of the matter is that "Taken in Hand" is simply riddled to the brim with things that irritated me.1) To begin with, Chad is just sounlikeable. I [...]

    15. This was different from what I'd expected. I've been reading some pretty emotionally-taxing stuff lately, so I stocked up on what I thought were fluff books so I could basically that the weekend off. This wasn't quite what I was looking for, but I did find myself enjoying it by the end.The characters aren't as well fleshed-out as I was hoping for--especially in a BDSM-themed book. Adam says at one point that relationships in that world get serious much more quickly because of the intimacy involv [...]

    16. A very good read. The kink was basically accurately portrayed and read as authentic. Thank you to the author for doing some research and taking the time and care to do it right. No, this isn't supposed to be a manual for doing BDSM but nothing makes me stop reading faster than inaccurate or unrealistic BDSM, especially if the story casts a negative light on it. This one certain did not and I found it enjoyable. The sex was steaming hot. I enjoyed both characters and would love to read more about [...]

    17. There is no way that Chad is going to go along with this scheme. None. It’s not plausible, it’s not feasible, yet the thought of it excites him when he knows it shouldn’t.Several murders have taken place. Doms and subs are being killed and the police want Chad to look into it. The thing is, he has to agree to pose as a sub for Adam, an experienced Dominant. Chad initially refuses, but is talked into it. Thus begins this story of discovery, murder, mayhem, and kink.Adam agrees to help the p [...]

    18. This was a quick read, that even though it did have elements of other books that I had read, was still an enjoyable enough read for me.The attraction was instant, but it took a little time for the MC's to do anything about it. The mystery was easy to work out, but then I just sat back and enjoyed the story of how these two men found there way to a long term relationship.I liked both Chad, the police officer, and Adam, the professor. I liked watching Chad come to terms with his sexuality and his [...]

    19. This was a surprising little gem. I wasn't sure what to think, but it definitely exceeded expectations. There were a few little bits that kept it from a 5 star read. I'm not sure about the "knowing by looking that Chad was submissive" And there was a definite touch of insta-love going on. But that wasn't so jarring, because it was made very clear that there were still issues to be worked out and through. Overall though Chad and Adam make a very hot couple. Their relationship is interesting to sa [...]

    20. I will happily give this a five if there is a follow up book because the characters need a little more depth. The stroy was good and although I had sort of worked out who the murderer was I wasn't sure until his identity was revealed. The two character, Adam and Chad are very appealing and Adam is a sensible Dom. I think things between them went a whole lot faster due to the fact that Chad had to quickly learn to be a sub to catch the murderer. It was very realistic that he found it difficult bu [...]

    21. 1.2 starsMe and this bookNO. Me desespere mucho. To much fckin talking and not enough action. I will admit I did like the discovery of the villain but no I didn't like.

    22. I would say 3 1/2 stars. It was entertaining and somewhat educational. Hah! A few eye rolls. Nothing too deep considering the content. The cover snatched me up.

    23. 3.5 to a 4. I really liked this. I kinda of knew who did it but there was enough doubt, right up to the reveal, to make me question myself. So on that count I give it a thumbs up. Chads confusing reaction to the relationship was believable so his emotions were easy to accept. Adam on the other hand was entirely too blasé about the situation. He purposely baited Chad and I thought that was beneath the dignified Dom he was supposed to be portraying. He was deliberately mean at some points. Also t [...]

    24. 1.5 stars, for both books in the seriesNot good. The plot was boring, the relationship was one of those instaloves with absolutely nothing to support it except each one thinking the other is totally hot, the dialogue was clunky and irritating, and a lot of the BDSM was misrepresented. (view spoiler)[When Chad is force fed a roofie and almost raped by TWO Doms at the club? Nah man, that doesn't happen unless the club is particularly shady, and no member of the police force would let that go just [...]

    25. I loved the cover art for this book, its honestly what drew me to it. It was also recommended by a friend. I really liked the story. The characters are good, I think it could have been edited a little more but other than that it was pretty good. I liked how it wasn't love at first sight, and that both of them had things to come to terms with. It seemed like Chad would be the one with so many things to deal with. Being a deeply closeted man, whos now supposed to live with Dom and participate in t [...]

    26. Ignoring for a second that one more than a few occasions names where wrong and there was some obvious editing issues. The story itself was really not up my alley. Insta-love not my thing and only 1 other character was introduced as the possible murdered making for a boring murder mystery. Also the MO changed from knowing the victim and no forced entry to break and entering later in the story. Anyway, the scenes were fine. I preferred when the friends were around to make the couple seem more inte [...]

    27. I don't know what to say.I debated between 1 and 2 stars. I gave it two because it's not the very worst book I've ever read. It's bad though and so very much was wrong with it. Chad was just a ridiculous character. 26 year old detective? Acts like a 12 year old on a temper tantrum? Takes an undercover role and does everything he can to sabotage it and alienate the cooperative citizen? No, no and no. A respected Dom allowing someone to pose as his personal sub? Highly doubtful. Forcing someone in [...]

    28. I was a bit ambivalent about reading this book, I enjoyed it well enough but to me it felt like a very close copy of the book Power Exchange by A.J. Rose. Way too many similarities to ignore! I liked these characters only ok, and Chad really has a bit of an attitude problem, very disrespectful and not exactly willing to do his part even though he claims he is. There was a bit of a rush in the relationship towards the end, and I sort of suspected the killer, but for some reason it still took me b [...]

    29. wait is this power exchange by AJ roseat's what kept going through my mind every few chapters or so that's not to say that this book didn't stand on its own feet. let's see closeted gay police detective who "doesn't know" he's gay asks renowned Dom to help solve murders in the bdsm community and in turn discovers he aint so vanilla after allwait is this power exchange by AJ Rose.damn it.!anyway always loved this storyo loved reading it again even though with different mc names.felt new somehow.

    30. Started skimming after reading a scene that was almost identical to the book Power Exchange. Also similar to Power Exchange: the killer was right under their noses and a suspect from day-1. This was way too insta-love - the characters had sex twice before the first "I love you" was thrown out there, and I think they were together for less than 2-weeks before talking about moving in together. Couldn't be bothered reading the Epilogue. Can't decide if these books are getting too predictable, or I [...]

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