Spank Me Mr Darcy Fans of classics and historical romances will appreciate this Jane Austen meets kink mashup using Pride and Prejudice as the jumping off point Do you like bodice ripping Oh there s bodice ripping a

  • Title: Spank Me, Mr. Darcy
  • Author: Lissa Trevor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fans of classics and historical romances will appreciate this Jane Austen meets kink mashup, using Pride and Prejudice as the jumping off point Do you like bodice ripping Oh, there s bodice ripping, all right, and then some LifeStyle Mirror

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    One thought on “Spank Me, Mr. Darcy”

    1. I think the picture of a Victorian era corset for a Regency era story probably should have sent up red flags. But I was hoping for a light and fun read based on the description of the book. Of course, I was also looking for clever ways to see an author reinterpret the classic.What we have here is much of the original Austen Pride and Prejudice intact - just changing some things so that the normal situations all involve sex or BDSM. The opening scene starts out with Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Bennett d [...]

    2. Spank Me, Mr. Darcy delivers 50 shades of erotica in the manner of a Victorian spoof. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, married 20 years with four daughters to marry off, enjoy outrageous bedroom romps while discussing the minutia of the day, all the while referring to each other by their formal surnames. Although I’m not an erotica fan, the tongue-in-cheek manner in which Lissa Trevor entertains is priceless. A fun, but titillating read.

    3. The title of this book could be Pride, Prejudice and Porn, but despite my curiosity, I found the plot really boring.It's a retelling of Pride & Prejudice, in an alternative universe, where sex is as normal as eating (it's normal in our 'universe' too. I mean, it's normal to talk about sex openly). So, it's the same story, with small changes, the great difference is that the characters are very open to explore sex (still, a single women should explore sex, but not lose her virginity) and afte [...]

    4. Title: * Spank Me, Mr. DarcyAuthor: Lissa Trevor and Jane AustenSeries: n/aGenre: Historical EroticaPublisher: Riverdale Avenue BooksFormat: ebookDate/Year: January 1, 2013Reviewed by: ElaineReads*This book was provided to me by the publisher for review.Summary from the publisher:Netherfield, infamous for its debauched parties of excess and luxury, has a new Master. After finagling an invitation to the ball, Elizabeth Bennet is introduced to the powerful and prideful Mr. Darcy, while her sister [...]

    5. Alright, I cant do this anymore. This is at least the fourth attempt to mash-up Austen's masterpiece with bodice rippers that Ive read and I think its starting to affect my enjoyment of the original work. Whats interesting is that all four have failed in different ways. The first two seemed lost as to how to sexualize a book centered around the manners and strictures of polite society. As a result other than "heated" glances and elevated heart rates there wasnt any alteration, cept to the charac [...]

    6. A copy of this book was provided to me by the author for an honest review at SeductiveMusings.There will be spoilers here. You have been warned.When this book was first described to me, I was all for reading it immediately. (Mr. Darcy with a paddle? Yes, please!) If only the actual story had even partially lived up to my expectations. In hindsight, I realize I should have been more wary of the results, especially after having read Jane Eyre, Laid Bare last year. I’m not offended by the idea of [...]

    7. Prudish, innocents and/or Austen purists beware; avoid this book. You will hate it. Go away now.Everyone else, read onThis book is set in Regency, but with the alternate reality that sexual promiscuity is the norm. Not only do ladies attend finishing school, they are also schooled in the arts of pleasure, particularly domination and submission. Servants really do have Masters and Mistresses. Brace yourselves for m/f, bondage, punishment, voyeurism, m/m, f/f, f/f/m, f/m/m, anal, riding, felatio, [...]

    8. I really wanted to read one of these mash up type stories. Pride and Prejudice is the story most modified in my searches. I think the author did an admirable job splicing erotica into the story with a nod to the original style of Jane Austen. I guess it comes down to preferences. I prefer the erotica aspects to play a part in the story rather than slipped in as background. The book starts off with a BDSM scene during a conversation revolving around marriage of the girls. It may happen, but its n [...]

    9. Spank Me, Mr. Darcy was a very interesting and entertaining read. One might call it a farce on Pride and Prejudice but its actually a mashup, its Jane Austen's original words with the additional words or set up done by the author Lissa Trevor. Its basically Pride and Prejudice and kinky sex or BDSM all rolled into one. Yes Mr. Darcy can wield a paddle and Elizabeth is his more than willing accomplice. Steam factor definitely way up there however fans of Pride and Prejudice should be warned that [...]

    10. Run. RUN AWAY SCREAMING! I didn't think it was possible to beat the two worst erotica books I've ever read (50 Shades and some E. Jerome Dickey crap) but this? This did it in spades. I wasn't even done the first page before I was taking a screencap and emailing it to my friends to be amused/horrified by. If I was Jane Austen, I'd become a zombie just to eat the brains of this Lissa Trevor in revengeA: Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for electronic access to this title for a fair and hon [...]

    11. Well. You don't see that every day. OK, if you're a die hard Jane Austen fan, you're going to hate this. As in RAGE. However, if you've always had a hinkering for Mr. Darcy and like reading sex scenes that will make your jaw drop. This book is for you. It's a little hard to get into at first because the author is basically mashing up Austen's own words with well . . . pornography. So if you don't like the style of Austen's writing, you probably won't like this book. I loved it and I gave it five [...]

    12. I got just over 100 pages in and couldn't continue reading this story anymore. Pride & Prejudice is a classic, especially for book buffs like myself, and while the dialogue was great and the scenes intense, the settings and characters ruined the experience for me. Also, there were some grammatical errors that slow the reader down trying to figure out what the author is saying. This story wasn't for me.

    13. I'm sure Jane Austen is turning in her grave. That said, the book is a pitiful BDSM version of Pride and Prejudice to carefully avoid.Sono sicura che Jane Austen si stia rivoltando nella tomba. Detto questo, il libro é una pietosa versione BDSM di Orgoglio e Pregiudizio da evitare accuramenteANKS TO NETGALLEY AND RIVERDALE AVENUE BOOKS FOR THE PREVIEW!

    14. I had a really hard time getting into this book because of the Jane Austen style of writing. When the author drops this style this is a good book. The sex scenes are fun. If the author has other books not written in this style I will defiantly read them. This would have easily been a 4 star book but for the writing style.

    15. The debauchery of the upper classes of Victorian England come to life in this sexy book, a must read for anyone interested in what goes on behind closed mansion doors.

    16. Too fun! Seriously needs serious amounts of COPY EDITING, though! As always with these mashups, the Master (Jane Austen) is still the funniest and best written part of the collaboration!

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