Last Licks Sniffing out a murderer When Sunny Coolidge s curmudgeonly boss Oliver Barnstable lands in rehab after breaking his leg Sunny is stuck shuttling between their offices in Kittery Harbor Maine and

  • Title: Last Licks
  • Author: Claire Donally
  • ISBN: 9780425252550
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sniffing out a murderer When Sunny Coolidge s curmudgeonly boss, Oliver Barnstable, lands in rehab after breaking his leg, Sunny is stuck shuttling between their offices in Kittery Harbor, Maine, and the facility where Ollie is recuperating And if putting up with temper tantrums from her boss wasn t enough, his rehab roommate, Gardner Scatterwell, is a shameless flirt.ButSniffing out a murderer When Sunny Coolidge s curmudgeonly boss, Oliver Barnstable, lands in rehab after breaking his leg, Sunny is stuck shuttling between their offices in Kittery Harbor, Maine, and the facility where Ollie is recuperating And if putting up with temper tantrums from her boss wasn t enough, his rehab roommate, Gardner Scatterwell, is a shameless flirt.But when Scatterwell dies unexpectedly in the night, Ollie is convinced it wasn t from natural causes He gives Sunny a new assignment find out who killed the old tomcat.And speaking of cats, Shadow, Sunny s feline partner in crime, takes a peculiar interest in the rehab s resident angel of death a calico cat called Portia, with an uncanny talent for cozying up to patients right before they pass away Together, Sunny and Shadow will have to nose out clues to discover if Portia s jinx had anything to do with Gardner s passing or if all his catting around finally got him fixed.

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    One thought on “Last Licks”

    1. Book #3 in Sunny & Shadow series. Good book. Best parts are the interactions with Shadow especially his being introduced to a paper shredder. Will continue on with series. 3.5 stars

    2. I'm not completely sure why, but for some reason I just didn't enjoy this instalment as much as the previous ones. I may let this series drop, as there are others I'm getting on with better.

    3. I love this cat! Shadow to the rescue. Shadow does not know who done it, he just shows up at the right moment. Shadow thinks like a cat and acts like a cat. He's no detective. I always find it stupid when the cat magically knows things that the people can't figure out; this series doesn't insult my intelligence that way.The people figure out who done it, but only as (or after) Shadow stumbles upon the evil one while he is busy being a cat.I like the heroes of this series (Sunny and Shadow myster [...]

    4. openbooksociety/article/laBrought to you by OBS Reviewer JeanieSunny is the epitome of a good daughter and employee. She lives with her father, Mike, having had moved home to help with his needs while he recovered from a heart attack. Her return home also required a new job, as she was laid off from her NYC job while at her father’s. Her charming little Maine hometown was long on friendliness but sadly short on gainful employment. Her grumpy boss, Oliver Barnstable, becomes a patient at Bridge [...]

    5. The interpersonal dynamics were fine in the first book. They stagnated in the second. Now they are just irritating. Lots of passive aggressive behavior. I think I'll hang it up here.

    6. Oliver Barnstable is the owner of Maine Adventure X-perience and Sunny’s boss. In a freak accident he has broken his leg. After surgery to repair the bad break he has ended up in a rehab facility. This makes Sunny’s life miserable, she not only has to run the office but make trips back and forth to the rehab center and cater to her bosses business needs as well. His roommate is no joy either, he is a hopeless flirt and a real pain.Then in the middle of the night Sunny gets a call from her bo [...]

    7. Did I mention that I adore cats and love mysteries with kitties in them? This series has one very special kitty in Shadow. Ms Donally does not give him any magical or special powers, He is just a normal cat who adopted Sunny and wants to be sure that he doesn't end up on the street again as has happened before.When we read his feline POV, it is classic. I can see and hear him so clearly and it rings of authenticity. I am fond of his human compatriots especially Sunny who has a snarky inner voice [...]

    8. Ho già detto che adoro Shadow? E' lui che da quel qualcosa in più ad ogni libro di questa serie.Per quanto riguarda la parte gialla, stavolta c'erano così tanti colpevoli possibili che non sono riuscita a beccare quello giusto. Anche se, alla fin fine, la soluzione per un mistero ambientato in uan casa di cura era quasi ovvio

    9. I enjoy reading about the adventures on Sunny and Shadow. Shadow is smarter than some cats. I look forward to reading more about them.

    10. Here's the kind of person you'd have to be to enjoy this book. You enjoy cats (real cats, not supernatural ones that talk) and appreciate an author that can capture a cat's POV realistically. You have to be relaxed about actually solving the mystery and amused by the progression of two romantic subplots, one human, one feline. You will need to be able to put up with a solution that involves catching someone in the act and getting that person to confess (which almost never happens in real life). [...]

    11. Sunny's boss Oliver has broken his leg and is in rehab. His rehab roommate dies suddenly, and Ollie suspects he has been murdered. He engages the help of Sunny and her policeman boyfriend Will to find out who killed Gardner. Of course, Sunny's pet cat Shadow assists and also is attracted to Portia, a calico cat who resides at the rehab facility and has a knack for getting friendly with patients right before they pass away. The investigation is interesting as they uncover many suspects and clues. [...]

    12. Third book in series does not disappoint!!!!!Great continuation on this series,and another twist in "who done it" like I just THOUGHT I had it figured out!!!!!I love Shadow's antics and telling things from a cat's point of viewI love this small town!!!!!

    13. 2.5 Stars. Didn't hate it but didn't really enjoy it either. Could definitely do without Sunny's inner voice. Or at least quit trying to attribute it to her former profession. Feels forced, as does any type of romantic relationship between her and Will.

    14. That Claire Donally is quite the secret keeper. After three books I am still no closer to knowing who this author is intriguing. Just like the latest book in the Sunny & Shadow Mystery series, Last Licks. Readers will be absorbed in the story of Portia, that cat who knows when patients are not long for this world. Donally has a way with writing feline behavior that gives this series a touch of authenticity that is sometimes missing in this kind of writing. Fans of the series will enjoy Sunny [...]

    15. Last Licks is the third book in the A Sunny & Shadow Mystery series.Another fun addition to this interesting series.Sunny's boss, Oliver "Ollie" Barnstable has broken his leg is at Bridgewater Hall for rehab and Sunny has been summoned to bring some important papers for him to review and her father, Mike, goes with her. While their Sunny meets Gardner Scatterwell who is in the same room with Ollie. It turns out the Mike and Gardner had been friends in high school and are enjoying rehashing t [...]

    16. The third in the Sunny and Shadow mystery series - a cozy who-done-it. Sunny Collidge's cantankerous boss, Ollie Barnstable, stopped to help an injured deer and got hit by a car. Ending up with a shattered leg, Ollie is put in a rehab center/nursing home to recuperate. His roommate, Gardner Scatterwell, turns out to be a rich womanizer and is found unexpectedly dead in his bed one night. After hearing some suspicious talking behind Scatterwell's curtain that night, Ollie asks Sunny and her const [...]

    17. The 3rd "Sunny & Shadow Mystery", Claire Donally's "Last Licks" is an unusual type of mystery even for this particular series. In it, Sunny's boss Oliver Barnstable ends up in a rehab facility after breaking his leg. It's there that his roommate Gardner Scatterwell ends up dying of an apparent stroke that raises suspicion by Ollie causing Sunny & Will to do an investigation of their own into what exactly is happening in the nursing home. Shadow plays a very small role in this novel altho [...]

    18. Sonny's Boss Oliver Barnstable breaks his leg and winds up in a rehab hospital. Ollie's roommate, Gardner, dies mysteriously one night and Ollie is convinced he was murdered. He reaches out to Sonny and her love interest Mike to see if they can find out what happened to Gardner. Shadow, Sonny's cat, smells a delightful scent on Sonny everytime she comes back from the rehab center and sets out to find out who the scent belongs to. He soon finds out that the scent belongs to a "She" cat named Port [...]

    19. Sunny & Shadow Mystery) (Kindle Edition)Book 3 in this series was a good solid mystery full of suspects and plot twists. I appreciate that character development is moving at a faster rate than many novels of this genre. I enjoy the interaction. I liked this book more than book 2. It's plot was more complex but not far fetched. I like the way Ms Donally gives Shadow a voice. He is simply a cat learning to live with his new owner, Sunny but invariably helps catch the killer. This is a fun seri [...]

    20. Last Licks by Claire Donally is the third book in the Sunny and Shadow Mystery series. This particular outing in the series had a really interesting Shadow part of the story, in fact I would say it overshadowed the rest of the book. In this book, Sunny’s boss Oliver is injured and ends up in a rehab facility where a murder or at least suspected murder occurs. Sunny investigates with the help of Will and seems to more or less stumble upon the culprit after uncovering other mysteries. I did enjo [...]

    21. Sunny receives a call that Ollie Barnstable is in the hospital with a broken leg. Ollie goes to an exclusive rehab danger to recover. His roommate dies and it appears to be a natural death. Ollie insists that it was MURDER. Sunny and Willl Price 6 days to prove it is murder. Shadow spends days trying to get out of the house and back inside until he smells an exciting scent on Sunny and is determined to find cat. This is a great cozy romance mystery. I,will be looking for more of Shadow's adventu [...]

    22. The more I read this series, the more I love it. It just keeps getting better and better as the characters become more defined. In this entry, I like Sunny's father a lot better than I did in the first book, and I really enjoyed kitty Shadow having a love interest (who he knows only by scent). A fun read!

    23. In this book the story starts slow unlike the past books. Around page 55 things start moving and the rest of the book is a good read. Once again there are twists that I didn't see coming and as always I enjoyed reading from Shadow the cat's point of view. Mystery in a small town combined with funny cats always makes my day.

    24. Very entertaining and surprising mystery. I thought I had it figured out but then another possibility showed up. I like the way the characters act like adults and not bumbling idiots as in some cozy mysteries. And of course the cat is really fun to read about. I like the way he thinks. And in this mystery we get to know what he is thinking.

    25. Another fun read in this series -- but I really do wish authors would do just a little research in terms of factually accuracy. SPOILER ALERTThere is no way a good cop is going to hand over evidence to a suspect would tend to get lost, you know?

    26. Very good cozy. I had figured out who done it, but the plot made me second guess myself and I ended up wrong. I was let down by how Shadow was written this time. I still recommend for cozy and cat lovers.

    27. The 3rd in a series of light, cozy mysteries set in a small town in Maine where the main character has a bookshop. She also has a cat, Shadow, who periodically takes over the narrative voice. He is quite cat-like.Fun to read

    28. Fun story. The cat doesn't talk, he narrates in terms a cat might understand "the two legs, the go fast", smells, and the non socialization of a formerly stray cat. The cat doesn't solve the murder but is there to help save his owner at the final scene. It was an enjoyable read

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