Definitely Naughty Single Gal Seeks Naughty InspirationAubrey Hayes windowUndresserWindow dressing at Le Muse lingerie best job ever LOVE But must design The Ultimate Window Display Of Hot Sex before Xmas panic hA Hot

  • Title: Definitely Naughty
  • Author: Jo Leigh
  • ISBN: 9781460323656
  • Page: 328
  • Format: ebook
  • Single Gal Seeks Naughty InspirationAubrey Hayes windowUndresserWindow dressing at Le Muse lingerie best job ever LOVE But must design The Ultimate Window Display Of Hot Sex before Xmas panic 24hA Hot Guys Trading Card just fell from the sky Could this beautiful piece of man be my muse It s raining men hallelujah 23hOMFG, Detective Liam Flynn even hotter in persSingle Gal Seeks Naughty InspirationAubrey Hayes windowUndresserWindow dressing at Le Muse lingerie best job ever LOVE But must design The Ultimate Window Display Of Hot Sex before Xmas panic 24hA Hot Guys Trading Card just fell from the sky Could this beautiful piece of man be my muse It s raining men hallelujah 23hOMFG, Detective Liam Flynn even hotter in person May explode into a million pieces of lusty lady bits HandcuffMeNow 15hIt s on Have convinced the uber hot cop to be my naughty muse until Xmas Two weeks of sex, here I come ahem 14hMuse Plan already working Creative juices flowing And Detective Liam Hotness is the best inspiration ever Owe the Fates BIG time 8hBut I only have him until Christmas Keep it together, Aubrey and DON T fall for him SexNotLove 3m

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    One thought on “Definitely Naughty”

    1. ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley for an honest review.Aubrey Hayes has a few weeks before her life will be over well, not literally. But she needs to come up with an idea for a window display in the designer sexy lingerie shop she's been contracted to work, for the Holidays or she will be ruined. Then inspiration right into her hand in the form of a baseball-like card for a dream date. That dream date being in the form the hunky Detective Liam Flynn.When Liam receives a call from Aubr [...]

    2. Okay, here's the thing. I'm in the mood for contemporary romance, something with good banter and chemistry between the main characters. Fun and flirty and sexy. I've been starting and DNFing quite a lot in my search for whatever is going to quench my craving and randomly added a bunch of books from my to-read list to my Kindle.This was one of them. And I'm glad I did. It was a quick, little read. Hot and fun without being too filled with Drama. I really liked Aubrey - the fact that she's so forw [...]

    3. This story had a really interesting and unique setup, but unfortunately, never was really able to grab my attention. At just a little over 100 pages, I found myself really struggling to finish it, not to mention that it took me three days to get through.The heroine was spunky and witty, which I loved. She was easy to like, but her erratic ways and character made for a very difficult read. I felt like I was all over the place! The hero, although exceptionally good-looking, was B O R I N G. Good g [...]

    4. Well, being that this is a Cosmo hot read-- I figured this would be a pretty juicy book. I mean it was okay but not fantastic. This is a fast paced romance that starts off in a very quirky and unconventional way. Cannot say I loved nor hated the way Aubrey sets up her relationship with Liam it was different is all I can really say. I thought Aubrey started off very strong and confident but somewhere towards the end she turned into a scared girl. I mean she contacted Liam and asked to have a no s [...]

    5. I loved this book.The description makes is sound like some stupid story all about hipsters obsessed with social media. That's why I'd avoided this book. But fyi, this is not the case at all. In fact, there's even a mention of the characters not paying much attention to social media, being oblivious to memes. There's maybe one mention of the characters texting each other. So not sure what all that in the blurb is about other than a desperate attempt to attract a younger, "hipper" sort of reader. [...]

    6. *I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*"Definitely Naughty" was a nice surprise. I had already read another one of the author's books in early 2013 and I liked it a lot, and with this novella I have confirmed Jo Leigh as an author I'm going to start being attentive about.Aubrey Hayes is starting to get desperate. Hired to design the Christmas window display of the lingerie shop Le Muse, Aubrey is getting out of time and has no ideas Until one day a trading card lit [...]

    7. Aubrey is uninspired and it is definitely not the right moment to lose her muse. She has a big display for Christmas Eve Eve and is willing to go to great lengths to get her muse back. As luck may have it, her inspiration lands on her hands in the form of a Hot Guys Trading card, featuring Liam Flynn.Liam is a loner focusing on his career as a Detective for the NYPD. When a stranger calls him and tells him about the card she has in her possession his only motive for seeing her is to get the card [...]

    8. Confession time. When I picked this book from Netgalley, it was because between the cover and the "Cosmo Red Hot Reads" emblazoned on said cover I thought it would be something in the erotica genre.It wasn't.MISLEADING.So I had to adjust my expectations, so that I wasn't disappointed. Because when you go into a book expecting erotic scenes and you don't get them - disappointment definitely arises.I took a step back and looked at it through the lens of romance instead of erotica and then suddenly [...]

    9. As I've said in past reviews, I'm not a huge fan of mushy gushy romance -- especially of the soft core porn variety -- but I decided to give DEFINITELY NAUGHTY a try anyways -- because I was curious about this whole sexy man trading card concept. Basically, sassy gal Aubrey is in panic mode, trying desperately to come up with a winning concept for the window design of the massive, upscale lingerie boutique where she prepares for a world class celebrity party. When a trading card flies into her h [...]

    10. Ok, so the premise of this little read from Cosmo's Red-Hot Reads line could easily be the storyline for a late-night Skin-a-max show. There's this concept of men trading cards (?) and a big fuss over decorating a NYC store window for a big holiday hit (although, timing was OFFif a retailer wants to make money during the holiday season, they best get their window set done well before fippin' Christmas Eve Eve), somehow necessitating a muse that came in the form of having to have sex for expected [...]

    11. This review pertains to Definitely Naughty, by Jo Leigh. Thank you to Netgalley and Harlequin Cosmo Red Hot Reads for the opportunity to read and review this book. Definitely Naughty is a fun, quick sexy read which will appeal to many readers! Jo Leigh’s writing is witty and sexy and thoroughly enjoyable. The story flowed easily and had great dialogue, but Aubrey’s choices were frustrating. I didn’t quite understand her low self-esteem and why she was running away from Liam. There was no t [...]

    12. There was a lot to like about this book. Aubrey, our heroine, was pretty dang funny and feisty, a combination that I’ve very fond of. I enjoyed being in her head and learning about her. Although, at times I felt like her thoughts were so frenetic and all over the place that I felt lost. Her counterpart Liam, definitely had the hot guy thing down, but he was a bit of a stick in the mud. And unfortunately, even when he was loosening up because of Aubrey, I still didn’t feel like I connected wi [...]

    13. This was a fun little read. The overall concept was out there but ya just gotta love a girl who just propositions a guy to be her sex toy for a few weeks under the guise of being her muse. Ok, so she truly believed he was & turns out that he did provide her with some inspiration but she totally could have gotten there without him. Aubrey definitely comes into Liam's life & jazzes it up, you just want the 2 to end up together in the end. There are points where Liam is a little forgetful o [...]

    14. I was going to do this as part of my Clearing the Backlist Challenge on my website, My Written Romance. But I finished it much quicker than I was expecting to, so it goes.This may be a novella set around Christmas, but it didn't have that overwhelmingly Christmassy feel - this I liked.Definitely Naughty is a fun, sexy read, perfect for when you have a craving for a slice of cake, rather than the whole confection.I enjoyed Aubrey and Liam, and I loved that she was open about what she wanted from [...]

    15. What a good time. This book was so much fun. I loved also that it was about a cop, and store window dresser (I did not know that was a profession). I loved how ballsy Aubrey was, she knew that she needed this man to be her muse, and boy did she ever use and abuse the muse (LMAO). She was so bold to call and set up a meeting with him, and then to put sex on the table. Liam was also pretty cool. He was such a guy though, but a good guy. He really cared, and it was evident from the beginning that h [...]

    16. This was a fun and lighthearted romance about a free spirited artist working as a window dresser of the famous lingerie store Le Muse and a cop who has gotten the nickname Ridiculous for his extremely good looks and whose personality is classic boy next door. Definitely Naughty had a great start, wonderful characters, snappy and witty dialogue and a cute meet that is out of the ordinary. However, there are moments where it fell short on continuity and character development. I think if the story [...]

    17. Jo Leigh is a very capable writer. Her writing is witty, sexy and fun. This novella was extremely enjoyable, with well delineated engaging characters and a fun premise. The settings were not as detailed as I would have liked, but that is probably a result of the novella format. The love scenes, however were passionate and plentiful and served to move the story along. Fast paced and well plotted, this book was a light easy read. I would read more from the author. *I received my copy from NetGalle [...]

    18. This was a great love story about finding someone in an unconventional way, when you are not even in the market for a relationship and falling for them quickly!! And finally realizing during the short courtship that the other person brings out the best in you! Aubrey and her free spiritedness allowed Liam to loosen up and live life instead of working only. Liam gave Aubrey unconditional support and encouragement and boosted the self-esteem of an already self-assured woman. Definitely not as HOT [...]

    19. I am sad to say that I was not impressed. This was my first time reading one of the Cosmo red hot reads (I read the sample in the back of the magazine but never read a book until now). This one was just not up my alley. The premise of the story was good, I did enjoy that but the heroine was a little to self degrading for it to be a woman empowerment story. Also, it was not as steamy as I thought it would be, it cut out at the good parts. I may read stories by other authors but Jo Leigh did not i [...]

    20. I'd been trying since the first chapter to find the best word to describe this book.I got it by the end: trippy.The writing style was interestingly quirky, the female MC was a little off her rockers (although, of course, she's an artist), and the male MC was almost as dull as a dishwasher. Fun little read with an out-there concept and very unique narrative.

    21. 3 1/2 stars - ARC review - Cute little novella about Aubrey Hayes, a window-dresser with a creative block. The fates put Detective Liam Flynn in her life and she uses him as a muse. Holding the emotions at bay seems like a good plan until the Ridiculously Good Looking Cop gets under her skin. What will it take for him to overcome the time limit and work into her life for the long run?

    22. Definitely Naughty was a quick, fun read. I read it all in one sitting. Aubrey and Liam had great chemistry, and their relationship grew into more than just a physical connection. Liam was definitely a swoonworthy love interest!

    23. I was loving it right until the way it ended. That kinda ruined it for me. Still a cute story. Gave me butterflies

    24. Fab read. I loved Aubrey and Liam's steamy love affair. The hooking up turned into something more as he was her muse. 4*

    25. Well written, fast paced, full of humour, heart and sexiness. Liam and Aubrey are fabulous characters and their connection communicates so clearly! A fabulous read!

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