Obtained There is no coincidence that Jules Maddox seems so familiar to Alexandria Marshall and when Jules fights off an attacker for her she realizes that there are reasons why he always runs away without le

  • Title: Obtained
  • Author: Shanora Williams
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • There is no coincidence that Jules Maddox seems so familiar to Alexandria Marshall and when Jules fights off an attacker for her, she realizes that there are reasons why he always runs away without letting her get a word in Alexandria can t keep Jules off of her mind but when Felix Wells appears at her doorstep, it isn t too long before Jules shows up again and things begThere is no coincidence that Jules Maddox seems so familiar to Alexandria Marshall and when Jules fights off an attacker for her, she realizes that there are reasons why he always runs away without letting her get a word in Alexandria can t keep Jules off of her mind but when Felix Wells appears at her doorstep, it isn t too long before Jules shows up again and things begin to unravel.She falls for Felix on the first day of meeting him and when Jules finds out, he decides to tell her everything that she can t remember because of her memory loss that happened four years before.What she doesn t know is that she and Jules are mates and if the Leaders find out that she is dealing with two men, the Leaders will be sure to come and end both of their lives She ll try to avoid Felix for her life and her mate but Felix won t make it easy and he won t give up until he can obtain her.

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    1. OBTAINED is now available! Go and grab your copy! :): amazon/OBTAINED-Book-OB&N: searchrnesandnoble/OBTAKobo: kobobooks/ebook/OBTAIN

    2. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC from the author. This was a brilliant start to a series. Once I started reading I could not put it down until I was finished. Alexandria, Jules and Felix became my best friends for the day, and to be honest I'm kind of at a loss without them today. I really enjoyed Shanora's writing style, it flowed really well. Some authors jump about and chop and change through scenes but Shanora took me EXACTLY where I wanted to be. It had just the right amount if suspense [...]

    3. Ok, so I am not one of those people who give long book reviews that give too much away. So the short and sweet version is This book is about a girl that has memory loss. She meets these 2 amazingly HOT guys. She has a history with both of them, but can't remember. She must choose between the two in then end. if she chooses wrong they herself and Jules could die. I read this book and fell in love with Jules and I want to marry him. Its a very good book and you will enjoy reading it. I know there [...]

    4. 3 1/2 StarsThis was an unexpected surprise and a pretty good read, too. Not to mention the story flowed with ease although, there were a few word choices I would have replaced and a minor typo here and there, but for the most part, I enjoyed it very much.If you like paranormal with a mix of guardian and fallen angels, (oh and a seriously delicious love triangle), this book will definitely keep your interest. Williams is a new author to me, but she's certainly on my radar and I would gladly enjoy [...]

    5. WOW!! This was such a change for Shanora!!! AND I LOVED EVERY STINKING MINUTE OF IT!!!I've been reading Shanora's work and I am proud to say that I am totally loving watching her progress as one of my most favorite authors. Alexandria Marshall has been through so much, even though it takes better than 1/2 of the book for her to realize it. She's lost her memory and we are introduced to her 4 years post memory loss. She works in a coffee shop, struggling to support herself and her older brother " [...]

    6. First off I would like to thank Shanora Williams for giving me a copy of Obtained. I enjoy reading it and I got dragged into the story big time. I wanted to see what happens next with Alexandria,Jules and even Felix. The way Alexandria thought about Jules was amazing i love that he was always there to protect her and his feelings for her was so loving and caring Wish I could find me a Jules that is for sure. Then you have Felix and the way she thought of him made me not want to trust him but at [...]

    7. ARCThis is the first paranormal YA i ever read and i must admit that i really loved it. Beside the paranormal story in it that was pretty new to me, there were a lot of twists and turns that kept me reading it along with the right amount of suspense. I'm looking forward to read what happens next !Well done Shanora !

    8. First of all I would love to thank the author Shanora Williams for providing me with a copy of Obtained in exchange for my honest review. I had read the synopsis and was intrigued by the story and was curious to find out what it was all about. Let me tell you that I was feeling all kinds of emotions while reading it. For me the book was broken up into two halves. The first half I was pulling out my hair in frustration and wanting to repeatedly bang my head up against the wall because of the inst [...]

    9. Oh wow, where to start. First off, I was intrigued throughout the whole book. I wanted to know so badly what happened to Alexandria to make her lose her memory. You find out the answers throughout the book, but there was always some sort of tidbit information that wouldn't be revealed just yet. If I had the time I would have read it straight through, but unfortunatley I couldn't do that. Any chance I had I was reaching for the kindle to get a little farther in the book. I love the plot of the st [...]

    10. Review of Obtained By: Shanora Williams5 of 5 Stars! This book was beyond amazing, this book grabs you by the hand and carries you through it until the end. Shanora did an amazing job setting up characters and getting the book started. This book takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions but 99% of the time it is good emotions. There is so many choices for Alex it is unreal. I can’t say I didn’t want more but I can say that it’s killing me having to wait for book two. I hate to give spoilers [...]

    11. What an amazing readShanora, you rock!! I absolutely loved the story line and the love triangle is intense and extremely interesting. However, I have to pick a side and I'm definitely a Jules fan all the way. There is just something about his connection to Alexandria, as her mate, that really melts my heart. I want a guy like that in my life. Felix has a really strong presence in the story, but he is just to rough around the edges for me. However, he makes for a wonderful counter part to Jules!! [...]

    12. I received an ARC of this book but I had been seriously busy and didn't get a chance to read it until now! I was between 4 and 5 stars for this book as I think that sometimes it was a bit slow but then something big would happen which would drawn me back in again! I wasn't expecting the paranormal element to the plot at all so I was very surprised with what the paranormal element was! I have to say though that I did love the paranormal aspect to Obtained! The plot instantly drew me in as soon as [...]

    13. OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!This book had me on edge practically all day and night!! I receieved it as an Advanced copy so here I am! While reading it, I found myself completely indulged! I have to say that the development of these characters was brilliant. From Alexandria, Jules, and Felix, to Braxton, Stacy, Liam, and even Chris, the gay manager! HA!I loved this book. There were plenty of twists and turns and if it wasn't one thing, there was another. There was a love triangle but it felt so realistic. I [...]

    14. Can you say Jules!!!!!!! I was hooked from the moment he was introduced. I wanted him under my Christmas tree, if I was Alexandra I wouldn't have cared if I lost my memory I would have believed him!This book had me so hooked I didn't put it down. Like all of Ms. Williams' books I devoured it. I felt for the characters, I lived in their world. My imagination was completely captivated with this fabulous world the author created.There really aren't any words to describe what I was feeling as I read [...]

    15. Absolutely loved this book. It just gets better and better the more you get into the book. Felix was my favorite because he is just the guy you love to hate. Jules was a sweetie and sounds fabulous but Felix was my fav. I sincerely can't wait for the next book to come out. Read this book in about a day because I just couldn't put it down.

    16. i am reading this book at the moment but i thought i would put in this review early as i can not put it down i love this book the first page grip me and i can not wait untl the nxt one the best book i have read this yr with one or 2 along with it keep it up shanora my kinna book

    17. Really good read I'm a sucker for things having to due with "The Gods" so being this one has to do with angels I really liked itThe main girl is my age and very real and funny and there are HOT guys in this one lol

    18. Again Shanora kept me wanting more. I love the conflict between Jules & Felix with Alexandria caught in the middle. I didn't want it to end. It left me wanting more. 5*s !!

    19. Alexandria doesn't have a great memory in fact she can't remember much of anything. The last few years she has been trying to live her life as normal as she can. She lives with her brother and works in a coffee shop. She doesn't date at all but she is attracted to the strange man who comes into her work everyday. One night he saves her and she learns his name is Jules. He seems to know a lot about her but she doesn't know him. Answering a knock on her door one day she comes face to face with a s [...]

    20. Rating: 3.5This is actually the first Guardian Angels paranormal book that I'd enjoyed. It totally had the hook, line, and sinker vibe. It was very action-packed. I love both Felix & Jules and I can imagine how difficult it is for the heroine to choose. However, all along, I think Alex was infatuated with Felix because of his brooding-dominate-intimating-hot self rather than loving him. It's more lust than anything. I love how Jules never gives up on making her remember the love they shared [...]

    21. omg. this was am awesome book. i hated going to bed and not being able to finish reading this. i was so torn between Jules and Felix just as Alex was.Alex lost here memory four years back. her dad died, her mom went crazy and all she had left was her brother Liam. a pot smoking alcoholic who was always high and hardly there for her. when Alex meets two hot guys she cant believe her luck but strange things are happening now. she's always been infatuated with Jules. he's always at the coffee shop [...]

    22. I won a copy of obtained from Shanora and started reading it right away. Just in the first few chapters I was hooked! Shanora has written such an addicting story I finished it in one sitting I just couldn't put this book down. Alexandria, Felix and Jules are perfectly written characters. I find my self in love with Felix I know there is more to him that hopefully will be shelled out in the next book. Jules is also quiet a nice mental image form the way Shanora explains him in the book and he is [...]

    23. First reaction: OMG!!!! I forced myself to stop reading when I had 50 pages left because I was NOT ready for this book to end!!! Sooo Shanora Hurry up with number 2 haha. I loved getting the chance to read this before it released! Alexandria is clueless to who Jules is but he sits in the coffee shop where she works everyday around the same time because she is his mate and he is protecting her and hoping she will remember who he is In comes Felix. Mr hot business suit wearing gentleman I didn't t [...]

    24. Such an amazing book! One thing I have to say is that Shanora Williams is an fantastic author. She captivates her readers within one page of her writing and that's not an easy thing to do. I love getting a new book that within the first page I can't put it down, and this was one of those books. I absolutely love the characters Jules Maddox and Alexandria Marshall. Jules has some of the characteristics that I admire most in a character: loyalty, bravery, and a will to never give up. The storyline [...]

    25. "Obtained" will keep you entertained from beginning to the end. This book has two of the most charming characters (Jules & Felix). No matter how hard you try you will fall in love with both men. I try to stay away from paranormal books but this is one series I will follow to the end. Shanora Williams has done an amazing job in keeping me entertained. All I can say when it comes to this book is to expect the unexpected, there are so many twist and turns in this story but it truly makes the st [...]

    26. WHERE TO START!?!?Shanora tosses in a mix of romance, battles, and of course, hot men! This book was awesome and I honestly kept craving for more. Even while I was at work I would sneak a few chapters in just to satisfy myself. At first i thought there was going to be a cliff hanger at the end but there wasn't. I can't wait for book two because I know there will be more to it and more in store for me to love.Oh and I must say that I'm team Felix. He may have seemed like the bad guy, but I could [...]

    27. First of all, I normally don't enjoy reading, let alone have time to read as a mom to an almost 9 month old! Ms.Shanora and I went to school for many years. I was very excited to read this novel, she advertised it all over facebook so I decided to give it a try. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK! I read it in less than 24 hours from start to finish! I am personally Team Jules; I have been from the start! I highly recommend this book anyone and everyone who enjoys reading because you just can't put it [...]

    28. I really loved Alex she spoke her mind, not caring what others would think. Well depending on who she was with. "I prefer the simple things Where people's heads aren't stuck up their asses and their noses aren't held up in the air." I felt more of a connection between Alex and Felix then Alex and Jules, I really hope in the second book we see more of Felix. I truly like him more then Jules. I was a little disappointed in Braxton I truly thought he would become one of Alex's confidants, but I gue [...]

    29. Alexandria's life was a jumble to start with and falling for both Felix and Jules doesn't make it any less questionable. This is a tail of love, trust, loss and amnesia that you will not put down.Shanora's writing is gripping and phenomenal. She takes her readers by surprise and then by their heart. Her characters are realistic and engulfing. Their story is mesmerizing and heartfelt. The plot line is very original. I would highly recommend this book to fans of Stephanie Meyer, Francesca Lia Bloc [...]

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