Impulse The Companion to Pulse IMPULSE should be read after the complete PULSE series which is available now From New York Times and USA Today Bestseller author Deborah Bladon the continuing story of Nathan and Jessica Nathan Mo

  • Title: Impulse - The Companion to Pulse
  • Author: Deborah Bladon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • IMPULSE should be read after the complete PULSE series, which is available now From New York Times and USA Today Bestseller author, Deborah Bladon, the continuing story of Nathan and Jessica Nathan Moore had everything any man could ever dream of He was a successful attorney in Manhattan, he was in love with the woman of his dreams and he could see his future planned ouIMPULSE should be read after the complete PULSE series, which is available now From New York Times and USA Today Bestseller author, Deborah Bladon, the continuing story of Nathan and Jessica Nathan Moore had everything any man could ever dream of He was a successful attorney in Manhattan, he was in love with the woman of his dreams and he could see his future planned out before him All of that changed when he took a trip into his girlfriend s past Jessica Roth has only shared the details of her life that she wanted Nathan to know She s been careful and diligent in presenting a past that she believes will help her fit into his future She doesn t realize that he s about to discover the one secret that she s worked hard to hide for the past six years He can t let anything come between them She won t let him love her the way he needs to Will they be able to finally have the happily ever after they deserve

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    • Unlimited [Children's Book] ☆ Impulse - The Companion to Pulse - by Deborah Bladon ↠
      113 Deborah Bladon
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      Posted by:Deborah Bladon
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    One thought on “Impulse - The Companion to Pulse”

    1. ** 2,5-3 STARS **I'm not sure why the author felt like Nathan and Jessica's story needed to be prolonged.I personally was very satisfied by the way their's ended.This one was confusing.The new information we get from this book about Jessica's past made me think back to all these scenes from the Pulse books, trying to remember how she reacted to certain things.I mean, those books were from Jessica's POV and we didn't even get a little clue about any of this.Yet, we get all this new stuff dumped o [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this series at the beginning and I even liked this book, but I didn't really understand what the author was trying to do in this book. It seemed very scattered. I don't like the chapter transitions. One minute here, next minute a week down the road with no completion of the last chapter. This novella series was similar to others because most of the books ended on a cliffhanger. I thought this book would be more about their situation, but only his POV. It's continuation from his [...]

    3. Dragged onthe book was good, but the secret that Jessica kept from Nathan dragged on to long. Jessica was all about no secrets. In the other books she made Nathan spill everything. In real life Nathan should have said get out and don't let the door hit you in your ads. Love or no love.

    4. I really enjoyed this book!!We finally get a better insight into Jessica's past and the secret she has been keeping. There were some pretty hot scenes in this book . Nathan is one sexy man ;)Can't wait for the next (free) instalment coming this winter :)

    5. The perfect finish for an amazing scorching series . Who knew Jessica Was in such deep shit ? I most certanly never so it coming Review to come

    6. I've enjoyed this series and this couple, I will be starting the series before these I can't believe I have had these on my kindle for so long.They are quick reads but they are good.

    7. Having read the PULSE series I felt compelled to read this book. And while their were some interesting points, overall the book felt like a sloppy piece of fanfiction complete with the typos/misspellings and the plot twists from left field.This was an easy read, took a little less than 3 hours though I actually found myself skimming some of the sex scenes. They just became so incredibly repetitive. That is one of the 3 major issues I had with this book:1. This couple is supposedly having "amazin [...]

    8. Ok I keep saying I'm reviewing at the end and now the end is here.This book was the best in the series imho because there were serious challenges and love was really tested. The previous books annoyed me enough to cost the fifth star because the non issues were annoying. Too many times Jessica refused to listen to Nathan and chose instead to judge him practically with her fingers in her ear while she screams lalalalala.I can't hear you!!!!! So juvenile.Nathan got himself in some stupid situation [...]

    9. I was really torn over this book, but simply based on the teaser at the back of the Pulse novel, I needed to know what was going on.On one hand, I was irritated with Jessica's secret. She pushed and pushed for Nathan to tell her the truth, and yet, she was holding back. But when we learned WHAT she was holding back, I got it. Not that I necessarily agreed with her and her decision to withhold the information from the man she loves but I understood why she might think that could change their rela [...]

    10. Jessica Roth didn't want to attend her sister's wedding. She didn't want a trip down memory lane. She'd moved on. She was happy in New York with her job and her man. But Nathan Moore has a way of getting what he wants. Except this time, what he wanted was to learn more about her past and all she had buried. The kicker? Her past was threatening her and she was pushing him away. When they were so close to their happily-ever-after, Jessica and Nathan become worlds' apart. Told from Nathan's perspec [...]

    11. 4 mystery-&-drama-stars! **** this was a sweet ending to a great story. However i didnt understand why jessica's secret had to be so freaking weird and stupid. I dont know why she did itah yeah help her mother but still there must have been other ways to get money or help. I did like that 'Impulse' starts where the last book left off, but from Nathan's point of view. It wasnt a repeat of everything with a slightly different point of view. I hate those books. The other weird this is that the [...]

    12. I received an ARC for an honest review. I honestly am a lost for words with this book. I could not get enough of Nathan's POV. The man is even sexier once you get to read from his POV. Learning about a secret from Jessica's past made me connect with her even more. I personally never experienced what she did. But I can really relate to the void she had. I loved being able to see Nathan and Jessica a year after we last saw them in Pulse part 4. I can't wait for the free special novel coming this w [...]

    13. This book picks up about a year into Jessica and Nathan's story. It goes into depth of Jessica's past and come to find oute's not innocent. Some other reviews stated they felt the book went on and on and it kind of does but I like detail. I liked this book. I really liked reading it from Nathan's perspective!At the end of the book it states that the author, Deborah Bladon is writing a novella that will pick up Nathan and Jessica's story a year into the future. The book will not be available for [...]

    14. how to express that Impulse are the best book out of Pulse series without giving it 5 stars? i was so torned up because i see that i gave the first two books a 4 stars. this one definitely tops all of books in the series, but not quite a 5 stars material either i settled down by adding this to my favorite selves. in fact, i really love how Nathan is not giving up but still sometimes fucked up his own unchecked emotion. and how Jessica inner turmoil screwed Nathan bad. it is a real treat to see t [...]

    15. Waited for this book until I fell asleep! Got up and saw an ARC in my email. Thank you so much Deborah. Let me say it was so worth the wait! I absolutely loved the way Nathan story was told. I loved that Deborah still stuck to the "hotness" that is Nathan Moore but I love how much he has evolved in his role within the relationship with Jessica. Their story is such a beautiful one and as usual you have the unexpected WTF moment you never saw coming but remains true to Ms.Bladon style. Loved this [...]

    16. I enjoyed the whole series but I agree with most readers that I liked how it ended in pulse. In fact when my boss told me there was another book and it was from Nathans point of view I jumped at purchasing it because I thought that it would further their story.However, I found my self thinking "okay now we are a month, a few days later, okay what happened between now and then" thoughts. I loved the characters and I didn't want to see their story end but I could of done without this book.However [...]

    17. Wow, was not expecting that surprise!! It was great to get Nathan's point of view and I like that it was a continuation on the story and not a retelling of Pulse. I would have maybe liked to have seen a bit of some of Pulse's characters, I wonder what happened with the friendship between Jessica and Rebecca?Overall I really enjoyed it, I think it was the best out of the Pulse/Impulse series. I give this book 4 stars!!

    18. Perfect.Impulse picks up 6months after the end of Pulse. I loved seeing this new side of Nathan. The love shared between Nathan & Jessica is beautiful & their physical relationship is HOT. Everything I want in a romance novel. Deborah did a wonderful job of making you feel like you knew the characters personally & experienced all the emotions they felt.If you haven't read Deborah's books you need to start right now and read them all!!

    19. I loved this little fast forward in the life of Nathan & Jessica! The bumps in the road that they experience along the way in their life together only strengthens & solidifies their bond. Not to mention, the trust that they have learned to have in one another makes my heart happy. It is wonderful to have this glimpse in their future.Certainly scratched my itch for more of Nathan & Jessica!

    20. Wow! I didn't expect more from this story and I was surprised (and happy) to see that the characters were back from more. I don't want to give anything away, but OMG! I didn't see this coming at all!!! Nathan is a changed man and the secret Jessica has been carrying along for years is jaw-dropping. The story was short but full of suspense. I am happy to see that these two will be back again! Love them!!!!

    21. This was a good read. I liked the all male pov. When things got rough between the couple the whiny "I can't tell you, you're going to stop loving me!" that the heroine did as annoying as hell because it went on for like 3 or 4 pages. The big secret was a good one but the hero was too "magical" in his remedy for fixing it for the heroine. Overall not a bad book but a couple parts could have been developed better.

    22. Once again Deborah doesn't let down. In the beginning of Pulse I felt let down with Nathan's character, but as the story progressed so did he. Now, in this book its from his point of view, and well I love his point of view. I'm also very very happy to see that Jessica is human and has made many mistakes in her very young life.

    23. Oh! I just loved it! It was beyond perfect!Gahh I just love Nathan, and have loved him since book 1 of the Pulse Series. This has been the PERFECT addition to Nathan and Jessica's story!Deborah Bladon's writing never ceases to amaze me, this book is literally flawless, all of their history flowed perfectly within this story!

    24. Loved this book! I great conclusion to Nathan and Jessica's story. The senator was a major douchebag!! I bet his wife doesn't even know that little girl is really his daughter. I bet she thought they "adopted" her because the wife probably can't have children. I would even bet their son is also his child from yet ANOTHER affair with a young girl. The creep!!

    25. Nathan's Story is absolutely Brilliant. I loved the story and being inside that brilliant head was amazing. I loved this story and loved seeing how he thought. I just wish that I would have seen the other side of him that we saw in the first books. The only problem I had was that the book was way too short.

    26. I so loved this series! I'm about to read the free novella, just to get my last little fix of these two. So happy that I've found Deborah's books. I'm making my way through every book she's written. It's been quite the interesting week for me with her books. I hope everyone else loves these books as much as I do!

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