The Heart of Humor The Heart of Humor Sixty Helpings of Hilarity to Nourish Your Soul will take you on a vacation from stress worry and global whining You ll learn the secrets of how laughter helps you live longer de

  • Title: The Heart of Humor
  • Author: Jeanette Levellie
  • ISBN: 9781942513018
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Heart of Humor Sixty Helpings of Hilarity to Nourish Your Soul will take you on a vacation from stress, worry, and global whining You ll learn the secrets of how laughter helps you live longer, deepen your relationships, and find your keys without changing purses or doing laundry.In her sassy, mocha out the nose style, author Jeanette Levellie takes readers on a hilaThe Heart of Humor Sixty Helpings of Hilarity to Nourish Your Soul will take you on a vacation from stress, worry, and global whining You ll learn the secrets of how laughter helps you live longer, deepen your relationships, and find your keys without changing purses or doing laundry.In her sassy, mocha out the nose style, author Jeanette Levellie takes readers on a hilarious journey of 45 short stories with titles like Quit Pinching my Fruit, Confessions of a Jailbird, Swimsuit Shopping Stress, and I Love My Hips.Nestled among the stories are comical drawings by a professional animator, articles, and lists revealing the superpowers of laughter such as Got Pain Laugh it Away, Everybody Loves Dummies, and Ten Ways to Help Yourself Laugh, for a total of 60 short chapters.This nonfiction inspirational book will give readers hours of amusement, scores of ideas to add laughter to their lives, and encouragement to trust a God with the sense of humor that gives a 90 year old lady a baby.

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    One thought on “The Heart of Humor”

    1. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Ms. Levellie’s gift for humor is evident, and shines through every chapter. Readers will appreciate her down to earth style, and will laugh (maybe cry, too) as she shares personal anecdotes and lessons learned. For example, one of my favorite chapters, “I Love My Hips”, reminds us that our worth goes beyond physical features. Ms. Levellie is the real deal; she understands how important it is to laugh at ourselves and keep a good perspective. I am sure that h [...]

    2. This is a delightful book that has you reading from the first page until the last. The sixty topics covered are every day experiences with a funny twist. They stories will not only lift your spirits but make you think. This is a great book for personal reading, just maybe not on a bus, unless you want to cause your bus mates to move away from you, or better yet to share at a woman's meeting, with girlfriends as object lessons. The topics covered will touch your heart, and your funny bone.Each ch [...]

    3. This was a delightful group of 60 stories about the funny side of everyday life. They each are followed by a heartfelt message of encouragement and faith by the author. She writes in a conversational style that made this reader feel as if she were sitting across the table from me, drinking coffee and chatting snarkily about husbands, kids, pets, grocery shopping, pity parties and the like. She makes the humdrum fun. I enjoyed having my funny bone tickled while being reminded of truths about the [...]

    4. This was such a fun book. It had me laughing and feeling good each and every page. Jeanette Levellie presents stories in a way that makes it easy for women of any age to relate. Absolute Final Heart of Humor put a smile on my face and a spring to my steps. This was a great collection of stories on a variety of different topics. Each story began with a very funny title that immediately had my attention. After all, how often do you read a book with chapters entitled “I love my hips, “Meatloaf [...]

    5. Rev Up the Endorphins!!In the Heart of Humor, Jeannette Levellie pokes fun at everything from her own klutziness to silly signs, humorous newspaper headlines to that missing sock in the dryer. Some of her topics are more about memories, changes in our lives over the decades, encouragement to find humor in life, and even asking God to provide laughter for us. Each chapter ends with a small paragraph called "From My Heart to Yours" in which Jeannette ties in a spiritual truth or sums up that subje [...]

    6. Jeanette Levelli's The Heart of Humor is indeed a delightful book filled with humorous anecdotes. The author, who apparently has a love of chocolate, shares personal bloopers and many other funny situations with subjects ranging from meatloaf to mouthwash, the lone sock to snake encounters and finger foods to swimsuit fittings. Bad eyebrow days, the sabotage of the Fruit of the Spirit, and food that shouts at us are other comical topics. Several chapters even give the healthy benefits and weight [...]

    7. Laughter is the best medicineThis is a delightful collection of short essays or articles about human nature and life. The author uses her own experiences to show us how to laugh about life and ourselves. She touches on some sensitive topics in a respectful way but still finds some humor to lighten the mood. She often pokes fun at herself, yet any reader will easily be able to identify. I especially liked how most chapters ended with Ms. Levellie reflecting on the way God had a hand in that parti [...]

    8. How can a book titled The Heart of Humor, Sixty Helpings of Hilarity to Nourish Your Soul just not get your attention? This book was filled with little stories to make you smile or just plain laugh out loud. My favorite was “How do I annoy thee?” I could definitely see that happening in my house. I could feel that she believes that God is the inspiration of her gift of humor. At the end of each short story was a short paragraph "From My Heart to Yours" that was truly a spiritual gift of enco [...]

    9. The perfect pick-me-up book to keep on your bedside table! An uplifting, hilarious collection of anecdotes and observations that will tickle your funnybone and leave you smiling and nodding your head in agreement. From cats, hips, husbands, weather, meatloaf, words, outhouses, moments, laughter, movies and noses, these little gems will warm you up and give you that assurance you aren’t the only one to do or say crazy things! Each little “chapter” concludes with a “from my heart to yours [...]

    10. What do cats, Jehu and socks have in common? They are my favorite chuckle chapters in Heart of Humor by Jeanette Levellie. Oh, and I laughed out loud at: “Warning sign at a beach: “Beyond this point you may encounter nude sunbathers eating waffles.” in the Comical Signs chapter.Point made! Humor is a lifeline with today’s pressures and stress. Humor improves everything! Thank you Jeanette Levellie. I feel like I found a kindred spirit, “Purring will get you everywhere,” friend. Thank [...]

    11. This is a fun book, one that is good for a few laughs. And we do need those laughs. Some of the stories she tells are really funny. She has added odd signs, crazy classifieds, and more. She also has great suggestions on ways to add laughter to your life too. There is some practical advice too, and at the end of each chapter is a good spiritual lesson. See my full review at bit/1zLSxJB.I received a complimentary digital copy of this book through The Book Club Network for the purpose of an indepen [...]

    12. This is a darling book which gives a positive look at life with some giggles added in. Short, brief easy to read pieces fill the pages. Quotes, jokes, and fun ideas are included. This book could be set anywhere to be picked up any time you have a moment or two to get an uplift in your attitude. I was given an e-copy of The Heart of Humor from The Book Club Network for my honest review which I have given.

    13. This book is a collection of 60 stories that author provides a sense a humor to everyday life that all women can relate too. Each story is a nice quick read t add a quick lift to your day.I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher through TBCN/BookFun in exchange for my honest review.

    14. Since I wrote this book, I can't be objective. But if you love to laugh and discover how laughter can help you stay healthy emotionally and physically, you may find The Heart of Humor your cup of chocolate milk.

    15. The Heart of Humor is a fun book of short stories. Each one adds humor to your life. It is a great pick-me-up. There are jokes, and fun ideas also included.I received the book from the Book Club Network in exchange for my honest opinion.

    16. This was such a fun book. It was so funnyere were so many great anecdotes. I hope I read more of this type of book. I received this book from book fun for a fair and honest opinion.

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