The Devil s Advocate DEFENDER OF THE DAMNED When Kevin Taylor joins the Manhattan criminal law firm of John Milton and Associates he s hit the big time At last he and his wife can enjoy the luxuries they ve so desired a

  • Title: The Devil's Advocate
  • Author: Andrew Neiderman
  • ISBN: 9780671014100
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
  • DEFENDER OF THE DAMNED When Kevin Taylor joins the Manhattan criminal law firm of John Milton and Associates, he s hit the big time At last, he and his wife can enjoy the luxuries they ve so desired a chauffeur driven limo, a stunning home in the very building that Mr Milton himself lives in Little does Kevin realize that he s joinedA BROTHERHOOD OF BLOODJohn MiltoDEFENDER OF THE DAMNED When Kevin Taylor joins the Manhattan criminal law firm of John Milton and Associates, he s hit the big time At last, he and his wife can enjoy the luxuries they ve so desired a chauffeur driven limo, a stunning home in the very building that Mr Milton himself lives in Little does Kevin realize that he s joinedA BROTHERHOOD OF BLOODJohn Milton assigns Kevin one of the most notorious cases of the year, along with a file that had been put together prior to the crime Throwing himself into his work, Kevin begins to see a pattern of evil emerging from behind the plush facade of his firm As he watches them win every courtroom battle, and sees every criminal walk free, his mounting suspicions give way to all out terror For Kevin has becomeTHE DEVIL S ADVOCATEand there s no turning back from the world of the damned

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      444 Andrew Neiderman
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    One thought on “The Devil's Advocate”

    1. The book is totally different from the movie. It's a fun and easy read, and I really enjoyed the book, but somehow the movie was better - maybe because of the cast. But I loved Neiderman's writing style. Very contemporary. The end was a bit odd- when compared to the movie. Overall a great little read, for those who like to read books after watching a movie. Anyways, the books are always different:-)

    2. The Devil's Advocate is one of my favourite movies. I must have seen ten times plus. I can probably quote most of it word for word. I had no idea it was based on a book until last Saturday when watching the DVD again, I let the end credits roll longer than I usually do and noticed. So I immediately went and bought it.This is a case, for me at least, the movie is ten times better than the book. The movie is brilliant. The book is bloody awful. I can see the basics of where the movie screenplay ca [...]

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    4. Very poorly written. Imagine a lazy, inept mash up of John Grisham's The Firm and Ira Levin's Rosemary's Baby (fantastic examples of their respective genres). The foreshadowing would better be described as forehittingyouovertheheadwithit, the characters were one note often played out of tune, and the twist ending would have made a Tales from the Darkside writer proud. That being said, I was entertained, but mainly by the book's incompetence.

    5. The movie caught my eye, and I was thinking, the book's gotta be better. Right? More often than not, a book trumps a movie hands-down, though some adaptations have turned out to be decent efforts. This book is from the same man who ghostwrites the V.C. Andrews novels (and the books he writes under her name are just god-awful) but I figured that if someone wanted to make a movie from this book, then the book had to be good right? Right???NO! The screenplay is actually better than the book! I coul [...]

    6. Ни рыба ни мясо.Книга меня разочаровала! Тут очень интригующее название (даже если не смотрел фильм), интересная завязка и все!!! После завязки идет длинная прелюдия, все ждешь, что вот-вот будет раскрыта тайна личности Джона Мильтона (мне кажется, не очень удачное имя, можно [...]

    7. Not what I expected. Though I was one of those people who saw the film before I picked up the book. Apples and oranges. I initially fell in love with the film due in part to Pacino's incisive monologues in the film. None of them were in the book. Not one. And I dare say the book felt a bit thin in comparisonwithout them. I'd recommend this to those who have yet to see the film, however. A good read, not great IMO.

    8. Rarely is the movie that was based off of a novel better then the book itself, but here is at least one example. This was an absolute pathetic attempt at mixing the spiritual with the carnal, and I consider this book to be one of the worst ever written. Please do not waste your time reading this book when it could be better spent doing more productive things - like ripping out your hair.

    9. Mechanically well written, the story is trite, the characters flat and uninspiring, the subject matter is obvious and lacking depth. Mr. Neiderman's skill is that he can keep you reading crap. I don't fault him for writing it at all.

    10. 1990, NYC law firm, where money and success can get you in a hell of a lot of trouble. Unfortunately pedestrian - and predictable - book from which the much more famous (and far, far better) movie was made. I was so disappointed by this book, for the movie of the same name is one of my favorites, sly, snappy, and fun, along with the chills and evil goings on. And the acting therein is, IMO, wonderful - if far over the top, but that sort of film needs that sort of acting, I think. The film is ver [...]

    11. one of the rare cases where the film isch better than the book. the changes the screenwriters made turned this mess into a much more interesting and clever story. Never has an author aimed for creepy foreshadowing and missed so.wildly. Everything was so ham fisted and obvious it made reading this thing feel like I was getting punk'd. This book was hokey, poorly written and ridiculous, so much so that It got to a point where I was entertained more by how over the top bad it got as opposed to anyt [...]

    12. A good book but after seeing the film first, couldn't get Al Pacino out of my head as John Milton.I'm told the ending was different but I think that other than that, the film stayed pretty true.Always good to read the original work. Reminded me of Rosemary's Baby in places. A pretty creepy, dark read although I'm sure that the film created more of an atmosphere. The writing isn't particularly fantastic but I still enjoyed it, if just for comparison with the film adaptation.

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    14. Обикновено книгите са по-добри от филмите по тях. В този случай не е така. Добра идея, но тегаво повествование и много куци диалози. Я, по-добре да си изгледам пак филма

    15. La adaptación cinematográfica es fantástica, una de mis películas favoritas, y sin embargo la novela en la que está basada deja mucho que desear.

    16. The newest attorney at the world's most powerful law firm has never lost a case. But he's about to lose his soul.

    17. Imagine my utmost surprise when I got to know that the awesome movie was based on this book some years ago!My first Neiderman book. His writing is simple, almost childishly simplistic at some places, but still good to read. At least that made it easy and quick to read.Already had some misgivings about the ending, so that made it easier for me to absorb, though didn't really like it, but that's because I saw the movie first. But, honestly though, the ending wasn't that bad. It seemed like the log [...]

    18. The movie is simply brilliant, one of my favourites for all times. Lemkin's screenplay is awesome and the acting is outstanding. Can't say so about the book. Poorly written, boring and flat. Too many explanations for the things which are obvious. The ending is pathetic. If you want to read this book anyway, you should see the movie first.

    19. Тот самый случай, когда кино лучше книги. Идея интересная, но автор слабоват. Книга написана поверхностно, персонажи не раскрыты, а ближе к концу совсем тоскливо, и в написанное даже не верится. Это печально, но, к счастью, нашлись достойные профессионалы, которые сделали кач [...]

    20. Maybe this is a mixture of The Firm, The Exorcist and Rosemary Baby but I still like it. I enjoyed the build-up and I was little dissapointed by rushed ending but still I would recommend this to my friends. After all this was the initial sparkle for the movie we all like so much.

    21. I wonder what I had thought if I didn't know the plot. still didn't see the ending coming . off to watch the movie

    22. Ha estado bien, entretenido e interesante, pero se me ha quedado corto en varios aspectos. Lo he disfrutado y me ha gustado, pero sin más.

    23. Обалденная книга! Прочитала за 1 день. Не могла оторваться. Захватывает с первых трех страниц Все по теме, ничего лишнего! Лучшее, что я читала за последнее время!

    24. Maravilloso de principio a fin. Es muy adictivo, tiene una trama interesante con mucho ritmo e intensidad y personajes bien desarrollados. Me ha sorprendido mucho positivamente.

    25. Интересна и увличаща, но нещо краят ѝ ми се стори като закърпен, не неочакван, а някак нелогичен.

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