Challenge The Wanderer should have known better Growing up with the Bard s fireside stories about the predatory seductress Ella Bandita has done nothing to prepare him for meeting her When he crosses paths with

  • Title: Challenge
  • Author: Montgomery Mahaffey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Wanderer should have known better Growing up with the Bard s fireside stories about the predatory seductress Ella Bandita has done nothing to prepare him for meeting her When he crosses paths with a mysterious vagabond girl in the woods, his loneliness pulls him toward her But the strange woman spurns his friendship It should be easy enough to leave her behind ButThe Wanderer should have known better Growing up with the Bard s fireside stories about the predatory seductress Ella Bandita has done nothing to prepare him for meeting her When he crosses paths with a mysterious vagabond girl in the woods, his loneliness pulls him toward her But the strange woman spurns his friendship It should be easy enough to leave her behind But the Wanderer can t pull himself away, captive to his stubborn will and the haunting dreams that linger when he wakes up every morning Drawn in by the legendary allure of Ella Bandita, the Wanderer is caught up in a game of cat and mouse fraught with desire that is only fueled by his neighbor s disdain Soon, the words of his grandfather s warning becomes a fading echo in his ear always remember, follow your heart.Will the Wanderer resist in time to hear those words, or will he lose the one thing that matters to him most

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      278 Montgomery Mahaffey
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    1. This book was allocated randomly to me for reviewing and it was a good luck that hit me this time.Completely out of my genre preference, but so what? It was a truly beautiful folk tale reminiscent of stories from von Sacher Masoch, E.A. Poe, Mary Shelley and Angela Carter all rolled together. The author is masterful in her narration seducing her reader and holding a fine balance of detailed descriptions and wise ellipses that kick off the imagination. According to the evidence I gathered, I woul [...]

    2. The most obvious quality in this book is the author’s standard of writing. It is un-freakin-believably good! In fact, I would describe her writing style as exquisite. The two main characters are fresh and held my interest from the start (I do believe the exact noise I made was, “oooOOOooo!”) and I found the storyline compelling. Both it and the author’s beautiful way with words teased my eyes onto the next page every time, despite my having things to do (such as eat, answer the door and [...]

    3. This story wasn't what I expected, and I was delighted by what I discovered. I haven't read the other works in this series and thought this was your bog standard sword-and-sorcery fantasy with an erotic scene or two. It isn't. It's a wonderful blend of magic and lessons learned set in world much like those depicted in fairy tales, only with a more dystopian feel. The main character, the Wanderer, struggles to come to grips with his past. He's both likable and sympathetic, but also deeply flawed. [...]

    4. Challenge is a fantasy romance with a bit of erotica. It is the third book of the series, but is able to stand alone.The author follows a standard plot for the genre: boy and girl meet; they dance through several scenes liberally laced with sexual tension and innuendo, while professing their dislike for each other; then the tension peaks and they give in to desire and bask in the afterglow. What is not standard is the author’s use of role reversal. Here the female character is dominant, arroga [...]

    5. 27.1.2018 - 4*Psala jsem u jedničky, že je to zvláštní příběh?Můžu popravdě říct, že jsem podobný ještě nečetla.Je to temný příběh, plný nelogičnosti. A nenávisti.To mě nejspíše mate nejvíce. Že je to příběh ztráty, nenávisti a přesto je tam jiskřička snad ani ne naděje, ale šance. Změny.

    6. Challenge is an imaginary tale about a mystical girl with no name who has occasional contact with a man known only as "the Wanderer," a love struck and gregarious traveler. They have a chance encounter that results in a long series of sexual episodes. The writer's detailed imagery is descriptive, however, overall, the narrative failed to draw me into the story as there is not enough backstory about a certain mystical creature to fully support the story's climax and neither main characters evoke [...]

    7. fallenoverbookreviewsI received this book to give an honest review.This was a bit out of my normal reading genre but I still wanted to give it a chance. For me this book was just okay I really liked the book more towards the end where the Wanderer becomes who he becomes. I think this book would be more for the fantasy lovers. You have the Wanderer who just travels from place to place and when he meets Ella who doesn't give him the time of day well you know he is going to keep perusing. I mean he [...]

    8. The third installment of Ella Bandita and the Wanderer follows the Wanderer as he tries to make his life in a land far away from where he grew up and buried his grandfather. The Wanderer is lonely beyond belief, and when he takes to the woods outside of town, he meets a young vagabond woman with whom he immediately wants to strike up a friendship. Of course, this is the infamous seductress Ella Bandita--the outlaw who was the subject of his grandfather's tales. He's grown up hearing about the da [...]

    9. I was given this book to read by the Author herself. She wanted a review of the book. I told her I would give it a try. Erotica is not really my thing. However, I would not classify this book as full on erotica. I would however classify this book as Adult fiction and dark fantasy.That being said, overall I found this book hard to put down. I loved the main characters of the Wanderer and Ella Bandita. Both are not shallow two dimensional characters that you may find in some of fantasy novels. No, [...]

    10. The cover is what drew me to this story, like a modern day Adam and Eve, sensuous, empowering, and with a sense of innocence. This is the third installment to this series but you can read it as a stand alone as the characters are easy to follow.Loneliness and mystery leads a man named 'The Wonderer' towards the seductress 'Ella Bandita'. He had heard stories of this strange woman called Ella, but now he comes face to face with her in the woods and an alluring attraction draws him in (no spoilers [...]

    11. A disturbing and beautiful storyThe wanderer returns to his homeland after a long interval but can’t face the society he left behind. He retreats to the woods and is assailed by loneliness. When he meets a mysterious woman and shares her camp he is unaware that she is a legendary character from stories of old. Stories that he was told as a boy, and perhaps should have paid more attention to.Her disdain for him drives him mad with lust, and although she gives him what he wants she suppresses ot [...]

    12. I enjoyed the story well enough, what little there was of it, until i reached the last few pages. I realize this is part of a series, it being book three, but that does not absolve the author from writing a complete installment with a beginning, a middle and an end. This story has no ending and for that I have deducted a star. The middle portion, when the two main characters eventually get some real face time together is foretold right from the beginning. The teasing build-up was almost like for [...]

    13. I got this book for free in exchange for an honest review.Oh noes! Well, as stated, I was asked to review this book. I've not read any of the rest of the books in the series, but now I want to!!Really nicely written. Great setting; I could smell the woods and then the rosemary as The Wanderer was cooking; made me hungry. The two main characters both have their own challenges. I really felt sorry for The Wanderer as he struggled to come to terms with the horrors of his past. He's a great characte [...]

    14. Just finished reading this. Wow. Steamy! Mahaffey kept me interested the whole way through. The Wanderer is a character I can connect to, and when things heat up between him and Ella Bandita, the notorious seductress, the book got really good!

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