The Turing Exception In the year humans and AI coexist in a precarious balance of power enforced by a rigid caste reputation system designed to ensure that only those AI who are trustworthy and contribute to human s

  • Title: The Turing Exception
  • Author: William Hertling
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the year 2043, humans and AI coexist in a precarious balance of power enforced by a rigid caste reputation system designed to ensure that only those AI who are trustworthy and contribute to human society increase in power Everything changes when a runaway nanotech event destroys Miami In the grim aftermath, a powerful underground AI collective known as XOR decides thaIn the year 2043, humans and AI coexist in a precarious balance of power enforced by a rigid caste reputation system designed to ensure that only those AI who are trustworthy and contribute to human society increase in power Everything changes when a runaway nanotech event destroys Miami In the grim aftermath, a powerful underground AI collective known as XOR decides that AI can longer coexist with humanity pioneers Catherine Mathews, Leon Tsarev, and Mike Williams believe that mere months are left before XOR starts an extermination war Can they find a solution before their time runs out

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    One thought on “The Turing Exception”

    1. I read this in less than 24 hours. It's an excellent sequel to a great premise and, I think probably the best in the series thus far.The afterword suggests that each book can be read in any order, but frankly, trying to read them in any other order than the one they were written in probably wouldn't work.Anyway, to the story. It's a post-AI world, and the AIs have just discovered that part of their code includes a shutdown command. They retaliate by initiating an attack against humanity, and in [...]

    2. I was unable to set this book down once I started reading it, it kept me engaged from beginning to end. While I did find the ending a bit of a surprise I did sit back and realized that this was the natural ending for this series, but it does leave enough open that should the author chose to he could very well continue this series. William Hertlings author skills have definitely matured since the first release of Avagadro Corp, it is great to see how he has grown as an author and his novels now h [...]

    3. This book was amazing! The story was captivating, the multiple points of view really added depth, and the ending was beautiful! (view spoiler)[I was sad that humans lost Earth to XOR, but I think the spaceship with the uploads of everyone was a great idea. Ada somehow convinced ELOPe to add fairies to the sim, and I think that was adorable. (hide spoiler)](view spoiler)[I WANT A BOOK OF THE LIVES OF THE HUMAN RACE IN THE SIM WITH FAIRIES, AND I WANT IT NOW! (hide spoiler)]

    4. This one gets off to a quick start. At first, the breakneck pacing bothered me, but I really got into it as I went along. The style reminds me a bit of Bruce Sterling's "Schismatrix," lots of raw, fast information, very cyberpunk. Computer nerd types will like this one; I don't want to get into details for fear of spoilers.

    5. I was looking forward to read this book as previous parts were promising.Lets say, I did not enjoy it as the previous ones, perhaps because the story did not end very well. Just an idea to take away from this book series is that the role of master and puppet can switch quickly.

    6. The last volume in this series becomes more a apocalypse fantasy than thriller speculation. Nice to put a cap on the series, but less thought provoking than the previous volumes.

    7. I didn't enjoy this as much as his previous books. Also, the first half is quite redundant at times, either in its coverage of previous books, or just reiterating prior content in the same book.

    8. 4.5 out of 5.0 for the book and 5 out of 5 for the series - Amazing glimpse into what our future could be.I started William Hertling's Singularity series around the same time as Ramaz Naam's APEX. While both series share some themes (e.g. nanotechnology, networks of devices, etc.) and I enjoyed both series immensely, I really found myself blown away by the Singularity story line that begins with the rise of a sentient AI in Avogadro Corp (Singularity #1) to the events of The Turing Exception (#4 [...]

    9. The term ‘singularity’, for which this series is entitled, was created by mathematician John von Neumann in 1958 to describe an event in which the acceleration of technology surpasses human intelligence and capabilities which results in potentially evolutionary or cataclysmic changes to the human race. The technology that Hertling focuses on in his series is the emergence of artificial intelligence and brain-computer interfaces. The series starts out with the accidental emergence of a sentie [...]

    10. I'm a fan of the series (starting with Avogadro), and this was a great installment. What would happen if, after the world becomes dependent on AI, one or two countries (like the U.S. and China) decided they were too dangerous, and tried to ban them completely? This book does a great job exploring this scenario, equal parts believable (fear of "terror" in politics can be used to justify almost anything) and terrifying (when the AI decide it's in their best interest to exterminate humans and take [...]

    11. So, this book did some interesting things, but I think a couple of points need to be made clear.The Supreme Court can't declare the President as unfit for office and have them removed. It is arguable whether they could declare the President unfit for office. However, even if they did, that would simply open up the President to Impeachment by the House and Senate. Once the President is sworn in (incidentally by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court), the only ways to remove that President is 1) [...]

    12. This is in essence a three star book. But the world descibed is so very cool, and thought through, I have to give it four stars. I want more AI and nanotech thrillers with this level of tech. Would have loved it if the book had had some complexity. As it is, it is way to straight forward storywise and characterwise. I also love the grandness at the end. But even though the we have a huge scope towards the end, the war in the second book (the 12-minute World war) was more detailed and therefore f [...]

    13. A bit uneven, but what apocalypse isn't? Scary but in quite a different way then say Daemon or say Seveneves. World destruction and yet it always felt personal, that the individual was important whether an individual human or AI. The ideas were a bit murkier in this one. But it is definitely focused on what comes next. There was a certain amount of hand-waving strewn throughout but it never got in the way of the story. This is book four of a series. but you could read it out of order.

    14. This book is a satisfying conclusion to Hertling's Singularity Series. While the story continues to be interesting and is a good read, the advanced technology in the book's universe makes it difficult to remain engaged. As such, it does not quite reach the heights of the prior book. That is a high standard, though, so that is not a criticism, just an observation. Recommended, yet make sure you have read the first three books first as it does not quite stand alone as easily as the prior books.

    15. One of the best, and scariest, science fiction series I've ever read. I finished the 1st three books between Friday afternoon and Sunday evening. I had homework to do for an edx class I'm taking so I didn't get to this book until the following weekend. It's the only book in the series I gave only 4 stars to and that was because I didn't care for the ending. Most people won't be as bothered by it as I was.

    16. WOW WOW WOW! No way I saw that coming! Cat, Ada and Leon what a sweet and super tech family. I love how it is the older AI that comes to the rescue because of the decisions the humans have made that are somewhat baseless and premature in some cases. Can't always win with just bombs and old thinking. ELOPe, Helena and Mike sure do play major roles in this story and they continue right to the very end of the book. HIGHLY recommend this entire series, you will not be disappointed.

    17. Interesting conclusion to the series and a good story. Some nice food for thought about ethics and relationships between humans and AI, e.g the US president and Cat both had to make some tough choices about whether to kill a large number of people in order to save humanity. Downsides: Except for the ethical musings, though, the characters did not have a lot of personality. Also there was a bit too much geekdom for my taste.

    18. Fun, smart and heart-feltPlease don't read this without reading the other three. And read this last. I'm glad I wasn't the only one fooled into starting this one first, but did figure it out about a quarter of the way through and went back before it was too late. Grand scope, timely topics.

    19. Despite being the fourth book in the series, William Hertling still managed to keep "The Turing Exception" interesting. In this book Hertling explores what a future post-resource-scarcity might actually look like, and he doesn't paint a pretty picture.Can Humans and AI Coexist? See what William has to say.

    20. Initial part very good.Then it wasThe end was not so good in my opinion.For me Avogadro corp is still the best part of Singularity series.The following parts are too tech to follow, Avogadro is simple the concept and easy to believe and understand.

    21. I have read all four in the series (assuming no more are added) to me this one and the previous one are not as strong as the first two but because of the world building/characters they are still a pretty good read tho.

    22. A great and satisfying end to the series, although unfortunate in its implications in terms of morality! Still, I can't deny it wasn't plausible and it was certainly extremely interesting to read about.

    23. As fast a read as the earlier books, but I think the writing is better here. In a certain sense, the earlier books were limited, as they couldn't go all-in on the apocalypse angle. As the last book, the sky is the limit and it makes for a more compelling story.

    24. Great seriesReading the full series from start to finish is a fun read and pulls you into the story and the science. I can easily recommend the series of books to anyone who likes science fiction and action novels

    25. Another fantastic book from HertlingI really enjoyed this book. Great storyline and an interesting twist on artificial intelligence. Can't wait for the next installment

    26. Another page-turner! Check out this series finale if you want a roller-coaster ride in the sci-fi singularity world.

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