Matrimony Meltdown After a year and a half of on again off again relationship status Zak and Zoe are finally getting married Not only has her own mother morphed into Momzilla but Zak s mother shows up a month before t

  • Title: Matrimony Meltdown
  • Author: Kathi Daley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After a year and a half of on again off again relationship status, Zak and Zoe are finally getting married Not only has her own mother morphed into Momzilla, but Zak s mother shows up a month before the wedding with plans to stay until the big day When the mom s gang up to undo all of Zoe s wedding plans, things become tense When Zak has to go out of town two weeks befoAfter a year and a half of on again off again relationship status, Zak and Zoe are finally getting married Not only has her own mother morphed into Momzilla, but Zak s mother shows up a month before the wedding with plans to stay until the big day When the mom s gang up to undo all of Zoe s wedding plans, things become tense When Zak has to go out of town two weeks before the wedding, things get even worse But when the assistant to the wedding planner Mother Zimmerman hired ends up dead in the pool, things become outright hilarious Zoe struggles to maintain her sanity while dealing with a media circus, mom s gone crazy, and a killer on the loose

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    1. Matrimony Meltdown ( Zoe Donovan Mystery Book 13 )by: Kathi DaleyThis is the 13th book in the Zoe Donovan Mystery series. I absolutely loved Matrimony Meltdown, and Kathi Daley did not disappoint me. I laughed so hard at times and other times I was OH NO. This story is centered around Zoe and Zak’s wedding planning. We have a mother-In-law and mother that has plans of their own for this wedding. Yes this is a mystery story and again Zoe is again pitching in and trying to help out. I am not goi [...]

    2. Here Comes TheMomzilla?!Zoe and Zak are ready to tie the knotbut Zak's mom has turned the cozy, quiet setting into a three ring circus.Family invades their home and Zoe is stuck dealing with it by herself. Zak is trying to fix a major software problem and Zoe doesn't want to worry him anymore. When the giant RV rolls to a stop in front of the mansion, Zoe is at wits end. She turns to life long bestie, Ellie for guidance, but Ellie has her own woes, as boyfriend Levi is offered a fabulous job off [...]

    3. I loved this book! #13 in the series and it is like you have never left Zoe and Zak . Kathi Daley does such a great job on this series you get lost in the pages and lives of each of the characters. I laughed so hard in spots because I could so relate to the Mother In Law:) You will love this book as well as all the others in this series. Can't wait till #14:)

    4. I've heard of bride zilla but mom zilla, That is what you have in store when you read Matrimony Meltdown. Zoe, animal lover and rescuer and owner of her new business Zoe's Zoo where she and a few dedicated employee's rescue stray animals and Zak a software developer who is in deep water when someone is out to get him and sneaking into his office when his family and wedding planners are staying at their home before Zoe and Zak's wedding day.Mother Zimmerman, Zak's mother has turned into momzilla, [...]

    5. Zoe and Zak thought they had their wedding plans under control, but that was before his mother--and hers--decided they knew best and began to make plans of their own. A wedding planner, his entourage, and numerous members of Zak's extended family are suddenly staying in their home, and to make things worse for Zoe, Zak is out of town for the week. When the wedding planner's assistant turns up dead in the swimming pool, things get even more stressful. Ellie, Zoe's best friend, and her boyfriend, [...]

    6. Matrimony Meltdown is book # 13 in the Zoe Donovan Mystery series. Zoe and Zak had planned on a small quiet wedding with a few friends and kept Zak's mom out of the loop until close to the wedding so that things would stay simple. Well, that didn't last long. Zak was called out of town at the same time that Zak's mom arrived to hijack the wedding plans. Zak's mom wants a big wedding with lots of family, a celebrity story and a wedding planner. Soon, the house is bursting with Zak's relatives, an [...]

    7. I absolutely love the way Kathi Daley tells a story, she includes the reader by making comments directly to the reader as well as through descriptions. The main characters, Zoe and Zak, are getting married, I so would not want to deal with Zoe's "The Mother-in-Law from Hell". A simple wedding will not happen with the "2 Moms" joining forces. Add a little murder and mystery to the event and I will so be ready for "our" honeymoon! Hope you grab this book !

    8. Kndle Copy for ReviewIt was suppose to be the happiest time for Zoe Donovan as in a month she was marrying Zak Zimmerman. They wanted a simple beach wedding with their best friends Levi and Ellie as best man and maid of honor as well as their dogs involved as ring bearers.But the arrival of Zak’s mom a month before the wedding with a wedding planner thrown in wanting a lavish wedding and selling wedding pictures to a tabloid. She throws Zoe’s simple wedding into a big production bringing alo [...]

    9. Hold on to your hats folks! It is almost wedding time in Ashton Falls for Zak and Zoe. The book is titled Matrimony Meltdown and is Book 13 in the Zoe Donovan Mystery Series. The wedding is 2 weeks away, Zak is out of town, and Zoe’s and Zak’s house has been invaded by relatives and people hired to plan the wedding… the wedding that Zoe thought was already planned. Hum, who is at the center of all that madness but Zak’s mother. I was sure she was going to be the murder victim. Just wasn [...]

    10. I was so excited to get back to Ashton Falls with Zoe and Zak! I loved this book, as I do all of Kathis, this is one of my favorite series. Zak is out of town, and poor Zoe is left at their house when Zaks mother (Momzilla) arrives with a whole gang of people who want to turn their wedding day into a disaster. And if that's not enough, Zoe stumbles across someone floating facedown in their pool, and, learns some possible life changing news regarding one of her best friends. A fun mystery, and so [...]

    11. As the wedding draws near, some where around a month down the road, so does Zach's mother, a slew of his extended family and a wedding planner and his entourage. Oh, and his mother made arrangements with one of the celebrity magazines to photograph the wedding. To make matters worse, Zak is out of town working on a software problem. So, Zoe sends her mother in to deal with Zak's momzilla, and ends up with two momzillas for her trouble. Then she discovers a dead body. Can it get any worse? Read i [...]

    12. I'm so glad the wedding is almost here Everyone loves a wedding well almost.How can Zoe handle the changes in their wedding that their mothers want without Zac there to help? How did the dead body get in there pool? Will their life every get back to normal? Fun story full of interpersonal strife and the love of family, friends and animals,,

    13. I totally enjoyed being back with old friends Zoe, Zak, Ellie and Levi. Zoe has her hands full with Momzillas, a house full of soon to be in-laws she doesn't know, an upcoming wedding that has become a three-ring circus and murder! I picked the book up and couldn't put it down for long until I came to the last page! A fun and entertaining book that is the latest in a fun and cozy series.

    14. Simple wedding plans become a monstrosity thanks to the momzillas. A dead body does not bode well for the event either. Lots of surprises and this engaging engaged couple have much to overcome. While each book can be read as a stand alone, you will want to read all in this series.

    15. Kathi Daley writes characters and locations her readers fall in love with.Zoe Donovan has done a lot of growing up in this series. She started out a real crazy hot mess, running here and there finding trouble. Now we are at the point that trouble finds her.The trio of best friends and new/old friend Zak are still as loyal and loving as ever. They still have respect for and interact with the town seniors, and have even taken a few youngsters under their wing.Business is booming for Ellis at the B [...]

    16. Zak and Zoe know what type of wedding they want. A small quiet affair on the beach with family and close friends in attendance. They want Ellie and Levi, their best friends, to stand up for them. They want their dogs and the two young children they love to be ring bearers and flower girls. But when Zak’s mother shows up a month before the ceremony with a wedding planner and celebrity photographer in tow, their wishes fly right out the window. Many members of Zak’s family also show up and tak [...]

    17. Now that Zoe Donovan has finally agreed to marry her boyfriend Zak Zimmerman, all she wants is a simple ceremony on the beach with their best friends, Ellie and Levi, and their fury friends, too. Unfortunately, Zak's mother has a vastly different vision for her wealthy son's wedding. In fact, Zoe starts to think that Mrs. Zimmerman would like to replace her with an altogether different bride, as well! While Zoe watches her home with Zak fill up with his family and wedding planners hired by Zak's [...]

    18. Zoe and Zac are planning a beautiful wedding when both their mothers become Momzilla's and start taking over the plans. Zoe is about to blow when Zac's mother fills the house with strangers like a wedding planner, a stylist, and odd family members. Zac's away dealing with a business problem, and Zoe's left to cope alone. Best friends, Ellie and Levi offer support and peaceful refuge. Zoe keeps finding evidence that someone's searching Zac's locked office. Will the Momzilla's have their way, or w [...]

    19. Matrimony Meltdown: A Zoe Donovan Mystery by Kathi Daley is a fun cozy mystery with a clever twist. Everything readers enjoy about cozy mysteries can be found in Daley's book: quirky characters, an interesting setting, and a well-plotted whodunit. Matrimony Meltdown also providers humor, romance, and a little suspense. Two moms taking over the planning of a wedding - what can go wrong? Plenty!Cozy mystery lovers will want to read every title of this wonderful series.

    20. This first book in the Zoe and Zak wedding trilogy was great. I must admit to having homicidal thoughts towards Zak's Momzilla, however - thank goodness the murder/mystery interceded and captured my attention! The author has really grown Zoe as a character and I have enjoyed seeing that. Looking forward to the second book to see how all the dramas will all pan out - particularly with Ellie and Levi.

    21. Zoe and Zac are finally getting married and even Zac's Momzilla and a murder in their swimming pool can't stop the ceremony. Zac's Mother interferes with their simple plans and a murder results. Unfortunately it wasn't hers! Crazy in-laws, pushy press and murder give Zoe a meltdown but she pushes on. When events from the recent past catch up with Zoe and Zac, they almost lose their lives. Another great entry in the series that will keep you going right on to the next book.

    22. #13is series just goes on and on and ond I don't want it to EVER stop!!! I love snuggling down with my Kindle to read the next installment in the lives of these wonderful characters and the mystery they are going to solve. It doesn't hurt that there is romance and humor thoughout the whole series. Now waiting for #14 to come out in May!!!

    23. Kindle Unlimited liked it but didn't love it hence 4 stars. Wasn't anything stupid such as typos or anything like that, just didn't love this.Halloween Hijinks Anniversary Edition (Zoe Donovan Mystery Book 1) * - The Trouble with Turkeys (Zoe Donovan Mystery Book 2) * - Christmas Crazy (Zoe Donovan Mystery Book 3) * - Cupids Curse (Zoe Donovan Mystery Book 4) - Big Bunny Bump Off (Zoe Donovan Mystery Book 5) * - Beach Blanket Barbie (Zoe Donovan Mystery Book 6) * Maui Madness (Zoe Donovan Myster [...]

    24. Zoe and Zak's small, simple wedding, Right!I had a love hate relationship with parts of this story. Yes, I get way to invested in the lives of these characters. All of Zoe and Zak's plans for their wedding, changed by the mother-in-law from hell. Then someone dies, accident or murder. Also someone might be snooping in Zak's office. And what is happening with Ellie and Levi? So much going on in this book that it was hard to put down. Loved it. Moving on to the next one in the series.

    25. Wonderful bookAnother as good or better then the others. I sure love this series. We I read of it almost feels like I'm there with them. Can't wait to read the next one.

    26. Good cozyThe plot holds together bit its no john grisham. It was entertaining if you enjoy cozy mysteries. There are even recipes at the end!

    27. I've read all of the Zoe Donovan mystery books, but this one was not an all time favorite. I love how Kathi Daley always brings back characters from the other books. She does that again in this book The murder somehow seems remote despite the fact Zoe is the one who finds the body and the murder occurs in her (and Zak's) backyard. Zoe has a houseful of guests including her future mother-in-law and Zak is on a business trip. Zoe helps Sheriff Salinger solve the murder. Zak arrives home in time to [...]

    28. openbooksociety/article/maReview brought to you by OBS reviewer AndraUsually I try to begin a new series from book 1, but in this case I took a chance and started with book #13, especially when it is a new author to me. I am happy to report that I was not disappointed! In fact…I have book #1 of the series all loaded on the eReader ready to go!!!The story revolves around the impending nuptials of Zoe and Zack. While Zack is off averting professional disaster mere weeks before the wedding, Zoe i [...]

    29. Matrimony Meltdown is the 13th book in the Zoe Donavon Mystery series. Kathi Daley’s growth as an author is quite apparent in this book. She has incorporated a hint of espionage and increased danger in this book, while retaining all of the features of a classic cozy mystery. This book can be read as a standalone, but to fully appreciate it, you might consider reading Alaskan Alliance first. Zoe and Zach return to Ashton Falls after finally accepting Zach’s proposal. Zoe’s “heart’s desi [...]

    30. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I have not previously read any of Kathi Daley’s well-established Zoe Donovan Mystery series, however, that did not prevent me from thoroughly enjoying the 13th book in the series, Matrimony Meltdown. The characters and their relationships have clearly been developed along the way in the series, and the completeness of these established characters is obvious. Zak and Zoe are an adorable couple Nerdy Zak is quite carin [...]

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