The Eighth Circle Murray Kirk runs his private investigation agency like the business it is he isn t interested in justice or crusades just the profit and loss account When he s asked to act for a young policeman accu

  • Title: The Eighth Circle
  • Author: Stanley Ellin
  • ISBN: 9780752853314
  • Page: 333
  • Format: None
  • Murray Kirk runs his private investigation agency like the business it is he isn t interested in justice or crusades, just the profit and loss account When he s asked to act for a young policeman accused of bribery, because he knows something about police corruption in New York City, he isn t too keen He just can t see the profit until he meets the man s fiancee AndMurray Kirk runs his private investigation agency like the business it is he isn t interested in justice or crusades, just the profit and loss account When he s asked to act for a young policeman accused of bribery, because he knows something about police corruption in New York City, he isn t too keen He just can t see the profit until he meets the man s fiancee And then Kirk s motives become uncomfortably confused, and he finds himself descending swiftly into a grey world of bookmakers, gangsters, grafters and corrupt politicians, a world where setting up an honest cop is all in a day s work

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    One thought on “The Eighth Circle”

    1. This guy Ellin--a too-little known name to the general reader of detective fiction--deserves every bit of praise that his fellow-authors showered on him during the course of his career, (a three-time Edgar award winner? Ore-ida!) His writing is engaging, brisk, observant, juicy with human interactions. He doesn't write mere cardboard cut-outs. Real polish, but at the same time an earthy and streetwise style. He's an author to remind you how fun a good hard-boiled yarn can be. In every chapter of [...]

    2. Another private eye story, but with a refreshing twist -- this one is quite successful. No sleazy office with a bottle of drugstore rye in the drawer for him! Engaged to clear the name of a policeman suspected of corruption, the protagonist (just as in Room to Swing, but with a difference) learns as much about himself as he does about the mystery. Ellin was a master crime writer and this is an excellent book. It's also enjoyable for its portrait of NYC in the fifties.The private eye subgenre is [...]

    3. Classic PI story set in New York City which won the Edgar Award for best mystery in 1959. For such a short book there were lots of characters and a pretty elaborate plot but the author did a good job of tying everything together and providing a satisfying conclusion.

    4. Well-written, and ultimately I'm glad I read it, but had I not known of its reputation I'm not sure I would have finished it. It's not exactly a page-turner, and not especially deep to compensate.

    5. THE EIGHTH CIRCLE. (1958). Stanly Ellin. ***.I conducted a brief poll among my circle of friends who are avid mystery readers. My purpose was to see how many of them had read this Edgar-Award-winning novel. None of them had read it. Most of them had not even heard of it. Ellin later became known for his excellent and skillfully written short stories, and went on to win two additional Edgar Awards as a result of them. I’m not sure why this novel is so little known. Perhaps the reasons I can com [...]

    6. This mystery won the Edgar Award in 1959. Murray Kirk is head of a private detective agency in New York City. He gets involved in a case centered around a cop named Lundeen who has been accused of taking a bribe from bookmakers.Murray Kirk doesn't need the money or the headaches of this case. He has every material thing he has ever wanted and a mistress who is also his good friend. But he is in love with the beautiful and proper Ruth Vincent, Lundeen's fiancee. Murray Kirk takes this case with t [...]

    7. Criminal thriller set in 1950s New York, depicting the noir underbelly (as opposed to a colorful/comical Runyonesque portraiture) of Manhattan. Two world-weary protagonists are a criminal lawyer (set out to defend a vice cop charged with taking a bookie's bribe), who "teams" up with private investigator (engaged to unravel the mystery, yet openly out to prove the vice cop's guilt!). Prelude to a love triangle, though, the PI only takes the case to actually find evidence of the vice cop's guilt w [...]

    8. I think I like Ellin's work when it is shorter. Both Dreadful Summit and his short story collection The Specialty of the House are fantastic but this detective novel from him is above average for its genre but below my expectations for his work.The characters didn't seem especialy interesting and the mystery itself was fairly dull. Ellin's prose is the drawcard, the dialogue is pretty snappy and often funny.

    9. I would read Ellin again. He writes with a sure feel for the law, the characters that find themselves in the system, and the perspectives of the players like investigators, cops, judges and crims. Ellin has his own voice, devoid of melodrama even when the events suggest it but, in tone and setting, I found this book reminiscent of books by Dashiel Hammet, James Cain, hard boiled New York writers of crime fiction.

    10. A bit of muddled book. It starts out as something as an anti-private eye novel, where the "reality" of the PI is exposed as a complete fantasy. Of course, I think we all knew this, but it makes for a different sort of book. Then, after the first third, we get a rather run of the mill noir type novel.I liked the first third. After that, it was pretty humdrum.

    11. A fairly complicated but surprisingly literary mystery. The Eighth Circle refers to Dante's Inferno, and the Hell imagery is sprinkled throughout. This is a world of corrupt cops and lawyers - there are really no redeemable characters here. An interesting subplot involves a romance with Murray Kirk and Ruth Vincent, the girlfriend of a man accused of graft.

    12. This is a book I think I'll need to read again to appreciate. The first half was confusing - too many shady characters and names to keep track of; but the second half was solid with an interesting resolution.

    13. A nice quick read with a surprisingly complicated plot. Avoids the most obvious clichés and even has a happyish ending. Not very noir, but quite charming and well crafted.

    14. The rare highbrow detective story. Well written, intelligent, ties up flawlessly, and has a happy ending that doesn't come off as saccharine. Very impressive.

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