Bohemian Gospel Set against the historical reign of the Golden and Iron King Bohemian Gospel is the remarkable tale of a bold and unusual girl on a quest to uncover her past and define her destiny Thirteenth century

  • Title: Bohemian Gospel
  • Author: Dana Chamblee Carpenter
  • ISBN: 9781605989013
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Set against the historical reign of the Golden and Iron King, Bohemian Gospel is the remarkable tale of a bold and unusual girl on a quest to uncover her past and define her destiny.Thirteenth century Bohemia is a dangerous place for a girl, especially one as odd as Mouse, born with unnatural senses and an uncanny intellect Some call her a witch Others call her an angel.Set against the historical reign of the Golden and Iron King, Bohemian Gospel is the remarkable tale of a bold and unusual girl on a quest to uncover her past and define her destiny.Thirteenth century Bohemia is a dangerous place for a girl, especially one as odd as Mouse, born with unnatural senses and an uncanny intellect Some call her a witch Others call her an angel Even Mouse doesn t know who or what she is But she means to find out.When young King Ottakar shows up at the Abbey wounded by a traitor s arrow, Mouse breaks church law to save him and then agrees to accompany him back to Prague as his personal healer Caught in the undertow of court politics at the castle, Ottakar and Mouse find themselves drawn to each other as they work to uncover the threat against him and to unravel the mystery of her past But when Mouse s unusual gifts give rise to a violence and strength that surprise everyone especially herself she is forced to ask herself Will she be prepared for the future that awaits her A heart thumping, highly original tale in the vein of Elizabeth Kostova s The Historian, Bohemian Gospel heralds the arrival of a fresh new voice for historical fiction.

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    One thought on “Bohemian Gospel”

    1. Granted, I'm biased, as I edited this book, but Bohemian Gospel is AMAZING. I was absolutely bowled over within the first few pages of the book. The world was so rich, the characters were so vivid, and the writing was so captivating that I could hardly believe the book was a debut. But indeed it was, and I feel so lucky that I got to work with Dana to polish it into a finished book. Every one who has read it so far has been absolutely mesmerized by the book — from the Killer Nashville committe [...]

    2. I love Mouse, the young girl at the center of this absorbing novel set in 13th century Bohemia. An orphan living in a monastery, Mouse has a sharp mind, a big heart, and powers that defy explanation. Many are afraid and call her a witch but in the monastery she is kept relatively safe -- until the day she saves the life of the Young King. Suddenly her life is turned upside down. Mouse is a fully developed and fascinating creation, and this book kept me up late nights as I raced through it to see [...]

    3. "Bohemian Gospel" is my "American Beauty" of books. What I mean by this, is that the first time I saw the movie "American Beauty" with some friends, as soon as it ended I said, "I REALLY didn't like that." It was a super depressing, f'ed-up movie and made me feel weird. Then a few days went by, and I kept thinking about it, and thinking about it, and thinking about it. It was always on my mind. And by the end of the week, I sent my friends a text that said, "Guys I think I liked 'American Beauty [...]

    4. Ugg. This book was so different from the jacket description. What a total let down. I was expecting historical intrigue with some mystical elements. Instead it was about ***SPOILER ALERT*** demonic demons. The plot was all over the place - she's with the king, she's in the forest, suddenly it's fifteen years later and it's about her love for a dog. In the end she's the devil incarnate. Makes me want to go back to the library. I could have returned it. I really only finished because I purchased i [...]

    5. This was floating along, three-ish stars and pretty good but nothing wowzers. And then at about the 300 mark, it took a much darker turn and got really, really good. And the last ten pages or so? Heart breaking. And the last two pages? Boom. That, my friends, is how you end a mother-fucking book. With a boom.*Update on the re-read: I bumped this up a star. I love this book.

    6. Bohemian Gospel by Dana Chamblee CarpenterI wasn’t at all sure I’d like this novel when Pegasus Books sent it to me for review. It just didn’t seem to be the type of novel I usually read. But I was extremely surprised! I couldn’t put the book down and finished it in one reading!Mouse, the heroine of the story has been raised in Teplà Abbey. However; although it is the only home she has ever known, she is not allowed into the church. She has never been officially baptized, and never even [...]

    7. Disclosure first. The editor suggested that I might enjoy reading this book and sent me a copy. This person seems to be able to intuit what I will like though and so I was quite pleased to have the chance to read this book.She thought that since I had gone 'gaga' over "Hild" this book would be of interest it was! The 5 stars are all my own decision though - this is a great read!When I turned the last page I began trying to think about how I would describe this book. It is light and dark, sweet a [...]

    8. Lightning review at Smart Bitches, Trashy BooksFirst of all, Bohemian Gospel needs to come with a trigger warning for EVERYTHING: rape and attempted rape, domestic violence, scenes of torture, and violence to animals and children. The last one was especially hard for me and I had to skim some scenes. A lot of historical fiction can get pretty gritty (history is not pretty, ya’ll), but this book was just goddamned depressing.So this book pissed me off because Mouse is incredibly powerful. When [...]

    9. Yep, a one day read for me because I could not put it down. The entire story and frame was built well, with characters that were woven together by blood and by tears. Beautiful historical (and speculative) fiction that will be enjoyed by readers of Sarah Dunant and Deborah Harkness.

    10. This book belongs in the fantasy or horror categories. I like supernatural elements in books, but in this book they were overt, and to my mind, overdone. What I didn't like about the story:--It is dark, dark, dark. There is no light, no beauty, not even in the characters. Perhaps the only good characters in the story were Fr. Lucas, Gitta, and Luka, although we can't know for sure, because we never learn anything about them even though Fr. Lucas raised Mouse, and Gitta was Mouse's maid in Prague [...]

    11. Bohemian Gospel is a smart and assured debut. Beginning with the first action-filled chapter, I found myself completely immersed in the world of Europe's High Middle Ages: it felt grubby and earthy, full of a sense of Medieval magic. I love that feeling of immersion, and it was only deepened by the sense that there is much going on that Mouse isn't quite ready to access. This Medieval magic is not a romantic thing; it has complicated roots in both good and evil, and Mouse is completely entangled [...]

    12. It was refreshing to read a piece of historical fiction set in Bohemia/Central Europe as opposed to England/France/Germany (as much as I love historical fiction set in England, France, and/or Germany). While it took me a while to get into the novel, I later grew attached to Mouse and invested in her story. Over the course of Bohemian Gospel, Mouse gradually learns more details about her identity and past, and she has to find a way to reconcile herself to what she discovers and what her supernatu [...]

    13. *spoilers*An equally if not more appropriate title for this book would be “Bohemian Gothic” because readers are in for an unusual dose of horror with their historical fiction.But it's a buildup to said horror, so I'll start at the beginning.The book starts out by throwing you right into the thick of things—literally. The main character, Mouse, is trapped in the middle of a thick cluster of knights, and there was some great imagery at work here. You could really feel and smell everything Mo [...]

    14. Magical realism. Bohemian court life in the thirteenth century. A young king with a desire to improve life for all his subjects. And a mysteriously gifted protagonist whose only name is Mouse.Someone's been peeking at my Christmas list.That someone, of course, is none other than up-and-coming novelist Dr. Dana Chamblee Carpenter. Her debut, Bohemian Gospel, was my welcome companion over Thanksgiving break: I picked it up, read the first chapter, set it down briefly, and then returned to devour t [...]

    15. More brutal and creepy than I expected! The world is engrossing and original, yet authentic, and the story takes the main character places that I could not predict, but was happy to follow. Recommended for fans of The Queen of the Tearling or The Thinking Woman's Guide to Real Magic who are brave and like twisty supernatural things.

    16. I'm sad to leave Mouse's world. I read the book in a single sitting and definitely want more. The research serves as a strong backbone, but the real strength is in the characters and the story. I was left wanting to know more of the back story for nearly every main character - not that the book was lacking at all, but that the characters were so rich that I wanted to know them better. I'm a total sucker for strong, smart, capable female characters. I've also been recently reading the Sister Fide [...]

    17. Amazing. Original. An awesome and complex heroine. A non-typical historical setting. One of those novels one finds themselves immersed in.

    18. "Bohemian Gospel" is an original meshing of historical fiction and fantasy. Set in 13th century Bohemia, we meet Mouse, an unusual girl that has some supernatural powers. She grows up as an outcast, taken care of by the church, even though she is not allowed to get close to the religion itself. Then she saves a king and her life changes. This book has a lot of historical detail with a twist of the extraordinary.At first, this book seems to be very much a straight historical fiction. There's grea [...]

    19. The stunning cover of Bohemian Gospel shelters a wonderfully unique tale about a poor young girl of unknown birth circumstances named Mouse who saves King Ottakar's life and swiftly becomes his most trusted personal healer. But Mouse is no ordinary girl. She possesses numerous gifts - the gift of foresight, the gift of healing, the gift of unusual hearing and sight, name a few. She is reluctantly swept into court life with its many political machinations and intrigues. King Ottaker becomes her p [...]

    20. wordnerdy/2015/10Sooooo I am way too boggled by the ending of this book to think about the beginning! I will do my best to summarize. This novel is set in 13th-century Bohemia, and focuses on a young girl--with some very uncanny abilities--who's been raised in a convent. But now she's saved the life of young King Ottakar (a real historical dude!) and is whisked away to Prague to make sure he stays healthy--and also because they're totally into each other. I admit to being way more interested in [...]

    21. Excellent entertainment! It's not a difficult book, but it's beautifully written and Mouse is so fully fleshed she makes for a wonderful character. The big twist at the end was both heartbreaking and awesome--such an unexpected turn (admittedly, I was kind of disappointed, but I think most readers would be if they love Mouse, so overall the disappointment is great sign?). I would definitely read a sequel (but it doesn't necessarily need one)!

    22. Find this review and more fantastical things at The Leaning Tower of Tomes.Source: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, Iris and Pegasus!The review:Bohemian Gospel is an historical/paranormal novel set in 13th century Bohemia. It’s about a strange girl called Mouse who knows absolutely nothing about her heritage or her family. But Mouse is different; she can see demons, she can sense bad things that are about to happen. By chance, she saves the [...]

    23. Raised as an orphan among the sisters of the Tepla Abbey in thirteenth-century Bohemia, the young girl known only as Mouse is regarded as “odd,” perhaps even as a witch. The sisters do not interact with her and cross themselves when they must. It is only through the love and understanding of Mouse’s beloved mentor, Father Lucas, that she grows to understand that she is more than just odd. Mouse has supernatural powers that give her the ability to see demons, to heal, and to control another [...]

    24. Mouse is fifteen, has no baptised name, no parents and lives in a monastery in thirteenth-century Bohemia (now the Czech Republic). However, Teplá Abbey is no home to this strange girl. Mouse is distrusted by its inhabitants for her uncanny abilities, and – as one unbaptised – certainly cannot become a nun. Life changes radically for Mouse when the Younger King, the eighteen-year-old Ottakar, is brought to the monastery with an arrow in his chest. Mouse, trained as a healer, saves his life [...]

    25. Dana Chamblee Carpenter's debut novel, set in 13th-century Bohemia, follows Mouse, a teenager grappling with supernatural gifts that are tied to her mysterious past. As the novel opens, Mouse saves King Ottakar (Bohemia's real-life Gold and Iron King) and accompanies him to Prague where she must navigate court politics and a romance with the young kingl while battling her demons (both literal and figurative). Without giving away too many spoilers - because this book has quite a few twists and tu [...]

    26. Not really my favorite. I was excited to see a book that took place in Bohemia and I feel a little let down. I liked Mouse (the main character) but never really became totally engaged with her. Parts of the story felt a little rushed and not well developed. And I'm sorry butat ending. I won't spoil anything butally?I wanted to like this book so much!

    27. What a wonderful novel!!! Rich historical detail, fascinating characters, and a well-crafted storywith a supernatural plot that just fits the time and place. It vividly brings to life 13th century Europe, especially Prague. A powerful and beautiful book!

    28. Absolutely enchanting. A beautifully written story with a strong, complex female protagonist and a surprise ending you won't see coming. I couldn't put it down!

    29. Dark and despairing in so many ways, the clarity and audacity of this harrowing tale will leave you breathless. At its center is Mouse, an unbaptized girl for whom no one ever cared enough to give a proper name. Raised in an abbey whose sisterhood she can never be allowed to join, Mouse is a gifted healer who possesses other, more frightening gifts as well.She's 15 when she saves the life of Ottakar, the youthful "Younger King" of Bohemia, who rules in an uneasy alliance with his tyrant father. [...]

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