Crushed Gardenias A Short Story A Rae Hatting Mystery This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B MX JYGO Agent Rae Hatting has been sent to a small town in Colorado to investigate the disappearance of young girls from several surrounding states What

  • Title: Crushed Gardenias: A Short Story (A Rae Hatting Mystery, #0)
  • Author: Heather Osborne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00MX2JYGO.Agent Rae Hatting has been sent to a small town in Colorado to investigate the disappearance of young girls from several surrounding states What she finds is not at all what she expected.Initially submitted to the Bloody Scotland crime short story contest in 2014.

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    • [PDF] Download ↠ Crushed Gardenias: A Short Story (A Rae Hatting Mystery, #0) | by ↠ Heather Osborne
      194 Heather Osborne
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      Posted by:Heather Osborne
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    One thought on “Crushed Gardenias: A Short Story (A Rae Hatting Mystery, #0)”

    1. ***** 5 Cranky Stars *****Wow what a great short story. If I could give it five stars plus ten more. Loved the way the author allowed the reader into the minds of the victim and the police women. Loved the start it grabbed me and held me through to the last page. From the idea that a serial killer would target young girls and leave a gardenia at the crime scene was brilliant. I need to see more of Agent Hatting; she is compassionate yet tough as she solves the case of the virgin killer. Her best [...]

    2. A nice short story that tells about a case where Special Agent Rae Hatting seeks a serial killer of young girls around whom gardenias are placed. It's all neatly tied up at the end, with a sweet touch to boot. You'll want to read this before you read the author's full-length novel. It will gear you up for more murder, mystery, and excitement.

    3. Review of Crushed Gardenias by Heather OsborneWow what a great short story. I read this for The Book Curmudgeon and give it five stars plus ten more. Loved the way the author allowed the reader into the minds of the victim and the police women. Loved the start it grabbed me and held me through to the last page. From the idea that a serial killer would target young girls and leave a gardenia at the crime scene was brilliant. I need to see more of Agent Hatting; she is compassionate yet tough as s [...]

    4. A great crime short story.This is the stunning, short story. Stunning as regards the standard of writing is and stunning as regards the plot. The genre is Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Crime Fiction > Serial Killers, they don’t come to the story expecting a sweet, poetic tale based on judging the book by the cover, that of an innocent young girl, as I did. If I had read the word ‘Crushed’, an interpretive meaning before having read ‘Gardenias’, in the title, I also might have be [...]

    5. Interesting, short read. I will need to check out The Fairest of Them now.I enjoyed this short story. It was interesting and it has me wanting to read The Fairest of Them since this was the recommended reading before that book. There's not a huge cliffhanger or anything like that. It's just a complete short story that you don't want to see end. I simply more of these characters and more story. I think the only thing I didn't care for was the way the switching point of view was done. It was confu [...]

    6. Gosh, I wanted more. This has all the potential for a long running serial. I felt heart broken when it ended. From the get go, this has an attractive and intriguing lead character with personality and courage. I want to see more of her. I want to know more about the relationships between her and those around her. This was my first foray into a Heather Osborne novel and I liked it. I’m definitely going to be looking for more from this author.

    7. A great little short mysteryI enjoyed this short intro to FBI Agent Rae Hatting. This is a series that I look forward to following. This intro to the series was quickbut left me guessing until the very end. If you are a fan of mystery/thrillersen this series is for you. I can't wait to read full adventures of Rae Hatting.!!

    8. Very impressed with everything about Crushed Gardenias. The short story was well planned out, concise and detailed. The dialogue flowed beautifully. There was one problem with it. Crushed Gardenias was too short! I wanted more. Is there a possibility we will read more of Agent Hatting on a new case? I hope so.

    9. This is a short story that introduces the character, FBI Special Agent Rae Hatting. Expanded, this would make a fabulous novel, too. I'm delighted to see that the series has been going a while and I have a couple of completed novels to catch up on.

    10. Very good read. I was sucked in from page one and couldn't put it down to the last page. The characters were likable and the story was believable. I especially liked Rae Hatting and Craig and their relationship. Highly recommend.

    11. Great shortReally enjoyed the writing in this. I liked how the author combined two perspectives to meet. At first I was somewhat confused about the italics, wondering if it was a memory, but it all made sense at the end.

    12. Filled with haunting words and imagery, Heather has crafted together a tightly knit and well executed short story. This is a small mystery that will make your hair stand on end thinking about the circumstances. I would love to see more such short stories by this author.

    13. This was a quick read and I enjoyed every bit of it. Although short, every page was begging to be turned. It was suspenseful, chilling, and it ended with meaning. I had goosebumps at one point in the story. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

    14. This was a good book, very short and to the point. It was sad and had an unsuspected murderer. It is a story with a touching ending.

    15. This is a mystery about the murders of young girls and the resolution in finding the killer. It was pretty good, the story moved along at a steady pace, and the ending was a little surprising.This edition had a sneak peek at "The Fairest of Them," which looks interesting enough to pick up and read in its entirety.I probably spent less than a half hour reading "Crushed Gardenias," which makes for a good diversion while taking a break during a busy day.

    16. ** This is a Kindle 30 Minute Read **This was a short, short story that was about girls abducted by a serial killer and the FBI agent assigned to investigate the case. Well written but I felt the conclusion rushed, almost like the author chopped it down to fit into a short story genre. It left me feeling a bit flat and disappointed. This excellent premise really should have been extended into a novella at the least.

    17. A short, but intriguing story! It had a twist at the end that I totally did not see coming! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more of this author's work. :D

    18. Too good to be just a short story.This began brilliantly. Haunting and horrible (in the way only a murder crime scenes can be), I was prepared for a story along the lines of Patricia Cornwell or Colleen McCullough. Such a complex killer commanded a novel, at least. Yet I already knew this was a short story, so I wondered how it could be condensed into a short tale. The answer is that a lot of the investigation between the crime scene and apprehending the perpetrator was only presented in minimal [...]

    19. A serial killer is on the loose, leaving bodies of young girls dressed in white, adorned with gardenias. Special Agent Rae Hatting of the FBI is called in to try and solve the murders. This is a short story, told in first person POV. The plot is engaging, and kept me involved until the end. The story is well-written and Hatting is a very likable character. My only point of contention, the last victim had things done to her that the person who was arrested for the crimes could not have done. I fe [...]

    20. I fancied a short read, and I've read a couple of books by this author recently. I've been surprised how much I enjoyed them, granted that they are not the genre I normally read.Well, Heather has done it again with Crushed Gardenias.It's a short story about an FBI agent hunting a particularly disturbing serial killer(is there any other kind?). The author portrays the main character perfectly, and for such a few pages, manages to convey a great amount of detail and storytelling.There is a part th [...]

    21. Special Agent Rae Hatting is investigating the latest in a string of disturbing murders of young girls, the victims of a serial killer. Author Heather Osborne effectively weaves the narration of a near victim as she flees for her safety in with the crime-solving first person narrative of Agent Hatting.The story is fast-paced yet takes the time to let the reader know the main character. I see that this short story is Book 1 in the Rae Hatting Mysteries. I would definitely be interested in reading [...]

    22. A simple but effective twist ends this great mystery story rather abruptly, leaving the reader aching for more as it is written with an ease that sinks you right into the scene from the word go. It is clear that this author is more than capable of building the layers to a longer novel, and Crushed Gardenias will make you seek out other books by the same hand but handles the short story with equal expertise, but for now this is a really great introduction and well worth the read. Great stuff!

    23. Serial Killer Short StoryYoung girls are disappearing. FBI Special Agent Rae Hatting is helping local law enforcement track the serial killer.Heather Osborne is a talented writer. I've also enjoyed her other works: Illicit Corruption, packed with dark passions; Tam Lin, her exciting version of the ancient legend; and Verboten, a compelling story of forbidden love.

    24. LOVE how this story introduced me to a main character in the next book! A "prequel" short story, it built up curiosity and added a psychological level that was interesting to read. Dove right into the next book!

    25. Am I reading the same story everyone else likes? Yes, it's a short story, but there was absolutely no flesh on these bones, more like an outline. It could be good if fleshed out and edited.

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