Just Pretending Everything in Cam s life is finally going right Despite many of her best friend being out of town for the summer she is ready to have some fun With her good friend Josh by her side Cam is just start

  • Title: Just Pretending
  • Author: Dana Burkey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 111
  • Format: ebook
  • Everything in Cam s life is finally going right Despite many of her best friend being out of town for the summer, she is ready to have some fun With her good friend Josh by her side, Cam is just starting to really enjoy the time off school, when Nick comes wandering back into her life It s been a year since Cam last saw Nick, but the wound is still fresh The heartbreakEverything in Cam s life is finally going right Despite many of her best friend being out of town for the summer, she is ready to have some fun With her good friend Josh by her side, Cam is just starting to really enjoy the time off school, when Nick comes wandering back into her life It s been a year since Cam last saw Nick, but the wound is still fresh The heartbreak Nick caused so long ago left Cam in pieces Now that he is back, she is quickly falling apart one again And the fact that he brought his new girlfriend Gina along for his vacation is only making it worse Not wanting to see the shell of a person Cam once was thanks to Nick, Josh comes up with an idea he will play the role of Cam s boyfriend to make Nick jealous Although the plan seems impossible, Cam quickly realizes it s working Or at least it seems like it s working from the outside But to everyone on the inside things get messy fast With feelings, emotions, and kissing flying all around, will Cam ever stop the pretending and land the true love she s been looking for

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    One thought on “Just Pretending”

    1. 3/5 stars! :) cute, decent, light read.So "pretend dating" is actually a thing, huh?So the MC, Cam, dates Josh to make Nick jealous/or really just to make herself feel less lonely/less sad (even though he has a girlfriend so why would it bother him?)Josh was pretty cute sometimes and I enjoyed when Cam and Josh were together. Their interactions reminded me of a crush I had this year (2016 lol) (I have his number too. *cue blush*)It took me a while to read/listen to this because my audio app was [...]

    2. (Source: Downloaded for free from )This was a sweet YA romance novella, and the kisses were hot!I have to say that people ‘pretend dating’ is something that I really hate. Things always go wrong, and someone always ends up getting hurt, and generally I just do not like it. That being said though, this story was really sweet! I really liked Cam and Josh, and I was desperately hoping that they could work things out and get together! And the kisses! So steamy! If Cam had still been after Nick a [...]

    3. I really don't understand why girls pretend to date someone just to make another guy jelous. It's never made sense to me. If he's with someone else then getting him to like you isn't a good thing. It just shows that you don't value yourself enough to be with someone who liked you all along. With all of that said, this was a fairly cute story. I appreciated the fact that Cam was able to start seeing Nick for what he was. Sure she liked him a year ago, but things change. At first her wanting to ma [...]

    4. Actual Rating: 3.5 starsJust Pretending, the first novella was about Cam, a girl who has had a crush on Nick for over a year because they spent a whole summer together hanging out. But then, he's back with his girlfriend and Josh, Cam's friend, makes a plan to get the two together. Okay so for the characters Cam irritated and annoyed me. She was childish, but it made the story so cute. Idk if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Lol!I liked Josh. He was so freaking sweet. Ugh, I couldn't get enou [...]

    5. Actual rating - 3.5This was a cute, quick read.I liked Cam, and I liked Josh. I really didn't like Nick though! He was a jerk, and I really didn't know what Cam seen in him.Overall, A good novella.

    6. This is the second Pretend or fake summer romance I have read this month. It is not a concept I was familiar with before.Oh of course there is always the idea to flirt to make someone notice you or experience a twinge of jealousy.To go for a full blown pretend relationship for several weeks or months - you know someone has to get hurt.This is a cute coming of age romance about 16 year old kids sharing summer.Cam had a crush on Nick last summer but when school started, he moved 5 hours away. This [...]

    7. This was a really fun read. Loved the characters of Josh and Cam and how their relationship is so relatable.So the book starts with Cam finding out that her crush from the summer before Nick is back in town with his new girlfriend. She and one of her best friends, Josh, come up with a plan to pretend to be dating in order to make Nick jealous and leave his girlfriend. During the summer, Cam begins to have feelings for Josh, but brushes them off because they are such good friends. Towards the end [...]

    8. Thank you to the author for a copy of this audio in exchange for an honest reviewJust pretending was quite a change from the novels I have previously read this year. Since I haven't read a single YA book this year, it felt nice to read about teenagers again. This book is about Cami, who is nursing heartache after her neighbor, Nick, spent the last summer with her then moved on in the end, leaving her to feel she was the only one who had felt anything. When Cami finds Nick with a gf after the sum [...]

    9. Okay since 3.5 isn't an option here I'm going to go ahead and say 3. I really enjoyed this short story and I'm always a sucker for a good romance story. Always. Burkey is a talented writer and her story flowed really well so it was easy to start reading and not stop. The premise of the story was fun and cute too and definitely fit with the whole 16 year old high schooler thing. Josh and Cam were fun characters to read about and they felt genuine and relatable as well. I did have an issue though, [...]

    10. so its just a quick read, a short storyThe kind of read you'll not be exhausted of I love the story just as i love the characters It's very realistic for a young love It made me miss the feeling of being secretly in love with someone and wishes to make him feel the same way for me too Way back when i was young and so is my heart, I could still remember that my EVERY SUMMER HAS A STORY that im always looking forward for summer Only, it lacks conflict Not bad for a first novella 4 stars all in all [...]

    11. This was a really cute book. If you like a fast-paced relaxing read, then this book is definitely the right choice.Having been very much delved in memories of my teenage years recently, it came at the right time to me. I could identify with the character, her self doubts and low self esteem that eventually grows throughout the story. I thought it was a perfect length and a good base to build upon. It was the first book in a series so I look forward to read the next one.And thank you to the autho [...]

    12. This was a cute little story that I finished fairly quickly :) Guy comes to town who you spent last summer with, this year he brings his girlfriend So cue the best male friend into a pretend relationship and read the result!

    13. Great short story. It is slightly predictable in who she ended up with, but still a fun read! The only thing I would've changed was the length of the story.

    14. A refreshing read! It reads very well. It is short and that's good. Good perfumes come in small packages. A special writer! I recommend it!

    15. I guess if I would have read the description a little better I would have realized that this book is only 33 pages. It's a good thing this was free.

    16. Just Pretending may be a quick and easy read, its characters may be relatively cute, but a lack of complexity, conflict, and proper proofreading stonewalls its potential to be a strong narrative. Cam is a teenage girl who finds herself excitedly pursuing Nick, an old crush whose just returned to her town after a summer away. Her only real problem is that Nick has a girlfriend, Gina, and the two seem very happy together. Determined to get Nick to dump Gina for her, Cam and her supportive best fri [...]

    17. I've have never really likes it when people pretended to date another people just to make someone jealous. But this book was cute in it's own way. I do understand falling for your "friend" who is a guy though. Didn't work out well for me but I get it. Spending a lot of time together, I think, helps that. But I think someone always gets hurt. I enjoyed this little quickie love story anyway. Good short read. * I received this book from the author--this is my honest review*

    18. I received a copy of this novella in exchange for an honest review.What a cute little novella! Absolutely young adult appropriate -- a quick and fun read. Normally I abhor love triangles, but I thought this one was handled believably. Always a plus for me.Just Pretending is a romance novella that follows the story of sixteen-year-old Cammie. She and her good friend Josh discover that Cammie's old crush is back in town for the summer. Cammie is very upset by this so she and Josh hatch a plan to w [...]

    19. I received this book from author for an honest review.I don't like the cover, although it fits the story of Cam & Josh & Nick & Gina.This was a great story to read, very positive and I was thrilled to know how the plot will turn.Have you ever had a crush on someone so bad that you knew every next min he will ask you to be his girlfriend? You are so sure you have read all the signs & the way he makes you feelBut it goes quite opposite and you are left with broken heart and it take [...]

    20. I received an audio copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.This is a very sweet story about a teen girl, Cam, trying to win back the affection of her love from last summer by making him jealous with her best friend, Josh. Of course, it isn't long until she realises that Josh is the one for herI liked the simplicity of this story and most of all that the nice guy didn't finish last, it definitely makes a nice change to see the girl realise quite early on that the boy who [...]

    21. I was provided this novella for free in exchange for an honest review.Just Pretending by Dana Burkey- This YA romance introduces the reader to young love and all the hardships with it. Cam is head over heels for Nick still when he comes back for the summer of their 16th year. Only thing is Nick brings with him his new girlfriend Gina, now what will Cam do? Enter Josh and his brilliant plan of pretending to date to get Nick jealous. Only thing is… Does Josh secretly have feelings for Cam? This [...]

    22. I also posted this review on my blog -> bookandbastille.wordpressI received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.I liked this book a lot! The story was very realistic and beleivable. There were no teenagers attempting to do things not for them and it was very clean and approipriate. It was short and sweet but that made me like it even more. The author fit a story that could have been a novel into a novella but made it seem like an actual story. I applaud Dana Burkey for [...]

    23. I received all three books in the series (audio versions) Hearts to Follow Series from the author Dana Burkey on asking for reviews. I will say I enjoyed all three books in the series Book 1 - Just Pretending Cammie, Josh and Nick - main characters. Book 2 - Changed Nick and Summer. Book 3 - Stage Lights Tara and Anthony. Tara was introduced in Book 2 she became friends with Summer near the end. This young adult series was funny and engaging with the young female characters who had strength an [...]

    24. This is such a sweet quick read!! Sometimes you just want to read a book that is short and to the point! Great for the times when your heart is broken and you need a little smile in your day! Cam had such a huge crush on Nick last summer. She was head over heels. Then he left. She had her heart broken. Expectations rarely ever lead to anything other than heartbreak. Now Nick is back and with his gorgeous girlfriend Gina and the knife gets twisted and pushed deeper into her heart. All hope is not [...]

    25. FULL REVIEW: I give this book a 4.5 out of a 5!Note: I received a copy of this book from Dana Burkey, the author, in exchange for an honest review! Thank you, Dana~ :)I really enjoy reading this book!!After seeing her crush, Nick, is back with his new girlfriend, Cam convinced Josh to be her fake boyfriend hoping to make Nick jealous. But will her feeling change? Especially when she realized that the one she long for isn't really the oneI personally love books that have a Love Triangle!Though I [...]

    26. 3.5 starsI'm used to reading YA that has more of an adult feel to it so this caught me completely off guard. Burkey was successful in creating a mildly engrossing story that quickly passed the time. Overall it was a very cute read. Even though tres short, I was delighted that the characters had a little bit of depth and the story, a solid basis. It was amusing, to say the least, to be put back into the developing mindset of a teenager. I couldn't help but smile at the dramatics the characters di [...]

    27. This was the first of Dana Burkey's YA stories I have read and I really enjoyed it. Burkey has a way of creating characters that are easy to relate to. I was able to predict the ending fairly early on but that didn't prevent me from wanting to read the entire story, especially since the main character, Cam, is such a likable young lady. I also appreciate that Burkey found a way to keep the story romantic and interesting without any inappropriate content or language. When the story was over, I fo [...]

    28. Just Pretending is a short story about a girl, Cam, who is hung up on her summer crush from last year, Nick. Cam and Josh, her friend decide to pretend to be dating to see if they can use jealousy to capture Nick's heart, but the more time goes on, the more Cam can't decide if she wants Nick or if she'd rather make things real with Josh. This was a very cute, short read. It had enough character development that you could relate to the characters and decide whom you liked and whom you did not. It [...]

    29. The is a nice ya/romance story. The story flowed nicely. The story is about 16 yr. old girl Cammy and Josh who goes to school with her, and Cammy's ex-summer boyfriend Nick and his girlfriend Gina. When Nick comes back for summer, plus he has Gina with him. Cammy still hurt from how Nick never called or anything after he left last summer. Josh tells Cammy to just pretend their a couple. This is a good for anyone wanting a short read about a summer love story. The characters had a good connection [...]

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