Unlike Any Other AJ The name AJ Colthurst may not have any meaning to the public eye but it should as I m the daughter of two famous celebrities Like any superstar they crave privacy so much of it they built a hou

  • Title: Unlike Any Other
  • Author: Claudia Y. Burgoa
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • AJ The name AJ Colthurst may not have any meaning to the public eye, but it should, as I m the daughter of two famous celebrities Like any superstar, they crave privacy so much of it, they built a house in the middle of nowhere for us children As we grew older, we discovered the lies they built as a fort to protect us from the media, ended up causing emotional damage aAJThe name AJ Colthurst may not have any meaning to the public eye, but it should, as I m the daughter of two famous celebrities Like any superstar, they crave privacy so much of it, they built a house in the middle of nowhere for us children As we grew older, we discovered the lies they built as a fort to protect us from the media, ended up causing emotional damage along the way.I carry a portion of the guilt on my shoulders the other part I discovered is the separation of my parents Their unorthodox ways may have driven me bonkers, but knowing they are no longer together is unacceptable That s why I decided to rattle their cage by reminding at least one of my parents of the past and the reason they belong together They need to remember why their love is so perfect and why they have to fight to keep it alive Even if it means I have to dredge up some of my own painful memories along the way.GabeBack in the early eighties, I set myself to succeed in the financial world The first step had been moving to New York City to become a stockbroker, but things didn t work out the way I had hoped Instead, I ended up making movies and by the end of the decade, Gabe Colt had become a famous name The downside to my career of choice the paparazzi In order to protect my family and our privacy, I maintained my family away from the circus It had been for their own good a decision we had made before we started our family However, those past decisions ended up chasing my entire family away and now I m trying to put the pieces back together along with my little girl.

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      478 Claudia Y. Burgoa
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    One thought on “Unlike Any Other”

    1. 5 TRANSCEND STARSThis was such a special read and the best part, I was so not expecting it! It crept up on me: this story, this family, these characters wormed their way into my heart.“love is about fighting, accepting and making things work because you want to be with the person who makes you a better version of yourself.”At first, I wasn't sure this book was for me, the book starts in AJ's (Ainsley Janine) POV and I could feel how numb, how devoid of emotion she was. It bothered me because [...]

    2. 4.5 The Decisions We Make * * * * 1/2 Spoiler Free Every day we make decisions. We take into account how our actions will impact others how serious it will be and then there is another factor which may not even be considered what will the impact be because of the times we live in.Most of us go about our lives working and interacting everyday without having to deal with the Media. Oh, we may use Social Media and read itbut does it track your every movel where you have eaten or who you have gone t [...]

    3. Story Rating ~ 5 HUGE STAR!Character Ratings ~ 5 ENORMOUS STARS!Heat Level ~ 3 StarsEnding ~ 5 Stars But ContinuingOverall Rating ~ 5 Sometimes Life Kicks You In The Ass Stars!I can hardly believe what I just read. This was an AMAZING read for me, it took me on a journey of epic proportions. It did not pull me in from the very start to tell the truth I was worried that I may not like it. Then WHAM, all of a sudden things started to fall into place and it was not long before I found myself totall [...]

    4. Kitty's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsCompelling, heart-wrenching, suspenseful. Just three words that describe Unlike Any Other. What I thought was going to be just a love story, turned into so much more than I expected. I was sucked in right from the beginning and damn near threw my Kindle when it was over. I want more. More of AJ. More of Mason. More of Gabe and Chris. More of MJ and JC. As for Porter – the jury is still out on him. But, I cannot say that I have read a more d [...]

    5. Book – Unlike Any Other (Unexpected #1)Author – Claudia Y. BurgoaPublication Date – March 5, 2015Genre –RomanceType – Companion Series Cliffhanger – NoRating – 5 out of 5 StarsComplimentary Copy generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.My Thoughts - Story I have to start off stating that this may be a biased opinion since Claudia is a very close friend and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this baby born and grow. Now, putting all that aside – I c [...]

    6. ☆ I was recommended and received an ARC by my buddy Carol from StarAngel's Reviews in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!! ☆Wow. UAO turned out to be so much different from books I normally would have picked out to read. It was one of those plot synopsis' I just did not get what it was about (even after reading fellow readers' reviews), but was nonetheless, fascinated and extremely intrigued by the positive responses being garnered by it.To me--- Unlike Any Other was unlike any other, [...]

    7. 1 star I'm sorry but that is what this book would ever get from me. From the very start, I'm already having a hard time understanding the plot of the story because it felt like I was thrown in the middle of all drama without understanding the why, and then a rumor was read in a magazine that made AJ wants to confront her father about it, thus the reunion of the family after being estranged for over three years. Confrontation that turns into reminiscing of the past. By then I somehow I got the fl [...]

    8. I have read 63% of this and I feel like I've read nothing, because anything that I was expecting doesn't exist in this book! Also, I read more than half of the book and if I had to resume it I could do it in one paragraph because not too much happens. Nothing important. At least from what I got.And also, can we discuss about the fact that this is put in Romance, New Adult and M/M and none of this are not the center of the story? Especially the M/M relationship. Because what's my problem. I wante [...]

    9. WOW!! BEST READ OF 2015!!I absolutely LOVED this story. There is a kind of preface before the dedication where the author explains where she got the story. I had to go back and reread it once I had finished "Unlike Any Other". I think she did a fantastic job meeting her goal.This is an incredible love story (stories)a beautiful depth and complexity that you don't run into frequently. I am so pleased to see this is the first book of a planned 5 book seriese only disappointing part is going to be [...]

    10. From its title to its final page this books promises to do the unexpected. After a start that's a bit rocky in its choppiness regarding the flow of the story its numerous twists and turns and flashbacks quickly pull you in and lead to a story of putting the past behind you to make a better future. With its dual POV between a father and daughter, readers are taken on a journey full of angst, pain, and misconceptions that while heartbreaking is ultimately uplifting and powerful in its emotional in [...]

    11. I literally fall in love with every single character this author writes about. I've been following Claudia's work since her first novel and have just fallen more in love with each and every book she writes. I can't even describe how much I adore the female protagonist A.J in this novel. She is beyond believable, independent, yet needy at the same time. And Gabe? Wellhe is such a great addition to this heart pounding story. What I loved most about this book was every single time I thought I knew [...]

    12. To say i enjoyed this book is a understatement. A sign of a fantastic book: I was maybe a third of the way and I jumped in the car to go to my local bookstore to order a hard copy of this beautifully written wonderful love story. And make no bones about it this is a love story. A perfect wonderful beautiful real love story. The kind we all dream of having. One that lasts through all time. Like the Princess bride love story where Wesley tells Buttercup that death can not stop true love only delay [...]

    13. Love chooses you there is very little we can do when our hearts take the leap. It does not matter whether it is practical, part of our plans, or even good for us. When we encounter our special someone we just should embrace this gift with open arms.AJ is thrown for a loop when she reads the headlines picturing her estranged father with a pregnant new love interest according to the paparazzi. The gossip rag was stating her Dad was getting married but what about his existing family? He had never [...]

    14. It's not often I start a book almost totally lost and end up being blown away by it at the end. It's also not often I forget what a book is about before I start reading it, and I'm so thankful that this is one time it happened. I'm also thankful can read new things and realize I'm okay with it, even though that's not always the case with everyone.This book was really different for me. Up until about 33% of the book, I wasn't sure what was going on. I had ideas, and hunches, but as it turned out, [...]

    15. Received from the author for a honest review. This is my second book that I have read from this author and her writing just gets better. Unlike Any Other is a story of AJ and her path back to her family. After 3 years of self-exile from her family, AJ sees something in the tabloids that make her return. Gabe is her father and is willing to tell his story if she tells hers. After a ok start of this book, the story takes off. We go from 2015 to 1987, back and forth until the story unfolds. It has [...]

    16. This author has spun a story that has an immense complexity to it that is addictively captivating.I look forward to journeying with each & every player in this series especially Porter.He seems to be the darkest of them all.This book has a mature,mysterious,polished feel about it that is sorely lacking in many series that have plot lines that are entirely sexually driven.The cover does not hurt the eyes either.

    17. This book starts out with you thinking way and then completely shocks you. I didn't even see it coming and had no idea. This was such a great story of family, love and loss. I loved this story and can't wait to read the rest of the books in this series.

    18. Shel: The first part of this review isn't going to sound like I liked this book very much so just stick with me, okay? Court: Sticking! Shel: To be honest, I wasn't very familiar with Claudia Burgoa; I'd seen her novels floating past me on twitter or and they always looked appealing but I'd get distracted by other things. Then we got an invitation to read the book, and the blurb sounded interesting, and the preliminary reviewers were raving; we had time and a clear schedule, so I signed us up t [...]

    19. Claudia was kind enough to gift a copy for an honest review. Another fantastic story from this AMAZING author and have never read a book like this.This story is not like any other when you have an amazing family that have so much love for each other but is torn between lies, publicity stunts, paparazzi and when one of your children is hidden from it all and lossed her parents in the process. AJ is a daughter of the famous actor Gabe Colt and hasn't spoken to him in three years. AJ is also a trip [...]

    20. 4.5 out of 5 starsI received a copy of this story for an honest review for The Reading Room Blog.Unlike Any Other is unlike any other book I’ve read recently and I was completely taken with the originality of the story. Part romance, part family drama, part tale on the hazards of fame - this story caught me off guard and I loved author Claudia Burgoa for it.AJ Colthurst was raised by loving parents that did their best to protect she and her siblings from the outside world. The fact that those [...]

    21. Note: This ebook was provided by Rock Star Lit PR via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.AJ Colthurst is one of three children and her upbringing was not a conventional, what with parents who both happen to be celebrities. After too many years of being kept secret, AJ has had enough and, after a heartbreaking confrontation with her parents, she walks out. It takes three years for her to come face to face with her father, Gabe Colt, and it comes on the heels of news of her parents' separa [...]

    22. English Review I didn’t know anything about this book before reading it. I think it was for the best and it helped me appreciate the story! That’s why I will try to say a minimum. Nobody knows that AJ is Gabe’s daughter because he has always wanted to protect her (and her brothers) from the media. When AJ discovers (on the cover of a magazine) that her father is with a young woman who is pregnant of his baby, she panics. She goes to see him for an explanation. The confrontation between A [...]

    23. SNS Rating: 4.66~~~~~~~~~~Jess's ★★★★★ Review~~~~~~~~~~This was an AMAZING read for me, it took me on a journey of epic proportions. This story pulled me in from the very first chapter. I found myself totally engrossed with the characters and the story line. It was like nothing I had ever read before.This story is about family, love, devotion, secrets, lies & betrayal. There were quite a few bumps in the road that tore my heart out and a few secrets and surprises that knocked me fo [...]

    24. Wow!!! This book was nothing that I had anticipated. Let me first say that M/M books have never been on my radar. It is just not my thing, and I seem to find it a bit uncomfortable at times. Not to over analyze thatstatement, but I have no real opinion on the subject one way or another, and to each their own, it has just ever appealed to me in my reading. Unlike Any Other is a very complex story, and it really forced me to explore my own feelings. This was not just a story about two people falli [...]

    25. I LOVED this book and I’m chomping at the bit for the next one in the series! It was a fantastic, heartfelt read. It was carefully crafted, as we peel back layers of the story to find the heart of it. This story is told from dual POVs of AJ and Gabe.AJ is one of triplets and they are the offspring of two famous celebrities. When we first meet her, she’s not in a good place emotionally and is estranged from her parents, after a huge bust-up with them a few years earlier.Gabe is AJ’s father, [...]

    26. Ainsley (AJ) is the only female component of a set of fraternal triplets. AJ and her brothers JC, and MJ are the children of Hollywood A-listers. However they’ve spent their entire lives out of the public eye. But as secrets are revealed in the tabloids, their identities may soon be outed. What does this mean for the triplet’s parents, as well as their own relationships, namely that of AJ and her rocker, foster brother Porter? Will it be too much for AJ to take and set her on a path of destr [...]

    27. As the book starts, we are seeing AJ, and her father Gabe start to try and unravel some of the things that have gone wrong in their own lives and with their family. Gabe is a famous movie star who has kept the identity and existence of his spouse and three children a secret. AJ has struggled a lot in life and her relationship because of these secrets. Finally Gabe and AJ realize that they need to come clean with one another about the things that have been causing their family to split apart. I t [...]

    28. 3.5 starsThis was a story of self discovery, forgiveness and learning about love and the sacrifices that one will make for the ones they love.The whole family has been living with secrets but how do you finally come clean? These are all questions that AJ decides she must find out from her father, Gabe Colt. How can he been engaged to another woman and having a baby when the world has no idea he is married with triplets? The thought that he has moved on I think hurt AJ more than not speaking with [...]

    29. I received an ARC copy from the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review. All opinions are my own. AJ has been living without really living since an argument with her father Gabe. After three years she goes back after hearing that her father is marrying a much younger woman who is also pregnant. Knowing that her parents hide behind many lies in order to protect their family she decides to confront them and demand the truth. With both revealing what has been going on for the last three years [...]

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