A Winter s Knight alternate cover edition for B AA Y A wounded British army captain tries to find love in the face of his self doubtPhoebe Hartridge runs into serious danger on an icy winter evening But her rescuer

  • Title: A Winter's Knight
  • Author: ElizabethCole
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • alternate cover edition for B00AA46Y06A wounded British army captain tries to find love in the face of his self doubtPhoebe Hartridge runs into serious danger on an icy winter evening But her rescuer, the mysterious Anthony Sterling, immediately melts her heart and makes her dream of a life beyond her tiny, sheltered world The she gets to know him, the she salternate cover edition for B00AA46Y06A wounded British army captain tries to find love in the face of his self doubtPhoebe Hartridge runs into serious danger on an icy winter evening But her rescuer, the mysterious Anthony Sterling, immediately melts her heart and makes her dream of a life beyond her tiny, sheltered world The she gets to know him, the she senses he is hiding something from her.When Captain Anthony Sterling was wounded in battle, he lost his leg, his fiancee, and any hope for happiness Even the revelation that he is the heir to a fortune brought him nothing but bitterness Then his chance encounter with the charming, innocent Phoebe makes him wonder if there may be a future for him after all But first he must escape the shadows of his past.

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    One thought on “A Winter's Knight”

    1. I wish I could say I loved the story, but I didn't. There will be some spoilors ahead.Being someone who loves this time frame, I found many things wrong. The characters' speeches for one, but the thing that got me the most was the two main characters' behavior. No respectable military officer would make a bet with a lady, not to mention the result of that bet, and oh yeah, being alone with her in a room for an hour? Also a gentleman would not have kissed her that deeply until they were married. [...]

    2. A Winter’s Knight was an unexpected find. I thought by the title it would be a medieval romance, instead it is set in 1815 the Christmas after the Battle of Waterloo. This is a sweet regency and a great story.Phoebe Hartridge gets thrown from her horse and a gentleman comes to her rescue and she dubs him her “knight in shinning armor.” She is immediately attracted to him. Could Captain Sterling bring her joy and love at long last?Captain Anthony Sterling is visiting Norton because a solici [...]

    3. Después de leer muchos y variados romances históricos, creo que lo mínimo que se le puede pedir a este género es que se respete el marco histórico, al fin y al cabo se trata de eso, no?, histórico, en este libro esto no ocurre. Bien podría estar ambientado a mediados de los 80. Posibles spoilers: Dónde se ha visto en el 1800 que una dama juegue al billar, y que el caballero la enseñe en la típica escena de ponerse “literalmente” encima de ella? En una habitación los dos solos? Ell [...]

    4. A REGENCY SHORT STORYWhen Captain Anthony sterling arrives home from war, his fiancée rejects him. Scarred and an amputee. He no longer is the man she wants. Traveling on business out of town he meets Phoebe Hartridge. Phoebe doesn't seem to care that the man before her is less than perfect. Anthony begins to realise that Phoebe is different from his callous ex-fiancé maybe there's still a chance for him to be happy.This is an unsophisticated story, but very charming nonetheless with an air of [...]

    5. Unlike the sequels, I feel like the story was rushed. And not romantic, more like "cheesy". After been together for 1 hour, both Anthony and Phoebe can't stop thinking about each other. Second hour together and they are in love. Third hour together and they are engaged (!). So not only insta-love, which I hate, but also insta-engagement. Anthony is supposed to be a soldier, a gentleman, but he offers Phoebe to teach her how to play billiard (!) by standing on top of her and grabbing the stick ab [...]

    6. CharmingWhat a delightful story. Phoebe and Captain Anthony Sterling meet under unusual circumstances to say the least. The town of Norton England is in for quite a surprise on the arrival of Captain Sterling home from the war. This charming story of the Vicar's daughter, Phoebe and the dashing Captain Sterling is a wonderful Enjoy.

    7. A sweet love storyA sweet story of a hero and a lady he rescues. A amputee war hero who doesn’t believe he deserves happiness, who was rejected by his fiancé after his injury. When he inherits from his great uncle it’s the best thing since he meets Phoebe. She accepts him for all he is. A lovely ending to a sweet story.

    8. Quick short story. A regency romance that was mostly romance, not very much regency, and minimal plot. It was a sweet story, but there were inconsistencies for the era, and the first kiss was neither sweet nor believable for the characters involved or the time period. I’m glad it didn’t take very long to read.

    9. *happy sigh*That was good. Probably not entirely period correct, but I needed a fluffy little novella to read. I just finished watching this super creepy movie with a terrible ending, and this is exactly what I needed to be happy again.4 stars.

    10. A sweet romance.A lovely clean romance in the style of my favorite childhood author Georgette Heyer. Such a sweet tale with delightful characters who care about the person and not. their handicaps!I strongly recommend this delightful short story.

    11. Moderately entertainingThis book start on a bit of a high, but ended quit disappointingly. The characters started out strong but became rather wimpy in the last three chapters.

    12. Unforgettable This novella was heart warming to say the least. The story was short but sweet. A great read on a cold winters night

    13. This was a good read. I was held by it, couldn't put it down, only did when I had to. A Good clean romance that is well written. Thank you Elizabeth. Blessings Ann

    14. Anthony Sterling is a soldier wounded inside and out. On a trip to claim an unexpected inheritance, he meets Phoebe Hartridge, a happy, loving girl, which, as it turns out, is exactly what he needs. A Winter‰Ûªs Knight is a short sweet story that is the perfect introduction to the Regency Rhapsody series.

    15. I really enjoyed this story about a wounded war hero who is learning to be alive, and to love. Tony starts the book with a heavy load of survivor guilt and resentment about his fiancee jilting him because he's lost his leg. He's out in the country to deal with some business matters, when he rescues a Sweet Young Thing. There's even a pool-teaching scene, which warmed the cockles of my heart, since I had a boyfriend teach me to play pool that exact way. Of course, it ends in a clinch, but I find [...]

    16. This was a quick read for me inbetween novels, which made it no less good. I loved it. The story was really good and the characters were quite likeablewell, some of them anyway. Haha. If you read it you'll know what I mean. On to the good ones, though, on to the good ones.The first quite likeable character is Pheobe, a sweet young woman who is saved from some ruffians by the second quite likeable character, Tony. Tony is a mystery to Pheobe, but a handsome one nonetheless, and from the moment he [...]

    17. I see a lot of potential with this author and I will be reading Scandal at Dawn (also listed as Love is Blind) soon. While the scene descriptions and inner dialogue were a bit jarring at times since they were written in short, choppy sentences, I thought the dialogue was well done and enjoyed the scenes between the characters. The romance felt a bit rushed for two such guarded and scarred people, but you could chalk that up to them finding kindred spirits in each other so that did not bother me. [...]

    18. This is one of two novellas by this author that I have read and thoroughly approve! As a matter of fact, I contacted the author and thanked her because both stories feature heroes and heroines with significant disabilities. In this one an impoverished young maiden is rescued from being assaulted by two highwaymen by a young horseman who has lost a leg in the naval battle of Trafalgar. He has been rejected by his bride to be because he is "crippled." The young maiden is quite taken by the gallant [...]

    19. I'm glad this was a bookbub special. It would have been free or 99 cents. It was a nice story but it was very short. A very fast read. It was charming but not a terribly lot going on. The only real action is at the very start when the characters meet. If you take that out, the rest of the story is more like what would 'really' happen in Regency England. A war wounded gentleman could very likely see his fiance jilt him and then make a new match with a woman would now be considered a more appropri [...]

    20. I had high hopes for this story - I thought it had a lot of promise and really wanted to like this story butuldn't get over the modern-ness of it and some silly mistakes. For example - he main characters start calling each other by their first names right away. People wouldn't do that back in the Regency era. Also, the author calls the male character a "soldier" when he is a Navy captain.I did like how both characters weren't physically perfect and like I said, I thought the idea for the story h [...]

    21. This is a short, cute story without much reference to the Regency period. I got a good sense of Anthony in the introductory portion of the story but the heroine is rather wishy-washy and never becomes even noticeable enough to remember. I was a bit jarred out of the story when Anthony (who is missing a leg!) teaches her to dance after he gets an artificial leg. Say what?I did enjoy the part where he tossed out the ex-fiancee when she learns he is now wealthier than her other beau and wants him b [...]

    22. Cute and fun, but forgettable. The hero's disability and scars and the heroine's weak leg are interesting elements, but they're not developed/explored enough to make the story really memorable. Granted, it's a short novella and I shouldn't expect it to be a full-length novel (although it could have been developed into a good one), but I still think the elements could have been better/more deeply incorporated into the story. The heroine's leg affects the story only as a deus ex machina steering h [...]

    23. 3 stars This is a very short story that is fun to read, and not much else. No where near historically accurate but that is fine because this story is what it is meant to be. A short, quick feel good read. The characters are a little flat and the story itself is rather monotone. But I was still able to get into the flow of the story right from the start. I would recommend this story to someone looking for a short, quick book. The story is light and easy. It helped me pass some time and left me wi [...]

    24. A Winter's Knight is set I old English Country Side. A charming surprise love story.Winter's Knight is set in old England Country at a time long ago when love and marriage was simpler. Winter's Knight has everything, a rescue , an inheritance, new wealth, new love and a horrible memory of war and betrayal by the woman he thought he loved.This is a short Old English story perfect for younger teenagers or light reading for taking along on a short trip as a good distraction. I enjoyed reading Winte [...]

    25. I loved that this book shows a romance between people who are imperfect and beautiful. It isn't often that the hero in a story ends up being an amputee or that the main character has an obvious flaw. The only disappointment was that they both had leg injuries. Although the characters were on a kind of even ground with the leg difficulties it was a little too obvious. I loved that she had her dreams come true and all turned out for her, but again the resolution was really obvious. It was a really [...]

    26. Now that it is December I wanted to pick up a Christmas love story and A Winter's Knight by Elizabeth Cole seemed perfect. Though the story wasn't terribly fleshed out and some of the actions by both main characters seem a stretch for the period it was a sweet, pleasing read. Great for a palate cleanser or a small peek into the author's writing style, which for me will go into my 'Definitely Maybe' pile of TBR books.

    27. A good premise, but a disappointing read. The author's idea of historical accuracy appears to consist of dressing her characters in period costume and mentioning the Battle of Trafalgar. The characters did not speak or think or act like early 19th century British people. There was no depth to the characters, and the black moment was ridiculously contrived.I will avoid this author's books in the future.

    28. I enjoyed A Winter's Knight as it told the love story of a disfigured war hero and a young country girl with a bad leg, both being less than beautiful people but instead good people on the inside. Phoebe Hartridge is rescued by Captain Anthony Sterling after a riding accident. He shows her kindness and respect and delivers her safely home. It would have been nice to have an epilogue to tell about their future life and how they found happiness together and make the story feel finished.

    29. A sweet little storyTony meets Phoebe after she's been thrown from her horse and seeks help from two nearby men who decide to rob her, or worse.Tony rescues her from the situation, and so it begins. Tony and Phoebe both have past secrets but each secretly becomes infatuated with the other. No spoilers here, read the book, it's a lovely little escape to read.

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