Eighty and Out Traumatized by visits to the nursing home to see their elderly aunt Louise and her sister Jeannie made a youthful pact to not live past age eighty Was it a silly childhood idea or were they wise bey

  • Title: Eighty and Out
  • Author: Kim Cano
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  • Page: 284
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Traumatized by visits to the nursing home to see their elderly aunt, Louise and her sister Jeannie made a youthful pact to not live past age eighty Was it a silly childhood idea, or were they wise beyond their years Most importantly, will they go through with it when the time comes

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    One thought on “Eighty and Out”

    1. This is a beautiful love story about Louise (Lou) and her life. The story begins in the 1960s and spans over 40 years. The author does a great job of pulling us into Lou’s life and while reading this story, I felt like I was one of Lou’s best friends as I laughed and cried with her. When her younger sister Jeannie gets into a predicament as a teenager, Lou is there as a big sister to help and guide her. Unfortunately, when cancer later knocks at her sister’s door and takes her, Lou realize [...]

    2. I'm going to jump straight in and say that I loved this book! I couldn't put it down and was annoyed by things that got in the way of reading, like going to work and sleeping! I was intrigued about this one from reading the blurb and after working in a nursing home for over 2 years I could see both sides of the argument around the sister's pact. When you are young being 80 seems surreal, something that someone has told you about but you never believe it will happen to you. It is easy to say "tha [...]

    3. Eighty and Out by Kim Cano is my favorite book I have read so far this year. Kim Cano is an artist at developing complex characters and being able to span a life time. She didn’t create a character but rather a person. This book takes place through Louise’s lifespan beginning in the 1950’s. After watching her aunt wither in a nursing home Louise and her sister Jeannie made a pact to not live past eighty years old. While this was not directly connected to the majority of the story it came f [...]

    4. What to say about Eighty and Out…I loved it. I couldn’t put it down.The book follows Lou (short for Louise) from a young girl visiting her great aunt in the nursing home to her being that favorite aunt and great aunt.I felt that I could relate to with Lou – she had so many trials to overcome. She suffered more loss than one can expect to survive. For me, I have lost so many people in my life that I felt every emotion she did.Every time she seemed to go one step forward, something else woul [...]

    5. I really enjoyed reading this book from the start. It's written really well and the story flows nicely, for the most part. There were some moments in the story that were predictable and some that made me gasp with surprise! Overall, it was one of those books that you enjoy the ups and downs of the journey you're on and are left with a smile and peaceful closure.

    6. As with all of Kim Cano's books that I have read, you become mesmerized by the story, the characters come to life somehow making a special bond with the reader, you instantly feel connected to them. This is a beautiful, gentle story of coming of age, love, loss, despair and happiness,The story follows two sisters, Lou and Jeannie, along with Lou's best friend Bernice. They found themselves growing up in the racial hate timeline which was harsh and choosing whether to follow the pressure groups o [...]

    7. A Page Turning Narrative Filled with Love, Passion and Pain…From the first page you delve into the delightful story of two sisters and two friends that describes a tale of everlasting love and support. Lou is the main character and she definitely takes center stage in this endearing account of two young girls discovering their place in the world. The story describes what seems to be just an ordinary life in an ordinary town with two young girls secretly planning their future in spite of their [...]

    8. This is a heartbreaking tale of a young girl coming of age in the early part of the 20th century. Growing up, Lou's (Louise) family wants rich, but were decidedly comfortable. Her aunt Violet's time in a nursing home helped Lou and her sister Jeannie form a pact. A pact that said "80 and then I'm outta here!" Lou struggles to fit into what society has in store for her as a teenage girl. She doesn't understand why integration is a difficult thing. It darn near broke my heart watching her live thr [...]

    9. I am going to start off by saying this isn't a book I should have continued reading right after watching a super emotional episode of Grey's Anatomy! I cried so much in the 4/30 episode of Grey's, & finished this book on 5/1, and ended up crying even more! This book focuses on the bond between 2 sisters and a best friend. They go through the ups and downs of life, from pre-teen years to adulthood. The book starts in the 1950's or pretty close to around there and ends in the 2000s! I cried wi [...]

    10. This is a love story yes, romantic love, but also love between sisters, love between parents and children, and love between friends.Lou and Jeannie were sisters growing up in Chicago during the 60’s. Their family regularly visited an elderly aunt in a nursing home. They loved their aunt, but like most young people, they didn’t like going there. Seeing the sick & elderly residents freaked them out so they made a secret pact – they wouldn’t let each other suffer in old age – hence, e [...]

    11. Just reading the blurb about the book, I could see me being Louise and making the pact not to live past age eighty.Reading the Prologue, even though it said "back in the fifties," I could relate to the book already with the statement, "We'd seen our fair share of old people" Reading Chapter One, was like someone had gone and visited an old relative with me! The author, Kim Cano, does a great job of describing all of those things a young person thinks when visiting an elderly person - especially, [...]

    12. If you have ever had to visit a relative in a nursing home you will be able to understand why these two sisters made a pact to die by the age of eighty. I watched my Grandmother in one with advanced dementia and I actually worked in a couple of nursing homes over the years in their accounting departments. It is not easy watching these once vibrant people slowly deteriorate. I more or less made myself the same promise all those years ago.Of course life never ever goes totally smooth as we all kno [...]

    13. 2016 has been quite a sad year for deaths so far. We have had some really famous celebrities die and also I have lost two family members. It's safe to say I am fed up death this year. Watching family members deteriorate so quickly over the years has made me afraid of getting old, getting ill and just basically waiting to die. With that said, I can really relate to the book.I am not trying to give away too much as it will spoil it for the rest of you but this book will make you cry! So make sure [...]

    14. This was a book that was while I enjoyed reading it, I found it to be emotionally draining. I don't mean that in a bad way. It follows two sisters from childhood and the author gives us bits of things that went on through the years as they grow up. I became very attached to the sisters and their family.Lou, the eldest sister went through so much pain and losses, it just broke my heart. My mother passed away last year and this story touched me even more because of that. The author did an excellen [...]

    15. This is a beautiful story of aging and friendship. Growing up around the elderly and seeing the effects of aging in action it can be devastating and could easily be something the younger generation wishes to avoid. We see Lou grow and learn about herself and the world. Will she eventually want to live past 80 and see all of the what life has when you live every moment or will she just want to be Eighty and then get out? I can understand her sentiments as a child and loved watching her grow as sh [...]

    16. I LOVE this book! The story of the lives of Louise and Jeannie, along with Lou's best friend Bernice, is so emotional and honest. We get to see the good and the bad, and we're always wondering whether or not it will end with the sisters carrying out their pact.I found myself wanting to lecture the girls at times on their decisions. There are secrets and lies, and their lives are touched by racism, war, riots and feminism along with all the "normal" life events: love, marriage, babies, death, div [...]

    17. I just finished reading Kim Cano’s novel Eighty and Out. The story was thought-provoking. In fact, I thought about it for days after reading it. The story revolves around the bond between two sisters and a best friend that spans a lifetime. Ms. Cano has quite a talent for developing characters that seem to come alive for the reader. Eighty and Out is a story of love, sadness, and betrayal. It's also about the strength of one woman who has many obstacles thrown at her throughout life and her st [...]

    18. "Eighty and Out" is written in a very unique style. It follows the protagonist from early childhood all the way through her golden years. The author took snapshots of Louise's life at its various stages: as a child dreading going to the nursing home, as a preteen when desegregation begins, as a teenager falling in love, as a young adult finding her niche, as a middle aged woman going through life's difficult trials, and as an elderly woman reflecting on her life. Louise was someone that I could [...]

    19. When Louise and her sister Jeannie were young, they made a pact to not live past 80. As they got older, life happened. They each got married. Jeannie had a daughter. Louise’s best friend Bernice moved away and got married. Now that Louise is older and wiser, she wonders if the pact was silly, or if she should give it more thought.I guarantee this story will tug at your heartstrings. I only wish that I had the type of bond with my sister that Louise and Jeannie had growing up. Life happens to u [...]

    20. Eighty and out by Kim Cano is a book that surprises you. It’s the story of two sisters who make a pact to never make it past eighty, to never have to see the horrors that are associated with growing old and living in nursing homes, to live life to the fullest and then just snap, be done. But only one sister truly decides to live for that promise…ad and discover an enthralling world, the emotionally charged story of a girl who loves, lives, grieves, loses and stays strong through all the pain [...]

    21. 5 stars for one of Ms. Cano's Best!!An emotionally-charged women's fiction novel about the bond between sisters, friendship, and fate, Eighty and Out will have you deliberating your destiny.Loved it!

    22. How disappointing! This book is not about aging - it's written for pre-teens! And full of malaprops! Who, in the fifties, responds with "no problem" instead of "you're welcome"? I couldn't finish it and don't understand the hype

    23. I was completely drawn into this book. I felt like Lou was someone I knew and grew up with. I can't give this book enough stars, thumbs up or wordy accolades to show how much I enjoyed it.

    24. Will they go through with it? And will Louise’s romantic dreams of a life out west ever come to pass?Those questions were fervently on my mind as I quickly turned each page in anticipation. This is a must read story for women of all ages, written by an excellent writer. Author Kim Cano, cleverly weaves together an endearing life story of two sisters journey through life with all its challenges and obstacles. This is a highly emotional read as the characters experience happiness, joy, sorrow an [...]

    25. If you want a book that will put your heart through the wringer then this is it. I was captivated from the start.The story begins with two young sisters Lou and Jeannie going on a normal visit to the local care facility to visit their great aunt anyone who has been in a similar situation will recall the feelings encapsulated in one of those trips. That particular day they make a pact not to end up like Violet once they reach the grand old age of eighty that’s it end!The story of their lives [...]

    26. This is my third book that I have read by Kim Cano. Every one of the books that I have read have made me bond with the characters through getting to know them so intimately. This particular novel is about coming of age and all of the love, laughter, sadness and heartache that can come along with it. Lou and Jeannie are two sisters that have had to deal with a lot in their life. They have stated that they do not want to be like their Aunt Violet so they vow not to live longer than 80. Their frien [...]

    27. Eighty and Out is about a pact that sisters Louise and Jeannie agree to after visiting a beloved aunt that is living out her years in a nursing home and that is that they will not live past the age of eighty. Louise is the narrator of the story and we grow right along with these two sisters through childhood, high school years, forbidden love, college years for Louise, marriages and the birth of a child.Not only do we learn about the sister's and their lives we get a peek into the relationships [...]

    28. It 's an amazing book, full of emotions, especially the last part is very touching. But there are several scenes where you laugh out loud, other where there is indignant in particular for some acts of racism. It 's really hard to put down after it started. It's so real and realistic that anyone can empathize with the life of Lou, shares her doubts, her fears, her dreams, her hopes.After a visit to a sick aunt hospitalized in a nursing home, two sisters make a pact: she haven't to live past age e [...]

    29. When we experience death (or the events leading up to one), for a while afterwards, we tend to ponder on what we want for ourselves when the time comes. The majority of my grandparents (I had four sets as both sides were divorced) passed away when I was in my early teens. We spent several gruesome years visiting my ailing grandparents in nursing homes. Ever since, I have known that I would make it clear that I would not spend the last of my days in such a place. Eighty and Out brought back a lot [...]

    30. This my first encounter with Kim Cano and what impression she has left.This book follows Lou and her sister Jeannie, we start with them in growing up in the 1950's within the racial hate timeline and also when they visiting their Aunt Violet in the nursing home. When she dies at the age of Eighty Lou decides that is it for her and makes a pact with Jeannie, eighty and out.The book follows the girls many highs and you see the timeline progress as well from the hate era to the riots to the early 2 [...]

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