Changed As a new school year begins Summer is certain heading back to classes will be like every other year But as she quickly learns she missed a lot while she was gone during the break Not only are her f

  • Title: Changed?
  • Author: Dana Burkey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 222
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  • As a new school year begins, Summer is certain heading back to classes will be like every other year But, as she quickly learns, she missed a lot while she was gone during the break Not only are her friends attending parties Summer never thought she would go to, they have new friends Summer has no interest in getting to know Sitting at the top of the list of people SummAs a new school year begins, Summer is certain heading back to classes will be like every other year But, as she quickly learns, she missed a lot while she was gone during the break Not only are her friends attending parties Summer never thought she would go to, they have new friends Summer has no interest in getting to know Sitting at the top of the list of people Summer doesn t care to spend time with, is none other than Nick But, after a chance encounter at a party, Summer soon learns that Nick is trying to make a big change Hearing him talk about trying to study , avoid partying, and even ignoring the constant rumors about his recent breakup with yet another popular cheerleader, has Summer conflicted It sounds like Nick is trying to make a new name for himself, but is it really that simple Can he really turn over a new leaf and show Summer he s someone worth spending time with Is Summer willing to risk it all to find out if Nick has really changed

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    One thought on “Changed?”

    1. Thank you to the author for a copy of this audio in exchange for an honest review I have to admit, I mostly read the second book because it was narrated by this person with anamazingvoice. She definitely brought all of Dana's characters to life with cute voices and perfect tones. I will listen to anything she narrates. Even the daily news. LolChanged picks up where Just pretending ended. Nick has been enduring rumors about his activities all year and it doesn't help that he has been kicked off t [...]

    2. Changed? was an okay read, but i didn't like it as much as the first one.Summer was an okay character, but i didn't love her. I really didn't like Nick in the first book, and he wasn't much better in this one. The storyline wasn't that exciting unfortunately. There wasn't any sweet moments and nothing much happened, which is a shame, since the first one had a few sweet moments, and was pretty good. Overall, Not as enjoyable as the first.

    3. I think I actually liked this one a little more than Just Pretending. It was hard to accept Nick after seeing how he was in the previous story and even some of his explanations here weren't satisfactory. However, I did like the development between Nick and Summer. I just would have liked more time to have passed after what happened with Nick previously. I really didn't like Summer's friends in this story. I was glad that she realized the way they treated her was not cool. Still, they really both [...]

    4. I received a copy of this novella in exchange for an honest review.Actual rating 3.5 out of 5Changed? is the second novella in the Hearts to Follow series. Here, we pick back up with Nick's story from the first novella (Just Pretending) and then meet a new cast of characters from Nick's hometown. The female lead in this story is Summer. She is a smart, down-to-earth, no-nonsense kind of character with a soft side, and I really admired her ability to stay true to herself throughout the story. Onc [...]

    5. I wanted to like this book as I really enjoyed the first one, unfortunately though I just didn't like Nick. Nick just didn't do it for me in this book, whether this is in part due to him not being that great of a guy in the first book I don't know, but he just didn't endear himself to me at all.The storyline in this was a bit of a let down as well. Nick and Summer just seemed to dither for the whole book, and their interactions weren't sweet enough or romantic enough for me. Nick's explanations [...]

    6. An amazing second edition to this series. It shows what happens next with Nick from the first book. Now, I didnt like Nick in the first book because, well he was a word which I really shouldn't put down in a review. However you got to like him towards the end of the book out of pity and his new changed personality. I enjoyed this immensely, not as much as the first book but definitely a lot. The narrator yet again didnt do it for me, but that's down to audible not the plot of the story. Off to r [...]

    7. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Four stars. Definitely. I am such a sap, and these stories are bringing it out in me. "Changed?" is the second book in Burkey's "Hearts to Follow" series and I liked it even more than the first. This may be the hopeless romantic in me talking, but I think these stories are really great! I love Burkey's way of introducing characters in one book and then using them in the next book rather than abandoning them. I also think she's real [...]

    8. Oh my what a strong character Summer is! I can definitely see the potential of an even bigger story coming out of this series. I really loved the transition to the second installment. Putting the focus on Nick, a questionable character from book 1, and shedding much needed light on him, I found 'Changed' a more enjoyable read than the first. Now back to the character, Summer. Can you imagine her in a more mature setting, novel wise? For a young girl she really knows who she is and what she wants [...]

    9. GEEZ! I love this series!! It's real. It's raw and its short. Dana you did it again. You left me wanting to know more! I was left practically hating Nick at the end of Just Pretending. He seemed so shallow and honestly just an all around jerk but this gave me a different view of him. It made him seem so vulnerable and broken hearted. Even though a novella is short Dana did a great job of adding dimension to not only Nick but also Summer.Summer is different from all the girls that are just lookin [...]

    10. I also posted this review on my blog -> bookandbastille.wordpressI like these novellas because they make a story that could be so much longer and is short but makes you feel as though you’ve read an actual book. Also, the author weaves together the characters from the previous book into this one and exceeds at character development. After the events in the first novella, Nick is back again and facing the rumors from the last book while finding someone who can look past those rumors. Nick’ [...]

    11. I have read 3 of Dana Burkey's YA stories and this one is my favorite. I like how she chose one of the not-so-likable characters from another work and turned him into the love interest in this one, particularly since we get to see another side of him, which is much more developed and easier to like.The main character, Summer, is also very easy to relate to. I believe many young girls will enjoy reading this book because they will see themselves in the shy and reserved Summer, who learns that it' [...]

    12. Thank you to the author for a free audio copy of her book in exchange for an honest reviewOne word: D'awwwww I didn't enjoy this one quite as much as I did 'Just Pretending' because I was still freshly disliking poor Nick (I realise he's only a fictional high school student and I should try to forgive him for his behaviour). This was another very sweet story about highschool romance, Summer is a very level headed girl and doesn't rush into a silly relationship just because she's had a crush on N [...]

    13. I received all three books in the series (audio versions) Hearts to Follow Series from the author Dana Burkey on asking for reviews. I will say I enjoyed all three books in the series Book 1 - Just Pretending Cammie, Josh and Nick - main characters. Book 2 - Changed Nick and Summer. Book 3 - Stage Lights Tara and Anthony. Tara was introduced in Book 2 she became friends with Summer near the end. This young adult series was funny and engaging with the young female characters who had strength an [...]

    14. I was provided a free copy of this novella in exchange for an honest review.Changed? By Dana Burkey- Where Just Pretending ended this story takes off, following Nick back to his school and to see the fall out of his poor choices. Summer is a gal that is anything but ‘popular’ and finds herself wondering if Nick has changed his stripes. A good solid run through and some proof-reading is definitely needed here. But other than that it was ok. You get to see how Nick realizes, with the help of t [...]

    15. This book was awesome!!! We get more background on a character from the first book, and it just goes to show you cannot judge a character based on one book! Characters in stories are like real life people, we grow and change! It was very cool to see Nick's character development and to see him find happiness of his own. It was also intriguing and refreshing that he falls for a girl that is so different from the other girls he has previously liked. We cannot help who we fall in love with! This was [...]

    16. Nick gets a second chance at love, and as much as I still don't LOVE him, it was cool to see him progress. Summer is a great character, that I feel like I would be friends with in real life. Facing so much life change with Nick and her friends, it was cool to see her not get swept up in the drama and everything. I also liked that the book was not in first person like the last one was. It was a nice switch. Like the first, this book has some editing errors, but they did not get in the way of the [...]

    17. The author gave me a free copy of this book and I was really excited to learn more about Nick and other characters. I was happy that it was a brand new story, not just a repeat of what I read in the last book, and Summer was a great character! The story felt genuine and believable, and I enjoyed reading all of the high school drama! I feel like it was a step up from the last book, and I look forward to reading more if the story continues. Great book, and thanks for letting me check it out! :)

    18. This wasn’t as good as Just Pretending, and it was hard to accept Nick as being the same character, and for the whole story I was waiting for Summer to see what a jackass he was, but this never really happened. Maybe in book three

    19. This is a continuation of the Hearts to Follow series, and it picks up where Just Pretending leaves off. It develops the characters more and an almost-enemy becomes a potential boyfriend. I enjoyed this book, especially reading it right after Just Pretending. Recommended!

    20. This book was very cute, quick read, young teen love story. Loved the dynamic story between Summer and Nick and I hope there is more to come some day. Give this book a try after you read the 1st installment of this series.

    21. Okay, this was a great follow-up to the Nick side-plot from the last book. Again, listened to this as an audio. I'm glad Nick could finally find his match. A very cute story. I loved it.

    22. I was given this book for my honest review.I couldn't get into this book hope the next book is better for me

    23. I really enjoyed this book. It's short, but cute. It's an amazing small read. Can't wait to read the next novella in this series!!

    24. ChangedI enjoyed this short story that tells how Nick and Summer meet. If you have read the first book, Just Pretending, then we get to see the other side of Nick.

    25. Better than book oneBook two is so much better! Summer is my girl, wise, smart, knows what she wants. This kid has so much confidence. I don't think she, realized how independent, and confident she was. Nick, did a 180,changing his ways. That change led to a much needed change in behavior. I love the fact that Summer did not succumb to peer pressure and start drinking like the rest of the kids. That she looked at all those drunk kids and decided, this is not for me.More teens need to read this, [...]

    26. I very much preferred this book over the first installment of the series--Not that I'm saying that the first book was bad or anything along the lines of that. In this book, I felt like the romance was not as forced or hasty as it was in the first book, and I was much more caught up in this book than the first one. The character development that transferred from a certain character from the first book made me change from hating someone's guts to wanting to hug them for all of eternity. I can trul [...]

    27. This is my second YA novella and I am so excited to share it with everyone! I want to give a big THANK YOU to my cover designer Bethany Walters for her hard work in creating an amazing cover for this book, as well as the other books in the Hearts to Follow Series! If you enjoyed this book please take a moment and post your review on as well. It would be a big help and appreciated very much!

    28. I received this audiobook for my honest review.Another cute short story. I'm always looking for material that I can suggest my students read that is fun and is what can be labeled, "school appropriate." Bonus are the moral lessons both characters must navigate.

    29. Original review: (view spoiler)[DNF 15%The protagonist was already annoying me and there were far too many clichés forming. I can predict where this book is going to go and I am just not in the mood for that sort of rubbish. Not for me. (hide spoiler)]

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