Jake Me Jake Bishop can take a punch but can he take the chance of losing Luna the one girl who melts his heart She s still in danger He s still afraid of ruining her Together they re one hot mess looking

  • Title: Jake Me
  • Author: Sabrina Stark
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jake Bishop can take a punch, but can he take the chance of losing Luna, the one girl who melts his heart She s still in danger He s still afraid of ruining her Together, they re one hot mess looking for a place called home Will they find it with each other Or go down in flames, trying

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    One thought on “Jake Me”

    1. Luna isn't the brightest bulb, and she made it difficult to finish this book. It also felt unfinished in plot points.

    2. The most clueless and manipulated main character ever. She never had a clue what was going on around her. Running from an ex boyfriend but has lots of family who cares for her. Don't understand her at all.

    3. Awesome!Another excellent story from Sabrina Stark's work. I can't get enough of the stories she writes. This book are loaded with fun, excitement, wild, and sexiness.

    4. So after I finished reading "Jaked" I needed to finish the series and get some answers to my questions. I guess I got them Most of this book was somewhat irritating because Luna just seemed like such an idiot!! She just didn't really catch on to anything! At times I can't say that I totally blamed her because Jake gave her nothing!! No information, no hints, no clues of any kind as to what the hell was going on! But I mean, how dumb did she have to be? I had no idea what the hell was happening, [...]

    5. I did not enjoy this book as much as part one. Luna was the most clueless character I have read about. Most of the story she didn't catch on to what was going on. The back and forth dialog was ok, until it never ends. I have to admit I skimmed through to get to the really good part only to finally get to the end, and I was not very trilled.

    6. I've been such a fan of all of Sabrina Stark's books, ever since I picked up UNBELONGING. All of her books have that certain something that I can't put my finger on, but I know it when I see it. I've re-read them a couple of times -- like you do with favorite books! -- because each time I read them, I find something else to enjoy.The Jake and Luna story thrilled me from the beginning. It was interesting to see how Jake's character developed and surprised me. In JAKED, he had some rough edges tha [...]

    7. 1 1/2 starI am not a fan of this series so far, the only reason why I finished it was because I had the audiobook so I could listen to it while driving. The drama was really forced. I don't particularly like Luna, the main character, she is really bland and I couldn't connect with her at all. I hate writing anything too negative because I can appreciate the amount of time and creativity that goes into writing, however it took me two attempts to get through both the first and the second book in t [...]

    8. With no one else had it ever been like this – tender and fevered, rough and gentle. He was my own crazy set of contradictions. He was everything that he seemed, and yet, nothing that he seemed. In a hundred years, I'd never figure him out. But in that moment, I just prayed I'd have the chance to try.Stark, Sabrina. Jake Me: A New Adult Romance Novel (Jaked Book 2) (p. 150). Mellow Moon. Kindle Edition.

    9. Jesus Christ, where do I even start? The main character, Luna, is a total dumbass. Always clueless even though it is CLEARLY obvious what is going on. Also, the story seems so repetive. All the characters were shit, besides Jakert of. Bianca was an annoying unnecessary character, Luna's brother were just money hungry assholes, Luna being the dumbest girl on earth, and Jake was just your typical alpha male. I don't even know how I could even finish the first book to start this one. The plot was d [...]

    10. What did I think? It had the potential of being a good story but sorry, it tanked. The main character can't even be described as naive or even a ding-bat, just out and out stupid. At first I thought it was the 'comic relief' but sadly, no, which of course made the entire premise totally unbelievable. Street-wise rich ladies killer totally taken with a completely fool who can't keep her mouth shut? Yeah, no. Although, I still like the author's writing style, seriously, don't bother.you'll be as d [...]

    11. I need one more book in this series.Omg. That ending!? The most enjoyable part of the book was the last 20%, so I feel like the story should've had another 20% left to it to finish out the growing story line. My favorite part was (without giving anything away) on the second to last page I wanted more to the secret he told her he whispered to Rango!!! Ugh.

    12. Hooray for more adventures of Luna and Jake!! I just love these two!! This was a fantastic second book. I felt like there was more angst for Luna and Jake was more soft and sweet towards her in this book. He may be bad@ss and fight for a living, but Jake is so swoon worthy!! *sigh* They still can't get it together and that's just fine by me!! It's like denied gratification LOL!! I'm almost sad that there is only one more book in this series. But I can't wait to see what happens next!

    13. 2nd time aroundI really like the chemistry between Luna and Jake,Best friends,with a little more,However Luna needs to to either lock it Jake or walk away.Tired if the whiney wish wash

    14. Amazing!I laughed so hard my husband thought I was losing it! I love how it ended and that I didn’t feel the first story was repeated in a boring way. Read in only a few hours and it was great

    15. Great seriesI am re-reading this series because I didn't know about book three. So glad that I can finish one and start right away with the other book in the series. Loved it the first time and still love it.

    16. Loved it!!! But being selfish just wished there was a little bit more at the end like a few months later bit just to finish off, but that's only because I didn't want it to end 😀

    17. *I was gifted a copy of Jake Me by the author. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*Walking away from Jake Bishop is supposed to be the right thing for Luna Moon to do, so why is it she can’t seem to stay away from him? Thanks to Jake, she is penniless and jobless, and she needs a place to stay and some money quickly. She lucks into a job at a hotel that has an immediate opening, but it seems Luna’s troubles are determined to follow her wherever she goes.Luna’s crazy ex-boyfriend is [...]

    18. Wow again, much like in book 1 it is Sabrina Stark's unique and slightly screwy viewpoint that makes this book work. Her writing is so easy to read and how she grabs you and makes you hang on is what makes a great contemporary romance writer. Now after book 1 we were left with a ton of unanswered questions and yes all of them get answered in book 2 but so much happens in the book we as readers aren't sure what we care about most the questions answered or smacking Luna around for being a naive fo [...]

    19. You say you want to read something with• A fascinating story line• Well-drawn, sympathetic characters• Romance• Mystery• And a sense of humor?You say you haven’t read Sabrina Stark’s books? Well, there you go.The author has done something very few writers can do. She has created a set of unique stories about the members of one family. They are all different and completely separate, stand-alone stories without the needless intrusion of characters from other books seen in so many ser [...]

    20. Rating this along with book 2 as they should have been one book. There were things i liked and things I didn't. One of my biggest dislikes were how the chapters were broken up mid conversation. When listening to an audio book it is really weird and actually annoying. I got tired of hearing "do you want the truth?" Nothing wrong with that phrase but it was used a lot. To the point where I not only noticed the frequency but I could predict when it was going to be used. I disliked how dense and nai [...]

    21. This book is the second in a two part series and you need to read the first to understand what is happening in this book.I really enjoyed this book and was happy to get some answers to things raised in the first book 'Jaked'.Luna Moon and Jake Bishop are still crazy about each other but are still fighting to find a balance that allows them to be together or at least be capable to get on with things when apart.Luna is still having issues with her ex and Jake is determined as ever to protect her e [...]

    22. I actually really enjoyed this story. The reason I didn't give it a higher rating was this being the second part, I thought there would be more to it, the stakes would get higher possibly. But when it ended, it seemed very anticlimactic. All of a sudden the story ends and eludes to what we expect to happen in the next few months. The fact Luna was given the run-around through both books and wasn't directly informed of anything until the last few pages was fine, but there weren't any other hits a [...]

    23. JakedWell Luna really was Jaked. I thought this was funny, and very romantic in a somewhat awkward way. Luna wants to be independent yet things really aren't that simple. She is constantly in trouble. She reminds me of a walking disaster. Yet, Jake was always there and she never acknowledged it or even gave him the benefit of the dark. Overall I wish there was a better ending. There was a use your imagination type of ending for everyone. I would of liked to find out the conversation with the sis [...]

    24. I don't like to give negative reviews butI found Luna to be absolutely annoying, dim witted, naive and well annoying again. Jake I felt was a total tool. But at the end he wasn't as much of a tool. The book itself was rather dull. What was the one thing we built to in both books fizzled like a wet firecracker. If a guy hunted you down, quit your job for you and made you hide out, it better be because Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and Freddy Kruger are after you. Not that annoying little jerk. An [...]

    25. 2.5-3.0Oh, man. This book gave me a headache, all the back and forth, back and forth, it was exhausting. Jake and Luna had so many obstacles to overcome it was over the top. Luna acted like a 15 year old, and I began to wonder why Jake would even bother. Jake wasn't emotionally involved in this book. The book, like "Jaked", tried to be humorous, but again it was too much and was just flat out silly. This was so disappointing, I think the author took on too many issues and Jake and Luna got lost [...]

    26. I don't even know what to say. I rarely give a book 3 stars because I usually won't finish it and I should probably give it 2. I have to say that book one Jake and book two Jake Me was more nothing than I've ever read. The main character has to be the stupidest most clueless female lead that I have ever seen. I listened to the audible version and nothing happened for 16 hours. Luna never knew what was happening around her and Jake I think that I could have liked him except for the simple fact th [...]

    27. I had a very hard time dealing with the fact that the female character (Luna) was so unbearably stupid , in my opinion. she does ridiculous things and then blames the man she says she loves for reacting. if she was real, I would've wanted to shake her till her brain cells started to synapse. I guess I just wasn't it the right frame of mind for this particular story at this particular time. felt very much like a story that could've been told in 1 chapterI love yout over nothingwalk outgo back.d r [...]

    28. To say these two are a hot mess is an understatement! Luna finds trouble and crazy people at every turn - it's almost comical. Luna needs to trust Jake and remember that she has known him since she was 12 but she forgets and ends up believing the worst in him. Jake loves Luna and wants to keep her safe but she hurts him when she doesn't trust him but that doesn't mean he won't be there to protect her. It's a rocky road for them but once Luna sees the truth everything falls into place. The sex wa [...]

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