Interrogating Ellie On the eve of World War II a na ve young woman makes a fateful decision she will abandon her British citizenship and go to live in Nazi Austria When her marriage breaks down and she finds herself alon

  • Title: Interrogating Ellie
  • Author: Julian Gray
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  • Page: 266
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • On the eve of World War II a na ve young woman makes a fateful decision she will abandon her British citizenship and go to live in Nazi Austria When her marriage breaks down and she finds herself alone in an enemy land, her passionate, restless nature drives her in a struggle for survival against the odds Who can she trust And ultimately, who can she love InterrogatinOn the eve of World War II a na ve young woman makes a fateful decision she will abandon her British citizenship and go to live in Nazi Austria When her marriage breaks down and she finds herself alone in an enemy land, her passionate, restless nature drives her in a struggle for survival against the odds Who can she trust And ultimately, who can she love Interrogating Ellie is based on a true story Readers reactions This is one of the best written books I have reviewed Everything about Ellie works and we root for her against the odds Historical Novel Society A page turner I read it in one day Absorbing, compelling, riveting It was 3am and I couldn t put it down This was an excellent story, with unexpected twists and turns, well developed and interesting characters The detail was fascinating the lives, the clothes, the food were all well researched What I found most fascinating was that the story was told from the point of view of ordinary people in Austria I have always been intrigued to know how ordinary citizens came to terms with the way of life imposed on them, the compromises and moral decisions that people were forced to make It was very true to life This book was worth writing I found it really absorbing and fascinating all the way through It s an extraordinary story and held me strongly throughout Very moving She was a real fighter and survivor I d love to hear about her I remember the last time I saw Ellie Interrogating Ellie brought her to life again for me.

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    One thought on “Interrogating Ellie”

    1. I should start with a disclaimer: I know Julian Gray. It is a pen-name, and with good reason, because this extraordinary book – although written as a novel – is substantially true. Interrogating Ellie is both well-researched and extremely readable. It is the story of Eloise, or Ellie, Picot (not her real name). She was born in St Helier, in the Channel Islands, in 1916. She and her brother were the illegitimate children of a teenage mother, who had been banished to Birmingham by her family. [...]

    2. Wow what a story! I think this is the book’s greatest feature, a woman’s struggle to survive and thrive in a country foreign to her and that only gets more so for her as time goes on. Knowing that it’s based on true events made the narrative even more engrossing. I found myself gripped by the different hardships Ellie encountered and seeing how she rose to meet each challenge to emerge stronger on the other side.Ellie’s grit and tact for survival is something to behold. I don’t think I [...]

    3. This was such a joy to read because the authors words just flowed from page to page. The story (based on true events) was gripping and I found it difficult to stop reading.This is one womans resilience to survive in a country to which she doesn't belong, in a time when her own country and this are at war, and thwarted by bureaucracy at every turn. Very sad indeed.

    4. I was totally involved/immersed in the story and characters and found it very difficult to put it down every night. The fact that it is based on your mother's life makes it very moving and meaningful. It is a fitting tribute to her great spirit and will to survive those awful times.

    5. *I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review*I found this equal parts frustrating and interesting. I tend to enjoy World War II stories, but I found Ellie's extreme obliviousness to war hard to believe. She moved from Jersey with her husband and toddler, while pregnant, to Austriaeshly occupied Austriaon the advice of his parents that he would get a good job Guess what, he didn't get a good job, he got a job in another area forcing prisoners to build a dam. Ellie and the toddle [...]

    6. I've gone back to the reviews for this book a few times, wondering if its "me". It could be, but although the storyline was interesting the way the sentence structure and word choices were extremely confusing. I checked if this was translated from another language- it was not. The sentence structure was awkward, with plenty of commas, and run-ons. Poor word choices that you could easily supplant a better word, so the reader is not derailed in their thinking.(Whole paragraph is one long sentence) [...]

    7. An enthralling wartime story of a woman displaced by life events and also a study in relationships.A masterly piece of work, this fictionalised true story of the eponymous Ellie is a book with two layers. The first, more obvious one, is the narration of a tale of circumstance. A story that richly shows how the smallest of decisions and the tiniest of life’s twists and turns can have major implications. How an ordinary person can slip into different and often less than desirable situations thro [...]

    8. Interrogating Ellie is Julian Gray's fictionalized account of the real life of Ellie Maurer - who becomes Ellie Bauer for the book, a British woman who lived in Austria for the duration of World War II. Gray combines Ellie's real life and the people she knew, based on her interrogation files, with other colorful characters who are drawn and adapted from other stories of Austria during the 1940s.The fictionalization of reality in Interrogating Ellie does not make the reality of horrors in World W [...]

    9. Interrogating Ellie is an evocative, gripping and beautifully written story which gives a voice to the lives to ordinary people in the midst of political conflict and social upheaval in war torn Austria during World War 11. The central character, Elise Bauer shows a spirt of survival and great moral courage as she experiences the first years of her marriage, its breakdown and subsequent life trajectory as a young English migrant woman from Jersey in the channel Islands. Early on in the novel the [...]

    10. Interrogating Ellie is a poignant and compelling story of a young woman trapped in Austria during WW2. The main character, Ellie, was a real person, and the author has clearly indicated in his introduction what additions are fictional. The language is straightforward and unadorned, with short, precise sentences. This gives a clarity and lack of ambiguity, and the book reads like a biography in the style of a thriller. The author intersperses the story with quotes from the actual interrogation th [...]

    11. I read this beautifully-researched and detailed novel within a day, keen to find out what would happen to Ellie as she lived her complicated life under adverse and shifting conditions. Following a lonely upbringing in Jersey, she married an Austrian national and naively agreed to move with him and their small daughter to Austria in 1938, when her husband was lured home by the expectation of a better life and job prospects under the Nazi regime. Ellie, however, found herself mired in conflict, br [...]

    12. Ellie makes a decision as a young wife and mother,that propels her life towards a series of heart-rending relationships.Ellie believed her husband would 'magic her into a different life'.That life, set in Austria during WW11, turned out to be a greater challenge than anything she could have imagined.This is an amazing story, which gets under the skin, with its insightful account of domestic daily life in worn-torn Austria.The characters are credible and sensitively drawn. Through the letters sen [...]

    13. ‘Interrogating Ellie’ is very readable. Based on the author's investigation into his mother's life during the turmoil of the Second World War in Nazi Austria, the historical context and the everyday details of life are excellently researched and evoked. The story's structure is framed with original documents and letters as tangible stanchions marking Ellie's years in Austria. For Julian Gray this book could be called 'Understanding Ellie' or 'Finding Ellie'. Through his investigation of Elli [...]

    14. We often hear about wartime life on the "home front" but usually from a UK perspective. Interrogating Ellie is the view-point of an English woman in a very different scenario - living amongst "the enemy" in Austria during World War 2.Ellie is a Jersey girl who marries Michael, a young Austrian who came to the island to work. When Michael decides to return to Austria for his parents' sake, Ellie is happy to accompany him, naively unaware of the potential problems she may face, with Europe heading [...]

    15. This is an absolutely fascinating book. The eponymous Ellie is based on a real woman from the Channel Islands who found herself stranded in Austria at the outbreak of World War II. The book tells the story of her wartime life and the difficulties she had to overcome to survive in such an alien environment. It progresses via straight narrative, letters and official documents and the reader is drawn irresistibly along. Ellie's love life is complicated to say the least and through her various men f [...]

    16. The author takes us on a compelling journey; issues of trust, mistrust and the need to risk rub shoulders with changes of heart, moments of stoical determination and simple courage. A keen eye for detail throughout helps set the context, generating images that bring the twists and turns of this essentially human drama to life on the page. A series of letter exchanges between key protagonists changes the pace, increasing the tension revealed through unexpected shifts in perspective and orientatio [...]

    17. Based on a true-story, Interrogating Ellie, is a WW II story worth reading. Ellie is a complex, flawed and sympathetic young woman. She is a survivor in the face of fear, hunger, and loss. She is a friend, effortlessly drawing both men and women to her wherever she goes, but repeatedly betrayed by those around her. She is a mother who suffers from postpartum depression and a divorce that separates her from her children. The narration, mostly from Ellie's point of view, also includes letters and [...]

    18. I absolutely loved reading this book. Once you have started, you would want to follow this true lif story through. It is about how the Heroine in this story, Ellie, survive in nazi- occupied Austria. Ellie's courage, resilience and bravado sense of adventure have won my utmost admiration. It is a good book for your train or plane journey. You wouldn't want to watch the videos on the plane when you have this book in your hand. Julian Gray writes with an easy and sympathetic prose. I highly recomm [...]

    19. Interrogating Ellie is the story of a British woman, married to an Austrian, battling her way through the fortunes and misfortunes of war. I found the true story to be interesting but was put off by the way that names appear without explanation and the use of letters and memorandums didn't endear me. I did like reading about life in Vienna just the Russians took over and also her life during that period. A good read.

    20. This is a well written novel based on the true account of Ellie, a young woman who leaves Jersey to live in Austria after marriage in the hope that under the New Nazi Regime things will work out well and they will have a better life to look forward to. How Wrong they were as things don't turn out that way and Elli faces many trials and tribulations in her future.I think this is a must read and it compels you to want to research and dig deeper. Well Done.

    21. Strong, well-sustained narrative of an extraordinary and adventurous life. The depth of characterisation supports the narrative very effectively through a remarkable sequence of locations and activities. This makes for a compelling read and a sense of loss in the aftermath of completing it; it trails intriguing questions in its wake.

    22. Not sure I really don't know what to say about this book. I guess my one thought is that it lacked emotion, it seemed to me the book was only facts. I almost stopped reading the book but finished it instead.

    23. Not the best I've read. Don't recommend.Eh. This book was a bit disappointing as it painted a very poor picture of the main character. It was hard to root for her success, nor were there any characters of interest, or inspiring good will.

    24. Memorizing wartime taleEllie, a intelligent girl of the 30,s, becomes another victim of the Nazis ,Her will to survive caused those with the powers to judge ,to be wrong, and she did survive in spite of them.

    25. Interesting enough story, especially when you know it's based on fact but I couldn't warm to the central character at all. I also didn't like the way it was written. Very surprised by all the 5 star ratings. Was glad when I finished it.

    26. I thoroughly enjoyed this book It was very rich and detailed and with believable characters . The story span around a little but as it was based on a true story I thought that this gave it an integrity. Life is a bit of a spin around sometimes. An amazing story !

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