Murder Caribbean Style High Seas Mystery Series When Kayla Sanders accepts a free Caribbean cruise aboard her old ship she gets sucked into a modern day mutiny culminating in the murder of her ex lover Patrick MacIntyre Four years before Kayla w

  • Title: Murder Caribbean-Style (High Seas Mystery Series #1)
  • Author: Diane Rapp
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Kayla Sanders accepts a free Caribbean cruise aboard her old ship, she gets sucked into a modern day mutiny culminating in the murder of her ex lover, Patrick MacIntyre Four years before, Kayla was denied a promotion she deserved After a secretary at headquarters revealed that secret company policy blocked qualified women from serving as chief officers, Kayla stormeWhen Kayla Sanders accepts a free Caribbean cruise aboard her old ship, she gets sucked into a modern day mutiny culminating in the murder of her ex lover, Patrick MacIntyre Four years before, Kayla was denied a promotion she deserved After a secretary at headquarters revealed that secret company policy blocked qualified women from serving as chief officers, Kayla stormed company headquarters, confronted the Board of Directors, and resigned her First Purser s job in an uproar Although Kayla shipboard friends applauded her bravery, she knew better Reeling from a year of painful humiliation inflicted by her unfaithful lover, the resignation provided Kayla with an excuse to run home and hide Living like a hermit in Colorado she worked days as a typist and wrote a Caribbean travel guidebook at night When Kayla arrives onboard the Aurora, she relishes the VIP treatment afforded a published author until Patrick falls dead at her feet Patrick was targeted by the great mutiny, a clever plan to get rid of several corrupt chief pursers during Kayla s voyage, but surely the plan didn t include a murder Since Kayla s friends instigated the mutiny, she knows they will all be prime suspects when police uncover the plan Plunging into a frenzied investigation to discover the killer before police arrest her friends, Kayla uncovers plenty of suspects Patrick s name was linked to jewelry theft, drug dealing, swindling, and bombing deaths in Ireland Kayla bumps into Steven Young, a handsome undercover Interpol agent, every time she uncovers a clue and they soon join forces to unravel the mystery Mutual attraction blossoms into a love affair until Kayla discovers that Steven lied about his own alibi on the day Patrick died Like a tightrope walker balancing between passion and peril, Kayla risks her life to unearth the unexpected truth behind Patrick s death and free herself from his memory.

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    One thought on “Murder Caribbean-Style (High Seas Mystery Series #1)”

    1. I thought this book looked interesting to buy for the shop for tourists, but out of the 8 reviews with any text at all, 5 are from GR authors. Since I know all about those tit-for-tat groups here and on , whenever I see a set of ratings like that my heart sinks. They have no credibility at all to me. The number of times I got caught buying these new new new Caribbean books with raving reviews on some years ago Not again. I'm not Einstein's fool. But I waver about this one.

    2. Fascinating and interesting locations. Colorful scenery. And a charming con man. Diane Rapp's High Seas Mysteries bring the Caribbean to life. You feel like you're traveling on the ship. Her characters are believable and well-described with realistic motives. I enjoyed this mystery, particularly for the staycation getaway to tropical destinations!

    3. A smartly crafted mystery with exotic locales! Kayla Saunders takes a free cruise on her old ship promoting her new book. Things then take a turn for the worse and she has to solve a murder before it's too late. I truly enjoyed this finely spun story. It had a nice cozy feel to it. this is a wonderful lay on the couch with a blanket and cup of tea kind of read. I found it to be funny, engaging, and just the type of mystery I love to read. If you enjoy unique murder mysteries that you can't put d [...]

    4. Sometimes a reader needs to curl up with a deliciously good book and disappear from their own world for awhile. MURDER CARIBBEAN-STYLE spirited me away into a world that oozed with the charms of such exotic locations as Barbados, St. Thomas, Sint Maarten and Puerto Rico. Diane Rapp offers a gift to her readers: She whets an adventurer’s appetite with zesty, vivid descriptions of fascinating out-of-the-way places at each port, sites that are unknown to many tourists. We are treated to descripti [...]

    5. Kayla Sanders, now a published author, is delighted when she is invited to join her old ship as a VIP passenger. She had worked on this very ship four years previously, but having been denied promotion, she resigned. The only downside to this voyage meant she would meet up again with Patrick, her ex-boyfriend, who still worked on the ship. She had really loved this man while she had been on board. Yet he had been unfaithful to her. Since then, Kayla had written a guidebook about the Caribbean, w [...]

    6. Murder Caribbean-Style is an excellent read. Kayla Sanders returns to the cruise ship she once worked on, never expecting to meet up with the man who had broken her heart. Not only is he on the ship, he seems to delight in making her uncomfortable. When he is murdered Kayla is a suspect and must clear not only her name but her friends as well.As you read each chapter you are transported to a different cruise ship port. Ms Rapp skillfuuly captures the flavor of the Caribbean. On board the ship, t [...]

    7. For some reason I thought this was a clean read but in my opinion it is not. The author is totally confused about the difference between love and lust. The characters go from just meeting to body length lustful contact in just a day. I felt betrayed and blindsided and cheated because I bought the book believing the author who posted on a clean reads group. Fool me once, shame on me; fool me twicee got me good because I bought two books at once. I won't be reading the second one. What a waste!

    8. Colorful story of some of the Caribbean islands with detailed descriptions of each one making you feel you're seeing them for yourself. There's also a murder thrown into the mix when one of the cruise line employees is killed. Kayla, who left the cruise line and became a travel writer, works with former coworkers to find the murderer before it gets pinned on her.

    9. Great read. A great murder mystery of who dunnit.Can you guess?Kayla used to work on a Cruise ship. A bad relationship changed that.Four years later she is invited back after writing a tour guide book about the areas the Cruise ship visited.Patrick her Ex is still there, and brings up bad memories.Thenhe drops deaduh oh.A good cozy mystery.

    10. This is a very well written "who done it" novel. I enjoyed the cruise aspect of it since I have cruised most of the places mentioned and it brought back memories. There is mystery, romance and great characters. This is a great beach read. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review.

    11. Was it a travelogue, a romance novel, or a mystery? Although I enjoyed the details about the various islands very much, it seemed that the author might have been trying to do too much all at once. Personally, I’d have preferred more focus on either the romance or the mystery.

    12. I couldn't have asked for better on my first Caribbean cruise than the happy hours spent reading Diane Rapp's Murder Caribbean-Style. Usually, I skim through descriptions of place, as I suspect most readers do now that we can 'go' anywhere we care to go online. But here's one of the major surprises in store: Rapp conveys her exceptional knowledge of cruise ships and Caribbean locales in powerful prose always at the service of the story. Soon enough I couldn't wait for the next port of call, the [...]

    13. Murder Caribbean-Style is it a cozy mystery set, obviously, in the Caribbean. As the story opens, a murder is committed, but the scene soon switches to a cruise line. But it's not until later on when our heroine, Kayla, comes to the Caribbean that we begin to see the connection. Kayla is an author who has written a travel book. Once a purser on board as cruise ship, she now lives in the northern US, but is there to flog her new book. While at times the book, Murder Caribbean-Style reads a little [...]

    14. I was enchanted by this story from the first page. It brought back memories of my favorite mystery books, like the Trixie Belden or Nancy Drew Series. But this is much more refined and sophisticated. The Heroine, Kayla is a lovely, young travel guide writer who returns to her former place of employment- as a celebrity. Who has not dreamed of doing that?Her former place of employment just happens to be a cruise ship in the Caribbean. It would be fabulous- but Kayla is mending a broken heart. You [...]

    15. This was a good story and I am interested in reading the rest of the series. I enjoyed the Caribbean locations and descriptions and the behind the scenes access to life on a cruise ship was really interesting to me, since my sister works on private yachts occassionally.I did find the character descriptions of famous people distracting, I would rather have the description of the character and I can develop the image in my head. Also, by the end of the story, I was all that interested in "who done [...]

    16. A travel writer takes a free cruise on board the ship she used to work on and finds herself investigating the murder of her ex.Between visits to the islands’ tourist spots to update her guidebook, Kayla finds love and solves the mystery with her Interpol boyfriend.I enjoyed the lighthearted murder-mystery set on a cruise ship and several familiar Caribbean islands. The cast of characters was interesting, including an undercover magician, a psychic, and the various ship’s crew, together with [...]

    17. This book was so much fun! I found myself connecting to the characters (Kayla and Steven --- and many others) and hoping their stories would continue in subsequent books! Ms. Rapp has a wonderful way with wordsI found the descriptions of various ports and "off the beaten path" attractions in the Caribbean intriguing and made notes to try to visit them and I thoroughly enjoyed this book It's not my typical go-to - a romance / mystery, but I found it to be a guilty pleasure I couldn't put down!

    18. This was a fun read and had a great location, who doesn't love a cruise and the area surrounding the trip. Kayla Sanders used to work on a cruise ship, unfortunate circumstances and a bad choice of men, have her leaving that job and becoming a writer of travel guides. Now, she is back on the ship and running into old friends and enemies. murder and mystery are on the agenda as Kayla gets stuck in the middle of the investigation and readers can enjoy a fun mystery.

    19. Author Kayla Sanders finds herself at the center of a real-life murder mystery when her ex-lover, Patrick, who humiliated her four year earlier on the same ship, falls dead at her feet. If you enjoy mystery, there is enough to keep you turning the pages, and if you love romance, you won't be left disappointed as Kayla tries to hang on to her new boyfriend, Stephen, while unraveling the clues.

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