His For Keeps Loving States Tennessee Escape with a wicked cowboy tonightEveryone thinks Colin Fairgood is exactly what his PR machine tells them a country superstar with a killer smile and dazzling blue eyes But I met him before his coun

  • Title: His For Keeps: 50 Loving States, Tennessee
  • Author: Theodora Taylor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Escape with a wicked cowboy tonightEveryone thinks Colin Fairgood is exactly what his PR machine tells them a country superstar with a killer smile and dazzling blue eyes.But I met him before his country makeover and the fame Colin has a dark side one that takes me places I ve never been One that makes me want to do very bad things with him One that makes me scaredEscape with a wicked cowboy tonightEveryone thinks Colin Fairgood is exactly what his PR machine tells them a country superstar with a killer smile and dazzling blue eyes.But I met him before his country makeover and the fame Colin has a dark side one that takes me places I ve never been One that makes me want to do very bad things with him One that makes me scared of him And even scared of myself.I don t know what kind of endgame he s running on my heart, but he s definitely playing for keeps And if I m not careful, he s going win.But what happens when he finds out about my past And discovers all my secrets One thing s for sure when country superstar Colin Fairgood collides with me, a songwriter with everything to lose, it s going to be one hell of a story.Reader Beware This is the eleventh official standalone novel in the bestselling 50 Loving States series, and it is not for the faint of heart or sensitive Guaranteed to please those who prefer extra hot loving with a wickedly kinky hero, but seriously, do not One Click the heat unless you know how to handle the FLAME

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    One thought on “His For Keeps: 50 Loving States, Tennessee”

    1. UGH ! I wish I could give better review cause I quite like this author : the writing is always good and the character interesting (at least, most of the timeI'll come back to it later).There may be some spoilers, so if you don't want to be too spoiled I read some of the previous books in the series so I was interested to learn more about who was the mystery girl on Colin's room who Beau mistook for Josie and what Colin's story would be. And it all started well. I was a bit surprised by the unila [...]

    2. As a persnickety lover of well-written Interracial Romance fiction, all I can say is that I loved reading this book. I say that, because not only was it captivating, but the characters had depth and they were touchable, so much so that , I found myself being able to connect with these characters, and the world in which they live. Also, the sex was spankalicious, and simply pantymelting. Some may have an issue with the D/s factor, but all I can say is that it fits(We'll just leave that where it i [...]

    3. This was a little slow to start for me, but I warmed up to it. I liked that Josie and Sam had a big part in this. Good read.

    4. Another winner!I loved this book, I am so addicted to this series,I felt like I have been waiting forever for another book by Ms. Taylor. The characters where well developed and the plot was good. Colin and Kyra where great together from the start and I love how you got to see Beau and Josie and how they are growing as a couple and the scenes with all of them together were golden. Great Read can't wait for more

    5. This is one the best of Taylor's books I've read in awhile. The characters were appealing (even when the hero was being an asshat he was still appealing). Also I enjoyed the dialogue.

    6. I almost liked this bookIt was a close thing but after reading it putting it down then thinking back I've decided I cannot recommend this book, it was black country singers and bondage and all over the place and in a word weird. I could have bought all of that if I felt some connection to it at all. He wasn't likeable which is weird because his appearance in the other books suggested otherwise, didn't like her either and I wish I had better words to express why. I didn't believe them as a couple [...]

    7. Good stuff! Colin is my kind of alpha in that he knows when he's whipped and has a way of asserting himself without seeming like a complete ass. This story has some of the best dialog I've seen in an IR novel in a looooong time. It comes across as natural and made me feel like I could hang out with either of these people. Didn't agree with ever detail, but honestly considering how well the story came together I can't quibble about the little things. Definitely recommend- this is a great read wit [...]

    8. I am so disappointed that this book ended. I love these characters the story, but most of all I love the writing and how you just get sucked in to the plot. I laughed, I cried, and I talked back to this book, that’s how you know it’s a good read, at least for me anyway!The good:Kyra- My favorite Theodara Taylor heroine so far. She is strong without being too hard and sweet without being a pushover. Collin- A very good match for Kyra. I felt that he had the right amount of alpha in him, mixed [...]

    9. I really don't know how I feel about this one really didn't care much for the hero or heroine.I tried to like them both but I really couldn'tI guess Kyra couldn't help being the way that she was with the childhood she had and I guess the same could be said for Colin but I still had a hard time connecting with these two. The relationship between them left me scratching my head but It was good catching up with Josie and Beau and seeing how things shaped up for them. Saying that, this one was not o [...]

    10. Just re- read this story because I forgot to write up my review. It was just as good second time around. This is Colin and Kira's story. Trust is the issue for Colin and Kira. Kira has a lot of secrets that she does not share with Colin until they blow up in her face and causes him to not trust her any more.I really enjoyed their story and I loved how Kira went after Colin at the end. Definitely worth a read.

    11. I Loved this bookLike I said before it was Theodor Taylor that made me a Kindle fan, I am a true dye heart the book was emotional, so much love between these two characters, I knew all along when they referred to her skin color she was mixed, and her reference to Beau with so much love, and then when she helped him I knew it was her brother, but I didn't know she knew! So that was really good, seeing as I thought she would tell the wife I am in love with your fiancé but all along she knew, but [...]

    12. The couple had a lot of explicit, unsexy sex and little chemistry. Colin was a jackass and Kyra was immature with secrets that were silly (view spoiler)[her job working for Josie and Beau (who were in the story WAY too much) You know, the only job she could find after having other options removed by lover boy (hide spoiler)] or her secret to keep (view spoiler)[her and Beau having the same father (hide spoiler)] The big confrontation sent this from three stars to two because I couldn't decide wh [...]

    13. I really wanted Colin to be the sweet good guy who just was looking for love in the wrong places. In the end he was a beast and I can't say I didn't enjoy him and Kira in this one. I thought her drama should've been a bit more seeing how they came to meet one another. Her and her mother was a good three chapters worth of mess for it self. But it was kind of skipped over, her grandmother had a good six chapters worth of nothing but good drama that could've been there. I would've loved to see her [...]

    14. I love reading her stories, when I see a new book by this author I get giddy like a little school girl. Loved Colin, he was funny and loving yet hard and tough at the same time. Loved every character for they all had something to add. Loved reading about the southern family and how close they were coming from one brought back memories. I loved the story it was sweet, raunchy and painful brought tears to my eyes. Kyra was beautiful as she was strong even despite her pain. She loved fiercely and I [...]

    15. Colin is low key crazy and a bit Jekyll and Hyde-ish. He is super sweet especially to the girl he loves.Kyra though has a bit of low self-esteem, apart from that she is a nice, bright haired awkward black girl. I loved the characters and the story development, but there is something that rubs me wrong about the way Colin treats Kyra. Especially when Kyra needed to explain herself. Beau and Josie being in the story was okay but since they were not really affecting the storyline in anyway for me.I [...]

    16. I thought that all of the secrets the heroine was keeping were unnecessary. A simple talk with the hero would have made a lot more sense. I also really didn't like how the hero is in love with someone else for the first few chapters in the book and even asks the heroine to help make the other girl jealous. And the heroine keeps talking about how she's always loved Beau, another guy. I kept reading because I liked the country superstar hero and was curious about his kinky side. The book didn't re [...]

    17. The heroine is the best thing about this story, she's funny and a bit quirky. Sure this is her love story but its also her coming of age story.

    18. Loving this seriesA little dark romance Good story and funny at times Enjoyed it Can't wait for the next book in the series.

    19. ohh boy do I love me some Colin ohh boy do I love me some Colin! Mercy I didn't know country could be so hot

    20. 3.25 stars. Unlike the story of Mason and June, I don't think Colin Fairgood and Kyra have any chemistry and I found it hard to become invested in them as a couple-sure they have lots of BDSM sex but no romance. Colin's mother left the Fairgood white supremacy compound, took a job as a housekeeper in a white affluent gated community and raised Colin. He went to a good college and became a successful country singer with a 'thing' for Black women and the BDSM life style. He and Kyra first met when [...]

    21. His and HersThough it took me awhile to get into this book, I still rate it a five because while we have the primary hero & heroine for this story, there's were actually other characters from their own books connected. That did created some confusion to me & caused me to go back to other books in this series to reconnect the links. But that's not necessarily something many readers might like doing. As for me, I enjoyed the research. I give it a 5star and recommend this read, lots of acti [...]

    22. 4.5 stars!I got sucked into this book by accident, and it was just so soo good! Ms. Taylor's writing is exceptional, the story just flows. The dynamics of the characters are very good, and the pacing of the story is fast, there is no drawn-out drama or angst, which I appreciate deeply. But the best part is the humor littered throughout the book. I love Colin and Kyra, and their relationship is very well-developed. In my opinion, I don't think that first scene was anything approaching rape at a [...]

    23. This was a weird read. I really like Taylor's writing. However, for this to be a romance novel, it was missing the "romance". I admit that I'm not a huge fan of the BDSM/D/s genre. But, I have read other books in this same genre and could get the connection or chemistry. This was just ok. The 3 star rating is for the writing and the few times we get to spend with previous book characters, Josie and Beau

    24. Story line good Ending was disappointingI gave this book a 4-star rating because it was so dammed good until the the very end. I just did not like all the begging she had to do. I will not add a spoilerbut geeze that just left a bad taste in my mouth. Very good twists and turns in this story though. I loved every thing else about it.

    25. Lately I had moved away from reading romance novels. I'm so glad I decided to get back into this series. This is a well crafted story with likable and realistic characters. I think the author wrote the African American family members very well. I can easily replace some of these people with my cousins. Nosey, Nosey, Nosey!

    26. Hero=5/5Heroine = 5/5Chemistry = 5/5Sex = 4/5Plot = 4/5Mystery = 5/5Action = 2/5Darkness = 3/5Humor = 4/5POV = dualWould I recommend this book = yesWould I re-read this book = yesWould I read future books by this author = yesComments:Wow this is top on my list for best. And I loved grandmother. The book mad me love, cry,mad, sad and oh ya love again. Thanks for a great book

    27. LovelyA nice long read I recommend this book to anyone I laughed, cried, and the anxiety is overwhelming As well as the awesome sex scenes.

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