Undercover Love A Billionaire Romance Don t walk away from me There was a steel hard warning in his tone Despite being smart sassy and driven Ashley finds herself left out in the cold thanks to her fianc Steve s c

  • Title: Undercover Love
  • Author: Lucy Score
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Billionaire Romance Don t walk away from me There was a steel hard warning in his tone Despite being smart, sassy, and driven, Ashley finds herself left out in the cold thanks to her fianc Steve s career During a disastrous cocktail party, Ashley s finds herself all alone after being ignored by Steve and humiliated by his ice queen colleague Victoria That is, untiA Billionaire Romance Don t walk away from me There was a steel hard warning in his tone.Despite being smart, sassy, and driven, Ashley finds herself left out in the cold thanks to her fianc Steve s career During a disastrous cocktail party, Ashley s finds herself all alone after being ignored by Steve and humiliated by his ice queen colleague Victoria That is, until the host of the party, billionaire security expert Jason Baine takes notice He s tall, dark, and handsome He s also got a killer racquetball game And he needs Ashley s help When Jason reveals that Steven has been lying to Ashley and his company, he asks her to play a role in bringing him down Ashley has no reason to trust Jason, but for some reason, she can t seem to say no to the powerful man, no matter how dangerous his requests become

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      427 Lucy Score
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    One thought on “Undercover Love”

    1. Just cinched the 4*.When I go for a genre like this, this is what I want. Not dark, or desperate or plotless or instant in any way. But fun, and flirty, a little dangerous, fraught with tension. I swooned so hard. And I was there with Ashley. I wanted to crush Steven under the toes of my 4 inch heels (if I owned a pair.) Thank god this is fiction. And when she was with Jason there were lightening sparks. And they didn't hop into bed straight away, but there was a flirtatious dance of will-they-w [...]

    2. 2 StarsOverall Opinion: I had some issues with this book. I never fully felt the connection between the characters, and the character development seemed to just skim the surface and not really get into who these people were. I finished this before going to sleep and when I started to write this review I hadn't remembered the characters names, so that tells me I wasn't invested in their story at all. I also had a big issue with a situation towards the end(view spoiler)[ The h finds out that the H [...]

    3. 3.5 starsLucy Score never disappoints. She knows how to write sweet heroes and smart women. Will likely re-read when in need of a pick-me-up.

    4. This is pure wish-fulfillment fantasy, but a wonderful example of it. And I don't mean just the "billionaire" part. Ashley has a good life, doing things she loves and is successful in her career and life in general (if not exactly rich or anything). She's well-adjusted and content and now I think on it, that's rather rare in the genre. Her only real trouble is being engaged to a selfish idiot. The thing is, Score does a good job taking that and making it three dimensional even so.It didn't hurt [...]

    5. Enjoyable entertaining read.Ashley's fiancé Steve has changed, she's noticed the change over the last couple of years and at times she can hardly recognise the man she first met. He's now driven and completely career orientated and spends way too much time away from her and with the beautiful but seriously scary Victoria. Ashley finds herself at Victoria's cocktail party where she meets Victoria's stepbrother Jason, now Jason literally takes her breath away, talk about an Adonis, but since he's [...]

    6. Ashley and Steven were engaged and lived together in Steven's loft apartment. Steven had been spending more and more time at work and meetings and Ashley thought it was all because he was trying to get a partnership in the firm he worked for. Steven worked for Victoria, who Ashley couldn't stand, and she was the stepsister of the owner. Steven took Ashley to a party his company held and he spent all evening with Victoria and other people. There she met the step brother, Jason, One tall dark and [...]

    7. This is a sweet and lighthearted romance about a young woman called Ashley. She's engaged to Steve, but lately Steve seems to care more about his career than their relationship. While attending a cocktail party hosted by Jason, who is the stepbrother to Victoria, Steve's obnoxious work colleague, the last thing Ashley expected was to have Jason reveal what's been going on behind her back, and what her fiancé Steve has been up to. Furious Ashley promises to help Jason to bring Steve and Victoria [...]

    8. Fab story! Loved Jason, he was seriously sexy, mysterious and sweet at the same time. I really liked Ashley too. She was such a strong character and I liked how she stood up for herself. Nice epilogue.

    9. This was an ok read. I just found it hard to get my head round some aspects of the story. SPOILERS AHEADThe heroine, Ash , is not happy in her relationship with her fiance, Steve. He is increasingly focused on work and his co worker Victoria. Ashley becomes involved with Victoria's step brother ,Jason. Steve is an ignorant cheater who seems to have an entirely different persona to the one she was first attracted to. Victoria is nasty. Spiteful, bitchy and malevolent. Jason is a multi millionaire [...]

    10. Some parts were good. Other partst so much. It started out with a lot of promise in the beginning and it just kind of lost me in the middle and the end. The villains were as one dimensional as you can get and it was really hard to take it seriously. We are going into the Dr. Evil variety.The plot linery predictable. I grant you that in a romance the plot rarely diverts. But I'm not talking about meeting + sexy times = HOA. That's granted.It's everything else. The dialogue, the character traits, [...]

    11. I like chick literature. They help in keeping the mood mellow when things get intense. The book is not only a pleasure to read but also ha components that add a spark. The romantic element is not only intense but it hits the right nerve. Definitely some PG-rated moments. The cover image reflects the same spark that you read between the lead protagonists. It definitely attracted my attention when I was trolling for books to read.Each page reveals a depth in character which complemented the story- [...]

    12. Oh well. Even with my wish-fulfillment glasses on, I did not like this at all. I didn't believe any of it: not the characters - or their decisions - or their reactions to the things that went on - or their lack of friends except when necessary - or the cookie-cutter villains - or how easily it all went down. Especially not the central relationship (view spoiler)[and the twenty-day engagement (hide spoiler)]. And let's not forget the filthy rich, totally hot, and conveniently single guy.This is a [...]

    13. Love. love this book. SO sweet, and yet just a little evil at the same time, just my kind of book - just my kind of heroine. And I loved the hero - I loved how disgusted he was with Ashley's cheating fiancé. I loved how he couldn't keep his hands off her. I loved how he couldn't stop protecting her by doing boring things like putting security systems in the store where she worked. The fact that the book wasn't rife with confusing grammatical and spelling errors was a real plus as well.

    14. Oh wow, I loved this book!Ashley is smart and driven but she finds herself left out thanks to her fiance, Steven, a major jerk.During a cocktail party Ashley meets tall, dark, handsome, and unbelievably wealthy Jason. He is the half brother to Victoria, a woman who is a ruthless, lying, stealing, blackmailing slut. Victoria has grabbed onto Steven and has convinced him to do illegal things to aid the two of them supposedly leaving their workplace, owned by her grandfather by marriage. They want [...]

    15. This was a fun read. The writing style was nice and relaxing and, considering the pl0t, surprisingly light-hearted. I got through it in a couple of hours without any urge to put it down. Ashley was a fun lead - a strong, independent character, but without the over-the-top sass that sometimes puts me off. Jason was perfect. He wasn't overbearing or controlling, but he had that romantic intensity that drives good male characters. I have some personal bugbears with the book, but I can't say they re [...]

    16. Plot. Set in Wilmington, NC. Although engaged, there's clearly something going on with the relationship between Ashley and Steven. S wants to make partner at an investment firm and he's cozied up to co-worker Victoria who wants to help him. Ashley isn't crazy about the kind of man he's becoming. A then meets Jason, a successful security expert and Victoria's stepbrother. He takes an interest in A despite her engagement to S. And they we're taken on a ride involving a bitch/turned mentally unstab [...]

    17. I enjoyed this light and fluffy romance. Yes, there is cheating in it, and rarely do I find a reason to keep reading once I discover that, but without giving too much away, I'm glad I kept reading. I'm glad for a character who's rich but not OTT with alpha, kinky, manwhore or foul mouth tendencies. How refreshing. He does seem a little too good to be true at times, but I found it nice. The female MC was strong and not overly sweet. I really liked her character, too.Overall, I enjoyed this. I enj [...]

    18. The beginning of the story was ok, a bit predictable.When the story evolved, I couldn't really like the characters.Ashley and Jason, Steven and Victoria, even Eli, they betrayed the people around them. Even Ashley is not the innocent one, she cheated as well.Unprotected intercourse between Jason and Ashley while Jason knows that Ashley’s fiancé cheats on her with Victoria who cheats on Stephen with various other collegues, how believable is that?The whole plot with selling information and the [...]

    19. It was a decent book.The characters were good and had a decent back story.The plot was not really original or very ingenious but it was entertaining enough.The only thing was that the transition to 'love' was not smooth enough because it just felt like the author just threw it out there and I couldn't really connect to that.The rest was pretty okay.

    20. This was a good one. I liked the story and loved the H. I like the type of H who is generally protective of the h. He doesn't wait for there to be a threat to the h, he just cares about her safety. Plus, he is totally ALPHA.

    21. Sometimes you want to read something that is just fluffy but no too fluffy, light but not too light, just something to pass your time with no tissues, a glass (or maybe more) of wine near you.Well this is just what this is. I enjoyed itMore of a 3 1/2*

    22. Omg!!! What a great book! Loved the story & the characters. Couldn't put the book down. ❤️❤️❤️❤❤️️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    23. I freaking loved this book! Once again, Lucy did not disappoint. I absolutely loved Jason! From page one, I was captivated. Couldn't stop once I started. Well done Ms. Score well done!!

    24. Enjoyed the story but felt a little let down with attention to detail about Victoria and Steven secret. But nice book

    25. The more I progressed reading this book, the more entertaining it became. Great for the genre, so don't be surprised at some exaggeration, a little too much in repetitive sex scenes, some grammatical errors, etc. But I love the characters and there are a lot of witty remarks and comedy. And some interesting plot development with just a bit of suspense as well. The stereotypes are often offset by some interesting character background stuff-- all in the genre, of course! I don't want to give anyth [...]

    26. Lucy Score writes a thoroughly enjoyable romance with a twist. I really love Jason, he was a really strong leading male that was the epitome of what a woman wants a mysterious millionaire to take you away from an unhappy relationship. I couldn't stand the character of Steven which I think was the whole point of the his character. At times it was a stressful read, more because I'm an immersive reader.

    27. Once again Ms score has me up reading late into the night.An entertaining read that is lighthearted and addictive whilst having dark overtones of blackmail, extortion and cheating fiancés.Liked Ashley for her attitude, gumption and capability. Jason was a bit of a naughty boy but I forgave him his manipulation when he explained why he was wanting to bring Victoria down so badly and he gave Ashley the time she asked for.

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