The Year of Necessary Lies One amazing year in a remarkable womans life journey becomes the inspiration for generations when she takes a huge risk follows her heart embraces forbidden love and unwittingly becomes the champio

  • Title: The Year of Necessary Lies
  • Author: Kris Radish
  • ISBN: 9781940716510
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback
  • One amazing year in a remarkable womans life journey becomes the inspiration for generations when she takes a huge risk, follows her heart, embraces forbidden love, and unwittingly becomes the champion of a winged world that is on the brink of extinction It s 1903, the world is poised for drastic change, and Julia Briton is a naive, beautiful Boston socialite who suffersOne amazing year in a remarkable woman s life journey becomes the inspiration for generations when she takes a huge risk, follows her heart, embraces forbidden love, and unwittingly becomes the champion of a winged world that is on the brink of extinction It s 1903, the world is poised for drastic change, and Julia Briton is a naive, beautiful Boston socialite who suffers a series of devastating losses and discovers that her beloved husband is involved in the plume trade the massive slaughter of birds for use in the fashion industry When Julia is secretly ushered into the early 20th century by a group of brazen female activists, she boldly risks everything and embarks on a perilous journey to the wilds of untamed Florida, a place of great danger where men will stop at nothing to get what they want and where one man, and a faithful friend, force her to make yet life changing decisions Years later, when Julia s great granddaughter, Kelly, discovers some hidden tape recordings in her famous great grandmother s dresser and learns the real truth about Julia s year, a year that changed the course of history, she must decide what to do with her grandmother s incredible legacy Will she keep the real secret of the year , or will she be brave enough to follow her own heart

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      245 Kris Radish
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    One thought on “The Year of Necessary Lies”

    1. When I spotted this book I was drawn to it by both the lovely book cover and the premise of the storyline. So I was really looking forward to reading this book. It was something different from my typical reading. Ok, so this is a book where the past and present did not merge so well together. I enjoyed the past way more than the present. So it is easy to say that I found Julia and her campaign to save exotic birds way more exciting than her granddaughter, Kelly's voice. So after a while I found [...]

    2. I love all of Kris Radish's books. She always develops women characters that are strong and overcome all odds. Necessary Lies is based on the women back in the early 1900s who helped develop the Audubon Society and pushed for "plume" hunters to stop killing birds for women's hats. I will be attending a retreat next month with Kris. She does one every year and this year we will be on Little St. Simon Island off the coast of Georgia. Kris is a leader in women's issues and helps us stand stronger w [...]

    3. Radish’s tenth novel highlights women’s role in the Audubon Society campaign to eradicate feathers from ladies’ hats. Her fictional heroine, Julia Briton, is a composite portrait of the many courageous women who stood up to plume hunters and the fashion industry alike in the early years of the twentieth century. “I did not simply want to survive, but to live with great passion and to do something that made a difference in the world,” Julia declares. Recommended to fans of Sue Monk Kidd [...]

    4. Loved this book. Could not stop reading, tried to slow down to make it last. Wanted Julia's story to go.

    5. I was intrigued by the history of the plume hunting business and how people of the era worked to change it. It was also a time of great change for women, realizing their worth and contributions to society. But, the writing did not work for me. I like characters that are multi-layered, with an author drawing the picture of someone with flaws as well likability. Sadly, the heroine of this story, Julia, was just too good to be true. She was good at everything and everyone became her best friend in [...]

    6. Another hit by one of my all time favorite authors, Kris Radish. What I love about Radish's writing is that she finds a way to write with heart, depth and brilliance that get to the soul of her readers. She is not predictable, boring or doing things have done before. Rather she is paving the way to original, compelling and wonderful story telling, wrapped in history and tied with a bow of love. She is just amazing and The Year of Necessary Lies is a story that will resonate with readers far afte [...]

    7. The adventures of Julia in 1905, midst the plume hunters of Florida, and the social activist women of Boston, is a very fun and uplifting read. I learned more about the environment and birds along the way It uses the structure of memoir and as a personal historian, I enjoyed that too. Thanks, Ms. Radish!

    8. Loved this book and the strong female characters in it. Very refreshing to see women portrayed in such a positive fashion. In the early 1900's women made a huge difference in the United States from obtaining the right to vote and apparently having a lot to do with stopping the plume trade. Very interesting book, I really enjoyed it.

    9. Before I talk about the story, I want to say that I am not a fan of flipping back and forth in time between Julia (the grandmother) and Kelly (the granddaughter) to get the whole story. While I would have preferred it to be written without this flipping back and forth, it didn't affect the reader's ability to keep track of the story line.The Year of Necessary Lies is about a woman named Julia Britton. Julia's great-granddaughter, Kelly, finds her tape recorder and a few tapes and realizes that J [...]

    10. I deeply appreciate the research that must have gone into the writing of this book and I love historical fiction. I wanted so to give this story a 4 or 5 stars but could not. I also lost babies when I was young and had the experience of a distant husband so I thought I might identify with the anguish and depression Julia experiences, but I could not care about Julia. I am a liberated woman so I would have expected to identify with her liberation, but I did not. I've read this story line elsewher [...]

    11. The Year of Necessary Lies is about a woman named Julia trying to pave her way back in 1903/1904. When her great-granddaughter Kelly finds her tape recorder and a few tapes back when Kelly is a teenager, it opens her eyes how famous her Julia is. Years later when Julia dies, Kelly and her mom start listening to the tapes and find that Julia is more brave than they think she was.Julia's journey is a hard one with growing up poor, marrying rich and losing 3 babies. After the last baby dies, Julia [...]

    12. I have read every one of Kris Radish's fiction novels, and have loved them all but for one. Amazingly, it turned out to be the one that changed my life for the better. I love the character studies of everyday women she assembles in her books. Each book has lessons to be learned, and through her characters I have become more knowledgeable about my own life. "The Year Of Necessary Lies," is quite different from her other novels. It reads like a historical fiction, which I love, because I learned s [...]

    13. This book of historical fiction tells the story of a fictional young woman in the early 1900s who becomes a crusader against the slaughter of birds for their decorative plumage. However, it is much more than that. It's a story of early women's rights and independence efforts; suffrage issues are prominent. And it's a story of early conservation efforts. The history and the courage of the characters are interesting, inspiring and enjoyable. The other elements of the novel are weaker than the hist [...]

    14. This book is too sweet for me. There I said it! I wanted to like this book. It follows Julia in 1904 Boston -- and in a year that changed her whole life. She starts out the year as a poor working class woman, becomes a very rich married woman, who has 3 miscarriages (ok not all in that year!), and finds her life purpose of protecting birds from the plume millinery trade. Along the way she has many adventures, finds the strength in her character to keep on her course, and makes many friends. What [...]

    15. Check out the full review at Kritters RamblingsWith two semi plotlines going on at the same time, one took over a little and I was so glad! The main plotline is fiction, but felt like truth throughout the whole book (and I liked it) was set in 1904 and are actually recorded tapes from a great grandmother reliving a major year in her life as she leaves her privileged life in Boston and goes to Boston to help fight against plume hunters who are killing birds for their feathers for fashion. The sec [...]

    16. A Book to SavorThis book was so much more than I expected.On the surface, this book is about a woman who chooses to champion the cause of birds in the early 1900's, when the height of fashion included wearing feathered hats, and the plumage industry made millions. Yet this is so much more than an historical novel. This is the story of a woman who learns who she truly is, what she values, and to live in such a way that she can be true to herself. In doing so, she rejects many of the conventions o [...]

    17. I won a free copy of this book through the first reads giveaways sponsored by and what a lucky day that was for me. Although I am not a fanatical bird lover, I enjoyed reading this story about some of the initial and important members of the Audubon society and their crusade against the plume trade. It's very unusual to find a story with strong female characters during the early 1900's and following one of them through multiple generations of the Briton family. This book was very enlightening f [...]

    18. Thanks SparkPress (a BookSparks imprint) and netgalley for arc.I was approved for this book after it came out on amazon so Ill just say I don't mind that I paid for this great novel. then got approved for the arc. I live in south Louisiana right by the marsh so I loved reading about how these beautiful birds were saved for future generations. But there is so much more to this book- romance, forbidden passion, and love love love of all kinds.

    19. This is really a Young Adult book - not really for grown-ups. It is preachy to the nines and the author throws in nearly every important person alive in 1905 - and the central character, Julia Barton, has met them all !! Imagine! Since I live in the area of Florida she visits in her plume hunting adventure, I enjoyed a old-time look at Pelican Island. I learned about the ills of plume hunting and the beginnings of the Auduban Society. Too simplistic and carboard characters.

    20. Ms. Radish's books are uplifting. I had a little trouble getting into this book and I haven't been able to put my finger on anything specific about why that happened. But once I passed that, I fell into a trance with Miss Julia and her birds. There were things left hanging about Miss Julia's life after "the year" - and while the book left me wanting to know more about that, it did not detract from its uplifting messages: be you, be what you want to be, and enjoy your life.

    21. I wish that offered half stars as I would rate this at 41/2. Kris Radish never disappoints with every one of her books being totally different but always managing to touch on women's issues be it current or early 1900's. I loved this book, learnt a lot about the fight against the plume industry while enjoying reading about women's struggles in 1903. Highly recommended.

    22. This book parallels the lives of Julia Britton and her granddaughter, Kelly. In 1903, Julia Britton is a young wife, unready for high society. After experiencing a series of miscarriages, she becomes close to her mother-in-law, who is very invested in the Audubon Society. Julia transforms over the course of the year and, in listening to the tapes left behind, so does her grand-daughter.

    23. Kris Radish again captivated me with her characters and story. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Julia coming into her own and the early history of the Plume trade as well as Florida. I loved this book.

    24. #frc2015 I received a copy from booksparks. I am loving this book about a 1904 woman changing her life and history of the Audubon Society. The great granddaughter ' s story is not as interesting, it could have used more detail. If you love historical fiction and birds, read this book.

    25. I loved this book, could not put it down , never wanted it to end. I think it is going to take a long time for me to find a book I liked as much as this .

    26. I'm not sure that Kris Radish can write a bad book. Love birds, love nature, love connecting our present to our past. Thanks, Kris!

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