Everywhere It s You Chicago The pharma boom revealed a new ocean of possibilities Precision mood changes from the molecules in the air of a building Perfect recall with an IV in the arm A new power to fight over Whe

  • Title: Everywhere It's You
  • Author: C.B. Salem
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Chicago 2046.The pharma boom revealed a new ocean of possibilities Precision mood changes from the molecules in the air of a building Perfect recall with an IV in the arm A new power to fight over When enigmatic pharma billionaire Landon Tatum, the face of the boom, goes missing, the partners at the law firm of Dunn Brantley tap firm investigator Kristina Andersen toChicago 2046.The pharma boom revealed a new ocean of possibilities Precision mood changes from the molecules in the air of a building Perfect recall with an IV in the arm A new power to fight over When enigmatic pharma billionaire Landon Tatum, the face of the boom, goes missing, the partners at the law firm of Dunn Brantley tap firm investigator Kristina Andersen to find him according to a secret protocol drafted in case of just such a disappearance Shortly into her investigation, a strange case for Kristina gets even stranger She s been drugged, and now she is hallucinating so that every man she sees has the face of the man she s searching for As she descends into a world where she can t trust her senses, she realizes whoever is after Tatum is after her too, and they re both in something bigger than they understand.She needs to find him The real him.Then she needs to figure out who s after them both And why.

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      122 C.B. Salem
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    One thought on “Everywhere It's You”

    1. **** 4 STARS ****Kristina is a legal investigator. When a billionaire of a pharm company goes missing, Kristina has 48 hours to find him. Her search for Landon Tatum isn't easy. Her path takes her to dark places. It doesn't help that she sees his face everywhere because shes also drugged. There is an attraction between Kristina and Landon, but the chemistry between them is a mystery to me. Maybe it will be explained in the next book. I'm excited to find out!

    2. Http://bookbutterflyreviews/I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Despite Science fiction not being my usual genre to read, especially futuristic romances, but I thought that I would give Everywhere It’s You a chance because its blurb intrigued me.There was very little I disliked about this book. I did feel that it was a little difficult to get into only because it looked like it was going to be a little cliché and I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. However, I just kept [...]

    3. My Review Number 149:This review is on Everywhere It’s You by C.B Salem. This is the first book I have read by this author.I did not know what to expect from this story. The setting is in Chicago, IL, so I am familiar with the city since I live here too. But a story about a local investigator, Kristina, working for a law firm, Dunn-Brantley, who has a client gone missing somehow entering the Sci-Fi realm seemed a stretch until I learned the plot behind the story.This is not ordinary times with [...]

    4. How do you find someone when you think you see them everywhere? This is the challenge facing legal investigator Kristina Andersen in "Everywhere It's You," the first book in the It's You series from C.B. Salem. Immediately after a chance encounter with her firm's biggest client, the sexy billionaire Landon Tatum, he goes missing and it's Kristina alone who's tasked with finding him. And the more she searches for him, the more it's clear the mission is even more than she's bargained for.This book [...]

    5. 3.5 starsThe futuristic setting reminded me of J.D Robb's books but it doesn't feel like a ripoff.It feels plausible and well-thought-out while being simple at the same time.Kristina is definitely an interesting MC because she's intelligent and isn't easily intimidated by anyone.Unlike some "strong" heroines, Kristina isn't annoyingly difficult or unpleasant.I like that the secondary female characters are intriguing.I'm sick of secondary female characters being either unimportant idiots or sluts [...]

    6. I received this book as an arc for a honest review. This book is a slightly futuristic Chicago. Kristina is a dective for a large firm and she has to find the firms largest client who has disappeared in 48 hours or possibly loose her job. But someone has drugged her with a pharm drug so everyone she sees looks like Landon Tatum the man she is looking for which is making her job hard. This is a great storyline and the author did a great job with the characters and the precept. I can't wait to rea [...]

    7. I really liked this book. The read was fast and easy and a great escape, yet the plot and the characters had complexity and depth. The futuristic angle was sharp enough to be interesting without taking over the plot. I totally bought into the Chicago 2048 setting, with its pharma twist. The action scenes were fast and furious and the pages turned at a really good pace. The ending left me anxiously waiting for the next book! In short, I was pleasantly surprised by this book!

    8. I loved this. It's everything I want a good romantic suspense book to be - well written, well paced, and unique. Yes, like all serial books it ends on a cliffhanger, but I can't wait to pick up book two to see what happens next!

    9. Not what I expected at allThe writing and story well thought out, but the cliffhanger was not at all what I expected. I don’t think I will be interested in reading anymore about it. Sorry for sounding so harsh n

    10. Title: Everywhere It's YouAuthor: C.B. SalemPublication Date: March 2015Genre: Science Fiction, Futuristic RomanceSource: Copy Given by Author and Tour OrganizerARA'S NOTE: Important note before you read Everywhere It's You: It is set in Chicago in year 2048. Why do I feel the need to tell you this? Because I found myself confused a time or two when I was reading this book because I didn't know it was set that far off in the future, especially since the first few pages in the story seemed to be [...]

    11. A very different read for me by a new to me author. This is a futuristic romance along the lines of J.D. Robb's In Death Series but not a carbon copy by any means. Thanks to Netgalley for giving me this novel in exchange for an honest review. Couple things to get clear right off the bat. This book is a novella and it has a cliffhanger. The Cliffhanger will make you want to read the next book though. The book is a bit slow getting started but if you hang in for a few chapters it picks up the pace [...]

    12. Sometimes a short story can leave a reader wanting more. Everywhere It’s You left me wanting more but not because I didn’t get enough of the story in this book. There is everything a full length novel has and more within these pages. There was a story, great developed characters, and an ending that left the reader in need of more. I am always amazed when an author can tell an entire story in such few pages. C.B. has the talent.This story is a sci-fi, futuristic detective story. Kristina Ande [...]

    13. I bought this book not knowing what to expect. The first surprise was how this book began. The prologue was unexpected. This kind of plot development is not usual. I like it and have seen this kind of technique in one of my favorite writters , J.D. Robb/Nora Roberts.Once I read the prologue I wanted more because I was able to easily visualize the thoughts, the environment, and get caught in the mistery. The futuristic world of the year 2048 was a good touch. The main characters lives appear to b [...]

    14. Everywhere It's You by C B Salem is a romance and sci-fi and fantasy read. In a city where you can never trust anything to be as it appears, legal investigator Kristina Andersen finds the truth. So when she has a sexy encounter with enigmatic billionaire Landon Tatum while working undercover at a birthday party hosted in a seedy strip club, her first instinct is to dig deeper. The next morning he's missing, and the firm tells her she needs to either find him in the next forty-eight hours or los [...]

    15. It’s the year 2045, and a female investigator for a law firm—I think—is forcibly sent out to find a missing billionaire. But there’s a twist that makes this a damned interesting premise: she’s given a drug so that every guy she sees looks like the guy she’s searching for. Part noir, part romance; the story doesn’t know what it wants to be. It’s the humor that saves it. Aerosol drugs are everywhere, and there’s plenty of small touches as to what that means. For instance: “A wa [...]

    16. Received from Netgalley in exchange for honest review Thanks to them and the Publisher. Well I've never read a book like this before it was wonderful surprise. It's was very well written, suspenseful, intriguing, and romantic. The action in the book seems to keep you entertained, enthralled and made for a fast read. Although there is a cliffhanger you can't wait to see what happens next. A must read!

    17. Kristina is an investigator. She was to find someone missing. I did not like that in the beginning the story seemed to drag then at the end it really left you hanging. I know it’s part of a series but i was just disappointed by this.**I received an ARC of this story for an honest review

    18. Great ReadI really enjoyed the theme. The mystery/si fi combines two of my favorite genres. I am looking forward to the next book. I, too, wish this had been written as a complete novel. I have not found the next book on . When will it be available?

    19. excellent thrillerSuspenseful! Can't wait to see where the next book leads. I thought the world if the future was well set without being over explained. Enjoyed the story line.

    20. This a really quick read but was fast paced and very intriguing. I need answers to what is going on. Can't wait to read the next book. ARC was provided by NetGalley

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