Akatsuki no Yona

  • Title: 暁のヨナ 16 [Akatsuki no Yona 16]
  • Author: Mizuho Kusanagi 草凪 みずほ
  • ISBN: 9784592196969
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
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      116 Mizuho Kusanagi 草凪 みずほ
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    One thought on “暁のヨナ 16 [Akatsuki no Yona 16]”

    1. It was such a powerful volume. Yona is slowly becoming more and more tolerant. She is not as hasty as Hak who is driven by passion. I think, Yona first thinks of how to survive and also protect Hak. Then afterwards she thinks of overthrowing Soo-won. This chapter also shows how both Yona and Soo-won still care and love each other but, Yona is becoming more and more sensible to push away these harmful feelings. What hurt me was to see Hak going berserk like that. There truly was a shadow of death [...]

    2. Siempre he tenido una cosa por las escenas de batalla y por eso este tomo me gustó tanto. Los dragones y Hak luchando juntos son lo mejor que me pasó. Más, la escena donde Hak ve a Soo-won fue la que me dejó sin palabras y la sed de sangre en los ojos de Hak hizo que fuera demasiado intenso; estoy segura que si no fuera por Jae-ha, Soo-won estaría muerto.También el hecho de que Yona y Lili se hicieran amigas me gustó mucho.

    3. how do i give this a million stars as it is also one of my favourite volumes. i cried so much. soooooo much it was amazing. i fell in love with soo-won for about 2 seconds, when there was this one panel of him protecting zeno and yona, but then he said next time he would kill hak and like????? SON THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT IN THE FIRST PLACE. WAS IT WORTH IT? THROWING AWAY ALL THOSE YEARS OF FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE AND TRUST, AND ALL THE LOVE MUNDOK AND ILL EVERYONE ELSE FELT TOWARDS YOU? COULDN'T YOU [...]

    4. J’ai pris pas mal de retard sur cette série mais je viens de me rattraper en lisant 7 tomes à la suite (du 12 au 18). Et il s’y passe pas mal de choses entre guerres, révélations, moments de détente. Cette série continue d’être intéressante, d’évoluer. Dans le dernier tome, on apprend enfin l’histoire de Zéno, le Dragon jaune dont on ignorait encore beaucoup de chose, y compris son pouvoir. Bref, c’est toujours un plaisir de lire ce manga.

    5. The front cover stars Hak- his furiosity for Soowon was unleashed in this episode, where he was willing to hurt innocent soldiers and Jahae just to get revenge on Soowon for hurting Yona. He was said to be radiating a deadly aura or in the korean version, 살기. He only backed down after Yona assured him that she was okay.I personally think the author dragged this too long and in this particular volume, there was little real context.

    6. I am living for the Soo-won character arc he's such a complex and interesting character. Also Yona has grown so much throughout this story she's awesome, really hoping she becomes even more badass and hopefully forms some more female friendships along the way. Also Hak, although we saw his darker side, I still love him 🙏🏽

    7. Soo-wonI don't know how I feel about that guy. I love him but i also hate him but i love him. I mwan i enjoy his presence in the volumes.

    8. see full review @ Katie's CornerToday I have one of the mangas that is ongoing and will be ongoing for a long time. I mean now that I’m writing this review it’s the end of August, but now that it’s going live it should be either November or December. Ah, so it’s December. Well, let me end this reminiscence about time and get back to the review.Let’s say this: currently (at the time of me writing the review) there are 100+ chapters and 17 complete volumes. We’ve proceeded into the sto [...]

    9. Agh this love/hate thing I feel for Soo-Won is driving me crazy! (On the other hand I'm glad Yona finally made a lady friend I love her).

    10. Yona and Soo won meet again because of Lili and I know that being around each other is awkward for them though they both know that they still care for each other. It's really sad that now Yona hates Soo woon. I love the part where Soo woon uses his body to shield Yona and Zeno from the arrows. :")And Hak acting that way in front of Soo woon is frightening. He's really angry with Soo woon and it makes me sad. It's also nice that Yona and Lili became good friends.

    11. kyaa kyaa diye dolaşıyorum resmen evde ne ciltdi öyle inanamıyorum Ahh Hak bu gidişle beni öldürür sen nasıl bir seysin öyle. Su kAbilesi arc ını Awa kabilesi arc ı gibi daha aksiyonlu daha hareketli olmasını bekliyordum ama son bölümlere doğru Hak'ın kana susamisligi tüm arc in sırtladı götürdü zaten . sıradaki galiba Toprak Kabilesi ile ilgili arc offf çabucak gelsin (*≧▽≦)

    12. OMG!!! (view spoiler)[If not for Jae Ha, Hak would've certainly killed Su Won. Did anyone else notice that look Zeno had when he looked at Su Won? (hide spoiler)] That was so intense. On a lighter tone, I totally ship Joo Doh and Lily. They'd make an adorable couple <3

    13. Well, this was intense. I'm kind of shocked that it only took two dragons to hold Hak back really.I mean, I certainly haven't forgiven Soo-won. I doubt he ever will.I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!

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