Akatsuki no Yona

  • Title: 暁のヨナ 17 [Akatsuki no Yona 17]
  • Author: Mizuho Kusanagi 草凪みずほ
  • ISBN: 9784592196976
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
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      267 Mizuho Kusanagi 草凪みずほ
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      Published :2019-02-18T07:06:52+00:00

    One thought on “暁のヨナ 17 [Akatsuki no Yona 17]”

    1. i did not know the part about them getting more susceptible to illness as they get farther away from hiryuu castle. interesting. makes sense though. and we have finally seen zeno's ability yaaaaaaaassssssss. aND IN THE NEXT ONE ARE WE GETTING THE BACKSTORY WE DESERVE? and the extra about jae-ha. it was sad. i was sad. they've all had really horrible things happen to them, haven't they :'(((also soo-won. i feel like he doesn't really think about the people of the kingdom. he's thinking about the [...]

    2. The dragons are sick, feverish but the village they are temporarily residing in is under attack. While the 3 sick dragons( with Zeno being the exception) falls down against the attack, Yona is finally able to learn which purpose Zeno serves, " The sword and shield shall protect the King." with Zeno being indestructible at critical moments, its no wonder that he survived this long. Another short story, this time, being Jahae's past was also added to the book. The previous green dragon and he was [...]

    3. This volume is heartbreaking in so many ways! Now we know that the four dragons have shorter life span and they're happy to have met and served Yona while they possess the power of the dragons. Zeno is also sweet and thoughtful, saying he will protect the other dragons because they are weak in times of illness. And now we also know his power, he's made to be Yona's shield so as long as Yona is in his care, no harm will come to her. The extra chapter also made me cry. Jae ha's story is touching a [...]

    4. Since I already watched the OVA I knew about Zeno already but man, the shock on their faces when Zeno was impaled just hurt my poor kokoro

    5. J’ai pris pas mal de retard sur cette série mais je viens de me rattraper en lisant 7 tomes à la suite (du 12 au 18). Et il s’y passe pas mal de choses entre guerres, révélations, moments de détente. Cette série continue d’être intéressante, d’évoluer. Dans le dernier tome, on apprend enfin l’histoire de Zéno, le Dragon jaune dont on ignorait encore beaucoup de chose, y compris son pouvoir. Bref, c’est toujours un plaisir de lire ce manga.

    6. GAH! All these characters are so lovable. They have such distinct personalities. ZENO!!! I knew there was something special about him.

    7. JAE-HA ON THE COVER!!!Yona’s group moves on to a village at the border of the Earth tribe where it’s bustling & lively. A kid steals Yona’s food & they catch him & let him off & he’s from the Kai Empire & just snuck across the border to check out Kouka. His name is Kalgan. And there’s soldiers at the border so he can’t go back so Yona’s friends offer to escort him back & cross over. Kalgan points out to Yona that she’s always looking at Hak hahah & he [...]

    8. Me acabo de enamorar de este manga pero todavía me duele mi corazón por Jae-ha y Zeno.(view spoiler)[Resumen: El grupo se traslada a la frontera noroeste del reino y allí conocen a un niño que los lleva al imperio Kai pero antes de llegar Kija cae enfermo y pronto le siguen Jae-ha y Shin-ah mientras que Zeno cuida de ellos. Paralelamente Soo-won planea una guerra contra el imperio Kai para tomar la provincia Sin (donde se encuentra el grupo) y posteriormente gana la batalla. Debido a su frac [...]

    9. Omg, I hate that the dragons got sick makes me want to cry. They need to get better soon!!! It was so touching when they when to help Hak despite their condition. My heart broke when Kija, Shin-Ah, and Zeno got stabbed. I want to kill those f****** Kai Empire soldiers. They need to accept the hard truth. I know that Zeno isn't going to die, but I still can't help but cry as he got stabbed by that moron. Omg!!! That extra chapter is so sad. So far, all the dragons have had a sad backstory (well, [...]

    10. I love this cover! Jea-ha is not my favorite out of the Dragons, that spot is safe for a certain green eyed beauty, but he definately makes it hard to be loyal

    11. I wanna hug Zeno too! How magnificent is he? God, it was so hard to see him like that, I wanna join that group hug in the end too.

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