Murder on a Ghost Ship High Seas Mystery Series When the president of Constellation Cruise Lines Emily Schultz buys an old cruise ship at a bargain price she doesn t discover there s a ghost aboard until it s too late to cancel the deal Desperat

  • Title: Murder on a Ghost Ship (High Seas Mystery Series #2)
  • Author: Diane Rapp
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 123
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  • When the president of Constellation Cruise Lines, Emily Schultz, buys an old cruise ship at a bargain price, she doesn t discover there s a ghost aboard until it s too late to cancel the deal Desperate for help, Emily calls Kayla Sanders and Natalia Baliskov back to work They embark on a frantic search to discover the identity of the ghost and her murderer The Lady trieWhen the president of Constellation Cruise Lines, Emily Schultz, buys an old cruise ship at a bargain price, she doesn t discover there s a ghost aboard until it s too late to cancel the deal Desperate for help, Emily calls Kayla Sanders and Natalia Baliskov back to work They embark on a frantic search to discover the identity of the ghost and her murderer The Lady tries to communicate by flooding Kayla with crazy visions of the ship from her final voyage Kayla realizes the ghost is afraid her murderer will kill another passenger sailing on their next cruise The entire ship is filled with suspects and potential victims, since everyone on the Sea Mist is a repeat passenger The investigation ramps up when Kayla s fiance, Steven Young joins her onboard the ship Suspended from Interpol after his partner got killed, Steven feels guilty and incompetent While tracking down clever smugglers selling black market antiquities throughout the Mediterranean, Steven s partner got too close Steven doesn t know there s a leak inside Interpol After the smugglers murdered his partner, they traced Steven to Colorado and wrecked Kayla s cottage Now they know he s onboard the Sea Mist and want to kill him Kayla must interpret her visions from the Lady in time to prevent another murder, and Steven needs to unmask the ruthless leader of the smuggling ring to get his job back Their future depends on mutual success.

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    One thought on “Murder on a Ghost Ship (High Seas Mystery Series #2)”

    1. I love this series. I get to see all the different places the ships visit through the author's words. There are detailed descriptions of Bermuda along with vivid details of Kayla and her fiancee Steven volunteering to help with sea turtles. I love the picturesque description of the "dismal fog rolling toward the west end of the island like a hazy blanket creeping across the water".Kayla and Steven are back with Emily, the cruise line owner and Natalia the physic are back in another great action [...]

    2. Cruising in the Caribbean, a ghost story and a mystery to solve. What a great combination!I really debated between 3 & 4 stars (gave it 4 stars on ) for this book. The plot is interesting and moves along at a nice pace. The characters are likeable, even those you later find out you shouldn’t have liked. I particularly enjoyed the descriptions of the tropical settings.I liked this book well enough that I’m going back to read the first one in the series. I’m curious about how these chara [...]

    3. Murder on a Ghost Ship is the second in a series. When I began to read this book I was determined to hold fast to my 5 Star rule. The rule being I would only give a five star rating if a book knocked my socks off or taught me something. After reading this book I decided I had to add "fun" to my criteria. I enjoyed reuniting with Kayla, Steven, Emily and my favorite Natalia as they searched to find out the ghost's identity and how to placate it. Throw in an international smuggling ring,and an agi [...]

    4. From the snow in Colorado to Norfolk, Virginia toBermuda then Sao Michael, we travel with KaylaSanders who goes to help and work for her friend, Emily Schultz who is president of the Constellation Cruise Lines.Emily has acquired a bargain price cruise ship onlyto discover the Lady, a previous guest who met anuntimely death on the ship, present in the form of a ghost. Emily needs Kayla and another friend, Natalia Baliskov, a psychic to identify the ghost and then who murdered her while they cruis [...]

    5. Emily the owner of a cruise ship , doesn't realize there is a ghost on board until it's too late. She can't get out of the deal, so she enlists help. Adorable story, well written. Can't wait for more

    6. Actually 2.5 Stars.By my estimate I spent about 60% of this book simply waiting for any one of the four investigating characters to even suspect who I knew the murderer to be. I'm told that maybe part of the problem is that I'm just too good at spotting the murder, that might be so. And it's not uncommon for me to know the murderer early on and still rate the book well.Here's the problem. If we were to look at a book by say, Her Royal Mysteriness, Agatha Christie in the course of one novel you'd [...]

    7. The president of Constellation Cruise Lines, Emily Schultz, discovers that the ship that she has recently acquired has a resident ghost with violent temper tantrums. She asks Kayla to help her before her most recent acquisition becomes a source for loss. Assisted by Natalia Baliskov and Stephen Young, Kayla starts by trying to find out who the ghost once was. Soon it becomes clear that the woman was a previous passenger of the Sea Mist, who had met an untimely death on board. She was pushed to h [...]

    8. Imagine Murder She Wrote revised for today with Jessica Fletcher's granddaughter and an engaging, youthful coteriel fans of Agatha Christie. Though Diane Rapp remains very much her own woman in this second series entry set aboard a cruise ship, the Fletcher/Christie comparison holds: the emphasis is fun, not gore--though the author doesn't hesitate to show her edge when called fore amateur sleuths are engaging folks we want to spend our time withd the author's gift for misdirection, from suspect [...]

    9. Murder on a Ghost Ship is the second novel in the High Seas Mystery Series. I fell in love with the first in the series, ‘Murder Caribbean-Style’. I was happily enchanted, all over again.Diane Rapp has a musical style of writing that envelopes you in the story, transporting you to beautiful places. However, be prepared to go to some very ugly scenes.Enjoy the ocean breeze as you embark on your cruise and deepen your relationship with the characters. You will smile at the blossoming love stor [...]

    10. A ghost, a murder and a smuggling ring are at the center of this fast-paced cruise novel.I received my free copy as part of a giveaway and purchased the first in the series, Murder-Caribbean Style, to read first. You could read this on its own but I enjoyed the character-development in the first book.In the second of the High Seas Mystery series from Diane Rapp, the main character, Kayla, finds herself called on for help from her friend who has just bought a cruise ship. The catch is that the s [...]

    11. I was really disappointed in the last half of this book. I read the first one in the series and thought it was a pretty good story, if maybe not the best writing in the world. I decided to try another by this author. The writing seemed a little better and the plot started pretty well.A ghost haunts a cruise ship. A slight smell of lavender, shimmery images--okay so far. But eventually this ghost becomes almost a main character, showing up at every turn. She can't speak, but manages to get across [...]

    12. Murder on a Ghost Ship – Five stars for the 2nd book in the High Seas Mystery SeriesBy Diane Rapp Crime, suspense, and shipboard romance, with a vengeful ghost to keep it exciting - this book has it all. Movie star Vance Bollard killed his wife, Celeste, so that he could marry Paula. Or did he? Celeste's ghost tries to clear that up, with frightful consequences for the cruise ship's new owner and her friends.Well drawn characters with several plot twists and a cleverly integrated sub-plot hook [...]

    13. Kayla is back. Emily calls for help after purchasing a new ship for her cruise line. A ship with a ghost!! I enjoyed this book. I especially loved the paranormal aspect. It added just a bit extra to the story that really piqued my interest.It's a murder mystery book, with the victim/ghost haunting the ship!To help the ghost move on, Kayla, Steven, Emily and Natalia have to help solve the murder and bring justice.

    14. This is a superb whodunit ghost story with an added twist in the suspense. Just when I thought I had the mystery figured out, the ending proved otherwise. The author's precise description of scenery and her characters bring this intriguing novel to life. I recommend that everyone dare board this spirited cruise spiced with mystery, greed, romance, revenge and more! You'll be glad you did.

    15. Nicely written but unevenit's definitely a suspend belief kind of book. Not for the Ghost story / murder but more on the smuggling story.I think the Ghost story / murder was strong enough to stand by itself and didn't need the distraction of the other.An easy and fun read.

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