Nelly Dean Young Nelly Dean has been Hindley s closest companion for as long as she can remember living freely at the great house Wuthering Heights But when the benevolence of the master brings a wild child in

  • Title: Nelly Dean
  • Author: Alison Case
  • ISBN: 9780008123383
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Young Nelly Dean has been Hindley s closest companion for as long as she can remember, living freely at the great house, Wuthering Heights But when the benevolence of the master brings a wild child into the house, Nelly learns she must follow in her mother s footsteps, be called servant and give herself over completely to the demands of the Earnshaw family.But Nelly isYoung Nelly Dean has been Hindley s closest companion for as long as she can remember, living freely at the great house, Wuthering Heights But when the benevolence of the master brings a wild child into the house, Nelly learns she must follow in her mother s footsteps, be called servant and give herself over completely to the demands of the Earnshaw family.But Nelly is not the only one who finds her life disrupted by this strange newcomer As death, illness, and passion sweep through the house, Nelly suffers heartache and betrayals at the hands of those she cherishes most, tempting her to leave it all behind But when a new heir is born, a reign of violence begins that will test even Nelly s formidable spirit as she finds out what it is to know true sacrifice.Nelly Dean is a wonderment of storytelling and an inspired accompaniment to Emily Bronte s adored work It is the story of a woman who is fated to bear the pain of a family she is unable to leave, and unable to save.

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    One thought on “Nelly Dean”

    1. Over the years, there have been many re-imaginings, sequels or prequels, based on classic novels and some are more successful than others. I loved Longbourn by Jo Baker, which looked at “Pride and Prejudice” from the point of view of a servant in the Bennet’s house and, likewise, this novel takes “Wuthering Heights” and re-tells the story from the pen of Nelly Dean. The book begins with Nelly Dean opening a letter to Mr Lockwood, in which she gradually uncovers the history of her life [...]

    2. Maybe 4.5. A really brilliant and thoroughly enjoyable read. It retells Wuthering Heights, starting from one central premise, which Emily Bronte certainly implies in the book: that Nelly Dean feels towards Hindley nearly as Heathcliff feels towards Cathy. One of the best retellings I have read. Case clearly knows and loves Wuthering Heights, and her interpretations of his gaps and hints are just fascinating.

    3. I decided I needed to add more to this review than I originally did because I thought it deserved more than a quick comment. I will still say that yes, I Loved it! This was a back story to the Classic, Wuthering Heights based on servant Nelly Dean's life. I rooted for Nelly because she was a loyal, long-suffering servant who put her dreams and disappointments aside to serve the mostly selfish Earnshaw family and usually got nothing in return. Despite her hardships and let downs she always prevai [...]

    4. I promised myself that I wouldn’t let this one suck me in, but when I spotted a copy in the library as I was dashing in to renew my books, I found myself drawn like a moth to a flame – or more correctly, like a literary masochist to a book about which she has low expectations. And believe me, my expectations were low. Since the publication of Longbourn, it seems as though every fictional servant from literature is being hauled out from below stairs and forced to sing their song. While Jo Bak [...]

    5. Cant rate this book high enough. As Wuthering Heights is my all time favourite book it had a lot to live up too but it passed with flying colours. Beautifully written and heart rending . This is how I will think of Nelly Dean on rereading Wuthering Heights.It places a new perspective on all the characters and makes you understand the way they behaved.Wonderful. Any one who loves Wuthering Heights should definitely read this book.

    6. Just quite dull. Critics are saying this is a realistic addition to the Bronte tale because of Case's style - slow, detailed, old-fashioned - and I quite agree. And yet, I don't think it actually adds much at all. The author has broadened the story to contain even more details, especially about Hindley and Nelly, but it feels unneeded and unexciting. It doesn't go to all the new places I'd hoped for.

    7. I read the first 6 chapters, but wasn't finding it interesting. I don't feel it would stand alone successfully as a novel, and is only of interest to me because of its connections with Wuthering Heights.The only prequel/sequel by a different author from the main book, that I have found successful is Wide Sargasso Sea.

    8. A re-telling of the events of Wuthering Heights from the point of view of the family servant, Nelly Dean. Nelly also tells the story in Wuthering Heights, but as the story comes from Lockwood’s sighting of Cathy’s ghost, the original focuses on Cathy and her strange and terrible relationship with Heathcliff. In Nelly Dean, the focus is square and plainly on Nelly herself, and told by means of a letter to Mr Lockwood, which works nicely in its context (which I can’t tell for fear of spoilin [...]

    9. In her first novel, Alison Case has drawn on her teachings of Wuthering Heights to create a story to sits alongside that classic, making Nelly Dean, the housekeeper, her first person narrator and the principal character of her story throughout. I admit I am wary of the rewriting, reinterpreting or whatever the approach may be towards a new book based, in whichever fashion, upon a true, beloved classic. I love Wuthering Heights, the Brontës, Haworth and everything to do with them so I was at onc [...]

    10. It's well written and reads like a 19th century novel and the author's detailed historical knowledge comes through. But I found it a bit of a slog and it could be pretty dry at times. It's worth reading to give you a bit of sympathy for Hindley who is easy to hate in Wuthering Heights and does a good job of making you look at the novel from a different perspective. But it doesn't have the wild nature or passion of Wuthering Heights so was easy to put down, had to force myself to get through it. [...]

    11. I started reading this book back in November and the fact that I’ve only just finished it but have read over a dozen other books in the meantime, tells you I didn’t find it as compelling as I hoped or the author deserves given the obvious craft put into it. The book expands on the narration by Nelly Dean, the housekeeper at Wuthering Heights, in Emily Bronte’s original book and introduces imagined back stories for some of the characters, notably Hindley, Hareton and Nelly . However, althou [...]

    12. Wuthering Heights is one of my all-time favorite novels. I even wrote a 50-page paper on it in college. I was always drawn in by the elaborately odd and somewhat evil characters, and if you set any story on the English moors - I'm a fan (here's looking at you The Secret Garden).I debated whether to rate this one 3 or 4 stars. The first half of the book actually managed to irritate me, and I cannot fully explain why. After Nelly Dean hooks up with Hindley, I got more invested in her story because [...]

    13. I'm not really one for retellings of classic novels, but Nelly Dean was okay. I liked the writing style, and it's obvious that the author had a passion for writing every word of this one.

    14. The author does a great job here of taking the character of Nelly Dean from the original and capturing her voice and tone perfectly. I think the plot she imagines here is so plausible that is makes for an interesting companion to the original novel. It was kind of a slow read for me, but enjoyable.

    15. 4.5 of 5 starslynns-books/2016/02/14/nelIf you want the short and sweet version of this review then I will start by saying that I loved this book. I read a number of the classics during my younger years and most of them hold a fond place in my heart. The Bronte sisters are no exception to this although my favourite book from the Bronte’s is Charlotte’s Jane Eyre. That being said Wuthering Heights is a great story and so I was very excited to pick up a copy of Nelly Dean and see what a new pe [...]

    16. Let me begin by stating that whilst I am of course familiar with the story I have never actually read the book, Wuthering Heights, of which this is an re-imagining, an 'off-spring' or a companion read if you will, in which the author tells the story from the point of view of the maid, Nelly Dean.So, can it be appreciated by someone who has never read Wuthering Heights?Well, whilst I certainly didn't feel like my understanding or enjoyment of the story was in any way impaired by my not having rea [...]

    17. I have to make a confession: I don't like Wuthering Heights. It strikes me as overwrought and melodramatic and I never found Cathy the least bit sympathetic. I'm more of a Cold Comfort Farm type of person. But I've read WH two or three times anyway, and at least once Professor Charles Kay Smith at UMass led me to fully appreciate the narrative structure, the ingenious way in which it is told by Nelly Dean. With this book, Alison Case has done a fascinating job of playing off that unique structur [...]

    18. This is a companion volume to Wuthering Heights and tells us more about the background to the story of Heathcliff and the family he is so abruptly introduced to. Alison Case tells us about the difficult and disturbing life of Nelly Dean, the housekeeper in Wuthering Heights and through her eyes we explore the childhoods of the family and gain more of an understanding of why Hindley became so depraved and unlike able, why Heathcliff and Cathy became so attached and come to a better understanding [...]

    19. The author was a professor of mine, and I still see her around town. (In fact, I'm pretty sure I read Wuthering Heights in one of her classes.) So I've been excited to read this. It starts off a little slowly, but at some point (maybe a third of the way in?) I thought it picked up steam and I was fairly well hooked. There were a few parts that I didn't quite buy into (the breast-feeding storyline, mostly), but overall, this was good. My foggy recollections of the original didn't hold me back too [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this once I got over the fact it wasn't trying to be Wuthering Heights. Nor was it trying to retell Heathcliff and Cathy's story. It's focus was on Nelly, and Hindley, and Hareton and adding to the richly drawn story I know and love. It hit the right note in terms of tone in atomsphere, language and all the other magical elements that make EB's work a classic. Wisely, Wuthering Heights is forever its starting point, its centre point, its central reference, its beginning, middle [...]

    21. Tragic as only a novel of the Romantic era (or a novel based on such) can be, and yet incredibly hopeful and imaginative, all brought to life with vivid detail of the time and place. Alison Case brilliantly fills the holes in Nelly Dean's own story, as well as the tale told in WUTHERING HEIGHTS. (It was also a pleasure to follow the drama of Nelly's life so closely, and to have her more honest take on the events she recounted for Mr. Lockwood, especially since she was probably the most sympathet [...]

    22. First of all - I hated Wuthering Heights, I'm sorry, I tried, it's my Gran's favourite but it just didn't resonate with me - perhaps because I gave my heart to Mr Rochester at age 12. So it was with a fair bit of trepidation that I opened this book to review for a friend. But I'm happy to say it was wonderful. That mainly has to do with the authors fantastic job of imagining Nelly's character, life and passions. Alison Case is very skilful in weaving Bronte's original storyline with what feels l [...]

    23. FABULOUS BOOK! Truly in the style of Emily Bronte . . . I thought I was reading her own brilliant prose. Nelly Dean's story is every bit as enthralling and tragic as the Ernshaws themselves, yet with some sunshine peaking through the grey cloudsank you Ms. Case, for sharing your knowledge of Wuthering Heights and your imagination about Nelly Dean. I couldn't put this book down and am singing its praises to my fellow book lovers.

    24. You may not think you want to return to Wuthering Heights, but you do! At least through the words of Nelly Dean, a sometimes ill used but always clear eyed and self aware servant living there while Cathy and Heathcliff and Hindley were growing up. For readers who like the back story (think of Longbourn).

    25. If you ever wanted more 'Wuthering Heights' then this is the book for you. It's the story of Nelly Dean; servant and playmate of Hindley Earnshaw. An interesting read that fills in all the gaps in 'Wuthering Heights'.

    26. A fascinating and engaging take on the "hidden story" of Wuthering Heights, that of Nelly Dean. While I found it a pleasant read, well-written and fully capturing the essence of Emily Bronte' s characters, I did find it over-long and rather obvious in plot.

    27. Whilst I haven't read Wuthering Heights, I did enjoy reading Nelly Dean. I perused Wuthering Heights at B&N the other day to see where Nelly fit into its narrative. I plan to check it out at my library.

    28. Wuthering Heights retold through the eyes of devoted servant Nelly Dean. I found that this dragged in parts but it was still an enjoyable piece of historical fiction.

    29. Although this book gets off to a bit of a slow start, it is worth persevering past the first few chapters. I kept wondering when Nelly was going to tell me all the dark secrets I came for. It takes a while, but she gets to them in the end. I have always found Nelly an interesting and likeable character and have never understood the amount of vitriol other readers have for her, especially regarding her role in the tragic fates of Cathy and Heathcliff. I found her one of the only likeable and sens [...]

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