The Most Wonderful Thing in The World From the author of the Tiara Club series comes a gently satirical fairy story for our times illustrated by one of today s finest artists Angela Barrett When a king and a queen promise to marry their

  • Title: The Most Wonderful Thing in The World
  • Author: Vivian French Angela Barrett
  • ISBN: 9781406339680
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the author of the Tiara Club series comes a gently satirical fairy story for our times,illustrated by one of today s finest artists, Angela Barrett When a king and a queen promise to marry their daughter Lucia to the man who can show them the most wonderful thing in the world, suitors descend on the palace bearing gifts Roses, jewels and exotic birds dancing girls,From the author of the Tiara Club series comes a gently satirical fairy story for our times,illustrated by one of today s finest artists, Angela Barrett When a king and a queen promise to marry their daughter Lucia to the man who can show them the most wonderful thing in the world, suitors descend on the palace bearing gifts Roses, jewels and exotic birds dancing girls, wind machines and mythical beasts but nothing feels quite right As the last suitor leaves, his weapons of mass destruction rejected, the king and queen are exhausted But when a shy, young man, who isn t a suitor at all, steps forward, they finally understand what the most wonderful thing in the world really is Vivian French s masterful retelling of a forgotten story is both funny and heart warming, and Angela Barrett s breathtaking illustrations give life to an enchanting and romantic fairytale city.

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    One thought on “The Most Wonderful Thing in The World”

    1. Oh wow! That was so beautiful! I loved the morale of the story and the illustrations were absolutely stunning!

    2. Truly magical. The text might be a little long for tots, but the illustrations are lovely, and worth squinting over. So much detail. I love the different 'wonderful things' that the suitors bring, especially the giraffe the size of a greyhound. And I love the theme of the story. I will definitely look for more of this sort by the author, and more by the illustrator.

    3. The king and queen of a beautiful land had one daughter whom they loved more than anything else in the world. In fact, they loved her so much that they kept her within the walls of the palace and never let her out of their sight. Then one day they realized that she would need to marry someone so that she could become queen and rule the land someday. So they sent a message out to Old Angelo asking for his help. Angelo sent his grandson to deliver a message: Find a suitor who can show you the most [...]

    4. The Most Wondeful Thing in the World, written by Vivian French and illustrated by Angela Barrett, is a clever little picture book describing a king and queen's effort to find the perfect husband for their daughter, princess Lucia. The story takes place in a small, beautiful city located in the heart of a lagoon. In the beginning of the story, the king and queen realize that their daughter will someday soon be queen of the entire city, and so they must find her a suitable husband. After discussin [...]

    5. This book was charming and romantic with gorgeous illustrations. Such a fun modern/fairy tale feel!

    6. Gorgeous and intricate illustrations are the first thing you'll notice. The storyline is fairly modern for a fairy tale but rather sweet.

    7. Long ago a King and Queen realized that their beloved daughter would need a husband to rule the land with her in the future. So, following the advice of a wise old man, they sought out the prince who could show them the most wonderful thing in the world to prove he should be the future king. To get the princess out of the way during this arduous process, the King and Queen agree to finally let her explore the kingdom. So while they hunt for a worthy son-in-law, Princess Lucia is shown around her [...]

    8. Review originally posted on Children's AtheneumA King and Queen promise to marry their daughter Lucia to the man who can show them the most wonderful thing in the world. Suitors descend on their Venice-like home trying to wind the hand of the princess, but even a display of a mermaid doesn't seem to be enough. While her parents are busy looking for a proper suitor, Lucia has been exploring the city with a young man who claims to know all of the city's secrets. When he finds out that the girl he [...]

    9. Beautiful watercolor illustrations fill the pages of this lovely story about romance and wonderful things. A royal couple who have everything want to insure the happiness of their daughter, Princess Lucia. Their advisor suggests that they marry her off to the man who can show her the most wonderful thing in the world. Lucia has been sheltered and enlists the assistance of Salvatore, the advisor's son, in exploring the world around them. While her suitors provide all sorts of exotic wonders to de [...]

    10. This had almost the timeless theme of a fairytale but with some illustration and text details that made it seem a little more steampunk but without so much punk (steamy?) -- 1910s-inspired fashion, a vague sense of Italy, whimsical machines, etc. It relied a little on stereotypes for the non-white suitors (not cool) but there was at least a non-white suitor? Actually, the more I think about it, the less charming it is to have another fairytale about a king and a queen trying to find their prince [...]

    11. A beautifully illustrated picture book that tells the classic tale of finding love when you least expect it. The king and queen set out to find the perfect match for their young princess and are given advice from the oldest, wisest man in the land that whoever is able to show them the most beautiful thing in the world will be the man she is meant to marry. After searching far and wide throughout their kingdom only to find that each suitor is as lackluster as the next, they are surprised to find [...]

    12. Rich person meets poor person or peasant weds royalty—a timeless combination in fairy tales even when fairies aren’t involved. This original tale by Vivian French is a delicious entry into the genre as a gentle, loving boy manages to win the girl of his heart by coming up with the perfect answer to an enigma: what IS the most wonderful thing in the world?The story is enhanced by truly beautiful color illustrations by Angela Barrett. Each page brims with detail as she draws everything from a [...]

    13. This book reminds us that the world is full of wonderful things, but the most precious is family. Angela Barrett's luscious illustrations enhance French's story of love. A King and Queen attempt to find the perfect husband for their daughter by declaring that the man who brings the most wonderful thing in the world to them will marry their daughter. Many amazing things are brought to them, but none is quite rightuntil the end of the book. Sweet story; beautiful book. This would make a lovely wed [...]

    14. Oh myisbook is the the most wonderful thing in the world!! I knew where it was going immediately and, yes, it did, but that doesn't take away the fact that this is a beautiful little story. Wonderful illustrations and elegant storytelling. ( I actually thought it was the city that was the most wonderful thing in the world, but of course it wasn't. I never get the obvious.) Maybe it was timing, but this book made it to my favourites shelf from the start. Also, I started off 2015 with an Angela Ba [...]

    15. A beautiful fairytale in which the King and Queen try to find a suitor for their daughter. The royal couple promise their daughter's hand in marriage to the suitor who can present them with the most wonderful thing in the world.I liked the ending here; it came as a bit of a surprise to me, very clever.The watercolor artwork is the real star here. Each page is more beautiful than the last with many pages featuring ornate borders and sequences.Highly recommended for PreK-2+.

    16. The illustrations alone are to die for in this darling tale, The Most Wonderful Thing in the World. If you are over the age of 30, you probably remember stories written in this elegant fairy tale style. This book brings back this old style era beautifully and puts new life in it. Filled with breathtaking illustrations and heart, Vivian French tells the tale of what is truly most important in life

    17. In this fairy tale, a king and queen are ready to find the perfect suitor for their daughter- without her knowing it. They give a call for potential suitors to show them "the most wonderful thing in the world" and whoever does will marry the princess. Unbeknownst to them, the princess is discovering the world for the first time and will lead to a surprising fairy tale ending.

    18. A fairy tale for the 21st century though it takes place back in your grandmother's grandmother time.Appeals to the romantic in us all though it is a picture book. Written by Vivian French, illustrated by Angela Barrett and published by Candlewick Press.#PB #fairytale #kings #queens #princesses #love

    19. A king and queen want to get their daughter married off to the right guy so they come up with a challenge for all suitors: Show them the most wonderful thing in the world. A variety of hopefuls come and go, but only one young man knows what the king and queen are really after.Illustrations (though sometimes quite small) are nice.

    20. This is a beautiful story with amazing pictures. We passed it around our house yesterday. Everyone loved it! It is too long for a preschool story time, but school-aged children could sit through it. It would best be enjoyed in a family or individual setting, where you have time to appreciate the art.

    21. Delicate Edwardian-era drawings enhance the story of a princess who goes off and explores her kingdom with the poor grandson of a wise man, while her parents try to find her a husband. A loving ending, with a subtle message about love being daily enjoying each other's company. Give to your local princess.

    22. A lengthier picture book that is perfect for a single read at night time if it is the only thing being read. The story is about a fictional royal couple seeking the perfect mate for their princess. The test? That he should show them the most wonderful thing in the world. Brought some tears to my eyes at the end (in a good way). Endearing story for girls or boys.

    23. *contains spoiler*This book is unusual and captivating and lovely. That said, I really wanted the most wonderful thing in the world to be the city, or the island, or being together. Somehow "it" being the princess felt off to me, like she was a thing and a prize. I'm sure it was well-intentioned, but I was disappointed.

    24. Absolutely gorgeous and charming. It may be tough for really young kids to follow, but as an adult I thoroughly enjoyed both the art and the text. Going to try it out on the kids at school tomorrow--we always have girls asking for princess books. :)

    25. oh, to find a truly wonderful old-fashioned fairy-tale and beautiful illustrations. found. vivian french tells a wonderfully simple story and angela barrett's wonderful artwork adds up to a simple yet engaging story. it's a keeper.

    26. I am still in awe over these illustrations. They are so unique in the use of white space and frame shapes. The detail is amazing too. They story is cute and shows that it is important to see a person for who they are, not their title. Overall, very cute book.

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