Beyond A Reasonable Doubt Assistant DA Jenna James took an oath to uphold the law administer justice deter crime and ensure the safety of the community Her job isn t easy but it has always been black and white criminals ve

  • Title: Beyond A Reasonable Doubt
  • Author: Linda S. Prather
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Assistant DA, Jenna James took an oath to uphold the law, administer justice, deter crime and ensure the safety of the community Her job isn t easy, but it has always been black and white criminals versus victims Now she is the victim, and the very system she s fought to uphold is suddenly corrupt, the lines between good and bad are blurred and her world has turned upsidAssistant DA, Jenna James took an oath to uphold the law, administer justice, deter crime and ensure the safety of the community Her job isn t easy, but it has always been black and white criminals versus victims Now she is the victim, and the very system she s fought to uphold is suddenly corrupt, the lines between good and bad are blurred and her world has turned upside down She s always known that world existed a world of power so immense that a single phone call can result in people disappearing or political offices being vacated, a world where doctors are available at a moment s notice She s never been part of that world never wanted to be The body count is rising, and unless she finds proof beyond a reasonable doubt against a corrupt former federal judge, and a notorious criminal defense attorney, it will continue to rise.

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    1. What an engaging, marvelous story with fast-paced action and characters so well developed you feel you know them as friends! Jenna James is an assistant DA facing a quagmire of corruption from a Judge, attorneys, and people she thought of as friends!One family, headed by a powerful judge, is incorrigible. An attorney she has been dating, Michael, is a member of this bunch, and Jenna begins to see the real person he is. His mother is killed, in an 'accident', so Jenna is able to get the younger b [...]

    2. I had the pleasure of reading an ARC of Linda S Prather's new legal thriller, Beyond A Reasonable Doubt which is available on pre-order now and due for release on April 17th. Not long now!I believe I have to be Linda's number one fan, to me her writing is seamless and flows wonderfully. Her ability to involve the reader in her stories is second to none. After reading Beyond A Reasonable Doubt - the first book in a new series of legal thrillers starring Assistant DA Jenna James - I have to say th [...]

    3. 'Beyond a Reasonable doubt' is the first in a series featuring bright prosecutor, Jenna James. Though it's tagged as a legal thriller, the actual courtroom scenes are very few and short. I was glad of this as I was afraid it contained a lot of legal jargon, but thankfully this wasn't the case.All characters in this book are very realistic and strong. The good ones are very likeable, while the baddies couldn't be more repulsive and loathsome. Judge William Elkins is a scumbag. He's rich, powerful [...]

    4. Beyond A Reasonable Doubt is a fast paced legal thriller, though if like me your not a big lover of court room saga's, do not worry as very little of this book is set in the courtroom.Meet Jenna James an Assistant DA who stands by her oath to serve justice to all criminals and does everything in her power to protect the innocent.Jenna makes a big mistake getting involved with Michael, unfortunately realising to late, she is dragged into a world of murder, lies and deceit and is put into a very c [...]

    5. Originally posted on my blog - wp/p4Dssh-GjThis is the first book that I've read by this author, but it definitely won't be the last! I read this book in one sitting. Prathers' writing style is so fluid and engaging that you can't help but be drawn in. I found myself to be so engaged in the story that before I realised, I had finished the book! Fast paced and with realistic characters, I found this book impossible to put down.I loved the character of Jenna and found her to be well developed and [...]

    6. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, the first book in the Jenna James series, is a page turner that kept me glued to my Kindle for longer than my eyes could handle. Once the action took off, it never slowed down to a point I felt I could set it down and come back to it (though unfortunately I was forced to every once in a while- life does get in the way!). It’s been a while since I’ve read one of Linda Prather’s books and I have loved every one of them, but this is different than her others. It’s [...]

    7. Linda Prather. Book 1Beyond a Reasonable Doubt,I hadn't read a book by this author for a little while, I can assure you I won't be waiting as long until I read another one. This book is the first in the Jenna James series and the next one can't come quick enough. This book is a fast paced courtroom drama with plenty death scenes to keep you happy all the way to the last page. A highly recommended read.5 stars 11 April 2015.

    8. WOWIS IS A GREAT READ SPOILERS.I have read linda Prather's books and loved them and this book didn't disappoint me. It kept me hooked from start to finish the pace and storyline is brilliant.I fell in love with the characters and I'm hoping there will be more in the series.

    9. reviewed for tbc. absolutely fantastic. couldnt put it down. loved the characters and the plot. a lot of murders but i was still hooked. the courtroom wasnt too much. 5☆. linda prather this was absolutely fab. :)

    10. Criminals and Law Aiding CitizensThis book centers around Jenna, the female character who's main objective is to follow the rules.The story line has a quick pace, a few hours in court, murder, and corruption, which lead to a decent mystery thriller novel.Logan McAllister did well with the narration.Note:"This audio book was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review."

    11. Beyond A Reasonable Doubt by Linda Prather was my first book by this author and will most definitely not be my last. This book wowed me from the first chapter right to the last. Firstly, I loved absolutely everything about this amazingly fast paced legal thriller and Assistant DA Jenna James, and found her character strong, determined and very brave. Although this book has been described as pretty violent with bad language, I personally did not find anything offensive about it at all, but then I [...]

    12. I had the pleasure and privilege of reading an ARC of Linda S Prather's new legal thriller, Beyond A Reasonable Doubt. Being a newbie to reviewing and book clubbing, this is the first ARC I have had. If all the rest will be like this one, I will be a very happy individual. Wow!! Possibly one of the best books I have read.I was captured from page 1 and read it in a day. Really could not put it down. It was well written, gripping, a great story line and I was really able to get into the characters [...]

    13. I was given this book as an ARC by my book club. It was the first book I'd read by this Linda S. Prather but it certainly won't be the last.From page one it was a real CPID (Couldn't Put It Down) book.The characters in the book are all really well-written, the plot is brilliant and the story totally believable. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to everyone who enjoys a good thriller.

    14. Beyond A Reasonable Doubt is a fast paced legal thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Although this wasn't a long novel, the characters were very well developed. The book ended totally different than I expected, but it was a nice twist. The ending also left open the possibility of more novels starring Jenna James.

    15. My type of book, fast paced, action packed and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading it. It is well written and keeps the reader engaged. Loved to see the big boys brought down. Nice to see a little romance interweaved with all the action without it dominating the storyline and enjoyed the little twists.

    16. Linda S Prather really draws you into her stories. I enjoyed this one immensely. Her characters were so well defined I found the whole book intriguing, gripping and engaging. It had everything you want in a good story and she really has an excellent way of portraying what is going on together with all the twists and turns, I was completely floored with the ending. Do not miss this a superb book.

    17. I enjoyed this legal thriller-first in a series I assume from the title. Very fast-paced and truly a page-turner. Characters are well-drawn and certainly represent the good and the bad in the legal arena. I'd recommend it.

    18. I can finally breatheI absolutely loved this book. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading. I had to take breaks because I didn't want to read about something bad happening to someone I liked!! I just cannot wait for book 2!!!!!

    19. ( Format : Audiobook )"People had only the power you gave them."The emphasis is on the thriller rather than the legal as very little action takes place in the courts. Plenty occurs outside of them, however, involving those who should be above, but not outside, the law - from judges to the defence and prosecuting attorneys.Jenna Patience James is a successful, fast rising prosecuting attorney and has for some time been dating Michael, the attractive and wealthy son of the powerful Judge William E [...]

    20. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt by Linda S. Prather was a good book. This was a great legal thriller that centered around Assistant DA Jenna James. Jenna finds herself a victim and many things around her start unraveling. This was a great Read and I can't wait to read more by Linda S. Prather.

    21. Free book for honest review. juliesbookreviewIn Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Linda S. Prather creates a world where the rich and powerful operate above the law with impunity. Greed, corruption, and murder are par for the course. People, even family, are as dispensable as last year’s cashmere sweater, and can be eliminated when they start talking too much or become useless or burdensome.Jenna James, a morally upright up-and-coming district attorney in a Texas office that is a hotbed of corruption [...]

    22. I have read books by Linda Prather before and I really liked them. This is my first in the Jenna James series but it won't be my last. This was a good book, a good ride of twists and turns and enough head scratching as to who did what to whom to make it a page turner indeed. You may even find yourself pulling for a couple of the bad guys, who knows, but you will have a journey and I think you will love Jenna James!

    23. Why did it take so long for Beyond a Reasonable Doubt to get to the top of my reading pile? I am now a huge Jenna James and Linda Prather fan.I loved the short, sharp chapters and devoured this book. It kept my interest, and I thoroughly enjoyed the main character being a DA and finding out about crimes from her point of view. The author obviously knows her stuff! Highly recommend this legal thriller and will definitely be reading more from this author.

    24. Good read! Jenna James is a prosecutor with moralsunfortunately she is surrounded by thugs and crooks. The story goes rapidly and the characters are likable. My only complaint is so little development and depth in the story. Would have liked more of that. After saying this, I liked it enough that I will be searching for more books by this author.

    25. A Grisham in the makingBeyond A Reasonable Doubt kept my interest as does most of John Grishams books. It was fairly fast moving, flowed well and logically structured. The chapters were of good length. There could have been some more suspense as some chapters were too logically lead into. All in all I want to read more of her books in this series.

    26. Well, I finished it but didn't particularly enjoy it. Routine thriller with no great suspense or surprises, and several very unbelievable scenarios. Black or white characters, and an unremarkable style, I won't be looking for any more by this author.

    27. L. S. PratherIt's great to start a book and hate to put it down. Highly recommended to my girlfriends. Good read. Loved it.

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