Great World Religions Islam Great Courses University professor and international government and media consultant John L Esposito guides you through the facts and myths surrounding Islam and its than billion adherents How familiar are you

  • Title: Great World Religions: Islam (Great Courses, #6102)
  • Author: John L. Esposito
  • ISBN: 9781565856486
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Audio CD
  • University professor and international government and media consultant John L Esposito guides you through the facts and myths surrounding Islam and its than 1.2 billion adherents How familiar are you with the world s second largest and fastest growing religion Many in the West know little about the faith and are familiar only with the actions of a minority of radicaUniversity professor and international government and media consultant John L Esposito guides you through the facts and myths surrounding Islam and its than 1.2 billion adherents How familiar are you with the world s second largest and fastest growing religion Many in the West know little about the faith and are familiar only with the actions of a minority of radical extremists.This course will help you better understand Islam s role as both a religion and a way of life, and its deep impact on world affairs both historically and today It is important to understand what Muslims believe, and also how their beliefs are carried out privately and publicly as individuals as well as members of a larger community The focus of this course will be to better understand Islam s role as a religion and as a way of life, says Professor Esposito In 12 lectures, moving from Muhammad to the present, from the 7th to the 21st centuries, we will explore Muslim beliefs, practices, and history in the context of its significance and impact on Muslim life and society through the ages, as well as world events today.

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    One thought on “Great World Religions: Islam (Great Courses, #6102)”

    1. Of late I've been interested in learning more about other religions, and particularly Islam, because I know so little about them. (Indeed, I could stand to learn a little more about Christianity as well.) I was pleasantly surprised to find this at my library.I knew very little about Islam before starting this series, and I found the audio files to be extremely engaging and enlightening. As I sometimes do with non-fiction audio books, I occasionally zoned out while driving, but for the most part [...]

    2. I picked this up to see what is the view of western scholar in Islam and so I write this review to help any body who’s interested on learning about Islam to evaluate these lecture and how accurate is it before they start lessening to it I wii write an abstract review for those who likes it to be to the point and then I will write a more detailed review .The Bottom Line (Conclusion): (3.0 Out 5) : If You Know nothing of Islam this the one to get.if you know nothing about Islam and you want an u [...]

    3. I'm glad I listened to this course as a way to begin to understand the religion of Islam. Before listening to this, I had only a cursory (and somewhat Western-biased) perspective of Islam. I was disappointed that the course spent so much time talking about recent developments in the religion and its place in the world. I was looking for more of an understanding of the Quran. I do plan to read the Quran soon so that I can get more insight on what the book is saying. I have read that it is shorter [...]

    4. Another fine selection of lectures by the Teaching Company in their Great Courses series. This series of lectures gives a broad overview of the history of Islam from its founding to the present day. Professor Esposito covers this history in an even-handed approach that addresses both the positive aspects of a faith that he claims is the world's third largest religious movement (after Christianity and Judaism) as well as some of the difficult challenges that Muslims face at present.Recommended fo [...]

    5. Very thorough, balanced, and easy to follow. Incredibly well-informed, without sounding like he's trying to prove how smart he is.

    6. A glance at the voluminous publications on Islam by the author would seem to make this an ideal person to learn from. But Googling raises some troubling questions about what he tends to leave in and out of his works. There is a reason he's been written up several times on Jihad Watch. At any rate, I thought his lecture series would be an interesting to compare to several other works on the history of Islam and the Middle East I have finished. That list is at the bottom of this post. Let's get th [...]

    7. This course is taught by someone who is considered to be an expert on interaction between Islam and the West, although he is not a Muslim himself.  In listening to the six hours of contents that this audiobook has about Islam I was myself torn between respect for the author's wish to show the diversity of worldviews and mindsets and the nobility of certain aspects of Muslim history and culture and a sense of irritation and frustration and even anger at the way that the professor seemed like one [...]

    8. Although claiming to be an introduction to Islam, it is more of a historico-political course on the development of Muslim practices and Islam’s relationship with the West. The course is clearly intended for an audience who thinks all Muslims are terrorists; that it is inherently violent and militant; that it oppresses women and non-Muslims; and, that it is incompatible with the modern world. Indeed there are many misconceptions about Islam, but I wish Prof. Espositio would give his audience so [...]

    9. I've come away from some of the Great Courses feeling like I really understood the subject. That was not the case with this course. Admittedly (from Esposito himself), the topic warrants a lifetime of research and this course can't try and do that justice, but I don't feel like the course was the best jumping point. Most courses I've taken have had twice the lectures as this one and I felt like this one could have also benefit from a longer format with deeper content.

    10. Probably the weakest lecture series in TGC intro to world religions set. A good refresher, but I didn't learn anything new and questioned the political tone of some of the material.

    11. Nice overview. More focus on social aspects, than on history.Controverscial , like any talk on any religion. Educational and broad overview.

    12. This is a six hour course (12 lectures) on Islam, and it is part of the Great World Religions series by the Great Courses. I downloaded it as an audiobook and listened to it last week. This course is given by John L. Esposito, a Professor of Islamic studies. (Professor Esposito grew up Catholic in New York City) Like most people, I know of Islam mostly through the news, which doesn't paint a good picture of Islam to say the least. I listened to this lecture series, while hearing about ISIS (and [...]

    13. Before listening to this course I knew very little about Islamunfortunately, I still don't (even after listening twice). I don't think is was Professor Esposito's knowledge or delivery, though he did come off as an apologist for Islam is mostly likely the paucity of background, in the forms of histories, personalities and maybe even interviews of practicing imams. That's just too much to cover in six hours.The reviews presented on the Great Courses website (particularly JeffGulleson and marvmax) [...]

    14. This was the only cover image I could find, but in fact I listened to the ten lecture 1st edition set of tapes by Professor John Swanson of the American University of Cairo (not the 2nd edition, by Prof. Esposito).Mixed reviews: the lecturer was very repetitive and endlessly apologetic for saying anything that a Muslim believer might object to. That's why, I think, The Great Courses went on to Esposito for the 2nd edition. But at the same time, I found Prof. Swanson to be very respectful and sym [...]

    15. I picked up this lecture series to learn more about Islam. I was intrigued that the lecturer is a Catholic professor, not a Muslim. So I would have liked to have heard more about Christian-Muslim issues. As the material is so foreign to me, I think more explanation and repetition would have been helpful. Also, the lectures didn't seem to be given before an audience, but reminded me of an author reading from a prepared manuscript. Overall, I think the lecturer did a good job describing the basics [...]

    16. The twelve lectures of this audio book (part of a larger set on the five great world religions) look at the variations of cultural and religious practices of Islam, that also have been shaped by politics and geography. Unlike the other two monotheistic religions (Christianity and Judaism), the religious community and government law are tied together. Esposito explains the five “Pillars of Islam” that unite all interpretations – one God, required prayer, tithing, Ramadan fasting, Mecca pilg [...]

    17. An introduction to the study of Islam in the form of an audio lecture series with an accompanying outline book. It covers history, core tenets of belief, life, law, and current trends or challenges of Islam. Professor John L. Esposito teaches International Affairs and Religion at Georgetown. His approach is decidedly from the modern perspective of comparative religions, and he attempts to show the similarities between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, arguing that all should interact peaceably i [...]

    18. I avoid all organized religion in my personal life, but I try to understand certain things even if I don't accept them. Explanations about Islam weren't part of my education growing up. Modern depictions are often forced through the distorted lens of sensationalist political rhetoric and dismissive mainstream media. While the lectures in this book only introduce the history, diversity and impact of Islam on world history and politics, readers will get an understanding and appreciation of the rel [...]

    19. Excellent, compellingly presented information about the world's second-largest religion. A bit defensive, and tends to over-emphasize Christianity's flaws and under-emphasize Islam's flaws in their interactions over the centuries but it's still worth hearing.

    20. Would love to get other opinions as seems to lean in favor of Islam but still very interesting and informative.

    21. I enjoyed this book, however I expected this course to be more about the Quran, rather than Muslim politics and how Muslims are viewed post 9/11. I did learn a few things, but not much.

    22. This was very enlightening. It would be great if every American listened to this, there would be a lot less hate in the world and the media would have a much harder time scaring us.

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