The Broken World The Broken World is the fourth instalment in the epic fantasy series by J D Oswald The Ballad of Sir Benfro preceded by Dreamwalker The Rose Cord and The Golden Cage The book sir The Llyfr Dracon

  • Title: The Broken World
  • Author: JamesOswald
  • ISBN: 9781405917780
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Broken World is the fourth instalment in the epic fantasy series by J D Oswald, The Ballad of Sir Benfro, preceded by Dreamwalker , The Rose Cord and The Golden Cage The book, sir The Llyfr Draconius.You ll find what you need in there, if you know how to look.The war across the Twin Kingdoms rages on.Queen Beulah has killed one sister and ordered the assassiThe Broken World is the fourth instalment in the epic fantasy series by J D Oswald, The Ballad of Sir Benfro, preceded by Dreamwalker, The Rose Cord and The Golden Cage The book, sir The Llyfr Draconius.You ll find what you need in there, if you know how to look.The war across the Twin Kingdoms rages on.Queen Beulah has killed one sister and ordered the assassination of another The Inquisitor Melyn journeys though the north lands of Llanwennog in a merciless bid to overthrow King Ballah Now in possession of Brynceri s ring, his power seems indestructible Nothing can stop the invasion.Captured by the travelling circus, Sir Benfro cannot shake their control, powerful than Magog s malign influence Errol Ramsbottom, left for dead, follows the trail of his friend s captors only Benfro holds the key to Errol s beloved Martha s whereabouts But both sides are set on a path of destruction dragon against dragon, king against queen, man against man.As the ancient spell that split Gwlad begins to unravel, it may be easier for Benfro and Errol to travel to Gog s world now But what will happen when the barriers between the two worlds fail entirely As unlikely alliances form and strategies shift, who will emerge victorious Parts of the previous eBook edition of The Golden Cage have been used in this work, The Broken World

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    One thought on “The Broken World”

    1. A good read, these books seem to take me longer to read than normal, but I am enjoying them, and am invested in the characters.

    2. Having only recently started the Sir Benfro series, I feel like I rapidly fell in love with this world and its characters, and 'The Broken World' is no exception to that. The fourth installment continues from where the third book, 'The Golden Cage' left off, following Sir Benfro and Errol as they desperately try to reunite, but as per usual, there are many hindrances and many difficulties along the way. In this book, I felt very emotionally overwhelmed by everything Sir Benfro went through and v [...]

    3. I finished it! Took me a while but it was a good book nonetheless. Not as good as I hoped though. I also found out that there is one more book coming! And now I don't want to wait, haha. There were so many adventures in this one. I felt like I was following a lot more storylines. Which I liked because this way I knew what was going on everywhere. Benfro his storyline is still my favorite. Errol had a bit too much bad luck for my liking. At one point I just wanted them to stop hitting him in the [...]

    4. I really enjoyed the fourth book in the series and I'm immensely glad that I accidentally found a copy in the local bookshop. It hasn't happened to me in a long-long time that I find a long-awaited book unexpectedly. On the one hand, it was a great feeling but on the other hand, I would actually like more information about the upcoming books. I guess I have to be stealthier with book #5.My nonspoilerish thoughts on the book can be found HERE.

    5. oh wow that was amazing, only I thought that this book was the last in the series and as I was rapidly running out of pages to read, I wondered how it was all going to end. so it wasn't the last book, there is another one still to go and unfortunately it hasn't been written yet so I'm just going to have to wait to see how it all plays out.I'm both pleased and disappointed at this. pleased because I love the story and the characters. disappointed as I an eager to know what happens.

    6. I hope the last book in the series gives closure to the story and answers because I have soooooooooo many questions.

    7. Still good fun to read but I become increasingly concerned about the survival instinct of our heroes. They do seem to be caught out in the same ways every time but never learn.

    8. Benfros und Errols Abenteuer neigen sich ihrem Ende entgegen. In „The Broken World“, dem vierten und vorletzten Teil der Ballad of Sir Benfro von James D. Oswald, spitzen sich die Ereignisse immer mehr zu. Benfro ist in einem Zirkus gefangen, Drachen einer anderen Welt greifen das Zwillingskönigreich an und Inquisitor Melyn führt mit grausamer Zielstrebigkeit den Willen seines Gottes aus, nicht merkend, dass er betrogen wird. Die Hoffnung für Benfro liegt erneut bei Errol. Sie beide wolle [...]

    9. I'm knocking off a star as there are an embarrassing amount of typos, editing errors and continuity errors in this book. It is truly astounding. It's worse than the shoddy writing and editing of the first ~150 pages of the first book in the series; those were at least copy edited to perfection. what the hell.That aside, the series continues to be good. I'm slightly irritated that this isn't the last book in the series after all, because it ends on a goddamn cliffhanger (as did the other books, b [...]

    10. It was a tough decision to give so low a score as I am an admirer of the author and love the earlier books in the series. But the first third of this book is the final third of the third book in the series (still with me?), which is annoying and the whole book doesn't read as well as it's associates. There are too many unnatural cliffhangers and way way too many fights where the fighters live on to fight another day and escape just in the nick of time. As a brilliant series, this book should hav [...]

    11. Book 4 in the Ballad of Sir Benfro. Ooft! The sufferings both Errol and Benfro go through, Benfro particularly, are almost too much to bear in this one. And so many revelations! Everything is coming together or is it breaking apart? It ended on such a cliffhanger (almost literally) that it's going to be another tough wait for the fifth and final book next year.

    12. I wish I was better at writing reviews, so I could write something witty and clever about this wonderful, very well written book, and in doing so persuade people to buy and read it, from the very first book ofc.However, this is all I can manage. I wish time would leap forward three months so I could get started on the last part, the Obsidian Throne.Where's the Doctor when you need him? :O

    13. Really loved this book as much as the others, if not more. The things they go trough are just terrible, at the same time realistic. It's also inpossible to know what will happen in the nect chapter, which makes it easy to read on, you just want to know more.

    14. My only urgh at the book is that I really do not like Errol and Benfro being apart for such a long period of time. It actually bothered me a lot! Hopefully the last instalment will explain the reasons.

    15. So much happens in this book. It was an intense, but enjoyable reading experience. I can't believe I have to wait almost a year for the next (and last) book. I actually really don't want this series to end, but on the other hand, I'm curious how it will develop further and how it will end.

    16. I love this book so so much. I am not ready for the next book to be the last of this amazing series.We've been through so much together. Benfro and Errol deserve to be happy. But as the looks of it, Benfro isn't going to get one. And that thought alone is breaking my heart into a million pieces.

    17. The Ballad of Sir Benfro is a series unlike any I've ever read before, and I can't stand that I have to wait til September 22 for the final installment to come out! THAT CLIFFHANGER WAS OUTRAGEOUS

    18. How does Errol manage to hit his head so much. Poor Benfro. Poor Errol. Good one baby prince. I love this series so much.

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