Carter WARNING This book contains SWEARING SEX and MILD VIOLENCE that may offend Childhood friends to lovers story This is a story about a rising rock star and a love struck girl Leah I was a fool in love F

  • Title: Carter
  • Author: R.J. Lewis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 487
  • Format: None
  • WARNING This book contains SWEARING, SEX and MILD VIOLENCE that may offend Childhood friends to lovers story.This is a story about a rising rock star and a love struck girl Leah I was a fool in love From the moment I saw him, Carter Matheson had always been it for me I just wished he felt the same way We grew up together in poverty, seeking solace in one another WARNING This book contains SWEARING, SEX and MILD VIOLENCE that may offend Childhood friends to lovers story.This is a story about a rising rock star and a love struck girl Leah I was a fool in love From the moment I saw him, Carter Matheson had always been it for me I just wished he felt the same way We grew up together in poverty, seeking solace in one another through our love for music His voice swept me off my feet He sang like an angel, making me forget for a little while that my unrequited love would destroy me.I thought I d go to the ends of the earth for him I thought my future along his side was engrained in stone But when faced with a decision that would forever change our lives, I need to choose whose dreams to follow.Mine or hisOK 1 OF 2

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    One thought on “Carter”

    1. 4 Stars!!Leah moves with her uncle and her aunt after her mother’s death. Her new family is dysfunctional to say the least – her aunt whore herself, her uncle being the pimp. “I always felt like an intruder. An unwanted entity that survived without love. Like a wilting flower deprived of sun, I was wasting away alone most of my childhood.”Everything changes for Leah when she’s 10 and meets Carter who recently moved near. They become friends and soon best friends. Years pass and they st [...]

    2. "An uncommitted love will always end in heartache."This book… so many feelings… it was bittersweet, it was angsty, it was heartbreaking. The story about childhood friends, Carter and Leah, growing up together in a shitty trailer park. Their friendship was the only beautiful thing they had in their teenage years. Leah has always loved Carter, and I think always wanted more. While Carter tried to never cross that line, the attraction was still there. He deeply cared for her, was very protectiv [...]

    3. ”Love doesn’t fucking exist the way you think it does. It’s made up bullshit, designed to fuck people up into having these illusions that there’s more to life.”Angst!! Leah has been in love with her neighbor, Carter since she was ten years old. The author takes us through their young years as Leah becomes friends with Carter and the two develop a strong bond.Leah and Carter’s stay in the trailer park comes to an end as they escape and never look back. Carter is everything to Leah. He [...]

    4. Carter - 4 - 4.5 ★'s I knew that when my friends talked about this book being angsty that I just had to read itd thankfully, I wasn't disappointed!Carter and Leah meet when he moves into the trailer next door with his Dad when he's eleven years old and Leah is ten. However, they don't become friends right away. Leah cannot fathom that popular and gorgeous Carter would want anything to do with her but after a fight with a bully, she realizes he's seen her all along. And so it beginsThey are bes [...]

    5. That ending was so bitter!!! It make me really, really sadWhy??? Why Carter and Leah had to reach to that point???They destroyed themselves They destroyed their friendship They destroyed their loveBecause they loved each other with every cell of their body!!!Yeah, i know that it wasn't Leah's fault, but still Why, Carter??? What are you hidding??? Why are you so scared about love????Why you fucked-up everything at the end???I will lose my mind!!!If in the second book they are not back together a [...]

    6. 5 Heartbreaking Stars!Couldn't put this one down once I started it. Best friends to loversyou know I loved it! I've been in love with Carter since I was ten years old. It started the day I saw him move into the trailer next door with his father howling at him to hurry out of the car. ~LeahLeah is fascinated with Carter. For two years she sneaks and follows him every where. Especially when Carter goes to the creek and sings.A few days after Leah's twelfth birthday a bully starts picking on Leah. [...]

    7. 4 Carter and Leah StarsI’m binging on R.J. Lewis reads. I think I’ve read all of her books in the past two weeks. I have two left and I will be done… I don’t know what I will do with myself.To my surprise, I really like angst. Oh my goodness, the back and forth between Carter and Leah was really addictive. I just wanted them to work it out, but I secretly didn’t because I liked the angst.Leah and Carter are childhood friends. I really liked the beginning because it showed what kind of [...]

    8. Sexy and sweet I really enjoyed this one .even though I want to knock some sense into Carter !!! I can't wait for the next books !!!

    9. This is a bestfriends to lovers story, so of course I loved it. The story is about two childhood friends, Carter and Leah. They grew up together in this awful trailer park, and both saw some pretty traumatizing things. Basically, the only good parts of their lives were each other. Leah has been in love with Carter forever, since she first saw him move into the trailer park when she was ten. But as they grew up she never could bring herself to express these feelings to Carter because he always st [...]

    10. loved this book the ending was so sad i was crying noooo Carter don't leave her!! but i also understand that he wasn't ready for a relationship and Leah needed to find her own way without Carter. Overall great read.

    11. I really couldn't say no to a hyped-up, new-adult romance written by R.J. Lewis. I mean, c'mon. I'm only human.I also really hate being reduced to "that girl" who pines over that "bad boy jerk" but R.J. Lewis knows how to write bad boys. Carter was the epitome of the boy you hate to love. I loved the build-up of Carter and Leah's relationship. Leah first met Carter when she was 10 and he was 12 (if I'm remembering this correctly). He'd just moved into their trailer park area. Leah's uncle was pr [...]

    12. 5+++ "LEAH ROCKS" STARSUNREQUITED LOVE SUCKS!!!Ms. Lewis always writes very intense and emotionally charged stories and this one is no different. Loving someone unconditionally without commitment will tear you apart and letting that person go, to finally discover yourself is way harder than it sounds. Leah and Carter's story is very intense and engaging. There is heartbreak, angst and underneath it all an awesome love story.Leah and Carter has grown up together. They both cannot live without eac [...]

    13. 5~STARSThis is a story about a boy/girl= best friends= love. Carter & Leah.[image error]Carter and Leah live next to each other in a run down trailerpark, both taking care of themselves for the most part but yet living with those who don't care about them.Leah loves Carter and watches him from afar thinking he doesn'tknow she even exists, he's never once looked her way, so she thought, but she soon finds he does know who she is, but not until a bully comes along one day at the park where Lea [...]

    14. RJ Lewis captured me with Remy and Jax in IGNITE and BURN. Then the Lawson brothers from LOVING LAWSON & SAVING LAWSON arrived, I didn't think things could get any better! Well, move over boys cuz "CARTER'S in DA HOUSE!" Oh I love him, I love him, I LOVE HIM! This book was so much more than I had anticipated. I know all RJ's books are good and worth my time, but Carter is SWOON worthy! He is just GAH! <3 No words. No words!! Leah and Carter pretty much grow up together. Leah LOVES him fro [...]

    15. Oh what the h3ll, I made a book cover for Carter too (I made one earlier for book #2). Never been a YA/NA fan. So took me by surprise how I enjoyed this book very much. Need book #2 now. Hopefully they will be a bit older than 18/19 there.

    16. LOVE- LOVE -LOVED IT!!! 6 Stars!!!! 6 Absolutely Brillant Soulmate Stars!!It's not often I give a five star rating and six stars is really only for the books that outshine the rare five-star reads because the story was so perfect, so touching, and the characters become like family. "Carter" and "Leah" are definite six stars.Page 1 of Carter starts with Leah's narrative: "I’ve been in love with Carter since I was ten years old. It started the day I saw him move into the trailer next door with h [...]

    17. 4.5 StarsWoah! R.J has done it again. As soon as I read this blurb I knew I was gonna have to read this story and I'm glad I did. Even if the ending was heartbreaking. Side note, I'm glad I waited until book 2 was out so I can move right on to the next one. Ten year old Leah watched 11 year old Carter move in next door in the trailer park she's lives in with ether aunt and uncle. For two years she secretly (at least she thinks she doing it secretly) watches and follows Carter all over the place. [...]

    18. 5 •painful and beautiful• StarsIt’s not often I come across a book that affects me on a more personal level.I honestly think this story couldn’t of been written better.To some, this book may be an enjoyable read, some may like it or LOVE it, some may even hate it. But for me I don’t even think there’s a word to describe what I felt toward these two books and characters.For me, it’s a #MustRead.After finishing, I immediately wrote the author a message. I had to let her know how much [...]

    19. Holy shocking craziness what just happened? My heart is torn into shreds! Leah & Carter grew up being the bestest of friends.Living the same way but completely different. We follow as young love blossoms into infatuation to lust into true love. Only to be onsided.This gutted me completely and I'm beyond extatic for only waiting a short time for "Leah" book 2!

    20. Ugh I wanna slap Carter but at the same time I wanna hug him. The end was so bittersweet that I'm glad that I bought the second book, too.

    21. Oh man. "Carter" has cracked my heart open and I feel like book two is going to rip it out. Holy emotional angst. Hurry up May 1st!

    22. 5 million stardust that may or may not have shattered my heart and soul*I receive an ARC copy of Carter for an honest review*I had some inkling about how this was going to play out. SHE clearly stated it. I still read on, I still immersed myself into the characters, I fell in love and I suffered with them, I rejoiced with them and finally I cried buckets with them.She met him ages ago and she fell hard. He was beautiful and strong and everything good in her life. She who was a lost little kid, w [...]

    23. Carter and Leah were two kids living desolate lives in a trailer park, too young to see so much ugliness in life. They formed a friendship that helped them get through some really tough times. To say that the way they grew up left a big dent on their psyche was an understatement. Their family life was so miserable that the only comfort and real feelings they had was only for each other. But despite being emotionally dependent on each other, they had fears, especially Carter, that made them hold [...]

    24. 4.5 StarsOk why only 4.5 stars? Well, because it ended with no closure between Carter and Leah. So you have to wait for the next bookdue out? Now to the story itself, Carter and Leah grew up together living in a trailer park right next door. They became best friends even though Leah as been secretly in love with Carter since she was 10 yrs old. One night out of the blue Carter climbed through Leah's window and told her they had to run away right then. She put her trust in him no matter what the [...]

    25. Wowwhat a journeyTold from Leah's pov her life story with Carter how they become childhood friends, how she admired and watched him from afare,her journey into unrequited love.It tugs on the heartstring, its beautifully written in the way that has you aching for the character in their times of need and happy in their joyous moments. This is part one of this journey and a journey you will want to see to the end.This book reminded me of Kyland and if you've read that you will understand the kind o [...]

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