Princess Charlotte and the Birthday Ball On the first day at the Princess Academy everything goes wrong The girls ball gowns are ruined What will Princess Charlotte and her friends do without their beautiful gowns

  • Title: Princess Charlotte and the Birthday Ball
  • Author: Vivian French Sarah Gibb
  • ISBN: 9780061124280
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • On the first day at the Princess Academy, everything goes wrong The girls ball gowns are ruined What will Princess Charlotte and her friends do without their beautiful gowns

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    One thought on “Princess Charlotte and the Birthday Ball”

    1. When I was a little my dad bought me the whole series, 'cause I was like[image error] every single time I see a princess book. Then I would go walking down the school hallway with my book looking like:[image error]

    2. W0W!Great book.Its a children and a elder book that magical and feels its true life.This is about a princess and how she badly wanted to become a princess of the tiara's and she finally got it!Im currently-reading it now.

    3. I love this book although I've only read this book because I found it on my sister's shelf so I read it and got really mad at the end because I wanted to read more because this author is amazing I can't wait to read her other books

    4. princess Charlotte goes to the princess academy and makes friends to 5 other princesses. they get into chroble and are trying to go to the birthday ball.i read this book in 20 minutes and i like to read book quickly because i can read more book than i would.

    5. Stumbled across this series of books at an outlet mall and brought them home for my daughter (6 years) to read together. Very cute seriesa little reminiscent of Harry Potter in that it is about a group of little princesses who are off to the Princess Academy. They earn (and lose) tiara points in their quest to become part of the Tiara Club (almost like a graduation of sorts). Each of the first 6 books is a story about each of the girls in their first year. The second set of 6 books is about each [...]

    6. 1'23The first main character is princess Charlotte. I read this before, but some words are hard to me. So I read several times and I read with audiobook in a little bit fast speed. Now it's okay. I usually dream of being princess myself. So I thought this book would help me to understand and know about princess thing. In some aspect I feel it is a little bit childish, not princessy.(Of course, before being princesses, they are just children! haha) I think they will be fine and become real prince [...]

    7. If Brianna was rating this would be a five star without a doubt, but for myself I thought it was ok so I gave it three stars. It's not a literary masterpiece, but cute fun chapter book for early girl readers. I was actually a little surprised she sat and listened to the whole thing straight through, it's the first time I've attempted a chapter book with her. We'll read the others in the series for sure. And just a note, it's not like Harry Potter at all except that they are both going to a schoo [...]

    8. This is a great series for young girls. There are 6 books in each Tiara Club series (and there are several series). Each book is told by a different princess attending the Royal Palace Academy where they are all learning the elements to be the perfect princess. Manners and courtesy are stressed and the princesses are awarded "tiara points" along the way. In every book, the princess has a problem to solve and I like how they work things out for themselves and ask for help when needed. For animal [...]

    9. Princess Charlotte has one tinny problem she has to learn how to be a perfect princess which is a lot of work.Imagine you going to a school where you have to learn how to be a perfect princess for lick a hole year.Is that hard work or not?If you whantto learn more then you have to read it.Please look for Princess Charlotte And The Birthday Ball

    10. What did Princess Charlotte learn?She learned a great lesson. That if you meet new princesses and you're sacred to meet them, you can become friends. And that's exactly what happened to Charlotte. She met some new princesses and became friends with them, even though she was a little scared when they arrived. Then they made themselves into the Rose Room Princesses.

    11. The illustrations make me nervous--they look like the Bratz little sisters! And the stories are awfully pat. But they're not badly written, they're easy to read and little girls are going to eat these up with a spoon along with the "Rainbow Magic" series.

    12. A lovey compelling story about the importance of friendsip and helping each other. The girls are all very strong female leads and are always very kind and always try their best to help each other and fix their problems.

    13. Charlotte uses her wet dress to put out the fire and wishes that her friends could have dresses for the brithday ball but now Charlotte doese not have a dress for the brithday ball P.Sis is favorite Tiara Club book.

    14. The first entry in a cute, and very pink series of beginning chapter books about a group of young princesses enrolled in a Princess Academy.

    15. It was really nice of Charlotte to run after the rose roomers luggage that was on a coach, even though she didn't really know them that well.

    16. Беше забавна и ми хареса, когато видях, че Шарлот е много смела и хубава.

    17. I have to qualify this review -- I think this story is pretty bad, but my daughter loved it at six years old.

    18. Charlotte is a favorite of mine she is funny and cute and not at all arrogant The beginning of this series is great.


    20. Another fun "Friendship Conquers All" story, this is about a dorm room of Princesses that band together to ensure that they all can attend the Birthday Ball.

    21. Little princesses living together in 'The Princess Academy'. They make friends and help each other when in trouble. I think the younger girls would love the dresses and going to a party!

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