Interzone Alternate version of this book In William Burroughs settled in Tangiers finding a sanctuary of sorts in its shadowy streets blind alleys and low life decadence It was this city that served as

  • Title: Interzone
  • Author: William S. Burroughs James Grauerholz
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alternate version of this book.In 1954, William Burroughs settled in Tangiers, finding a sanctuary of sorts in its shadowy streets, blind alleys, and low life decadence It was this city that served as a catalyst for Burroughs as a writer, the backdrop for one of the most radical transformations of style in literary history Burroughs s life during this period is limned inAlternate version of this book.In 1954, William Burroughs settled in Tangiers, finding a sanctuary of sorts in its shadowy streets, blind alleys, and low life decadence It was this city that served as a catalyst for Burroughs as a writer, the backdrop for one of the most radical transformations of style in literary history Burroughs s life during this period is limned in a startling collection of short stories, autobiographical sketches, letters, and diary entries that showcases his trademark mordant humor, as well as delineates the addictions to drugs and sex that are the central metaphors of his work But it is the extraordinary WORD, a long, sexually wild, and deliberately offensive tirade, that blends confession, routine, and fantasy and marks the true turning point of Burroughs as a writer the breakthrough of his own characteristic voice that will find its full realization in Naked Lunch James Grauerholz s incisive introduction sets the scene for this series of pieces, guiding the reader through Burroughs s literary evolution from the precise, laconic, and deadpan writer of Junky and Queer to the radical, uncompromising seer of Naked Lunch Interzone is an indispensable addition to the canon of his works.

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      402 William S. Burroughs James Grauerholz
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    One thought on “Interzone”

    1. A clutch of credible transgressive stories in the Beat idiom and one slavering toxic outpouring of unreadable pizzle-jizzle in the Beat idiom.

    2. خوشحالم که این کتاب رو خوندم اما تا رمان های دیگه ای از باروز نخونم هیچ نظری نمی تونم بدم.

    3. I have long avoided Burroughs' writing on account of a strong suspicion that I would not really appreciate it. I picked this collection up because I found myself in need (professionally) of sampling his style and prose, and a collection of shorter text seemed more appealing than leaping into a longer piece of writing (especially considered some of my preconceptions of what Burroughs' writing entails).The collection opens with a very useful introduction by editor James Grauerholtz, who provides a [...]

    4. I hate Burroughs. I hate myself for liking this. The first section of the book is a series of very short stories, funny and offbeat, yet somewhat mediocre, still enjoyable. The last section is the obnoxious, nonsensical, Naked Lunch word-salad Burroughs is know for (I just skimmed those last 40 pages.) The middle section, journals entries, letters, and story fragments, falls somewhere in-between a traditional narrative and his trademark random asinine nonsense, and is delightful, the clash of Ea [...]

    5. This is a must read for all Burroughs fans. I always feel inspired to go in new directions with my drawing after I read some Burroughs. Great Stuff.

    6. En antropología a veces se usa el concepto de liminalidad para describir el estado de transición en el que se encuentran los participantes de un rito entre su inicio y su fin. Las identidades se disuelven antes de ser reestructuradas en un regreso a la sociedad. Desde su título mismo, Interzone es el registro de ese momento en la vida de Burroughs. A un nivel formal y superficial, documenta el paso de una escritura autobiográfica y prosaica a otra más experimental. Pero lo esencial es que s [...]

    7. A good collection of early work by Burroughs. This book shows the spectrum of the man's work. Divided into three sections, each section is just long enough to engage and enthrall without being too excessive. For instance, the first section contains fairly 'straightforward' tales with little experimentation, stories both of gritty realism and fantasy.The second section features extracts of the journal Burroughs kept during his drug years in Tangiers as well as letter to such personalities as Gins [...]

    8. Он познакомился с новым сортом свободы, свободой жить в постоянном напряжении и страхе на пределе своего внутреннего страха и напряжения так, что давление по крайней мере уравнивалось, и впервые за свою взрослую жизнь он понял значение полного расслабления, абсолютного н [...]

    9. Unless your baby swallows a quarter, you'll never have to dig through so much infantile shit for so little reward. Seriously, I'd like to blow this book out my ass (with a great bronx cheer) into the toilet where it belongs.

    10. My all-time favorite Burroughs book. Junkie's Christmas is my idea of a perfect Christmas stories.

    11. The Interzone is the International Zone in Tangier, Morocco where William Burroughs lived for a time after his accidental shooting of his wife while stupendously high caused him to leave Mexico in something of a hurry. The time that Burroughs spent living in Tangier was greatly influential in the development of his writing style and subject matter and so it is fitting that Interzone is the title of this excellent collection of his early short stories. Interzone features many of the characters an [...]

    12. I admit I did not finish this book. I really enjoyed some of the stories and liked the diary entries, but the book ends with one of Burroughs’ trademark disjointed ramblings that I somehow made it 20 pages into. Burroughs in the form of a short story is great because his work is so segmented anyways and I think he’s able to better connect more of his thoughts in the shorter form. I cannot get into the cut-up style although it is interesting to begin with. Maybe it would be better in smaller [...]

    13. Hhmm well there's another edition listed here from Penguin, same date, same ISBN, different cover, &, most importantly, DIFFERENT NUMBER OF PAGES. It's an listing wch I've come to learn means OFTEN WRONG, sometimes DRASTICALLY WRONG - like listing the wrong author, giving a bk description that's for a completely different bk, etc. I suppose those mistakes cd've been added by someone else later & might not always originate w/ but if I see a mistake or something that seems wrong I always [...]

    14. Interzona è un libro estremamente ghiotto che non può mancare ai lettori appassionati della beat generation, o anche solo a chi s'è lasciato rapire dal fascino di William Burroughs. Chiave di volta di quella splendida costruzione che è la Tetralogia Nova, Interzona è un libro multiforme che raccoglie lettere, racconti giovanili, appunti, bozze e altre diavolerie targate Burroughs, che va a completare il quadro della scrittura dell'autore nel decennio di Pasto nudo. Introdotto da una prezios [...]

    15. Parts 1 and 2 are straight ahead and hard-boiled, early writings that show where he begins his obsessions. Part 3 Word is more like what you get in Naked Lunch. No context; a lot of conversations and monologues and stuff that doesn't make a ton of sense. But the purpose of the book, according to James Grauerholz, the book's editor and Burroughs's life companion from the 70's onward, is to show Burroughs as an incipient writer. The writings in this text take place roughly between 1954 and 1959, w [...]

    16. This is essentially a compilation of William S. Burrough's notebooks, and chronicles his very bizarre passage towards becoming a (very bizarre) writer.There are revealing points of sentiment, especially his repeated sorrows about the death of Joan (his wife, killed accidentally by his hand in a drunken game of William Tell), and his admission that he was subject to erratic compassion, and although sometimes cold could not endure the suffering of a child; he ruthlessly expunged sentimentality in [...]

    17. Another A for Mr. Burroughs. This one reminded me so much of naked lunch, its great. Spooky at times, weird at times, hillarious at times, gotta love it. It is a book comprised of a bunch of his short stories and I loved everyone of them, especially "A Junky's Christmas", it is now one of my favorite Christmas stories. It is about a junky who redeems himself on christmas eve night and gives instead of takes to a person in need. The guy is dope sick but he comes across a young man with kidney sto [...]

    18. A fascinating collection of Burroughs short stories, plus some stream of consciousness fragmentary writings, so much Burroughs "thing".The Junkie Christmas was an oddly optimistic piece, considering the subject matter; I'd wager anything Bill would have given his left arm in real life to get high without the drugs, using pure altruism.The other story, who's title escapes me, revolves around the main character, undoubtedly autobiographical, seeing the ugliest core of a little Tunisian man who hat [...]

    19. un libro in tre fasi: la prima parte è un burroughs più "regolare", con i racconti che preannunciano il suo mondo e il su stile ma ancora restano nella letteratura "regolare" (e c'è il "natale del tossico" che poi ritornerà), la seconda è la transizione verso il delirio e la sperimentazione, e infine c'è "parola". "parola" è un delirio da lsd scritto in quella che sembra una piena sindrome di tourette che copre qualsiasi perversione possibile e immaginabile, e anche parecchie impossibili [...]

    20. Oh dear, where do I start? Well, the first part (i.e. the first 60-70 pags) was great but the last part of the book which was stream-of-consciousness (which I am okay with - sometimes like Joyce or Faulkner okay) is made mince-meat by the addition of Burroughs' trademark cut-ups, rendering the text largely incoherent or repulsive and that is coming from someone who can stomach pretty heavy stuff. I have read plenty of Burroughs' books and have been able to stomach most of them but this just gets [...]

    21. This is great for fans of Burroughs, others should probably start with Junky or Naked Lunch first, depending on how adventurous you want to get. Interzone gives great insight into Burroughs' writing. For example, the location which Burroughs sets many of his later books, Interzone, is a reference to Tangier and the fact that it is split up between multiple countries, therefore, international zone. My favorite parts of this book are when he breaks the fourth wall, since many of the stories were o [...]

    22. perhaps the writing itself is not worthy of four stars, but as a study of burroughs development up to the writing of Naked Lunch, this book is worthy of a careful read. of particular interest is the last section, which contains a lengthy portion of manuscript that was not used for Naked Lunch, and is more stream of consciousness and more 'word salad' than anything else i've seen of his [though, as a warning, i'd surmise that burroughs was not feeling particularly friendly towards women when he w [...]

    23. This obscure book by Beat writer William Burroughs contains some of his earliest work. Parts of it are fragmentary, but the best of the first 130 pages are written in the straightforward semi-autobiographical style of his novel Junky, and give a compelling portrait of being down-and-out in Tangiers. The remainder of the book, “Word”, is a precursor to his novel Naked Lunch, but is not nearly as good. It looks like he had started using his cut-up technique, the result being unreadable in any [...]

    24. I really enjoyed the short stories. Some of Burrough's journals and travel writing are hilarious and provide some interesting insight into the evolution of his writing. The longest part of the book is the final section,"Word". It was pretty difficult to get through a bunch of free associations and words that sound nice when paired together. Some of it was funny, but its kinda that same stuff he did (much better) in Naked Lunch.

    25. Fascinating insight into Burroughs' journey as a writer from the precise, cool irony of Junky and Queer, to the hallucinatory vision of Naked Lunch. However, I would recommend reading both the former and the latter first, as they are both aesthetically satisfying more as works 'in themselves'.

    26. This collection shows the incredible variety of work Burroughs was capable of. I am going to make "A Junky's Christmas" an annual holiday re-read. I would have liked to read a whole book of stuff like "Spare Ass Annie", which reminded me of the weirder frontiers of Borges. *Not*, as many of the other reviews here make obvious, for anyone who is viscerally repulsed by Burroughs.

    27. That was the worst thing I've ever read. I've never wanted to throw away or, better yet, burn a book before until now. It would be mean to give it back to the thrift store. Completely gross and not in a good way. My OCD to finish what I start has kept me through some slow starts that got better. This just got worse until the end turned into a stream of consciousness shit finale.

    28. I enjoyed the stories at the beginning and would give them 3 - 4 stars. However in book three the style of writing changes completely. This was supposedly the background book or the rough draft of Naked Lunch, and based on the third section of this book I can totally see it. I'd say read the first two sections and skip the last one.

    29. The only book of his that I could get all the way throughort stories, some humorous. Really straightfaced, so wildly over the top and using 'unique writing techniques' in describing these lurid scenes happening in another dimension it becomes funny, especially imagining him growling it out while typing on some obsolete typewriter where you have to forcefully jab the keys.

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