My Fearful Symmetry A boy becomes a vampire and fights to become a man Only the most gifted and beautiful Immortyls are chosen to serve Mother Kali as adepts of the ancient arts For nineteen year old Cedric MacKinnon th

  • Title: My Fearful Symmetry
  • Author: Denise Verrico
  • ISBN: 9780982812181
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • A boy becomes a vampire and fights to become a man Only the most gifted and beautiful Immortyls are chosen to serve Mother Kali as adepts of the ancient arts For nineteen year old Cedric MacKinnon, the promise of eternal youth and celebrity sounds like a dream come true It becomes a nightmare when a master vampire plucks the boy from the London streets and spirits himA boy becomes a vampire and fights to become a man Only the most gifted and beautiful Immortyls are chosen to serve Mother Kali as adepts of the ancient arts For nineteen year old Cedric MacKinnon, the promise of eternal youth and celebrity sounds like a dream come true It becomes a nightmare when a master vampire plucks the boy from the London streets and spirits him away to India In the fabled ashram of the adepts of the ancient arts, Cedric undergoes the grueling process of training as a temple dancer and courtesan With the threat of revolution hanging over court, the chief elder employs the boy he names Shardul in dangerous games of seduction and intrigue Hated by the chief s mistress and abused by those he entertains, Cedric struggles with visions of a violent destiny that seem to come from Kali herself The stakes are heightened when the rebel leader, Loki, is brought to India for trial and Cedric is forced to choose between the protection and patronage of a powerful elder and his love for a beautiful female adept.

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    • ☆ My Fearful Symmetry || ☆ PDF Read by ✓ Denise Verrico
      472 Denise Verrico
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    1. The star of My Fearful Symmetry is nineteen year old Cedric MacKinnon. He makes his living as a prostitute in England and has recently discovered he has AIDs. He gives up prostitution and starts to perform as a street musician. One night he meets a mysterious stranger named Raj. Raj is a vampire and promises to give Cedric wealth and eternal youth if he agrees to join him.Cedric agrees thinking that his life can’t get any worse then it already is but his life is no easier as an immortal being. [...]

    2. Cedric MacKinnon was nineteen and dying when a handsome stranger came to him promising an eternal, opulent life as an Immortyl. After his turning, life was better than ever until he was taken to India by his master. There he was stripped of his identity and given no choice in becoming a adept, a courtesan who submits to the often dangerous vices of powerful Immortyls. When Cedric is finally shown kindness and offered shelter from a power elder, he'll need to choose between the safety of a confin [...]

    3. My Fearful Symmetry ByDenise VerricoCedric was one of the many 'lost boys' on the streets who, in order to survive had to do things, anything to survive. It was a life of heartache and shame, but he did not have to do it alone because he had a friend who stood with him, until something astronomical changed Cedric's life forever. This 'miracle' if that is what you want to call it, could not have come at a better time because Cedric had some very bad news about his health and he knew he had very l [...]

    4. Today marks the release of My Fearful Symmetry, the third book in Denise Verrico's Immortyl Revolution series: a skillful blend of science fiction and urban fantasy, thought-provoking in its examination of tradition vs. progress; science vs. dogma; and fear vs. wisdom.My Fearful Symmetry adds another facet to this gem of a series, in the form of Cedric MacKinnon, a London rent boy who finds himself swept into the bizarre circles of Immortyl court life in India. His transformation from teen to ad [...]

    5. Street boy, Cedric is infected with AIDS. Not knowing how long he may have to live, he meets and falls for the mysterious, Raj, who manipulates him with sweet words and gifts, and then whisks him away to exotic India. Once there, Cedric loses his identity and basically becomes a slave and trained courtesan in a palace full of vampires, who use and abuse him in the worst possible way. This book surprised me. Told from Cedric's point of view, his voice is warm, witty, sometimes sarcastic, and ofte [...]

    6. In the third book of the Immortyl Revolution series we get to head into the heart of the Immortyl leaders. Cedric is a young prostitute who is dying of Aids. He has not had an easy life at all and when a rich man offers to change him and help him he jumps at the chance. He goes with Raj to the Immortyl court in India where he soon learns Raj has other plans for him than being his lover. He also finds out he is little more than a slave at court but he can raise to the rank of an adept if he can c [...]

    7. I wanted to give this book 4/5 but because of what I felt was a bit of lull in the middle I marked it down to 3. In the middle was lots of politics and not really any action, but that's just my taste, and honestly some bits felt a little repetitive if I'm honest. HOWEVER, the rest of the book is excellent! I just wanted to get that nasty bit out of the way first. Right away I was endeared to leading man Cedric, he's funny and not afraid to say what he's thinking ever, though he's very naive and [...]

    8. My Fearful Symmetry is the third book in The Immortyl Revolution series; however, it is the first of the series that I've read. I didn't feel lost or as if I was missing something integral to understanding the story. This is definitely a book for adults, but it isn't explicit in its depiction of sexuality.Cedric starts out as a dying rent-boy, who is gifted in music and beauty, and draws the eye of Raj - who is an Immortyl. An Immortyl, to use a more current vernacular is a vampire. Cedric, once [...]

    9. Cedric is one of the many who live on the street and engage in prostitution in order to survive. He's ashamed of what he does and would like to get a real job. But then, tragedy strikes. Cedric is diagnosed with AIDS and fights to stay alive but his days are numbered. Cedric is then "saved" by a man who turns him into a vampire. From that moment on, Cedric's life will never be the same Cedric probably has to be one of my favorite characters in all the three books in the Immortyl Revolution serie [...]

    10. This isn't my normal genre, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I think this is everything the tails of the Vampire novels of late lack. It isn't cold like the horror end, and it isn't romanticized out of realistic. Instead we get a beautifully written, sympathetic main character, brought in to save his life or so he believesBut his maker has an agenda, and it isn't to Cedric's glorification but Raj's. I felt the details were beautifully done, as was the world drawn of a very old ritual--a cult [...]

    11. This is the third in the Immortyl Revolutions series and unlike the first two books, this one focuses on a new character, Cedric. The tale begins with young Cedric finding out that he's dying, which results in him believing a stranger's promises of an eternal wonderful life. Too soon, Cedric discovers the seedy, sadistic side of his new life.This installation of the series allows the reader to see the reactions of the Immortyls to the revolution via Cedric's viewpoint. It is an interesting take [...]

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