The Ice Cream Blonde The Whirlwind Life and Mysterious Death of Screwball Comedienne Thelma Todd A beloved film comedienne who worked alongside the Marx Brothers Laurel and Hardy and dozens of others Thelma Todd was a rare Golden Age star who successfully crossed over from silent films to talk

  • Title: The Ice Cream Blonde: The Whirlwind Life and Mysterious Death of Screwball Comedienne Thelma Todd
  • Author: Michelle Morgan
  • ISBN: 9781613730386
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A beloved film comedienne who worked alongside the Marx Brothers, Laurel and Hardy, and dozens of others, Thelma Todd was a rare Golden Age star who successfully crossed over from silent films to talkies This authoritative new biography traces Todd s life from a vivacious little girl who tried to assuage her parents grief over her brother s death, to an aspiring teacherA beloved film comedienne who worked alongside the Marx Brothers, Laurel and Hardy, and dozens of others, Thelma Todd was a rare Golden Age star who successfully crossed over from silent films to talkies This authoritative new biography traces Todd s life from a vivacious little girl who tried to assuage her parents grief over her brother s death, to an aspiring teacher turned reluctant beauty queen, to an outspoken movie starlet and restaurateur Increasingly disenchanted with Hollywood, in 1934 Todd opened Thelma Todd s Sidewalk Caf , a hot spot that attracted fans, tourists, and celebrities Despite success in film and business, privately the beautiful actress was having a difficult year receiving disturbing threats from a stranger known as the Ace and having her home ransacked when she was found dead in a garage near her caf An inquest concluded that her death, at age just twenty nine, was accidental, but in a thorough new investigation that draws on interviews, photographs, documents, and extortion notes much of these not previously available to the public Michelle Morgan offers a compelling new theory, suggesting the sequence of events on the night of her death and arguing what many people have long suspected that Thelma was murdered But by whom The suspects include Thelma s movie director lover, her would be gangster ex husband, and the thugs who were pressuring her to install gaming tables in her popular caf including a new, never before named mobster This fresh examination on the eightieth anniversary of the star s death is sure to interest any fan of Thelma Todd, of Hollywood s Golden Age, or of gripping real life murder mysteries.

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    • Best Read [Michelle Morgan] ✓ The Ice Cream Blonde: The Whirlwind Life and Mysterious Death of Screwball Comedienne Thelma Todd || [Mystery Book] PDF ✓
      129 Michelle Morgan
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    One thought on “The Ice Cream Blonde: The Whirlwind Life and Mysterious Death of Screwball Comedienne Thelma Todd”

    1. This was basically a biography of Thelma Todd, that leads up to the murder (or was it?) mystery that was her death. Dying at the young age of 29, she didn't get to become the great dramatic actress she envisioned being and isn't remembered by most people today. I had never even heard of her at all, until I started digging a little deeper into film history. Michelle Morgan does a pretty good job, with what I'm assuming is very little information. Thelma Todd didn't lead a life full of scandal, li [...]

    2. Many people (at least those interested in old Hollywood) have heard the stories and untimely deaths of actresses Marilyn Monroe and Jean Harlow. But not as many have heard of another beautiful blonde actress, Thelma Todd, who also died young and tragically at the age of twenty-nine. Fortunately, I, being a great fan of classic movies, have known about her and seen her films. She was beautiful, smart, nobody's fool, and had a very definite view of what she wanted out of life.Thelma began life in [...]

    3. She was pulled from obscurity and plopped into 1920s Hollywood. Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn't it? In some ways it was. Thelma was one of those rare individuals who had all the components for greatness. She was beautiful, smart, ambitious and hard working. Often, people have one, or maybe two of these traits, but, to have them all in one package is rare. Thelma's flaw, if you can call it that, was her choice of men. Seems to be a cliché now. Starlets / movie stars picking the bad boys. This [...]

    4. While Thelma Todd's mysterious death often overshadows her life, Michelle Morgan spends the majority of The Ice Cream Blonde discussing the actress's life and career trajectory. Morgan's style is non-sensationalistic, and it makes her book an engaging, quick read. Her words allow the personalities she describes to be experienced, especially in the book's concluding and haunting quote from the actress.

    5. Thelma Todd was a superb comedienne, appearing opposite movie greats like Laurel and Hardy, the Marx Brothers and Buster Keaton. Under contract to Hal Roach, she made numerous comedy shorts, paired with the likes of ZaSu Pitts and Patsy Kelly. She also starred in pre-code dramas such as Call Her Savage (with Clara Bow), and the original Maltese Falcon. Unfortunately, Todd is mostly remembered today for her untimely death, aged just 29. As a highly intelligent, and well-liked woman, who trained a [...]

    6. Again, another Hollywood bio. I'd heard of this actress but knew nothing about her. I really enjoyed learning about her.

    7. I'm a sucker for old time movie stars and biographies about their lives. A funny thing happened while I was reading this one. I had just reached the part where Michelle Morgan talked about one of several films that Thelma Todd made with the Marx Brothers what what appeared on TMC that I was turned to but the very movie I was reading about. It was if the book came visually alive for me and I recognized what the author was describing: Todd's undeniable blonde beauty, her ability to hold her own ag [...]

    8. Excellent book that humanizes an otherwise tragic figure. Thelma Todd had a good head on her shoulders, a realistic view on Hollywood and lacked the huge egos of other stars. She really wanted to make it big as a dramatic actress but comedy ended up being her strong suit. Michelle Morgan does a great job parsing out the details of Thelma Todd's life and mysterious death. I love that the book doesn't solely focus on Todd's murder. Lots of great detail about Todd's life in Lawrence, Massachusetts [...]

    9. Interesting recap of the life and death of Thelma Todd. Recommended if you like true crime stories. Fairly straightforward chronological account, with the possible theories concerning her death laid out in the final chapter. There is an element of what might have been had she survived. She was only 29 when she died.

    10. Thelma Todd was a comic character actress in the 1920s and 1930s who acted in Laurel and Hardy movies, a Marx Brothers movie (Horsefeathers), and a number of Hal Roach shorts. This book purports to be the definitive work on her life and mysterious death in 1933? (I just broke my NOOK, so I can't look it up). The book is well-sourced with an index in the back. The only problem is that the sources are Hollywood fan magazines or such others as Photoplay, or else newspaper accounts, often from the B [...]

    11. If you like dry biographies posing as murder mysteries written in the language of the last century, this book is for you.As many works written well after the death of the subject and those who knew said subject, this book relies heavily on documents related to Todd's death rather than more tantalizing personal interviews. But even more pedantic is the recounting of reviews of Todd's films, which may be superficially relevant but not interesting, particularly when many of her parts were minor rol [...]

    12. In 1935 movie actress Thelma Todd dies at the age of 29 in mysterious circumstances.In this volume Michelle Morgan (best known for Marilyn Monroe: Private and Undisclosed) investigates not only the mysterious and conspiracies surrounding Todd's death, but takes us through her entire life, from her childhood in Lawrence, Massachusetts, to her death in a grim garage above the Pacific Coast on a windy December morning.Although Michelle doesn't dwell and expand on the scandals that plagued Thelma's [...]

    13. This is an interesting, quick read of the early Hollywood's star's life and mysterious death. I don't think the author dug up anything new and if the death was not purely accidental, a misadventure of warming up the car in confinement as the author documents was common then, then suspicion falls naturally on Todd's lover, rough character, and business partner, Roland West. He is quoted in a contemporary newspaper account of having locked her out that night punitively. Intriguingly, the book give [...]

    14. This is a wonderful biography - well-researched by Michelle Morgan and written from a caring perspective, showing Thelma Todd in a very respectful way. I learnt so much about the actress and now want to watch all her films! She is a fascinating woman who achieved so much in her short life. Her mysterious death is dealt with really well here, with several chapters given over to the details and again, it is handled with respect, it never comes across as voyeuristic or crossing the line. The theori [...]

    15. We really enjoyed this book. We lived close to the cafe building many years agoe book is and easy read and clears up many misconceptions about the lovely and caring Thelma Todd. The book makes a nice gift for those interested in the time period and the film industry .Jim and POLLEEAnd are familiar with several stories concerning Thelma Todds death. The book is an easy read and clears up many of the misconceptions concerning the case. A great gift for anyone interested in the film industry or a g [...]

    16. Michelle Morgan has written a thoughtful, well researched biography on comedienne Thelma Todd. There are no wild theories on her she died. Ms. Morgan lays out the evidence that leads to three possibilities, but does not interject or draw her own conclusions. The link below will lead you to my recent interview with the authorentyfourframes.wordpress

    17. Was given a copy for an early Christmas day - enjoyed it , was very impressed by the depth of Morgan's research. The sadness is that Thelma Todd's work is virtually unknown - the shorts she did with Charley Chase, Zazu Pitts and Pasty Kelley are not seen with any frequency. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to learn more of the early days of Hollywood.

    18. I quickly skimmed some of this book. Whilst it raises some relevant questions by pointing out some things that have been left out of other accounts of Thelma's death, with no footnotes and questionable source material, this book does not offer any ground-breaking explanation. Another not particularly well-executed entrant into the mythology of Thelma Todd. We won't ever have concrete answers.

    19. I loved this book. I have watched old movies for over 35 years and love reading about their lives. This book looks at her private life and the life the public saw too. She was a star before Marilyn Monroe was but never got the credit she was due. Shame that she died so young but at least we have her movies.

    20. This is an okay book. I enjoyed the background of Thelma Todd and reading about her earlier life. I hadn't realized that she was from Lawrence, MA. There really is nothing new in it as far as her death. Lots of speculation but no real evidence that points to how she died.

    21. Though actress Thelma Todd didn't have a long life, the one she did have was interesting and Michelle Morgan does a superb job at recounting it. The book was very engaging and though I was aware of Thelma's impending early death, it was still shocking when it arrived.

    22. We are left with a general idea of what most likely happened to this young, promising actress with so much promise. Sad.

    23. Quite interesting read as I didn't know anything about this actress. I found it a little slow to get going but once into it enjoyed it.

    24. Entertaining, made me want to find out more about old Hollywood and Thelma Todd. Not very in-depth though.

    25. Interesting book about Thelma Todd's life. She worked so hard for her career and was such a kind person. Her death was heartbreaking.

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