Warriors of the Storm The new novel in Bernard Cornwell s number one bestselling series The Saxon Tales on the making of England and the fate of his great hero Uhtred of Bebbanburg A fragile peace governs the kingdoms of

  • Title: Warriors of the Storm
  • Author: Bernard Cornwell
  • ISBN: 9780007504077
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The new novel in Bernard Cornwell s number one bestselling series The Saxon Tales, on the making of England and the fate of his great hero, Uhtred of Bebbanburg.A fragile peace governs the kingdoms of Wessex, East Anglia, under the rule of the late King Alfred s son, King Edward, and Mercia, under his daughter Aethelflaed.Uhtred, her formidable champion and greatest warrioThe new novel in Bernard Cornwell s number one bestselling series The Saxon Tales, on the making of England and the fate of his great hero, Uhtred of Bebbanburg.A fragile peace governs the kingdoms of Wessex, East Anglia, under the rule of the late King Alfred s son, King Edward, and Mercia, under his daughter Aethelflaed.Uhtred, her formidable champion and greatest warrior, controls the northern parts from the strongly fortified city of Chester But no one can prepare them for the storm that is about to descend The Northmen, allied to the Irish, come in force under the cover of night, up the Mersey, perhaps to attack Chester, perhaps to rage and pillage through Mercia, perhaps to take the troubled kingdom of Northumbria They are led by the terrifying Viking warrior, Ragnall Iverson, a fierce fighter and ruthless leader.He and his army are formidable enough but worse still, his brother is married to Uhtred s daughter With his passionate determination, Uhtred will stop at nothing to take back his corner of Northumbria and secure the future of Bebbanburg But for Aethelflaed and the Mercians, doubt must arise to where his loyalty lies.In the struggle between family and loyalty, between oaths given and political demands, there is no easy solution And the clash between the Vikings and the Saxons will resound across the land.

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    1. Dashingly handsome Uthred of Bebbanburg's life story vikings along in Warriors of the Storm, the ninth book in the Saxon series. First off, Uthred is never described as being handsome in the books. That is a tv fabrication. Okay, I just needed to get that out of the way.Anywho, this is a serviceable book that continues the saga admirably. It's not anything special. No major historically related events take place. It's more personal. In fact, at one point Uthred has to rescue his daughter and son [...]

    2. Review in Portuguese from Desbravando Livros:Essa resenha contém spoilers dos livros anteriores.Como já é de praxe, no momento em que o autor Bernard Cornwell lança um livro novo das Crônicas Saxônicas/Saxon Stories eu já vou correndo atrás e tento ler o mais cedo possível, já que essa é minha série favorita e Uhtred de Bebbanburg é o personagem que mais gosto. O único problema depois disso tudo é ter que esperar mais um ano pela sequência, mas faz parte. hahahaDepois de defender [...]

    3. A much more interesting book than The Empty Throne, the wonderfully titled Warriors of the Storm only took me a bunch of hours on a plane to read.After securing the future of Mercia, Uhtred and his allies turn their eyes northward, towards his old homeland of Northumbria. The Saxon kingdoms are in their strongest position yet, with both Mercia and East Anglia on the verge of liberation from the invading northmen. Awaiting him in the north, however, is a grand convergence of enemies both new and [...]

    4. Price drop: $1.99 in the Kindle Store today!This is (I think) the 9th book in the Saxon Stories series. I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite of Uhtred's tales. This one is probably in the top three.It was a little different from his usual stories. My one gripe with Uhtred has always been that he has always answered to someone. He has never been truly free to do as he pleased. Sometimes he has worked outside the rules to the displeasure of his rulers, but he's never just done as he pleased. [...]

    5. It has been a long time between drinks for me and, after a couple years since the last time I had read a book in this series, boy, it sure was good to be back drinking from the well of Bernard Cornwell's Uhtred. I've missed the big guy, with all his scorching, sardonic quips and his unabashed mocking of just about anybody, he is a big personality to endure, and I endure him with such delight and immense gratitude.Rarely does a character, consistently, make me smile and laugh out loud as much as [...]

    6. Edit: April 2016 Just finished listening to this one, cannot wait for the next book!May 2015 - Eagerly awaiting this book, I was in two minds about its potential, book 9 in a series, it’s a hard task to keep to your story and maintain the thread of characters but I had nothing to fear!England is full of rich history, and I’m glad to be reading it through this series. Another winner for the Saxon Stories. Bernard Cornwell has delivered a for me a 6 star read about one of my favourite characte [...]

    7. Riders on the Storm!Hey, I'd bethought that clever maxim all by myself, he he. Utred is on the roll again and as before he wishes to uphold the Christian realm of Alfred whilst praising Odin and Thor, bemoaning the evils of the Nailed God. Maybe all these testosterone fueled animosities towards Cornwells strict Episcopal upbringing seems a bit silly at times, but it is truly an enjoyable read. I can't believe that I've made it through book nine already. You see I have a great weakness for all th [...]

    8. Crashed through it in 2 days & was a great ride & thoroughly cleansed my mind’s eye of the sad whimp of a boy that portrays Uthred in that appalling BBC show The Last Kingdom. Uthred is now older although an age not given & enjoyed the new characters immensely, as well as some old ones, which really did catch me unawares. A really quick read as your drawn into this page turner & truly back to the form of the first few books in the series for me.What’s more to say! 5 stars as [...]

    9. ***Actual rating: 4,75***I've read the whole series this year, so it's easy to say I love these books. Some are better than others though. I rank this book among the best. It has all ingredients for a classic Uhtred story: full scale battle, Uhtred at sea, Uhtred vs priests, plot twist, one-on-one battle. I strongly recommend this series to all readers of historical fiction and fantasy.

    10. For years friends of mine have raved about Cornwell’s Uhtred novels, and I have intended to read the series at some point, but never seemed to find the time. For the record the last Cornwells I read were the Sharpe series back in the day and, though I think I tired a little of the series towards the end, I remember the earlier ones as some of the absolutely best novels I have ever read.So when I had the opportunity to read an advance copy of the new Cornwell, I had to say yes, didn’t I. I di [...]

    11. One of the standout best entries in a series full of near-perfect novels.Uhtred is back, and kicking Norseman ass like nobody's business. Nerve-ravaging midnight sea-crossings, daring fortress sieges, sorcerers of both pagan and Christian magic the long awaited backstory of Finan, Uhtred's quick, deadly, and loyal Irish best friend.I don't think I'll ever find a series of books I enjoy as much as this series.

    12. 3.5*Uhtred kills some Danes, bullies some priests, mocks the nailed gods, defies Etheldredwe do lose a couple of old "friends" in this one.

    13. 5+++ stars! I’m in serious need of a re-read for the whole series, but I’m pretty confident I can claim this is one of the best so far. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep myself from spoilers so most of this review, if you can call it that, will be behind the spoiler tag. (view spoiler)[First, it was nice to see Finan get a spot in the limelight. He’s always been a faithful oath man and friend to Uhtred, and I’ve liked his character since their captivity on the slave ship, but his badasser [...]

    14. I find that the books in this series where Uhtred is not left with time to feel sorry for himself are always the better ones. This book has him on the go and attacking from beginning to end. All three of his children are part of the story and I like the family man version of Uhtred we get to see because of it. There is no doubt that this is family, warrior style, but still, it gives a more rounded version of this character rather than just the fire breathing, battle hardened, christian hating, m [...]

    15. Ah. I honestly thought this book is the final installment of the series worthy of my sleepless nights and 5-star reverence, but it’s clear now that we’ll still see more of Uhtred and his battle-filled excursions in the future (and in a few more books, too, perhaps?). And reasonably so, as he still has a would-be king to mentor and a beloved fortress to recapture!Well, my only wish is that we won’t have to wait long for his next story to come out.

    16. It's more blood and thunder as Uhtred continues to fight for Wessex while thirsting for his ancestral lands.There's fighting and more fighting, particularly against the Irish and the Norse. Some interesting landscapes for fighting and maneuvering this time around.In some ways this is a repeat of some of the older books but if you love Uhtred as I do then you'll forgive the author. OVERALL GRADE: B to B plus.

    17. Executive Summary: I'm still enjoying this series as can be inferred from my rating, but I'm eager for things to reach a conclusion soon.Full ReviewThis was another quick easy read. It doesn't really stand out as anything special among the rest of the series, but still enjoyable nonetheless. Uthred is great and all, but what keeps me going in the series is some of the supporting cast. Finan, Aethelflaed, and most recently his kids.Uthred is getting old though. I'd like to see him finish up his a [...]

    18. Sometimes a book series starts to go dull when you reach the 10th book but that is certainly not the case with this book. In fact, it's my favorite book so far and I have loved all of them. This has everything- a trip to Ireland, Uhtred's interactions with all three of his children, a reunion with his first love, magnificent battle scenes and an interesting prostitute named Mus who inspires an army. What more can a person ask for? There is just something magical about Uhtred. He was born a Saxon [...]

    19. Bernard Cornwell did it again! Another masterpiece!Uhtred is getting older but he knows what he's doing and this book is a proof of that. This time the enemy is powerful and his family in danger. It's time to go to warAgainUhtred is a man driven by his passions He has a passion for war, for women, for his land In this story he is going to make some pretty big decisions and my opinion is that he did well I can't get enough of him and I can't wait to read more! His story isn't an easy one He is li [...]

    20. *sees there's a ninth book coming* *proceeds to literally freaking the fuck out*

    21. Instead of doing my usual forewarning of "You should really have read the previous books in the series" warning here, I'm going to open by saying that this is somewhat of a return to form for the series. It is rather eye-opening to the fact that the majority of Cornwell's best books are those with the most battles & set-pieces in them.There is plenty of action, bloodshed, an easily recognisable if completely one-dimensional and thoroughly under-developed bad guy to root against and lots of o [...]

    22. It is not difficult to be a lord, a jarl, or even a king, but it is difficult to be a leader.Another entertaining if unspectacular volume in this series. A nemesis or two from the past come back to haunt Uhtred and he gets a bit closer to his ultimate goal of reclaiming Bebbanburg. But I must say I'm ready for this series to end. When the supporting cast is much more interesting than Uhtred, it's time to pack it in. Don't get me wrong there is still plenty of action and intrigue and the book was [...]

    23. Fabulous! Brilliantly written but, even better than that, it depicts the Saxon world as I want to picture it. What a warrior and hero Uhtred is! I'll say it again - fabulous!

    24. Uhtred's Never-Ending English Dark Ages Party rolls on, with predictably awesome and gory results. More to come.

    25. Starting three years after The Empty Throne, that's a long gap, as I remember. Long enough for Uhtred to now feel Elder Statesman Uhtred. With the Elder Statesman mantle, finally comes the growing of 'a pair,' as they say. Uhtred deciding to say 'fuck this for a game of soldiers' and going all-in on re-taking Bebbanburg is what HE wants to do, and the Three Norns, so often used in novels set in this period to cover for not making a decision, be damned! It's a be-freeing feeling, not just for Uh [...]

    26. The sun smiled upon my weary soul in the day i picked this glorious series , in my book Uthred can do no wrong ,, it found me in a time when i read the best there is in fantasy and fiction and had begun despairing and losing hope, some garbage out there: i shudder to think of it Our hero in this novel faces a new threat: ironically the brother of his son in law , his daughter and his first grandchild are besieged in their fortress and are close to defeat and death so naturally Uthred disobeys al [...]

    27. Formidable and exalted. Cornwell is real storytelling master. I enjoyed in every page this time. Craving for Bebbanburg persists, but also a few new tasks for Uhtred to fulfill. In "The Empty Throne" he helped lady Æthelflaed to reach the Mercia's throne. In "Warriors of the Storm" he did the same with new king of Eoferwic. Like in all other Cornwell's novels, psychological analysis of the characters is unavoidable. This time, he described Uhtred's relationship with his children - that behind p [...]

    28. Nosso pagão favorito retorna em mais uma sidequest a serviço do cristianismo. Dessa vez, uma questão familiar faz Uhtred se abster do serviço e irritar sua rainha, o que teve um tom nostálgico por lembrar do relacionamento que ele tinha com Alfredo, lá no começo da série.A subtrama com Finan foi espetacular. Foi muito bom ver o irlandês capiau e selvagem ganhar mais presença e desenvolvimento. Sua história também teve um toque de nostalgia pelas lembranças de quando serviu como escr [...]

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