The Island of Worthy Boys In Boston at the turn of the century two indigent adolescent boys Aidan and Charles are brought together by a common desire earning enough money each day to feed themselves and in Aidan s case hi

  • Title: The Island of Worthy Boys
  • Author: Connie Hertzberg Mayo
  • ISBN: 9781631520013
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Boston at the turn of the century, two indigent adolescent boys, Aidan and Charles, are brought together by a common desire earning enough money each day to feed themselves and, in Aidan s case, his mother and sister Together, they achieve this goal by robbing drunken sailors in the brothel district of the city until one night they accidently kill their victim To aIn Boston at the turn of the century, two indigent adolescent boys, Aidan and Charles, are brought together by a common desire earning enough money each day to feed themselves and, in Aidan s case, his mother and sister Together, they achieve this goal by robbing drunken sailors in the brothel district of the city until one night they accidently kill their victim To avoid arrest, they leave the city, conning their way into an island school that only accepts boys with squeaky clean pasts But the pressure of keeping their stories straight soon fractures their friendship and when the cracks begin to show, they find out that they are not as safe from the law as they had hoped.

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    1. Sometimes when I read a book , I can't help but wonder what was the one thing, or the one moment, or the one place , or the one person that moved the author to set the story in motion. Once in a while in an interview or note at the beginning or end of the book , the author shares that personal spark of creativity with us . Connie Hertzberg Mayo tells the reader in the afterword how she first came to know about Thompson Island in Boston Harbor . While on a team building exercise with fellow emplo [...]

    2. On the surface, The Island of Worthy Boys is a story of two Boston boys in the last years of the 19th century who find escape at an island Farm School from a life of thievery after accidentally stabbing a mark one night. I had never heard of this Farm School in Boston Harbor. The author spoke to an alumnus in her research and also the school's self-published newspaper that was printed each week.It is a well told story, giving depth to both Charles, a well seasoned street orphan, and Aidan, an Ir [...]

    3. This was an engaging, beautifully written work of historical fiction. While the main characters Charles and Aidan are fictitious, Boston Asylum and Farm School for Indigent Boys did actually exist as does Thompson Island MA. Charles and Aidan meet quite by accident and although Charles is wary of people and used to being alone the two quickly become the best of friends. They are each suffering through their own hard times and their friendship is only solidified when things take a turn for the wo [...]

    4. In The Island Of Worthy Boys, Charles and Aidan are two boys that are on a path of hardship when something unexpected changes their lives forever. The boys meet each other on the streets of Boston in the late 19th century, doing anything they can to survive including stealing money to buy a meal. One night goes horribly wrong and they end up at the Boston Farm School for boys, where they discover what it means to have someone look out for you for once. As their secret of that night comes out and [...]

    5. My Rating: 4.5 stars"I'm simply saying that a boy is not defined by just one thing that he has done." "But they are criminals," Mary said with some confusion. "No, Mary they are boys who committed crimes. They are not even adults who have committed crimes. They have not yet become the persons they will be as adults for the rest of their lives."See more reviews like this first on my blogI’ve had this book on my kindle app for around 8 months now, and I’ve been putting it up because I thought [...]

    6. Aiden Sullivan and Charles Wheeler are 11 and 12 years old in Boston in 1889. Aiden, nominally Catholic, nominally Irish, has no father and a consumptive, dying mother. Charles, an orphan who has already done time for stealing a sandwich, is living by his considerable wits on the streets. They connect early and plausibly in Connie Hertzberg Mayo's fascinating new novel, The Island of Worthy Boys.Mayo shows the boys' daily scramble to make enough money for food and, in Aiden's case, for rent to k [...]

    7. A very appealing piece of historical fiction by a first-time author, of particular appeal to those of us in the Boston area who may have visited Thompson's Island in Boston harbor. It tells of two boys in turn-of-the-(last)-century Boston who find their way to the real-life Boston Farm School in desperation, and discover a chance to turn their troubled lives around. Sobering to realize what life was like for poor or orphaned children before the advent of real social services. Equally disturbing [...]

    8. The Island of Worthy Boys was an intriguing read that I wanted to get back to each day. It is full of historical detail about a time and place not usually documented - an island near Boston for poor - but not delinquent - boys to be educated. This is a different sort of concept, and it was refreshing to read fiction based on fact that shows the inherent goodness of people rather than merely relating what could have been a predictably horrific setting. We've all seen that too many times. Mayo's r [...]

    9. Just finished this historical novel and loved the story, the character development, the layering of minor attributes--e.g. Aidan's sense of smell, Charles's treatment of the dog--to indicate character and future action. The story is based upon a little-known school for boys, Farm School, which existed on a small island off the Boston Harbor. Unlike the Dickensian orphanages we are used to reading about, The Island of Worthy Boys is a refuge for those who had no other options besides a life of cr [...]

    10. I got lost in the story of these young boys on the streets of Boston. Connie implanted graphic images throughout the entire story in my brain that kept me compelled. The school and the headmaster intrigued me. I got a little panicky when I realized I was almost finished and couldn't decide how it would end-and what I was going to do with myself when it did! I wanted more of Aiden and Charles and loved that Connie already had her characters picked out when she found the cover picture. That gives [...]

    11. I loved the main characters in this book -- the two boys and their buddies. The depiction of the world of low-income and homeless children in Boston in this period was artful, detailed and wonderfully (or terribly) vivid. I appreciated the way Connie brings us into the sensual environment of the time, and gives us a real feeling for both the bravery and the vulnerability of these children. For me, the scenes at the Farm while interesting and well drawn weren't as compelling as the early part of [...]

    12. A compelling heartfelt novel that shines a light on a forgotten corner of Massachusetts history. Not to be missed!

    13. It's an awesome read!My favorite historical novels have strong, rich characters that move quickly and always seem to be on the verge of trouble. They keep me engaged and usually provide a few facts that interest me. If the novel’s plot isn't too challenging, and the characters are well defined, I can get lost in the reading world for hours, wanting to see what the main characters see, smell what they smell and feel what they feel. Connie Hertzberg-Mayo’s debut novel The Island of Worthy Boys [...]

    14. The Island of Worthy Boys, by Connie Hertzberg Mayo mixes the harsh reality of turn-of-the-twentieth century urban Boston life for two poor young boys, with the hope and resilience inherent in good children everywhere, and their connection with good people. The brotherhood of Aiden and Charles as it grows toward a truth that wins the day is as charming and inspiring as any historical novel reader could ask for. Well researched and convincingly written, Island of Worthy Boys is a true pleasure!

    15. Thompson Island in Boston Harbor in late 1880's was location to a home for development and care of worthy boys. The setting for two young, 10-11 yr olds, who faced hard time while struggling to survive on the streets, were admitted to the school after a dramatic crime and subterfuge they were deemed 'Worthy Boys'. Good description of the discipline and rigor that they were faced with especially after their free wheeling prior life. One example was their most lucrative gambit was stealing from dr [...]

    16. A terrifically well written novel and a wonderful story about the strength of family. What makes this story so special is that the "brothers" are not related but their concern and caring for each other was stronger than that of most real brothers. While the ending was probably a bit formulaic, it was in keeping with the theme of redemption and second chances. Kudos to Connie Mayo for a superb 1st novel.

    17. The book got a bit bogged down with boys' drama at the school at about the halfway point, but I still enjoyed this glimpse into gritty city life in old Boston. I enjoyed the interesting, though predictable ending.

    18. I read this book because someone recommended it. It was the One Town One Book and the author lives in Sharon. However, it wasn't a good read.

    19. So many different levels to this book poverty, power, who is truly worthy and what are determines worthiness- past behavior or environment? Excellent book.

    20. Excellent book - well written, describes an historic place and its former inhabitants clearly and weaves a plausible story around the location.

    21. Read with my town as the One Town One Book series, and looking forward to the author's presentation next month. The beginning was interesting. I'm not a big fan of historical fiction in general as it's a bit too constructed.

    22. While I've never been a fan of anything labeled historical, I will admit that the author, Connie Mayo, does a great job telling this story. The Island of Worthy Boys is a refuge for those who had no other options besides a life of crime on the tough streets of Boston at the turn of the 20th century. Charles is a street orphan who already knows how to live on the street and Aidan is a young Irish boy just trying to support himself, his mom and his young sister. These two boys form a friendship th [...]

    23. I was provided an Advanced Readers Copy by She Writes Press in exchange for an honest review.The Island of Worthy Boys was a refreshing change from the books I have been reading lately. The writing was incredible. I was hooked strong and fast upon starting the read the book.It is a story centered on the old phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Aidan and Charles are two acquaintances from school who cross paths on the street one day. Their families have both fallen on hard times and ar [...]

    24. I have to admit that I picked up this book because my college roommate, who was friends with the author (who I remember as living in the same dorm as us our freshman year), back when we were in school, recommended it. Also impressed both with the fact that the author wrote her debut novel at a not so young age (I've always dreamed of writing a novel myself) and managed to get it published, I added it to my "to read" list. I am happy that I did so because I found the book thoroughly enjoyable. It [...]

    25. The story of Charles Wheeler and Aidan Sullivan posing as the Weston brothers was a quick and great read. The struggle of the two teens trying to survive and their pretence at playing mature and grown up pulled a tug at my heart. The story the way its written cant help but make the readers wish the best for them. The Boston Farm School disciplined routine is so well described with just the perfect details. The characters of the school Matron, Superintendent and students aptly described greatly h [...]

    26. Certainly the description not only pulled at my heart strings but looked so intriguing. The first one hundred pages were pretty good, but then, for me, it was mostly downhill. It is historical fiction about Boston Asylum and Farm School for Indigent Boys that did actually exist as does Thompson Island, in Boston Harbor. At the turn of the century, two boys, Charles and Aiden are sent there to escape being arrested for thievery that led to a murder. The boys are trying to avoid detection and are [...]

    27. I have a fascination with Boston Harbor Islands, so I read with great relish, The Island of Worthy Boys, which is set on Thompson Island. Mayo is a stellar storyteller, taking the reader into the experience of poverty from the eyes of two young boys making do on the streets of Boston. The terrible prejudice against the Irish at that time was painful when understood from the viewpoint of Aidan Sullivan who must hide his identity to survive. When a crime occurs, the two boys are resourceful in esc [...]

    28. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish. Connie Hertzberg Mayo did an amazing job researching the boys' school on Boston Harbor's Thompson Island known as the Farm School. As a Bostonian who visited Thompson Island once when I was much younger--I wasn't supposed to be there, but was brought by a friend who had access to the island--I've always wanted to learn more about it, so when I heard of Connie's book, I couldn't wait to dig in.It didn't disappoint! Not only was the book educati [...]

    29. I enjoyed this book tremendously.A well thought out book with a great deal of research gone into the setting of the story. The book takes you into an era where childhood for many meant how agile one was both on the feet and the mind, just to keep from being caught by the long arm of the law. In a lot of ways the book is a journey symbolized not just by the boat ride to and from the Island, but as a metaphor for how turbulent it was for kids growing up poor.It is also about hope and the inimitabl [...]

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